Chapter 275 Mountain of Flames

Chapter 275 – Mountain of Flames

Since Lin Xi sent manpower to help Lucas build the Teleportation Portal, Fatty no longer bothered with it. From Black Tortoise City, he teleported to Sky City, then used the Recall Scroll to reach Iron Chain Town, before paying some gold coins to use the Teleportation Portal there to arrive at the Imperial Capital.

This time in Iron Chain Town, Luo Kun said straight out that Fatty needed to pay a fee for the teleportation. The first time was free because Fatty helped them deal with the monsters, while the next several times was because he was with Lucas and Reck. However, this kind of military Teleportation Portal wasn’t open to normal people. Luo Kun let Fatty use it because of their relationship. If it was someone else, Luo Kun wouldn’t allow them to touch the portal even if they paid for it.

Of course, it still depended on the amount of money. If someone offered high enough, the general certainly wouldn’t let the portal sit idly.

Fatty scoffed at this, but this brat Luo Kun had skin several times thicker than his and was much more powerful in strength. After counting the gold coins Fatty gave, Luo Kun waved his hand, and Fatty appeared in the Imperial Capital.

Seeing Fatty come out, the NPC soldiers guarding the Teleportation Portal stirred a little. However, Fatty had used this back and forth several times and left an impression, so they didn’t tie him up for interrogation like last time.

“Master Karl, you have any Divine item to provide me? I wanna go kill some Divine monsters for fun,” blabbered Fatty as he entered the smithy.

“Not to say that I don’t, even if I do, are you sure you can defeat a Divine beast?” The shirtless Karl who was forging something simply didn’t take Fatty seriously.

“Who knows? How about we make a bet?” Fatty found himself a chair to sit down.

“Bet on what?” Karl tossed the steel block into the water tank. White smoke billowed out with a sizzle.

“You give me a Divine item, and we’ll see if I can kill a Divine beast.”

“Tch!” Karl only threw back a sound. He wiped his hands with a tattered towel, then gulped down half a bucket of water. “Say it. What are you here for?”

“For your God Destroyer Crossbow, of course.” Fatty looked up. “I couldn’t find any Meteor Iron Ores.”

“Then why are you here speaking nonsense?” Karl nearly threw the half-a-human-tall steel block at Fatty.

“What’s with the hurry? You’re so old yet don’t even have a bit of patience.” Fatty rolled his eyes. “While I couldn’t find any ores, I found a large number of meteorites enough to extract over a thousand Meteor Iron Ores.”

“Meteorites? Where?” Hearing about the meteorites, Karl ignored Fatty’s scornful tone.

“Sky City.”

“Sky City? You found Sky City? Right, I heard that Sky City got an owner. It wouldn’t happen to be you?” Karl suddenly remembered something as he scanned Fatty from top to toe.

“You’re right, it’s exactly this Lord Fatty.” Fatty smugly stood up. “The meteorites aren’t ores, so I can’t put them in my storage. If you want them, go to Sky City and refine them yourself.”

“Okay,” after saying so, Karl actually packed up immediately and was ready to set out.

“There are also Mega Dragon Skeletons there,” Fatty added.

“Really?” Karl’s face was full of delight. “It seems my information is reliable, indeed, Sky City used to be the lair of the sacred Mega Dragon clan. I wonder if there are enough bones for me to fix the crossbow.”

“Absolutely enough.” Fatty remembered the nine massive skeletons deep underground of Sky City, and also that round orb at the center.

“Great. Since you’re the lord of Sky City, give me an area where I can build a workplace so that I won’t have to run back here,” Karl said straightforwardly.

“Okay. You can just go to Master Reck or Saint Magus Lucas for that.”

Currently, Fatty didn’t have many missions left, and the most important among them was, “Restoring the God Destroyer Crossbow.” However, that mission required too many materials. So far, Fatty only found the Mega Dragon Skeletons and the Meteor Iron Ores.

Next, Fatty wanted to locate the Fire Paulownia Wood.

Fire Paulownia Wood was a rare advanced material used to forge equipment to greatly enhance the toughness.

“I don’t know where to find this Fire Paulownia Wood, but you might as well try the Mountain of Flames, there’s a chance that place has it,” Karl told Fatty.

In the vicinity of Vermilion Bird City, if the Fire Valley was the land of fire monsters, then the Mountain of Flames was the gathering spot for fire Yao beasts.

The Mountain of Flames stretched for tens of thousands of miles, towering into the clouds and entirely fiery red. Most of the plants here were less than three meters tall with both branches and leaves being red in color.

Even when he was some distance away from the Mountain of Flames, Fatty could already feel the oncoming heat that was almost suffocating.

Zoom! A fiery red fox whizzed past Fatty. Curious, it stopped and turned around to inspect him.

“Huh? Pretty looks! You can sell for a high price.” Fatty waved at the little fox.

Puff! As if it understood what he said, the fox spat a fireball at him.

“Ouch, ouch!” Fatty quickly jumped off the Dark Unicorn and dodged the attack.

Boom! The fireball blasted a crater over four meters wide. After all, this was a high-ranked monster in the Mountain of Flames, even a random fireball was extraordinary.

The second Fatty landed, he tossed Appraisal.

Fire Fox
Low-rank Yao
Level 60
Attack: 120 – 135
Defense: 115
HP: 10000
Notes: A local in the Mountain of Flames. It has quick speed and excels at fire magic.

Boom boom boom! Fireballs, fire dragons, and fire arrows shot out in slew. Since the first fireball missed, the Fire Fox instantly spat out more attacks.

“Heh, a little Yao monster actually dares to provoke Lord Fatty.” Fatty nimbly dodged and simultaneously summoned Wheat and Inky.

Bam! A Howling Bullet flew out from underground and knocked the fox off its feet a little. Wheat popped its head out and bared its teeth at the fox, seriously provoking it.

The Fire Fox flew into a rage. It ignored Fatty and started attacking Wheat.

Bang! An Electric Bolt struck the top of the fox’s head. Electric currents flowed all through its body, the fox trembled, and the skill it was casting was interrupted.

“Little shit, don’t you know gang beating is the way of the king?” Fatty didn’t attack. Instead, the Elemental Skill Book flew out and copied the fire spells just now with Replica.

Once a skill was recorded in the Elemental Skill Book, it could be insta-cast without chanting and mana cost, making it the best helper in PK. Whenever he had time, Fatty would record some skills in there, so the book now had roughly a hundred magic spells.

Suddenly, the Fire Fox shook its body and countless fire sparks burst out in an AoE attack.

Whoosh! Wheat decisively fled underground. Right after that, a bunch of stalagmites shot out.

Per Fatty’s order, Inky flew as high as it could. At the same time, a shield appeared below its body as the pet also cast a buff on itself. As a white light flashed, the Fire Fox’s attack couldn’t do anything to Inky.

“Squeak squeak,” screeched the fox. It obviously realized that it couldn’t win these three fellows, so it turned and ran.

“Heh, wanna run?” Fatty waved his arm and a patch of mire abruptly block the fox’s path. The creature rushed right in and was instantly slowed.

“Squeak!” Wheat leaped out from underground and cast all sorts of skills, beating the fox while it was down.

Inky floated down. It didn’t have any offensive skill aside from Electric Bolt, but the paralysis effect of that one skill was enough to make the fox suffer.

“Squeak…!!!” Finally, the Fire Fox could no longer bear it and let out a long, shrill screech.

“Squeak squeak…” More screeches suddenly resounded in the surroundings. One fiery red lump after another flashed by in front of Fatty.

“Ahaha, so everyone is here huh?” Fatty laughed, then fled.

Wheat was just as smart. It instantly sank underground. On the other hand, without Fatty’s control, Inky still foolishly threw Electric Bolts at the trapped Fire Fox in a frenzy. The poor pet was then mobbed by over ten foxes at once and died in a black puff of fog.

“Ohh, my pitiful, pitiful comrade Inky, rest in peace.” Seeing Inky had returned to the pet inventory, Fatty shrugged.

A pack of Yao-tiered monsters couldn’t be looked down upon no matter how small they were. Fatty flew the Dark Unicorn straight to the sky under the glares of the fox mob.

He had no intention to compete with those little fellows, his goal was to find Fire Paulownia Wood as soon as possible. However, no matter how much he hated fighting, others didn’t want to let him off. Very soon, a group of chirping monsters flew over from afar, and their target was clearly him.

It was a pack of raven-like monsters, with a bizarre comb growing out from their heads. Their combs were blood red, and the feathers were fiery red like the other fire monsters. Each had a long feather tail trailing behind, creating a series of fire sparks.

These raven monsters were seventy to eighty in number, even more than the Fire Fox pack earlier. Fatty could only take one look and didn’t even have the time to order the Dark Unicorn to descend when a rain of attacks already covered him.

“Elemental Guard!”

Fatty screamed, and a five-colored barrier instantly encased him.

Bam bam bam… As the attacks hit the barrier, some exploded, some burst into a flower spark, some went through and only took several dozen of Fatty’s health after the damage decrease.

Fatty hastily swallowed a red pill and exclaimed at what a narrow escape that was. Had it not been for the Elemental Equipment set’s function, that barrage of attacks could have insta-killed him.

“Motherf*cker! Lord Fatty is just going my own way. What did I do to provoke you that you raid me like this?” Fatty flew into a rage after he recovered from the shock. He wasn’t someone who’d take things lying down. Since those enemies nearly killed him, he wouldn’t rest easy until he paid them back.

Fatty ordered the Dark Unicorn to descend quickly. With a raise of his left hand, a bolt shot out.

Zoom! The bolt viciously impaled a raven’s neck and blood splattered. Injured, the monster’s desperate flapping couldn’t stop its body from dropping.

Rustle… The group of ravens instantly flocked over, continuing to pursue Fatty.

Thud! Once his feet touched the ground, Fatty instantly flipped towards behind a boulder. Some attacks landed around him, the scorching heat made his hair curl up a little.

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