Chapter 265 Human-Type Monster

Chapter 265 – Human-Type Monster

This was the first time Fatty saw this type of weapon.

As Luo Kun’s order dropped, a glittering light streaked out in a perfectly straight line and exploded on the firebird’s massive body.


A wretched scream echoed throughout the skies. On the Mutated Fire Kite, a two-meter bloody hole appeared. Through the hole, one could see the clear sky on the other side.

In just one shot.

Fatty gasped at the might of the cannon. No wonder Luo Kun, as the only high-ranking general, was assigned to guard this remote and monster-filled place.

The bird hissed and cried in agony as it wallowed in the air. Some parts where it was hit had turned into burnt meat and the blood gushing out from the wound look like a stream of fire.


The Mutated Fire Kite quickly shrank its body to around ten meters in length. Accordingly, the bloody hole shrank to the size of a coin and no longer bled.

Glaring down with bloodshot eyes, the bird once again let out a long screech. Its entire body seemed to condense into a flame as it dove.

Following closely behind the fire kite were groups of numerous avian monsters. Outside, all kinds of monsters began to disregard their lives and attack.

“Seeking death!” Luo Kun snorted and loaded another ten magic stones.

As faint sparks again drifted along the cannon, the firebird’s eyes reveal a trace of fear. With its intelligence, the bird clearly understood the cannon’s power. If it took on another shot, dying with a whole body would be the luckiest result.


The Mutated Fire Kite instantly flew up high and kept spiraling so that the cannon couldn’t lock on it. At the same time, it ordered the avian monsters to attack with all their might to divert the NPCs’ attention.

“That was some power.” Fatty finally regained the wits he lost from the first shot.

One shot could heavily injure a peak high-rank Yao boss; this was a whole new level from the Plenilune Ballista. If Fatty carried something like that on him, there was no place in this world that he couldn’t go.

“Carry one on you?” Fatty seemed to have voiced his imagination out loud, because Luo Kun’s eyes were practically popping out of their sockets and his face was twitching, maybe from amusement.

“You really dare to dream wild. Not to say that this thing is extremely rare, even if someone gives you one, you won’t be able to carry it on you anyway.” The other officers laughed loudly.

With the Magic Crystal Cannon that could pose a threat to the Mutated Fire Kite, the NPCs all relaxed and started chatting.

The avian monsters diving down would naturally be handled by the NPC soldiers. Normal players had to take the long way when they came across these monsters, but with an established army, a group of ten thousand archers could wipe them out in a few volleys of arrows.

The Mutated Fire Kite kept circling around in the air, knowing that it had completely failed this time when the Magic Crystal Cannon had the energy to operate. However, the bird still hadn’t given up, it wanted to see what was trying to steal its treasure.

“What went down there?” Fatty was curious as well. A monster who could reap benefits right under Luo Kun’s and the Mutated Fire Kite’s eyes was definitely extraordinary.

“No idea.” Luo Kun was quite upset about it. “I was too preoccupied with the firebird that I didn’t notice there was another formidable fellow around.”

According to Luo Kun’s speculation, the fellow was a fire monster not any weaker than the Mutated Fire Kite.

“What if it destroys the town?” Fatty voiced his concern.

“We couldn’t do anything about it.” Luo Kun shrugged helplessly. “Aside from me, there was no one here who could hold back the fire kite at that moment. If I had gone down to deal with the other fellow, the fire kite would have destroyed the town.”

Now that the Magic Crystal Cannon was here, they could stop the Mutated Fire Kite without Luo Kun, and the general had his hands free to deal with that new monster.

The firebird didn’t want to leave so it continued to roam around above the town. Another officer took charge of the cannon, and the two sides were stuck in another deadlock. As for the monster mobs, without the firebird’s threat, they couldn’t stop the NPC army from annihilating them.


Luo Kun was about to journey down when the townlet suddenly shook. In an area, the earth ruptured and black smoke billowed out from the cracks.


The firebird suddenly shrieked loudly upon this upheaval. Its wings stopped flapping as the beast let itself fall straight down. It was actually disregarding the cannon’s threat to take back the object that could help with its advancement.

“General?” The NPC officers were terrified. They feared that the townlet would be destroyed.

“No worries.” Luo Kun waved his arm as he stared fixedly at the cracks.

With a string of “crr crr” sounds, the cracks grew wider and wider, billowing dense smoke streamed out from underground along with flaring fire, where boiling heatwaves swept out.

Zoom! A fiery red crystal flew up into the sky.

The crystal was rectangular at one meter long and half a meter in both width and height.

Seeing this fiery red crystal, the Mutated Fire Bird’s eyes flashed with joy. It raced forth and reached out its claws.

“You wanna die?!” An angry voice rang out from underground. Then, a figure enveloped in flame shot out and punched the bird.


The firebird used one claw to block. As the claw and fist collided, a ring of flame burst out like fireworks filling up the sky.

“Raise the defensive barrier,” Luo Kun ordered after some thought.

“General, why don’t we shoot down one of them first with the cannon?” an officer suggested.

“The Magic Crystal Cannon is not unlimited. Are you sure you can be accurate with every shot?” Luo Kun asked back.

The officer said no more.

The white barrier slowly rose up. The monsters outside were also retreating per the Mutated Fire Kite’s order. At the moment, the situation no longer had anything to do with the NPCs as this was a fight between two monsters.

“Human-type monster? Luckily it’s not attacking us,” Luo Kun stated.

Humanoids were much more competitive than the normal ones. If this flaming figure also joined the Mutated Fire Kite to attack the town, Luo Kun and the NPCs simply wouldn’t be able to stop them.

The fiery red crystal drew an arc in the air and landed not far outside the town. Meanwhile, the two monsters still clashed savagely, neither giving way to the other.

A slew of fire skills were flung one after another as if two magic masters were displaying magic spells in a magic class.

The Mutated Fire Kite was already inferior in strength even at its peak. Now that it was heavily injured by the cannon, it was even less of a match for the enemy and was repeatedly forced back.


A miserable shriek echoed. The firebird spat out a ball-sized object with color like that of a red rose. The object shot straight towards the humanoid.

“Inner core! The fire kite is betting its life on this!” Luo Kun exclaimed. As for Fatty, he watched the fight without blinking.

The bird’s inner core rotated at an incredible velocity. Covered in dense magical runes and patches of flaring fire, it streaked like a falling star at the flaming humanoid.

Whoosh! A long spear appeared in the humanoid’s hand. The monster threw it forward, not a trace of fear could be seen even though its opponent was risking its life for this fight.


When the spear struck the core, it exploded into flickering fire sparks and dispersed.

Seeing its spear burst, the humanoid remained expressionless. Its hand waved, and another spear materialized, which was then hurled at the core again.

After seven spears had been thrown, the firebird’s inner core lost a great deal of energy, but it still managed to approach the humanoid.

“Fire Guard!”

The red figure shouted loudly. Without any measure to dodge, it deployed a defensive fire skill.

Layer upon layer of fire blazed up at its feet, forming a fire lotus over three meters in diameter. The monster stood at the center of the lotus as it welcomed the inner core.


A thunderous explosion quaked the entire town as the core rammed head-on at the fire lotus. The layers of petals burst, and the lotus itself swayed on the verge of collapse.


The fire lotus finally crumbled. At this moment, the humanoid also spat out a small inner core.


The two cores met. While the Mutated Fire Kite’s core was bigger, it obviously contained less power than the humanoid’s core. Upon collision, the big core was continuously forced back, the magical runes on it slightly splintered.


The firebird let out a tragic scream. Its core was thoroughly defeated, emitting cracking sounds. The flames on the core fizzled out, and the magical runes disintegrated as it was deflected to where it came from. The Mutated Fire Kite swallowed back the core, its body shuddering nonstop and was knocked back several dozen meters by the core’s momentum.

“Scram!” The humanoid shouted. It ignored the kite and raced towards the fiery red crystal.

“Barrier down,” Luo Kun coldly ordered.

“General?” an officer was confused.

“Humph! The thing that our Iron Chain Town guards isn’t so easy to take away.”

The white barrier slowly disappeared. The Magic Crystal Cannon once again shone beautifully as it aimed at the humanoid.

After forcing away the firebird, the humanoid approached the crystal and was about to pick it up, when it suddenly sensed danger from behind.

“Magic Crystal Cannon!” The monster shrilly shrieked. Forgetting about the crystal, its entire body transformed into a flame and flew off, high and low, left and right, rendering the cannon unable to pin it down.

“Damn it!” Luo Kun jumped off the wall. Raising his long saber, he hacked at the flame.

“This thing is useless to you. Why are you hindering me?” The monster didn’t recklessly fight back and kept flying around in zig-zags, afraid to be targeted by the cannon.

“Useless or not, it still belongs to our Iron Chain Town. You want to take it away? Then you’ll have to ask if we’ll agree!” Luo Kun’s blade fell with a battle cry, forcing the humanoid further away from the crystal.

“I don’t want to fight you guys, don’t force me!” the humanoid angrily said.

“Heh, then I’ll just force you and see.” Luo Kun strode forth, wanting to retrieve the crystal.

After being driven back by the humanoid, the Mutated Fire Kite only remained where it was and weakly flapped its wings instead of joining the scramble for the crystal; it was unknown whether it was too heavily injured or had just simply given up.

“Thunderfire Power Bomb, explode!” Seeing Luo Kun near the crystal, the humanoid couldn’t stand still and threw a bunch of Thunderfire Power Bombs.

“Thunderfire Power Bomb? Could it be West?” Fatty’s jaw nearly dropped.

“No, this is not him. He shouldn’t be this strong… probably.” Fatty quickly shook his head. While West was powerful, he wasn't that powerful to fight an expert at the peak of the 8th class enhancement.

A string of ten Thunderfire Power Bombs exploded with a resounding force that shook the heavens and earth, even the town walls quaked violently. Luo Kun hastily retreated to avoid this terrifying force.

Zoom! The second the bombs exploded, the Mutated Fire Kite suddenly made its move. It endured the blast to pounce towards the fiery red crystal.

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