Chapter 276 Violent Ox King

Chapter 276 – Violent Ox King

There were over seventy raven-like monsters. Although Fatty was angry, it still wasn’t to the point of disregarding all sanity to take them head-on.

However, the Elemental Skill Book was just perfect to deal with these fire monsters. Fatty could easily handle them as long as he pulled them out bit by bit.

“Pounce!” Fatty summoned Inky and had it fly low to attract the ravens’ attention.

“Za!” One flew out from the pack towards Inky.

Fatty quickly had Inky fall straight down, kiting this one bird with it. The other ravens were still circling around in the air and didn’t notice them.

“Alright!” Fatty exclaimed triumphantly and fired the God Slayer Crossbow.

Puff! Blood splattered all over. The raven let out a wretched screech and fell despite its wings still flapping frantically.

The God Slayer Crossbow was very powerful as it could rival a low-rank Celestial item. The attack wiped out more than half of the monster’s health.

“Zaza…” The others immediately started screeching and flew over upon hearing the raven’s shriek of pain.

“Heh, too late.” Fatty leaped. The Elemental Sword drew a gleaming arc at the injured bird’s throat and blood instantly gushed like a fountain. The slash sliced off half the monster’s neck and wiped out the rest of its remaining health.

A pile of items flowed out. Fatty quickly scooped them up and fled.

Rumble! Countless attacks landed on the spot where Fatty just disappeared from, blowing it up into a patch of scorched soil.

The raven-like pack furiously screeched and circled around in the air. However, there was no trace of Fatty at all. Killing one or two to vent some anger was fine, but his main objective was to find the Fire Paulownia Wood, it was unnecessary to waste time on those monsters.

Stealthing as he continued deeper in, Fatty was much more careful this time. He took the initiative to walk around the monsters he encountered on the way, saving himself a lot of time.

Fire boiled around the ups and downs of the mountain range ahead, apparently the lair of some high-ranked fire monster. Fatty originally planned to walk around it, but after looking left and right, he realized that this would be a long detour and cost him too much time.

Without another choice, Fatty bit the bullet and walked forth. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Elemental Movement Arts had a limit, he would have already ‘walked’ straight through this.

Boom! As Fatty slowly approached, a huge flaming paw stretched out and smashed the ground. It was the size of a millstone and with its five toes covered in flames, the paw looked quite formidable.

Pff! A flame flared past above Fatty’s head, nearly setting his hair on fire. Then, a huge head slowly appeared before his eyes.

This head of an ox looked even bigger than that of an elephant. The two curvy horns were each over half a meter long, and the eyes were as wide as copper bells. Every breath it took, flames would spurt out from those big nostrils.

Boom! Another rumble and the entire ox’s body was revealed for Fatty to see. The beast was nearly five meters tall with thick legs like pillars and fiery fur like seething fire. The tip of its tail burned with a flame.

“High-rank Yao.” Fatty’s pupils constricted at the sight. This ox-like beast was obviously no weaker than the Mutated Fire Bird in Iron Chain Town.

“Mooo…” After showing itself, the beast raised its head to face the sky and mooed thunderously. The monsters in the vicinity all fled at this sound for fear of becoming the beast’s food.

Boom! The ox took a step, then immediately stopped. Its head turned towards Fatty's direction.

Detect! The skill that all high-ranked bosses had.

Whoosh! Fatty decisively vanished with Earthwalk.

Boom! The land and mountains quaked and rocks fell. Billows of flame rolled out from the beast’s nostrils and struck the spot where Fatty had just stood.

This one was as powerful as the Mutated Fire Bird who could be a match for the Luo Kun of the 8th class enhancement. Fatty was no match for this ox.

Reappearing in the distance, Fatty instantly Earthwalked again without turning around. After five successive Earthwalks, he finally heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed, then looked back.

Bang! Fatty instantly jumped in shock. Four hooves covered in flames, the ox was treading air and racing after Fatty.

“It’s flying?!” Fatty exclaimed and lamented in his heart. How did I just randomly come across such a perverse monster?

“MOO!” Another roar and Fatty could feel all the monsters nearby all tremble nonstop in fright, hiding and refusing to come out. Even the ravens who threw their weight around just now also fled in all directions. Some even fainted from sheer terror.

Without a second thought, Fatty summoned Wheat, threw the Brutal Saddle on it, and got on the mount.

“Go!” Fatty ordered. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Wheat scurried underground as fast as it could go.

Seeing Fatty flee underground, the ox landed and stomped its hooves on the ground.

Boom! The earth trembled as Fatty felt tremendous pressure tightly imposed on his body all over and suddenly found his health bar continuously decreasing.

“Damn it!” Fatty was speechless. Flying? Okay. But attacking underground? How can such a horrid monster be allowed to exist?! Fatty was furious. He ordered Wheat to surface. “You think Lord Fatty is scared of you?”

The ox’s wide eyes stared as Fatty jumped out from underground, not in a hurry to attack.

Bam. Fatty tossed Appraisal and received the ox’s details.

Violent Ox King
High-rank Yao boss
Level: ???

Indeed, a string of question marks as expected. The only information he got was that this one was a high-rank Yao boss.

Boom! One of the Violent Ox King’s huge feet stomped again. Fatty quickly cast Acceleration and dodged to the side when he heard a boom. This time, the boss’s foot was half a meter deep into the ground.

“Hiss…” Fatty gasped. After years of burning, this land had become all solid rock. Yet one casual stomp of its leg could go half a meter in, showing clearly how powerful this boss was.

Fatty wasn’t scared, though. A mere high-rank Yao boss really thinks I can’t do anything to it?

The God Slayer Crossbow fired. With a zoom, the small bolt struck the ox’s body, dealing over a thousand damage.

Which was nothing in the face of a high-rank Yao boss’ tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of HP. That number wasn’t so far off from a Celestial boss.

Bam! The Violent Ox King puffed out another flame. Since he didn’t intend to run this time, Fatty began a serious fight with the opponent. The Elemental Skill Book flew out before Fatty like a shield and smashed the flame into bits.

Not only so, the book even absorbed a portion of fire energy as a way of automatically restoring itself.

“Hmm?” Only now did Fatty notice this. He suddenly came up with an idea. Since the Mountain of Flames is so vast, its fire energy is practically endless. If the Elemental Skill Book absorbed all of this, then the fire energy required for restoring the book should be enough, right?

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