Chapter 274 The Bow of Malediction

Chapter 274 – The Bow of Malediction

After Sky City was successfully rebuilt, it immediately bloomed with vitality. Life began to grow again as patches of grass sprouted from the ground and trees started to grow. Water began to fill lakes and rivers, more and more little animals appeared, little by little, returning life to the city.

Fatty was smug as he controlled Sky City to fly slowly in the sky. Of all the people in this entire game, only himself and another were city lords, not to mention that his city was top-tier.

After a period of time, Fatty gradually grew familiar with the functions of Sky City. The City Lord Command skill set was varied with several dozen skills, three among them were Acceleration, Defend, and Attack.

Acceleration: A City Lord Command function. Consume a certain amount of energy to accelerate the operation of Sky City.

Defend: A City Lord Command function. Control the defensive measures of Sky City to resist an opponent’s attack.

Attack: A City Lord Command function. Control the offensive measures of Sky City to attack an opponent.

Acceleration covered not only the flying speed but also the speed of production processes. For instance, crops took two weeks to grow could mature in one week within the city. This was a very practical ability; however, Fatty nearly fainted after one glance at the energy requirement.

One hundred magic stones to boost the flying speed by 10% for 10 hours, or increase the growth speed of crops by 50%.

As for Defend, it was currently useless. The entire city was like a flying island that had everything, except for defensive measures. Fatty had to install them at his own expense.

Let’s not mention Attack. Sky City didn’t even have an archery tower, how would it even attack?

“Master, what do you think if we equip several thousand Magic Crystal Cannons?” Fatty remembered the Magic Crystal Cannon in Iron Chain Town. One shot from this mighty weapon could heavily injure a super high-rank Yao boss.

“Pffff!” Reck couldn’t hold back from spitting out a mouthful of saliva. “Several thousand Magic Crystal Cannons? You think Magic Crystal Cannons are soil that you can just grab from the ground?”

“Don’t we have you two? It should be easy for you guys to get some of those?” Fatty awkwardly chuckled.

“Dream on.” Lucas couldn’t help but pour cold water on Fatty’s unrealistic desire. “Magic Crystal Cannons are too luxurious to make, even our entire dynasty doesn’t have several thousand of them. Can you see Iron Chain Town? It’s equipped with four because the town is at the border. Other normal inland cities don’t even get to have one. Not to say, even if you have several thousand Magic Crystal Cannons, you can’t use them anyway. Those things are money burners, one shot requires ten magic stones, and you know how rare those are. We simply can’t afford it.”

“Ohh, that’s indeed a problem.” Fatty also remembered. Indeed, he couldn’t use it even if he had one.

Fatty probed the two elders a bit more and found out that Magic Crystal Cannons were few in numbers and as well as controlled items as the Central Dynasty wouldn’t sell them to outsiders. Only then did Fatty give up on those cannons. He started to think of other ways to enhance the defense of Sky City.

“You can hire people, but of course, that’s going to be costly. However, it’s acceptable to pay highly for the defense. A city like this is equivalent to a gold mine that automatically produces countless gold every day. You won’t have to worry about lacking money,” Reck advised.

Just like Black Tortoise City and the other main cities, Sky City could let people inhabit and open businesses, then earn from the tax. All that money would go to Fatty’s own pockets after he paid the monthly tax to the Central Dynasty.

With Fatty’s promise, Reck and Lucas found scenic spots in Sky City for their mansions. Of course, they would pay for their own construction fees, because Fatty didn’t have that much money on hand to build things for them.

“A large-scale Teleportation Portal that can freely teleport people requires many materials. I don’t have that many to provide you, so you will have to do a part of the preparations as well. Also, this can’t be done in just a day or two, especially when I’m the only one on this. It’ll take at least months.” Lucas clarified beforehand.

“Master, take your time preparing. If you need any materials, tell me and I’ll go get them.” Fatty beat his chest boastfully.

Once this portal was finished constructing, the daily earnings from teleportation fees would be even more than the amount Fatty gained from working his butt off farming monsters. Currently, the teleportation from the four main cities to the Imperial Capital was still restricted. While many were able to teleport to the capital, returning to their original main city still cost another one thousand reputation points, a price that not many could afford.

“Go, let’s go back to pack up. We can use our new residences in Sky City as experiment labs, and we won’t have to worry about being punished for accidents again.”

Saying so, Lucas opened a space tunnel straight to Iron Chain Town.

“Do I just fly back like this? That’s gonna take forever!” Seeing the two old men leave, Fatty began to contemplate. The flying speed of Sky City was too slow, it would take years at this rate.

Moreover, if the Emperor in the Imperial Capital took a liking to his city and confiscated it, even crying would be too late then.

Therefore, he couldn’t fly Sky City to the vicinity of the Imperial Capital. He had to find a place and hide it.

Fatty stopped the fortress at an area, then teleported to Black Tortoise City using the portal on the Holy Spirit Island.

“You want to buy some Magic Crystal Cannons?” Lin Xi’s stared at Fatty eyes wide and repeatedly shook his head. “They are controlled items, and rare to boot. I cannot sell any to you.”

Fatty hadn’t given up on this idea and went to Lin Xi, but the answer was exactly like what Lucas had told him – impossible.

“You’re one lucky little guy to claim over Sky City so easily. I have materials for constructing Teleportation Portals here, so we only have to see what you can offer in exchange for them.” Lin Xi nodded.

Since Magic Crystal Cannons were out of the question, Fatty started to collect the materials for the Teleportation Portal. According to Lucas’ estimation, such a large-scale and ultra-long distance portal would cost hundreds of millions worth of materials, and this hadn’t included the magical sources to provide energy.

“What do you think of Meteor Iron Ores?” This was probably the only thing Fatty had at the moment that Lin Xi would find worthwhile.

“Ohh? It seems you have hit the jackpot again?” Lin Xi revealed an unexpected look. The Meteor Iron Ore was the most precious ore in the list and quite hard to get. Even the entire Black Tortoise City didn’t have much in stock.

“But they are all raw materials, you’ll need to have them refined.” Fatty shared the list of what he got with Lin Xi. The latter nodded after only one glance.

“I don’t need much, only a third. In exchange, I’ll provide all the material you lack to build the portal.”

“Deal.” Fatty nodded.

The meteorites were still piled up in Sky City. Aside from Fatty, no one could teleport there, so this had to wait until Lucas completed the Teleportation Portal.

To quicken the construction of the portal so that they could transport the meteorites back and use them to craft equipment as soon as possible, Lin Xi sent Jijilu and another space mage to help. Fatty happily accepted without hesitation.

“Here you go, these are the equipment refined from the Heart of Malediction. Pick one.” Lin Xi took out two items, a bow and a piece of armor.

“Why these?! There’s nothing that I can use?” Fatty asked after a sweeping look.

“Those were the Celestial items you gave me. How do I turn a bow into a dagger and heavy armor into leather armor?” Lin Xi fumed.

“Ugh!! You could have told me sooner!” Fatty was upset as well. If he knew sooner, he would have had provided the sword or the magic staff.

Fatty took the two gears and carefully sized them up. They were cool to the touch and covered in magical runes that looked like blood threads, emitting a faint evil breath, and both were named after “malediction” —

Bow of Malediction
Low-rank Celestial weapon
Level Requirement: 60
Attack: 160 – 180
DEX +45
STR +30
Passive – Heartshot: Increase the accuracy of all archer skills by 50%.
Passive – Malediction: Anyone who attacks the wearer has a chance to suffer one random curse.
Job Requirement: Archer

Armor of Malediction
Low-rank Celestial armor
Defense: 140
STR +45
END +40
Passive – Malediction: Anyone who attacks the wearer has a chance to suffer one random curse.
Active – Lapidification: Instantly increase defense by 80%. Duration: 3 seconds. Cooldown: 100 seconds.

“I’ll take the bow.” The bow’s stats were obviously better than the armor. Especially, with this skill Heartshot that could raise the accuracy of all skills by 50%, the weapon could rival a high-rank Celestial one.

“Alright.” Lin Xi took back the armor.

Leaving the city lord manor, Fatty headed straight for his little store. The items on the shelves were almost sold out, there were only a few Celestial items still being auctioned.

Of the six Celestial items that he got on the Holy Spirit Island, minus the two Fatty gave Lin Xi, he still had four left, one of which was the Shield of Pride.

The high-rank Celestial Shield of Pride had broken through the horrifying price of fifty million gold coins. Fatty’s heart trembled just looking at this number. Even after the sky-high 10% fee, he could still get 900 million RMB.

“What more can I ask for from such a beautiful life like this?” Fatty picked up the Shield of Pride and kissed it, then turned to check the other three.

The low-rank Celestial Remiges Boots had risen to twelve million gold coins, while the two other low-rank Celestial-tiered Thunderstruck Lightsword and Darkmoon Hollow Staff had also exceeded ten million gold coins.

“Eighty million gold coins, ahhhhh! Lord Fatty is going crazy!” Fatty gave each a kiss. In his eyes, they were no longer equipment, but money printers.

"If I sell Sky City, how much will I make?” An idea suddenly spurted in his heart.

However, an idea was only an idea. As Reck had said, Sky City was a massive and automatic gold mine. After the Teleportation Portal was built, that would be when it truly began.

“Sit and earn. Lord Fatty likes!” Fatty was intoxicated by this future.

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