Chapter 272 Space Warp

Chapter 272 – Space Warp

“Give me ten days.” Leaving behind that sentence, Lucas casually drew a Teleportation Portal and vanished.

“Damn it, at least get us back first!” Even Reck couldn’t help but curse.

“Here, you can have this.” Fatty took out two Recall Scrolls and gave him one.

“Humph! Let’s go and settle this with that old fogey!” Reck dropped some cruel words as he received the scroll. Then, he and Fatty recalled back to Iron Chain Town.

After chatting briefly with Luo Kun, the two returned to the Imperial Capital via the Teleportation Portal. Then, they ran to Lucas’ residence, only to discover that the old man had gone into secluded cultivation.

“Damn it! He really meant it when he said ten days, how quick of him.” Reck had no choice but to return to his house and wait.

After the Demon Soldiers were taken care of, Fatty was no longer anxious as no one would be dreaming of his Sky City for the time being. He simply went to grind outside the Imperial Capital.

In ten days, Fatty gained some levels and reached level 46.

During the past ten days, he also heard from his friends about the latest news. After SaintPetertheGreat reached level 50, the National War system was pushed out, borders could be crossed, and the top 10 of every region that acquired their border passes from the First Under Heaven Tournament, all left their countries for another to kill the other participants.

By now, several dozen participants from various nations had been slain. The border pass belonged to the “definitely drop” category, meaning one would 100% drop it when they died. Currently, those slain participants were all farming border passes with all their might, wanting to leave the country and get their revenge.

“Who are our participants? What are their accomplishments so far?” Fatty asked Liu Lan as they had a meal.

Liu Lan had been staying at Fatty’s place and wouldn’t leave. Fatty understood her feelings, so he just let her do whatever she wanted.

“There’s Purple Bell, TenStepOneKill, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear, LittleLi’s FlyingDagger, SkyShooter Wolf, DukeGarrison, ViolentMagic, …” Liu Lan counted with her fingers.

Only the top 10 of First Under Heaven were qualified for the World Tournament. Because of that, their rewards included a border pass so that they could leave the country to participate in the next tournament.

“As for accomplishment, when the National War opened, the ten of them went to Japan and killed their eight participants as agreed beforehand. Too bad, when they were burning the flag, the NPCs there stopped them and killed three, the other seven had to withdraw and are still delayed there to deal with the aftermath.”

“Mhm, seems like I should make some effort, I want to go abroad and play as well,” mumbled Fatty with a mouth full of food.

“There have been people going there to support them, but not too many since there aren’t many border passes that have dropped yet.”

Still, Fatty put this matter to the back of his head for the time being. After ten days, Lucas finally came out of seclusion.

“Hahahaha, Divine artifact! I finally have a Divine artifact!” Lucas faced the sky and laugh loudly. In his hand was a strange item, a round tray above which hovered a key-shaped object, while a little arrow over ten centimeters long was circling within the tray.

“Spatial Spoon, Spatial Tray, and Spatial Arrow, the three Divine remnants combined into this space artifact, the Space Sonic!” Lucas waved the artifact in front of Reck’s eyes in high spirits.

“Are you enough? If you are, get to work. We waited for you for ten whole days!” Reck said angrily.

“Hahaha, let's go.” The Space Sonic suddenly flashed, and the little arrow shot out, drawing a seemingly bottomless passage over ten meters in diameter before them. Lucas took the lead and stepped in.

Whoosh. Exiting the passage, Fatty realized that they had arrived at the Holy Spirit Island.

“Th-this is the power of a space Divine artifact?” Fatty was stunned. Back then, Lucas had to draw two Teleportation Portals to get them here, but this time, it was instantaneous.

“Actually, this doesn’t count as a perfect Divine item. Since I absorbed half of the force within the spoon, it can only be considered a Half-Divine item.” Lucas looked at the Space Sonic with an expression that greatly provoked Fatty’s enthusiasm. “When I advance to the God realm, I can refine it again and restore the glory of a true Divine artifact.”

“Alright, stop bragging and get to work.” The more Lucas talked, the angrier Reck was. Reck instantly urged him to teleport the Holy Spirit Island over.

“You guys should go do your own thing. Come back three days later.” Lucas waved his hand in dismissal, then took a walk around the Holy Spirit Island.

“Let’s go. Your island is a big fellow. Lucas needs to spend some time drawing a big Teleportation Portal first,” Reck explained to Fatty.

Fatty didn’t leave the vicinity of the island. The monsters around here were enough for him to farm.

Three days later, Fatty and Reck returned to the Holy Spirit Island and saw a dense distribution of magic runes floating in the air.

“This, this is a space warp?” Reck’s face was full of disbelief.

“That’s right!” Lucas smugly raised his brows. “Aside from a space warp, I really can’t think of another way to teleport this island.”

“Formidable skill! Formidable! Aside from Legendary experts, it’s impossible for other people to create a space warp, yet you did it! Impressive!” Reck couldn’t help but praise.

“I’m humbled by your praises. I couldn’t have built such a big magic formation without the Space Sonic.” Despite his words, Lucas’ smug expression was impossible to hide.

“Alright, stop making a joke of yourself, you’re too old for this.” Reck shot Lucas a glare. “Come, show us how the space warp is done.”

“Don’t make it sound so easy.” Lucas blushed a little. “I’m not strong enough to jump the island there just like this. I have to draw another corresponding formation in Sky city first before I can warp the island over.”

“Go, let’s go to Sky City then.”

The trio once again teleported to Iron Chain Town. This time, Luo Kun didn’t even bother to see them.

“What an impolite fellow!” Lucas mumbled. He thought he could brag about this to Luo Kun.

“This is Sky City?” In front of this massive fortress, even Reck and Lucas who had lived for who-knows-many years couldn’t help but reveal a shaken expression.

“This can rival a main city,” whispered Reck.

“Lad, you’ve struck gold.” Lucas patted Fatty’s shoulder.

Using three more days, Lucas finally finished drawing a huge magic formation in Sky City to correspond to the one on Holy Spirit Island.

“Time for a miracle!”

Lucas let out a shout, and the center of Sky City burst with a flash of brilliance as a massive light pillar shot to the sky.

Hoo… The sparse trees and rocks within the formation vanished without a trace.

“Hmm? What’s this?” Waiting for half a day without anything to happen after that, Fatty and Reck dubiously eyed Lucas.

“Dang!” Lucas smacked his forehead. “To teleport the island here, it’s the other formation that should be activated.”

Thud, thud. Fatty and Reck felt on the ground, speechless.

The trio hurried back to the Holy Spirit Island, where they saw some new stone pieces and wood shards, plus half the body of some strange monster.

“Hiss…” Fatty sucked in a cold breath as he and Reck looked at each other dumbly.

“Lucky, we’ve been lucky,” Reck exclaimed nonstop. “Luckily you mistook the direction, or else that would be our result.”

Reck pointed at the half body.

“Humph! You’re looking down on me?” Lucas bit his lip. He carefully re-checked the magic runes and fixed some faulty places.

“Now, time for the real miracle!” Lucas lifted the Space Sonic in his left hand.

“You sure there won’t be unexpected incidents?” Fatty asked Lucas, his tone obviously distrustful.

“What unexpected incidents? Just now was only a mistake. A mistake, you understand?!” Lucas viciously glared at Fatty, only when the latter backed down did he retract his glare in satisfaction.

“Now…” Lucas was about to operate the formation to activate the space warp.

“Wait a mo’!” Reck suddenly shouted.

“What now!?” Lucas was extremely irritated to be interrupted repeatedly.

“We’ll go to Sky City and wait there, take your time with the warp,” Reck said and gave Fatty a meaningful look, then teleported back to the Imperial Capital before Lucas could say anything.

“Wisdom truly comes with age. Elder, you’re so thoughtful,” said Fatty as he closely followed Reck.

“Heh, safety first. It’s not like we get anything for warping with him anyway. One in a million chances even if something happens, he’ll be fine with the Divine artifact protecting him, but my old body won’t be able to take it,” reasoned Reck.

The two waited roughly three hours at Sky City when suddenly, the huge magic formation at the center exploded and a wide and towering light pillar beamed into the sky. Amidst the rumbling, a mountainous shadow slowly emerged from within the pillar.

“Look, it’s here.” Fatty stared fixedly with eyes wide open at that shadow.

Rumble… Boom! An edge of the Holy Spirit Island was slowly revealed.

Creak, creak… A distinct sound resounded as huge cracks broke out on the ground within the magic formation and quickly branched. The light pillar also weakened slowly, its light not as blinding as before, seemingly about to disperse.

“Ahhh!” Lucas’ terrified scream echoed in the air.

“This is bad! Something really went wrong!” Reck paled in fright and frantically ran in circles. “What to do? What to do?!”

“No need to be alarmed. Master Lucas has the Divine artifact’s protection, there won’t be any danger even if his warp fails,” Fatty soothed.

“Peh, how is it any of my business he’s in danger or not? I’m only scared that the rifts will damage the Holy Spirit Island and consequently render Sky City scrapped from now on. Sky City still has my share, my share!” Reck flailed his limbs and shouted.

“What? Since when did Sky City have your share, elder?” Fatty hastily grasped Reck by the arm.

“Don't you want your city to have an Alchemy Grandmaster to oversee the medicine aspect? And also grab some Grand Magi and War Generals or something over here?” Reck quietened down and asked.

“Okay, what do you think of that area, elder? I can build you a huge mansion with a garden so that you can grow your herbs.” Fatty pointed at a place.


As the two prattled on, the entire Sky City shook as the Holy Spirit Island revealed half of its body.

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