Chapter 267 The Desolate City

Chapter 267 – The Desolate City

Sky City had fallen off the grid, only Lucas’ map could reveal a scattering trail of hints on its location.

Fatty followed the clues and traveled further in. In front of him, big old trees blotted out the sky and monsters roamed about in teams, each one more dangerous than the last.

Two-headed cobras, mammoths over thirty-meter-tall, birds covered in dragon scales, flying centipedes with six wings and such.

In this area, there was virtually nothing under the Yao rank. Fatty soon got off his mount and traveled on foot, walking on eggshells as he Stealthed his way in.


Thunderous sounds echoed upfront. A green wolf with three tails was fighting against a pure white ape. As the two monsters cast all sorts of skills, a gigantic tree that would take several dozen people to encircle was hit and snapped.

Fatty was fortunate that he had the Crystal Maze of Terror. Using it to locate the monsters, he carefully avoided the battlefield of those terrifying creatures.

It had already been thousands of years when Sky City passed this place. There wasn’t a single trace to follow. However, as a Space expert, Lucas checked the spatial fluctuations and scraped up some clues.

According to Lucas’ conjecture, when Sky City wandered off, a phenomenon occurred there and allowed the city to break through space and arrive at another place.

“This is it.” Fatty quietly nodded as he looked at the scene before him.

This was a flatlands several thousand meters wide. While everything that surrounded it was a verdant green of aboriginal jungles, the flatlands was a deserted stretch without a single blade of grass. It housed countless white bones, all in small fragments and none were whole.

If one looked closely, they would see a dense net of emerging spatial rifts covering the grounds of the entire flatlands.

Some rifts were only finger-sized and several centimeters long, while some reached up to several meters in width and several tens of meters in length.

A spatial rift could rival the sharpest weapon. It was capable of crushing anything below Violet rank to bits.

Peng peng peng… A rabbit-like animal hopped like mad as if being chased by some predator, unable to mind the path in its panic. When it entered the flatlands, a rift instantly tore it into pieces.

Well, that explains all the white bones lying around.

The trail of clues on the map stopped here. Fatty was all on his own to figure Sky City’s location from this point on.

Fatty took out the Spatial Tray. Lucas never told him the details of this place before. If it weren’t for sheer luck that he acquired this Divine remnant by chance, there would be no way for him to break through this dense distribution of hungry rifts.

As Fatty poured his mana in the tray, it emitted a gentle white light and rose like a bright moon. Immediately, all the rifts around froze in place.

Fatty carefully walked around the rifts. Then, he looked for the biggest one and entered it.

Bzz! Right after Fatty got in, the frozen rifts once again fluctuated and crushed a random tree branch into wood shards.

Inside the rift, Fatty was instantly greeted with a boundless starry sky. Countless stars glittered, along with hundreds of thousands of massive aerolites floating about.

“Meteor Iron!” exclaimed Fatty.

What was called Meteor Iron Ore indeed originated from these aerolites that fell on the lands. If Fatty could transport all of these aerolites into his pocket, he would never lack the materials to refine Meteor Iron Ores. However, Fatty didn’t come here for this. His eyes rested on a big island in the center of the aerolites.

The island was as big as a main city and had all the things that one could think of: palaces and buildings, walls and bunkers, everything.

This was indeed what Fatty had searched long and hard for – Sky City.

Fatty carefully made his way over in Stealth. He hadn’t spotted a single trace of life in this gloomy place but dared not let down his guard.

In the end, he arrived without seeing any monsters. This place didn’t seem to be a suitable place for their existence anyway.

Standing at the feet of Sky City, Fatty looked up at this huge fortress with only one feeling in his heart.


Even though this was just a game, even if it was only a product of coding, Fatty’s face didn’t hide his worship for this sky fortress at all.

Pitch-black meteorites rotated around. The broken walls, the dry blood, the stark white bones, and the dead quiet space all indicated a vicissitude ages ago.

Steadying his mind a little, Fatty equipped the Zephyr Wings and slowly flew up, still in his Stealth state.

He landed on a random spot on the wall and started to walk around. Only now did he get to see a full view of Sky City.

While it was called “City”, Sky City was actually a huge floating island. Except for some parts of the outermost walls, the rest of the structures were in their original architectural style.

All his eyes could see was eternal desolation in the broken walls and debris. Everything was damaged. There was no ivy, and the rare towering trees here had all withered and fallen. As if nothing had survived after the God of Light massacred the city.

“What a sin he’d committed…” Fatty sighed as his rage for the God of Light burnt even more fiercely. An entire city was wiped out just for the selfish desire of one.

The fortress stood still and quiet as if it had always been this way. The wind screamed miserably as if telling the stories of that tragic day.

“If I ever get Sky City, I’ll definitely handle the God of Light to avenge the citizens here,” Fatty promised to himself.

He quickly strode forth. The walls were in ruins and didn’t cover the entire city. After all, most of the inhabitants had been monsters. There were very few humans.

The ground was all brownish-black after years of being dyed in blood. The more he walked, the more he could feel the furious screams of the undying vengeful ghosts here.

Creak! Fatty stepped on a dry bone. The sound seemed to alarm something as a white mass floated out from a collapsed room. The ball-sized mass slowly drifted towards Fatty.

Sssz! Fatty only felt his head went numb for a moment when suddenly his health dropped by a third.

“What kind of monster was that?” Terrified, Fatty hastily moved back.

Fortunately, the monster’s speed was contrary to its high attack. It only floated very slowly and couldn’t match Fatty’s retreating speed.

Bam! Fatty’s head took another attack. He was only safe after he moved back ten-something meters.

“Long-range mental attack.” Fatty understood. He summoned Wheat and Inky.

Wheat shot out Howling Bullets, while Inky flew up and began throwing Electric Bolts. Feeling assured with the two pets holding off the monster, Fatty flicked his hand a little and the God Slayer Crossbow appeared.

Whoosh! A bolt shot right through the white mass, and to his surprise, without dealing any damage.

“Complete immunity to physical attack!” Fatty sucked in a deep breath. This monster was impossible to deal with in close combat, while all long-range physical attacks were useless. Any normal rogue or archer could only retreat if facing such a monster.

Fatty tossed Appraisal. The white mass’ information was displayed before his eyes–

Vengeful Phantom
Level: 63
Attack: 115 – 130
Defense: 120
HP: 7500
Notes: Originally a citizen of Sky City. Killed as an innocent, enormous grief and hatred turned the soul into this Vengeful Phantom.

While the Vengeful Phantom dealt a lot of damage, it still lost and died under Wheat and Inky’s pincer attacks.

Boom! The phantom blew up into nothingness with a final tragic scream of fury.

Thud! Several items fell on the ground.

Most of them were so-so, only one was a little bit peculiar.

Soul Deterrent Orb
Gold item
Function: The wearer can block mental attacks to a certain degree.

“Heh.” Fatty softly chuckled. The thing I wished for just comes right to me. This thing will make traveling inside Sky City much more convenient. After all, mental attacks are very hard to defend against, since they are invisible and intangible.

Fatty equipped the orb and instantly felt his mind refreshed. The orb actually had this kind of effect as a bonus.

This area seemed to be the residence of humans, having not only protective walls but also a series of damaged rooms. As Fatty walked by, Vengeful Phantoms would randomly float out to be killed, giving him quite a considerable amount of items.

However, Fatty’s goal was the center of Sky City, a huge but tattered mountain. That place must have been the home of the Holy Unicorns, the original location of the Holy Spirit Island.

There, he could retrieve the Holy Unicorn eggs that the Holy Unicorn Chief left behind. Only after he successfully hatched it would Fatty be able to confirm whether this was the real Sky City.

The sound of weeping blew by his ears. For such a huge city absent of all sounds of life, even someone with a big gut like Fatty felt a chill run down his spine.

The occasional emergence of monsters soothed his heart. However, each one was stronger than the last. Fatty started to feel the strain.

“Luckily the unicorns were all snatched away by the God of Light to be his guards, otherwise, who can seize Sky City with them here?” Fatty commented.


While Fatty was striving for Sky City, two successive notifications shook the entire game.

System Notification: Congratulations to player SaintPetertheGreat for successfully defending Storm City, gaining the citizens’ support for driving away the monsters outside the city and rescuing the people inside. As a reward, Storm City is now the personal property of SaintPetertheGreat, who is titled Storm City Lord. Also, for becoming the first city lord player in the game, SaintPetertheGreat is rewarded with 3 levels.

System Notification: Congratulations to player SaintPetertheGreat for being the first to reach level 50. The borders are now open. National War has been officially unlocked.

Boom! Every player was struck excited by this news. Finally, the National War is here!

“What a pity, the first person to reach level 50 isn’t from our country.” Wind God’s World glanced at Purple Bell. She was currently level 49 at 80% experience bar, just a bit more to level 50.

“Brothers, get yourselves ready for the National War. Don’t go around and PK wildly. Go farm for the border passes!” a guild master quickly gave orders. Everything had to give way for the National War.

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