Chapter 273 Sky City Lord

Chapter 273 – Sky City Lord

“Might of the Divine Space Sonic, stabilize the tunnel and make the warp!”

As Lucas’ booming voice echoed through the entire city, the Space Sonic in his left hand emitted a blinding light. The tray flew out and froze the unending emerging spatial rifts, the spoon streamed out a pure cyan light with bright sparks that illuminated the space like a lighthouse, while the arrow expanded into its massive form and flew in front of the Holy Spirit Island, following the spoon’s light leading the way.


Under Lucas’ utmost effort to catalyze the Space Sonic, the Holy Spirit Island slowly and finally pushed its last corner out from the void.

Boom! As soon as the island wholly appeared, it fell and violently landed on the level land at Sky City’s center like two pieces of magnets drawn together.

Puff! Lucas spat out a mouthful of blood. He immediately stowed the Space Sonic away and sat cross-legged to treat his injury.

“Swallow it.” Reck hurried over and stuffed a pill in Lucas’ mouth.

“Whew…” Lucas opened his eyes after resting for a bit. He shook his head with a wry smile. “I’m never doing this kind of life-risking stuff again. Too dangerous.”

“This one is worth the risk, though.” Reck patted Lucas’ shoulder and laughed.

Brrrrr… A while after the island landed, Sky City suddenly trembled. Lights burst everywhere as the illusions of Mega Dragons, Holy Unicorns, three-legged winged beasts, horned pythons, and a few humans filled the sky.

The Holy Spirit Island slowly moved and only came to a stop after it completely fit into the city center.

Sky City gradually calmed as well. The illusions in the sky also faded away, one after another.

“Those were the creatures who used to live in Sky City,” Reck softly explained as he watched the illusions dissipate.

“A long time ago, when the Demon Realm, the Human Realm, and the seven main cities were all neutral, this place had monsters, humans, demons, and many, many more races. They lived in harmony and treated each other as equals. There was no turmoil at all, up until the grand war several thousand years ago that dragged everyone into it. In the end, the casualties were enormous, and the seven main cities disappeared from the face of this world.”

“Which are the seven main cities?” Fatty asked as this reminded him of the conversation he overheard from Puda’s group.

“The seven main cities, with Sky City as the head, includes Storm City, Sun City, Ocean City, Undead City, Corrupt City, and Abyss City. Among them, the first four were located in the Human Realm, while the other three were in the Demon Realm,” Reck explained in detail.

“Storm City has been seized by a foreigner, Sky City is in your hands. I wonder who will be the owners of the other five,” Lucas commented.

“Doesn’t matter. I only need to take care of my Sky City.” Fatty laughed carefreely.

Now that the Holy Spirit Island had returned to its rightful place, there was only one last but most difficult task to do, rebuild Sky City.

“What can be considered successful reconstruction?” The trio put their heads together and discussed.

“Clearing out all the monsters in the city?” Fatty suggested.

“Not enough. I think that’s only a part of it. After clearing out the monsters, we might need to restore the city to exactly what it was before,” Reck reasoned.

“Forget about it! Restore the entire city to its original state? Unless the Imperial Capital helps us, or else it would take ten or twenty years just relying on ourselves alone,” Lucas instantly objected.

The trio went back and forth before finally agreeing on clearing out the monsters first.

With the help of the two experts, this task was actually very simple. Fatty happily acted as their tail. With a stretch of Lucas’ hand, there’d be a bunch of spatial rifts tearing all of the monsters around, while a raise of Reck’s hand would produce a mass of colorless and tasteless power that silently poisoned to death everything it touched. Even Fatty was so scared that he didn’t dare to lean too close to Reck.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Sky City was too big, Reck would have only needed to raise his hands several times to wipe out all of the monsters inside.

After spending nearly five days, they finally cleaned up the city thanks to the two old experts. Had it been players instead, even two hundred of them would still take much longer.

After clearing the monsters, Fatty went to destroy the monster respawn points, which was kind of a lucrative job. Moreover, the two elders would follow Fatty’s request and beat up the high-ranked monsters to a sliver of health and left them for him to deal the final blow. Therefore, Fatty gained big from this, and he was close to leveling up again.

“Thank you, masters. It would have taken forever by myself.” Fatty sincerely expressed his gratitude.

“No problem. Check and see what should be done next. I can’t wait to see Sky City once again restored to glory,” said Lucas.

“There doesn’t seem to be much.” Fatty carefully checked the mission panel. It required finding Sky City, then rebuilding Sky City and letting the Holy Unicorn clan thrive in this land again, and lastly, to give every creature a place to live in freedom.

Clip-clop… The ten little unicorns ran around and kept rubbing against Fatty. Now that Sky City was a bare place without even a strand of grass, the little fellows were starving.

“Oh, can it be this?” Fatty took out the Holy Horn and blew it.

As the horn sounded, the ten little unicorns galloped even faster around Fatty, and in the sky, a bunch of Holy Unicorn illusions became visible.

“Ahh, Sky City, free and gorgeous Sky City, we, the Holy Unicorn clan, have finally returned!” Among the pack, Chief Amedick, the only one whose horn was jade-colored, called out in excitement. Behind him, several thousand Holy Unicorns shed tears of extreme emotions as they thunderously galloped.

“My descendants.” Seeing the ten little unicorns, Amedick grew even more excited. It dove down and nudged them one by one, before finally turning to Fatty. “Human, you’ve done well, you’ve done very well.”

“So it’s Chief of the Holy Unicorn. Space Saint Magus Lucas greets you, sir.” Lucas placed his left hand on his chest and bowed.

“Alchemy Grandmaster Reck greets you, sir.” Reck also bent to salute.

Respect for the strong was a reality that would never change, no matter where. Although Amedick was currently a soul, both Reck and Lucas venerated the Chief for being a Demigod expert in its lifetime.

Amedick only chuckled softly, then said to Fatty, “Very good. I can feel the breath of evil spirits no longer taints Sky City. Now, Money Grubber, my human friend, please receive the Holy Unicorn clan’s highest respect for you and accept the authority over Sky City.”

Boom. From the Holy Spirit Island, a light shot out towards Fatty. Then, something new appeared on his skill bar.

City Lord Command: Active. Control everything within Sky City.

Listed below was a set of skills which included flying the city, blocking enemies, etc. from the biggest to the most trivial action to be imposed upon Sky City.

“Sky City represents freedom, peace, and beauty. Please restore its glory and make it a symbol of freedom in the world. In times of need, you can summon us to help you oppose your enemies.”

The voice gradually faced. Including Amedick, the unicorn illusions all turned into sparks of light that returned to the Holy Horn.

“Wu…” The ten little unicorns wept.

“Good children, don’t cry.” Fatty soothed them. Then, he carefully studied the City Lord Command skill set and said to the two elders, “Alright, I can now control Sky City.”

“What are you waiting for? Hurry and show us!” the two fervently urged.

“Fly,” Fatty gave an order.

Sky City instantly quaked and slowly shook itself off from the position it had stayed in for thousands of years, starting to move a little.

“So slow?!” Fatty yelped.

“Be content with what you’ve got. This is a top-tier city. Aside from Sky City, have you seen any other city that can move?” Reck was well aware of Fatty’s bottomless greed.

Sky City’s flying speed was indeed slow, around ten kilometers per hour. At this speed, by the time they arrived at wherever they needed to arrive, things would have already gone cold.

“Master, can you do anything about this?” Fatty set his sight on Lucas again.

“Sky City must have an acceleration magic formation somewhere, but that kind of thing usually requires a huge amount of energy that’s equivalent to hundreds of millions of gold coins,” Lucas mused for a bit and said.

“Ahh? So costly? Forget it, if it’s slow then it’s slow. Since we have the Teleportation Portal, we can just let it slowly fly by itself.” Fatty was upset. Then, he suddenly remembered something. “By the way, Master, I still need to trouble you with the Teleportation Portal.”

“A Divine artifact can only be chanced upon when the stars align, let alone a Space-attribute one. Rest assured, since I’ve agreed to help you build a portal, you can leave it to me,” Lucas guaranteed.

“Awesome!” Fatty was overjoyed. He said, “Masters, this mission was possible thanks to your help. This little me won’t waste too much time on words of thanks. If any area in Sky City catches your eye, tell me and I’ll immediately build a residence for you.”

“I was waiting for those words.” Reck nodded in satisfaction.

“Okay, let’s talk about this after we get out.” After a long time of recovery, Lucas’ injury had gotten much better.

“No hurry, help me collect these things first.” Fatty pointed at the massive drifting meteorites around.

Now that he had Sky City, Fatty collected the meteorites around it, one by one, which took roughly three days. During these three days, every single meteorite down to the size of a pebble was swept into his possession.

“Spatial Arrow, go!” Lucas took out the Space Sonic. The arrow whizzed out and tore a huge rift in the space. Lucas yelled, “Quick, hit it.”

Boom! Fatty steered Sky City towards the rift. The fortress viciously smashed through the rift and tore it much wider than before.

“Ahh, finally out.” When Sky City slowly drifted out of the rift, a sun-bathed scenery greeted them.


The sound of system notification rang out by Fatty’s ears.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have completed the mission “Rebuild Sky City.” +10.000.000 EXP, +5000 Reputation, rewarded Sky City.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached level 47.

System Notification: Congratulations on becoming Sky City Lord. The system will be making a server announcement. Would you like to disclose your name?

“No.” Without any hesitation, Fatty chose not to make public his name.

System Notification: Congratulations to player anonymous for completing the mission “Rebuild Sky City” and restoring this grand city of freedom, peace, and beauty. As a reward, Sky City is now the personal property of player anonymous, who is titled Sky City Lord. Also, for becoming the second city lord player in the game, player anonymous is rewarded with 3 levels.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Three golden halos arose in succession above Fatty’s head. He finally crossed the major threshold of level 50.

The entire game erupted. First, there was SaintPetertheGreat, and now this player anonymous, all ascending the sky in one step to become a city lord. How could those guilds who started from a small base feel good about this?

“Who? Who!? Someone find out who that person is! If they are in our region and guildless, no matter how much you offer, you must buy them into our guild. What if they won't agree? Are you telling me you bunch actually don’t know what to do with a guildless player?”

These words and similar along those lines could be heard from all of the guild masters in the CN region, US region, EU region, anywhere and everywhere as they were practically screaming it. Everyone was already anxious about getting a base since there were only ten-something guilds so far that had succeeded in establishing their own base, the highest level being town-tier. Now that two city lords were born in a row, how could they not worry?

“Congratulations, Fatty. Get offline a little sooner today so that we can go out to celebrate.” Liu Lan called Fatty.

“Hahaha, alright.” Fatty agreed in high spirits.

“Heh, Fatty, that ‘player anonymous’ wouldn’t happen to be you, right?” This was from HeadofGod.

“Hmm? Don’t spread it around, okay? It could kill.” Fatty was puzzled. How does this brat know so fast?

“Peh, stop pretending. Your level was below mine, yet you suddenly jumped to over 50. Tell me, what other mission can gain you over three levels, hmmm? If there is, tell your brothers so we can level as well.” HeadofGod laughed as he admonished goodnaturedly.

“Hahaha, you’re so smart.” Considering his relationship with GodFamilia, Fatty didn’t plan to hide this from them anyway.

“You… Ai… Indeed, the gap between humans can’t be crossed so easily. You are in Beijing, right? Just you wait, your bros will come find you. When that time comes, we won’t let you off without making you treat us to a costly, luxurious meal.”

Not only HeadofGod, even Qian Xiaoqian, LittleLi’s FlyingDagger, and the others all knew of this. Without exception, they all figured it out from Fatty’s leapfrog of levels.

“This means they all care very much about Lord Fatty. Not bad.” Fatty felt very complacent.

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