Chapter 279 Subduing the Violent Ox King

Chapter 279 – Subduing the Violent Ox King

A long while later, the meteor rain disappeared, and just when West was about to risk his life to fight the Violent Ox King, Fatty appeared within the smoke. While his face was dirty and his clothes tattered in an obviously miserable fashion, he didn’t suffer a single bit of damage.

“Damn it! Do you not understand human language? Why did you release a big skill when Lord Fatty told to stop?!” Fatty shouted complaints as he patted the dirt off.

Just now, if he hadn’t been quick enough to escape with Earthwalk, the attack would have killed him in seconds.

However, Fatty nearly ran out of the ten uses of the Elemental Movement Arts. He had to be very careful from that point on.

“Old Ox, so it seems you refuse to give me this face.” West’s tone was ice cold. Between his hands, a red and white air current swirled.

Staring at the swirling mass, the Violent Ox King retreated one step, the fire covering its body burning even more fiercely.

“What a stubborn ox. I only rode on your back a little, okay?” Fatty felt a headache.

The red and white air mass grew bigger and bigger, screaming like a destructive cyclone. The fire on the Violent Ox King’s body also surged up and formed a fire ox in the air.

Boom! West thrust his hands forward. The air mass turned into a sky-high tornado with fire on the periphery and ice in the middle. Fire and ice blades laced as they slashed their way towards the ox king.

Suddenly, the ox king made one step forward and the fire ox above charged out, heralding a sea of flames as it violently crashed into the red and white blade tornado.

The flames churned and the ice creaked as the tornado rapidly spun around the fire ox. Huge flames shot up to the sky in succession, rumbles resounded as the earth ruptured and mountains collapsed. When the fire and the rubble collided, it was another thunderous explosion.

The scorching flames nearly roasted the atmosphere around as the air twisted in extreme heat. The fire ox shrieked constantly as it repeatedly spewed out flames at the tornado, tearing it apart.

“So this is the power of the 8th class enhancement?” Fatty watched in shock. This kind of power could casually wipe him out at the slightest touch.

“Old Ox, you should bring out all the skills you have. Watch my World of Fire and Ice!”

With a loud roar from West, the red and white parts of the tornado slowly split up, with the white ice blades spinning above and the red fire billowing below, heading for the ox king.

“Moo!” The Violent Ox King also roared, and the fire shrouding its body slowly converged into a huge fiery red ox in the exact same shape as the ox king.

This new ox was flashing with faint electric arcs. Apparently, like West, the Violent Ox King also possessed two attributes - Fire and Lightning.

Bang! Four hooves stepped on air as the fire ox clone sprinted towards the tornado. The fire and ice also moved at the same time and crashed into the fire ox.


The entire space trembled with the deafening explosion. Fatty felt his eardrums buzzed and went deaf for a moment. SnowPhoenix fared even worse, she repeatedly moved back and stumbled onto the ground.

Under the impact, the tornado turned into a sky of ice shards and fire sparks, while the fire ox clone also burst into small flames. They continued to tangle and fight.

After this round, both West and the Violent Ox King grew visibly listless. The two hovered in the air and stared at each other.

“Old Ox, that’s all you are, you still can’t do anything to me.” West laughed after a long silence.

The Violent Ox King snorted, its nostrils shot out two billows of fire. It had wanted to kill West for so long, only that the opponent was hard to deal with due to having the same attribute despite being a little weaker than it.

However, if Violent Ox King killed West and ate his inner core, it would approach and be closer to the 9th enhancement.

“Lil’ bro, let us leave.” West still laughed heartily as he flew to Fatty, intending to leave.

Bam! The Violent Ox King also landed right in front of them.

“Have you still not had enough?!” Not only Fatty, but even West was also furious.

“Ice Ring!” Fatty suddenly made a move. A white ring appeared around the Violent Ox King and firmly bound it.

“Ice Wheel Dance!” West also attacked at the same time. After he swallowed the Icefire Lotus, he had gained the ability to control both fire and ice.

A horizontal ice wheel appeared above the Violent Ox King, a dozen meters in diameter and filled with gleaming sharp spikes on the surface.

Bzzz! The wheel began to viciously press down on the ox king. Blood splattered as the Violent Ox King was cut all over its body by the spikes.

“Frozen!” SnowPhoenix bit the bullet and also attacked. With West here, they had a good chance to kill the Violent Ox King, so she naturally wouldn’t just stand and watch.

The ice ring that Fatty cast had shattered into nothingness when the ice wheel smashed down. The Violent Ox King had just regained its ability to move and was about to cast a skill when SnowPhoenix froze it. While the effect quickly wore off, it delayed the ox king long enough for the spiky ice wheel to completely envelop it.

Zooms resounded as the ice wheel rotated faster and faster. At the same time, it also grew bigger and bigger until it completely covered the entire body of the boss. The Violent Ox King roared nonstop, dashing left and right, but was unable to break out of the tight wheel no matter how hard it struggled.

“Kill, kill it! I’ll be one step closer to ranking up if I devour its core!” West yelled, going wild with joy.

“Rank up?” Fatty suddenly remembered the Inferno Crystal he got in Iron Chain Town. He asked, “Bro, what’s an Inferno Crystal?”

“Inferno Crystal? That’s very good stuff, yearned by all of us fire mages!” At the mention of this, West licked his lips and his eyes lit up.

Bang. An object landed before West. It was nearly five meters long and fiery red with countless magical runes flowing inside.

“Inferno Crystal? And such a big piece?!” West was dumbstruck momentarily.

“Don’t be distracted,” urged Fatty in a hurry.

“Hooo…” West opened his mouth wide. The Inferno Crystal suddenly shrank into a small piece that flew into his mouth.

“Hahaha! Lil’ bro, I owe you a favor again!” West danced, overrun by joy.

At this moment, the ice wheel disappeared with a snap. The Violent Ox King barged out. Ignoring Fatty, it headed straight for West, because it also saw the Inferno Crystal.

“Old Ox, you can settle down now.” With a loud roar, West’s body inflated into a towering giant of fire. At the heart that was now visible to the naked eyes, endless fire energy surged out and merged into the flaming giant itself.

“Lie down!” West reached out two hands and grasped the Violent Ox King’s horns.

The whole valley shook with the thunderous noise. The Violent Ox King roared at the peak of its rage as West pressed it on the ground by the horns.

“Bro, let me let me!” Fatty leaped onto the ox king’s back in three jumps and slapped the Brutal Saddle on it. Then, he threw Taming like crazy.

Indeed, how could Fatty miss out on such a powerful mount?

Time passed. After Fatty drank several mana pots and cast several hundreds of Taming, the Violent Ox King finally let out a loud moo and stopped resisting.

“Shit!” Fatty wasn’t happy. Instead, he cursed angrily.

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