Chapter 260 The Border Townlet

Chapter 260 – The Border Townlet

At the west end of the Imperial Capital, farther and farther away from the authority of Xuanhuang Ancient Country, was a vast range of mountains.

Riding a Dark Unicorn, Fatty quickly flew past above the treeline.

Before he set off, Fatty endured the pain and turned the Crystal Yao Scorpion back into a pet egg, then put Wheat back into the pet inventory, and hatched a Dark Unicorn mount egg.

In actuality, with the Brutal Saddle, the Dark Unicorn pet egg was the most suitable to be hatched as it could fly and had a powerful attack. Unfortunately, Fatty didn’t have time to level it, nor was it convenient for him to switch around the pets, so he could only choose the mount egg.

At the Smithy, Blacksmith Master Karl told Fatty about the origins of the materials. Amongst them, the Fire Paulownia Wood and Phantom Grass were from Sky City.

In addition, it was said that Sky City used to be the territory of the Holy Mega Dragon clan. Only after the Holy Mega Dragons moved away did the Holy Unicorn claim the place. Of course, Karl stressed that this was only a rumor. However, judging from the excitement on his face, this rumor must have some truth to it.

If Sky City used to be the home of Holy Mega Dragons, there was a high chance that one or two skeletons still remained there. So, Karl urged Fatty to set out right away and quickly bring back a skeleton.

After getting well prepared, Fatty informed his friends and set out. The vastness of the maps in the game was unimaginable. Traveling alone took Fatty half a month.

One could imagine the feeling when they only wanted to play a game but had to spend half a month on the road. Fatty grew so dulled that he nearly crashed into some monster and almost died back to the city.

Ignoring the fact that he might have been killed on the way then have to spend another half a month to run there, replenishing the supplies alone was troublesome enough.

While Fatty cleared out all of the unneeded items to make space for the medicines, he found that he still could run out since he expected that he would have to stay around there for a long time.

“This is it.” Fatty stopped the Dark Unicorn and took out a tattered yellow map.

The map was the one that Space Grand Magus Lucas gave him. A clue of Sky City’s location was written in there. The map wasn’t detailed, but it was enough to narrow the search perimeters.

“Here.” Fatty set his eyes on a small spot on the map. This place, the only place with a distinct mark, was located at the borderline of Xuanhuang Ancient Country.

Whoosh! The Dark Unicorn spread its wings and flew off under Fatty’s control.

At the border, ancient trees blotted the sky and exotic flowers grew all over the place, savage beasts roamed and fought each other, painting a beautiful, and at the same time, sanguinary picture.

From ten days ago, none of the monsters Fatty had come across were under level 60, and any small boss here was Yao-tier. Hadn’t it been for the Dark Unicorn’s ability to fly, it would be lucky if Fatty could travel a third of the distance in half a month.

He stopped at a narrow, winding road in a forest that led to a place unknown. From the map, this road was the right way. Fatty followed it down.

Whoosh! A black mass of Devilface Crows flew into the sky and scared Fatty. He hurriedly made the Dark Unicorn land and hid in the forest. Only after the crows all flew away did he dare to continue forth.

The Devilface Crow was a terrifying avian monster around level 60, not exceeding 70, and their boss was only a mid-rank Yao. However, even high-rank Yao monsters had to walk around these crows, because they loved to fight in a group, and also loved to attack the same target. No matter how high-ranked a monster was, if it couldn’t insta-kill a pack of Devilface Crows all at once, then it was fated to be ganged up on and beaten to death. When several thousand or even tens of thousands attacks were unleashed, except for Celestial bosses, even normal Yao bosses would be hard-pressed to survive after a few rounds.

As he walked, Fatty felt that something was off. Aside from the Devilface Crows, he had come across five herds of monsters, all rushing towards the same direction in just a short time.

“Could it be that a treasure is emerging? If I can get a Celestial or Divine artifact, my trip here wouldn’t be a waste.” Fatty contemplated.

The farther he walked, the more monsters he saw. There was even a massive python, over three hundred meters long with two horns on its head and four meat packs on its stomach, that could soon evolve into a dragon.

The kind of dragon it was going to evolve into wasn’t the western type, but the eastern type dragon of at least Celestial tier. One of those could beat up a bunch of normal dragons.

Fatty furrowed his brow. All monsters flocking to the same place meant there was definitely something ahead, which made him feel very conflicted.

Should I go and see?

“Of course! The higher the risk, the better the gain!” Fatty clenched his teeth. He dismounted and pocketed the Dark Unicorn, then vanished in Stealth.

Down along the road, the distribution of monsters gradually grew denser. He estimated that there were several tens of thousands.

“Several tens of thousand level 60 and above monsters, including several high-rank yaos.” Fatty shuddered and hurriedly stopped himself from thinking any more about this.

“Just what has happened that stops the monsters from attacking each other?” Fatty found it strange.

Of the monsters in front of him, many were natural enemies of another who either never met for a lifetime or it would be a fight to the death. However, at the moment, they were peacefully moving forward together in excitement.





All sorts of roars resounded. Suddenly, the monsters stopped.

Here we are. Fatty thought in his heart.

“Front line, remain steady, don’t let a single monster in. Some of you, follow me out and kill those high-rank yaos.”

A voice reached Fatty’s ears before he could make his way forward and his heart jumped. There are actually players in here?

Fatty climbed up a tree and finally saw the monsters’ target: a town.

In fact, it was smaller than a town but bigger than a village. The townlet was surrounded by four walls roughly forty meters high and ten meters thick. A large number of soldiers stood on the walls. A person wearing general-ranked attire was commanding in a booming voice.

“So they’re NPCs. There’s actually a small town here, it’ll make it much more convenient to replenish my supplies.” Fatty instantly ascertained the importance of this townlet.

Whoosh… Just as Fatty pondered for a way to sneak into the townlet, the general and four guards jumped off the wall and charged directly at the high-rank Yao bosses in the monster army.

“So strong?” Fatty was appalled.

Puff puff… As smoothly as chopping melons and slicing vegetables, the general brandished his long saber and paved a bloody path through the monsters, arriving before the massive python that was about to evolve.

“Kill!” The general roared.

“Kill!” The four guards behind him cried out.

Hooo! An aura visible to the naked eye emanated from the five. Instantly, the lower-ranked monsters scurried several dozen meters away.

“Hiss…” The python knew that its opponents were difficult to deal with. It wasn’t in a hurry to fight right away but coiled up, then spat out a pink fog.

“Kill!” The NPCs remained still and shouted in unison. The aura around them whirled at the pink fog. Upon collision, the pink fog scattered and drifted around them.

Thud, thud,… Wherever the pink billows drifted by, group after group of monsters fell on the ground, turning into a mass of pus and blood.

“One Saber Terrorizes the World!” The general shouted. a metal light spiked up from the ground until it was three hundred meters in length. The light was blinding like a needle that stung the eye, rendering one unable to look straight at it.

“Ahh!” Fatty screamed and hastily covered his eyes. Too late, two streaks of blood streamed down from his eyes.

A glance at the saber light was enough to get him injured and his health to drop by one-eighth. Fatty’s vision turned into a blank white slate as he couldn’t see anything.

Puff puff puff! A series of loud sounds echoed. When Fatty regained his sight, he was shocked by what he saw.

Where the saber light swept past was a chaotic ruin. The massive python was cut into several parts that were still wiggling on the ground, while its inner core was taken away by a guard. The NPCs were heading towards another high-rank Yao boss.

“Th-th-this is even stronger than Libya!” Fatty stuttered in shock.

Of all the NPCs Fatty knew of, except for those perverse existences like Lin Xi and Lei Ao, Dragon Rider Libya was the strongest. However, he didn’t have the power to kill a high-rank Yao boss in one strike.

The next target of this general was a leopard with a pair of wings on its back and golden ring patterns on its fur. It was surrounded within a pack of leopards, obviously a high-rank Yao boss.

Whoosh! When the general approached, the leopard boss actually spread its wings and fled without even putting up a fight.

“Where are you running to?!” A guard behind the general took one step forth with his left leg, his right leg slightly bent. He took off the pitch-back bow at his back, nocking the arrow and drew the bowstring. The arrow shot straight at the aerial leopard boss.

Pff! Before the boss could react, the arrow drew a beautiful crescent arc and pierced its stomach.

Blood splattered. The high-rank Yao boss fell from the sky and was beheaded by another guard.

“Hss…” Fatty felt his blood run cold. Excluding the general, any of these four guards alone was as strong as Libya, they were obviously at their 8th class enhancement.

If so, this general must be of the 9th class enhancement.

Fatty’s heart violently thumped. What kind of place is this? A mere border townlet, yet any NPC from it possesses such terrifying strength.

Due to the five’s frightening raid, the high-rank Yao bosses retreated one after another. The NPCs didn’t bother to spare the mid-rank and low-rank yaos a glance. They directly paved a bloody path back to the town wall.

“Formidable, formidable!” Fatty’s mind was riled up by the sight. He hated that he couldn’t follow them to massacre those Yao monsters and take their inner cores.

Whoosh whoosh! Seeing as the high-rank Yao bosses were slain, the mid-rank and low-rank wanted to take their underlings and flee.


A long screech echoed from the distance. The monsters on the ground instantly quietened down. The mid and low-rank Yao bosses instantly turned around and urged their underlings to charge at the townlet.

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