Chapter 27 The Fifth Floor

Chapter 27 – The Fifth Floor

Stealth merely allowed the players to become transparent so that when others looked in that direction, they wouldn’t be able to see anyone there. However, the rogue’s body was still there. That was why experts like Fatty and TheFugitive were able to spot where others were hiding based on their own experience.

When TheFugitive confirmed the other person’s location, he thrust his dagger forward. It was a simple, clean, and direct hit.

“Ahhh!” A person appeared with a short scream. The player had a frantic look on his face as he relentlessly chugged down a potion.

“Boss, we were attacked. They’re still here! That player’s called TheFugitive.”

Those were the only words Cloud Dragon Sailing heard before another scream, followed by utter silence.

“Stealthnight? Stealthnight? Cloud Dragon Stealthnight?” Cloud Dragon Sailing called out in the voice chat call. After a long while, he heard Cloud Dragon Stealthnight’s dejected voice.

“Boss, we’re both dead. That TheFugitive guy was insane. He noticed us even though we were stealthed, and a single attack took away more than half my health.”

“TheFugitive? TheFugitive that’s in second place on the leaderboard?” Cloud Dragon Sailing asked.

“That’s him. Boss, be careful. He’s too strong. We were killed before we even realized what was going on.”

“What about the fatass?

“We didn’t see him. TheFugitive was the only one who attacked us.”

Cloud Dragon Sailing closed off the call, then revealed a menacing expression.

Wind God’s World frowned as he asked, “What happened?”

“The guy with Money Grubber is TheFugitive, the guy currently in second place on the leaderboards. My two subordinates were killed by him,” Cloud Dragon Sailing said hatefully.

“What? TheFugitive?” Wind God’s World frowned. “I know him. He’s a player from Azure Dragon City. He was an expert in another game before, but he offended Fierce Dragon TheTalent, the leader of the Fierce Dragon Gang, moments after starting this one. He someone survived several hundred people chasing after him. I can’t believe that he transferred over to Black Tortoise City so soon, and even ended up with Money Grubber.”

“I don’t care who he’s with. I WILL kill him until he’s back to Level 0 for daring to steal my monster,” Cloud Dragon Sailing had a deadly look on his face, which sent chill down people’s spines.

“Alright, since you want to kill him, then I’ll help you just for our cooperation,” Wind God’s World nodded.

“Okay. I won’t let you do it for free,” Cloud Dragon Sailing waved his hand. “Rogues, stealth in and lure the monsters away. Knights, stay on the front line. Priests… Oh, no priests? Never mind, Warriors, follow the knights. Archers and mages stay in the back row. Now, go.”

TheFugitive felt very good about himself after killing two people in a row. He stepped on a corpse, then took out a piece of cloth from somewhere to wipe his dagger. Then, he put it beside his mouth and blew on it, before patting his hair in satisfaction.

“What’s going on?” The moment Fatty returned from the fifth floor, he chugged down a potion, then saw TheFutigive’s slightly red name, who seemed to be immersed in his own universe, while putting on a pose that really made people want to punch him.

“Huh?” TheFugitive was shocked. He looked at Fatty, then at the two people he was stepping on. I don’t know them.

“Wow, you were rather quick,” Fatty walked over and patted TheFugitive’s shoulder.

“W-When did you go in there?” TheFugitive stuttered.

“Right after I used stealth. Sorry about making you stand guard for me here. Thanks,” Fatty answered.

“No, no! I wasn’t standing guard for you! How could you… We agreed!” TheFugitive was getting rather lost in this conversation.

“We agreed? What did we agree on?” Fatty asked innocently.

“You bastard! Didn’t we agree to duel?” TheFugitive suddenly roared.

“When did I say that I would duel you?” Fatty looked at TheFugitive speechlessly, then suddenly said. “Stealth up, the Cloud Dragon Gang’s here.”

Two Cloud Dragon Gang players snuck down to the fourth floor cloaked in stealth. Then, they revealed themselves when they got to a distance away from the entrance and drawn the attention of the monsters at the entrance. However, not everyone was as capable as Fatty and TheFugitive. The two Cloud Dragon Gang rogues disappeared with two short screams mere moments after they caught the monsters’ attention.

The Cloud Dragon Gang’s other players all entered the floor using the time the rogues had bought for them. The knights and warriors stood in the front, while the archers and mages stood in the back. All of their rogues have already been killed, while they still did not have a priest with their first class enhancement already.

“Stealth?” Cloud Dragon Sailing laughed coldly when he saw that there were no signs of any players on the fourth floor. “Mages, get ready. Attack anywhere with your spells. After that, immediately retreat to the third floor. We have to force those two bastards out.”

Cloud Dragon Sailing naturally decided to use the strategy that Fatty and TheFugitive used.

After a brief silence, the dozen or so mages all begun to mutter and cast spells. Fireballs, ice arrows, wind blades, and stone spikes seemed to rain down upon the entire area.


The Skeletal Knights and Skeletal Archers immediately locked their attention to the players near the entrance when they attacked. However, all of the mages retreated to the third floor after casting their spells, then returned to the fourth floor, allowing them to refresh their aggro on the monsters. Thus, the monsters did not attack them, and merely wandered around.

“Not here? How’s that possible?” Cloud Dragon Sailing frowned.

“Could they have left using recall scrolls?” Wind God’s World asked.

Cloud Dragon Sailing immediately understood he had overlooked that possibility, thus, he quickly sent a message to his subordinates.

“Stealthnight, where are you guys? Still in town? Good, stay there. Keep your eyes on the teleportation portal. Don’t let them sneak back in after using recall scrolls.”

“What? There are crossbow drops?”

At that moment, Fatty and TheFugitive had already gone down to the fifth floor. However, they didn’t dare to venture in too deep, and instead stayed near the entrance. The Skeletal Assassins’ attacks were way too strange, if they ventured too deep, they really might just die.

“Crossbows… What I lack most is a good crossbow,” TheFugitive muttered to himself as his eyes lit up in excitement.

“Kill them. We have to get us a crossbow,” TheFugitive looked towards Fatty.

“Then… let’s work together?” Fatty smiled towards TheFugitive.

“Do you know what level the monsters are?” TheFugitive took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

“Do you want the crossbow?” Fatty continued to smile.

“How?” TheFugitive clenched his teeth.

“I’ll draw the aggro and you kill them. Everything’s simple after breaking their stealth. We split the drops 50-50.”

Fatty dropped his stealth, then held a red potion with his mouth and gradually walked towards the center of the cavern with Frostfang in hand and ready to attack.

Meanwhile, TheFugitive was diagonally behind him on the right. The two advanced carefully as they inched deeper into the cavern.

The dark cavern glimmered with phosphorescence, and the occasional sound of bones shattering made everything all the creepier.


Fatty stepped onto a bone. It was one that had existed for countless years, so just stepping on it turned it to dust.


The moment Fatty looked down, a blade appeared in front of him and shot towards his chest.


Fatty flipped Frostfang around and blocked off the Skeletal Assassin’s attack. However, the shock of the strike still made him stumble backwards, while his health bar dropped by a third.

The Skeletal Assassin immediately turned invisible once again when it saw that the attack did not connect as it wanted to.

TheFugitive observed carefully beside Fatty. Then he silently thrust Wasp Sting forward, damaging the Skeletal Assassin and launching it out of stealth.

“Lure it back,” Fatty drank another health potion, then began to attack the Skeletal Assassin with TheFugitive. As they slowly moved backwards, they gradually brought it near the entrance of the fifth floor.


A silver python appeared in the air and wrapped itself around the Skeletal Assassin’s tiny body, trapping it for 10 seconds.

10 seconds was enough for an expert of Fatty and TheFugitive’s level to dictate the results of the fight. The two of them threw everything at the Skeletal Assassin. Although the monster was high level, it wasn’t a boss, so it wasn’t powerful to the point that the two of them couldn’t kill together.

10 seconds later, the Skeletal Assassin wailed, then fell to the ground and dropped a large potion.

“Ha, haha, a nice start,” Fatty picked up the large red potion, while he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I’ll do it this time,” TheFugitive walked forward.

Fatty followed closely behind him. Then another assassin appeared with a flash of cold light.

“Everybody, pay attention. Avoid the small monsters. We’re going to the fifth floor as well,” Cloud Dragon Sailing was already in near melancholy due to Fatty. He already swore that he would kill Fatty countless times.

“Brother Cloud Dragon, the fifth floor is not a place where we can go,” Wind God’s World stopped Cloud Dragon Sailing.

“What? You don’t dare?” Cloud Dragon Sailing glanced at Wind God’s World, as if he was saying that they should go their separate ways.

“Brother Cloud Dragon, calm down,” Wind God’s World grabbed Cloud Dragon Sailing’s shoulder. “Look, the third floor’s monsters are already no pushover, and a few of our brothers died clearing a path out on the fourth floor. We can’t venture into the fifth floor.”

Liu Lan, East Gate BlowingWing, Xu Quan, and Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord led their subordinates behind the Cloud Dragon Gang. They looked at Cloud Dragon Sailing coldly without any intention of advising him. The more Cloud Dragon Gang members died, the happier they were. What’s more, if Wind God’s World didn’t have real-life cooperation with Cloud Dragon Sailing, he wouldn’t have bothered either.

Cloud Dragon Sailing turned around and swept his gaze across the other leaders.

“What? You feel happy about seeing my shameful display?” Cloud Dragon Sailing laughed coldly. “I will show you how absolute power crush those insects back down to level 0!”

“Cloud Dragon Sailing, what do I need to tell you to make you listen for a moment?” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord had his arms crossed in front of his chest and a smug look on his face. “He stole the boss monster, but the boss monster wasn’t even yours. Why are you so mad when we aren’t?”

“LittleOverlord, are you opposing the Cloud Dragon Gang!?” Cloud Dragon Sailing said sullenly.

“No, no. I don’t dare oppose the almighty Cloud Dragon Gang,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord mocked. “The Overlord League is lonely and weak, we wouldn’t dare to offend a large guild like the Cloud Dragon Gang. Please don’t take me seriously. Show us just how you’re going to kill the two back to Level 0.”

Cloud Dragon Sailing glared at Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord coldly, then spoke in chat. “Contact the Fierce Dragon Gang. Tell them that I’ve locked down their enemy, TheFugitive. Get them to quickly send some people over and that I’ll pay their teleportation fees.”

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