Chapter 277 SnowPhoenix

Chapter 277 – SnowPhoenix

After its failed attack, the Violent Ox King took one step forward and snorted. An even bigger flame flared out from its nostrils and shot towards Fatty.

Fatty quickly dodged backward. While the Elemental Skill Book could block elemental attacks, its scope was too limited for attacks with a wide range.

“Hoo!” The boss puffed again, and this time two fire snakes appeared and nimbly slithered towards Fatty.

This level of advanced boss possessed an intelligence not any inferior to players. The attacks from the Violent Ox King showed that it was obviously just playing cat and mouse with Fatty.

Pff, pff. The two snakes rammed into the Elemental Skill Book. The majority of their fire energy was absorbed while the rest turned into sparks that scattered.

The boss’ eyes revealed a hint of surprise, which then turned into realization when it noticed the book.

Just now during this fight, it suddenly dawned on Fatty that he had made a deadly mistake. He was too focused on the mission and actually forgot to get his 5th class enhancement.

Thinking of this, Fatty prepared to withdraw and only return after he got his enhancement. By that time, he should have gained some new skills. Even if it wasn’t enough to defeat the boss, he would still have more chance to keep himself safe around this Violent Ox King.

“Mooo!” The ox suddenly let out a thunderous roar. The entire valley rumbled, as countless stones fell like rain.

With the boss as the epicenter, a ring of fire erupted out at an extreme speed and knocked Fatty flying.

However, Fatty was surprised to see that his health didn’t drop one bit. It seemed like this skill wasn’t an offensive one.

Whoosh! The ox’s four hooves suddenly blazed with flames. It slowly floated up and trod the air to chase after Fatty.

Fatty hastily deployed the Zephyr Wings. Trying to stabilize himself, he also flew away.

The Violent Ox King made a mocking face. The pair of horns on its head emitted a sizzling sound, and a huge bolt flashed through the air and struck at Fatty.

Boom! Fatty raised the Elemental Skill Book. The bolt collided with the book and exploded into filar electric threads that ran amok. Fatty felt a tingling shock all over his body, but he still successfully blocked the attack.

The surprise in the boss’ eyes became even more visible. It stared fixedly at the Elemental Skill Book and quickly strode forward.

In front of the Violent Ox King, Fatty looked like a helpless infant before a sturdy man, completely without the strength to fight back.

“Peh!” As soon as the numbness wore off, Fatty spat out a mouthful of saliva. The Zephyr Wings folded and his body abruptly sank.

Wheeeeww… The ox opened its mouth and sucked in. Fatty felt an intense suction steadily pulling him dropping body toward the boss.

“You really think Lord Fatty is easy to bully?!” Fatty was thoroughly enraged. Without dodging, he held the Elemental Skill Book in his left hand and the Elemental Sword in his right, operated the Zephyr Wings and used the suction force to speedily fly toward the boss.

Clank! The Violent Ox King slightly lowered its head and blocked Fatty’s strike with its huge horns.

“Ice Lock!” The Elemental Skill Book flipped open. An ice ring materialized around the ox’s body and tightly trapped it.

Fatty recorded this skill from Ice Witch. It was a pure ice magic skill that could trap the opponent for ten seconds.

A series of creaking sounds resounded as the ice ring shrank tighter and tighter as if wanting to strangle the ox alive.

Taking this opportunity, Fatty pounced onto the ox’s back. He pulled the Brutal Saddle off Wheat and put it on the ox. Surprisingly, he made a bold move to subdue this boss.

With his strength, it was impossible for him to kill the Violent Ox King unless it stood still and let him attack. The gap in their levels was truly too huge.

“Mooo!” Shame flashed through the boss’s eyes. It roared out loud and its body suddenly blazed with scorching flames that all targeted Fatty.

“Elemental Guard!”

A five-colored light enshrouded Fatty. The flame attack could only deal 20% of its supposed damage.

“Tame for me!” Fatty repeatedly cast Taming as he controlled the Brutal Saddle.

“MOO!” The Violent Ox King was seething with sheer fury. Two flames over a dozen meters long erupted from its nostrils. The flames on its four hooves retracted, letting it drop straight back on the ground.

Boom! The boss violently charged at a hilltop and smashed it to pieces.

“MOO!” The creature let out a loud roar, the fire on its body burned even more intensely. At this moment, the elemental light barrier around Fatty burst after lasting for a full ten seconds.

“Frozen!” Fatty growled. A layer of ice quickly spread all over the ox’s body. The boss suddenly stiffened, its flames fluttered a little before slowly extinguishing.

As the layer of ice locked up the boss, it was another ten seconds of being frozen.

“Yield!” Fatty gritted his teeth and madly cast Taming. The fury and humiliation in the ox’s eyes grew so heavy that they began to bleed.

The two were in a deadlock. Fatty kept using Taming, but the Violent Ox King was too high-leveled, so the success rate of Taming on it was less than 1%.”

“Huh? Someone’s fighting monsters here? For real?”

A voice reached Fatty’s ears in the middle of the struggle. Someone was actually approaching at this crucial moment.

Along with the voice, a team of over forty players appeared in his sight. Judging from their outfits, they seemed to be members of a guild partying up to grind here.

“Boss?” exclaimed a player upon seeing the Violent Ox King. Everyone instantly directed their eyes at the boss.

“Shh, don’t disturb him. It looks like he’s taming a mount,” said a female player in the team.

“Captain, it’s a Yao boss, ahh. How about…” a player secretly suggested via the party channel.

“MOOO!” At this moment, the effect of Frozen wore off. The Violent Ox King shook its body, wanting to throw Fatty off.

“Frozen!” Fatty immediately cast another one. This was the third and last time of replica Frozen in the Elemental Skill Book. With a low boom, the word “Frozen” faded away from the page.

It was another 10 seconds all over again. Fatty threw Taming like mad as he observed the team of players.

“Captain, this is a rare chance. If we all attack together, we can kill this person in one round and the boss will be ours,” the team members all agreed one after another.

The captain of this group was a female player. She was holding an icy blue magic staff and wearing a blue robe, her hair tied up with an ice ring. She looked free and elegant at the same time.

In addition, a white mist drifted around her body from time to time. Apparently, this female player was constantly using some kind of magic to reduce the temperature around her.

“But, this is not very good?” the female player hesitated.

“What’s not good about this? Isn’t it a normal thing to kill people and steal their monsters?”

These few words dispelled the captain’s hesitation. She waved her arm, and the team members automatically arranged themselves in an offensive formation. Each prepared their most powerful skills to launch at the Violent Ox King.

“Is that SnowPhoenix?” Squinting, Fatty suddenly shouted.

“It’s you, Money Grubber?” The captain was stunned. She had also recognized Fatty.

“SnowPhoenix, do you still remember your promise at Vermilion Bird City?” asked Fatty.

During one of Fatty’s visits to Vermilion Bird City, for some reason, a PK happened and ended with SnowPhoenix losing. Because she didn’t want to lose a level, she agreed to do one thing for Fatty.

“This…” SnowPhoenix hesitated.

“Captain, who cares about promises or whatever? Killing the boss is more important,” said someone via the party chat.

“That can’t do. Since I’ve made a promise, how can I change my mind?” SnowPhoenix resolutely refused to listen to that person’s instigation. She looked at Fatty and said, “What do you want me to do, brother Grubber?”

“Help me subdue this stupid ox.” Fatty was delighted to see SnowPhoenix keep her word.

Per his request, SnowPhoenix left her team and partied up with Fatty. That way, her attack wouldn’t harm him.

“High-rank Yao boss?” SnowPhoenix nearly fainted when she knew the boss’ level. How could an expert like her not understand the meaning of ‘high-rank Yao boss’?

“This is called having a death wish!” SnowPhoenix angrily huffed as she looked at Fatty.

“Save the nonsense, help me hold it down.” Fatty had no time to explain to her. After the effect of Frozen passed, the Violent Ox King only needed to urge the flames on its body to turn him into roasted pork.

Gritting her teeth, SnowPhoenix swung her staff. A flurry of snow appeared and covered a radius of over thirty meters. The cold breaths of air made Fatty felt like he had gone from a fire stove to an ice house in the blink of an eye. The girl actually started with a mighty skill - Icy Blizzard.

“Awesome,” shouted Fatty as he put away the Brutal Saddle.

The Brutal Saddle could turn a monster equipped with it into a mount, but the condition was that this monster had no resistance. Fatty used the Saddle only to increase the success rate, not to forcefully subdue it.

After all, once this ox was subdued with the Saddle on, it would definitely betray Fatty when he took the Saddle off it. Therefore, was better to subdue it directly instead.

The huge blizzard swirled around the Violent Ox King and sapped away its health little by little. However, without the restriction of Frozen, the boss regained its ability to move. It let out a loud roar and the ground suddenly shuddered. Instantly, a lava pond over ten meters wide appeared and kept expanding. Surging hot air billowed from the pond, offsetting the cold air of the blizzard.

“Elemental Combo!” Fatty growled. The Elemental Sword exploded in a brilliant five-colored light and split into five swords that stabbed at the ox’s back in succession.

Pfff! They thrust in deeply. Although the damage wasn’t high, the visual effect was spectacular.

The five swords lodged in the Violent Ox King’s back in a straight line. Fatty grabbed one of them to prevent himself from being thrown off and simultaneously controlled the other four to launch a fierce barrage of attacks.

Boom! The boss violently stomped on the ground. With the boss as the epicenter, the ground within a hundred-meter vicinity was jolted up in the air. Magma spurted out and struck the players. In addition to SnowPhoenix, the rest of her guildmates were caught within this range.

And then, everything turned into chaos. Caught off guard, the majority of the players were nearly one-shotted by the magma.

“Ice Crack!” SnowPhoenix’s face was ghastly pale. After evading several lava attacks, she quickly chanted an incantation and waved her staff. Countless snowflakes appeared out of thin air and landed on the Violent Ox King, freezing it in an ice block. Then, amidst a series of creaking sounds, cracks emerged on the surface of the ice.

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