Chapter 259 Karl Issues a Wanted Notice

Chapter 259 – Karl Issues a Wanted Notice

“Firstly, I have a question. The first Celestial item of the system, Demon Slayer Sword, was sold for only 500,000 gold coins. These humble Celestial items of mine aren’t bad, but they can’t be worth this much, can they? Several tens of million gold coins can buy a Divine item.” Fatty cut to the chase.

“Heh.” Everyone chuckled.

“There’s something brother Grubber doesn’t know. The Demon Slayer Sword is a defective product. It was already damaged when Lei Ting set out to stop the Ghost King’s army. While it’s branded as a Celestial item, its stats are only a little better than that of a Violet,” one of them explained to Fatty.

“I see.” Fatty nodded.

Back on the Holy Spirit Island, Fatty killed a Demigod Dark Unicorn Chief and four Celestial guards, gaining six Celestial items in total. Of those, the chief dropped the high-rank Celestial item Shield of Pride and the low-rank Celestial equipment Remiges Boots. The four guards dropped four low-rank Celestial items: a sword, a piece of armor, a bow, and a magic staff.

In fact, the item everyone vied for the most fiercely was the high-rank Celestial Shield of Pride at the current bid of 45 million gold coins. Whether it was the stats or the level requirement being 65, until now, this shield was the best item under the Divine tier.

“Brother Grubber, you’re truly impressive.” Invincible East actually followed Fatty here. The guy looked at the Celestial items, his heart filled with envy.

It cost him and Cloud Dragon Sailing over one thousand lives of their guild members just for two swords that weren’t even Celestial-tier, while someone else got six Celestial items all by himself. The disparity between different fates was truly absurd.

“It’s only luck.” Fatty didn’t bicker since the guy was a guest. Not to mention, he just earned Fatty two million gold coins.

“Brother Grubber, how about you give this shield a definite price. If it’s reasonable, I’ll buy it right here and now,” said a player. This person was also a guild master, but Fatty wasn’t familiar with him since they never had anything to do with each other before this.

“What confidence you have! You’ll buy it right here and now? This many people dilly-dallied here for two days just to watch you buy the shield?” A genderless voice rang out.

“Oh? If so, we can keep bidding. Whoever pays the higher price gets it.” The first person didn’t bat an eyelid.

“Everyone is a person of status. There’s no need to be like this.” Fatty pretended to be serious even though his heart had already overflowed with joy.

“It’s an auction, so may the highest bid win. Let’s not ruin the relationship among ourselves,” said East Gate Blowingwind.

“Humph!” Everyone rolled their eyes at East Gate Blowingwind, knowing full well what a sham he was.

“Auctioning is fine. But Brother Grubber set the price as unlimited and the period to 3 months. So it means we have to waste three months here?” A player leisurely asked.

“Are you guys sure you will be able to equip this shield within three months?” Fatty asked.

The store lapsed into silence. While the level 40s didn’t look very far from 65, the reality of the situation was that they still needed around half a year to get there. That was, of course, assuming they didn’t die even once during grinding or missions.

“It’s still too soon,” Fatty implied.

In the entire game, no one knew the exact number of Divine items, but undoubtedly, there weren’t too many of them. Moreover, the majority already had an owner. Unless one had the luck that could go against the heavens, acquiring a Divine item would only be a dream. As for Celestial items, while they were also rare, they weren’t that impossible to get.

A high-rank Celestial item was only one small tier behind Divine items, so it couldn’t be helped that many had come here to partake in the auction.

“Before, I owed the guilds five million gold coins worth of ores for the Plenilune Ballista. Now, a Celestial item more than makes up for it. It’s really worth the risk.” Fatty nodded to himself.

Everyone knew that Celestial items were rare, but they never could expect that he already had a Celestial item equipped.

Seeing as Fatty refused to budge, the players knew there was no benefit to gain, so they all left.

After sending them off, Fatty sorted out the drops he gained in the East Ocean. The first was the thirty-something inner cores.

Most of them were water, but a few were water-earth or water-wood double elemental inner cores. Therefore, Fatty now had enough water cores for the Elemental Set and Sword. He only needed to find inner cores of the other four elements.

As the saying went, ‘keep clear accounts even with your own brother.’ Many matters needed to be addressed, or else conflicts might arise in the future without their notice. The Crystal Maze of Terror was given to Fatty from Wu Junxiao, so it counted as his personal property, which everyone agreed upon. After that, Fatty converted all the equipment and inner cores to their gold coin worth and split evenly with the other four.

Everyone understood, so they didn’t refuse and all accepted the money.

After this trip, while everyone died once, each was satisfied to earn roughly a million gold coins.

Still, Han Shen kept mumbling about how his Celestial item was gone and wanted Fatty to compensate him another one, even that shield would do. After Fatty kicked him out of the shop, the guy vanished to places unknown.

“A rogue wanting to hold a shield? You sure it won’t press you to death?” Even Xiao Jian couldn't help but mock Han Shen.

The guys parted ways to go grind; Liu Lan returned to her guild to prepare for the city construction. Fatty was left all alone.

Thinking for a bit, Fatty bit his lip as he took the Celestial bow and armor off the shelf. Then, he went to the city lord manor.

“Hmm? Capture him!” Just as Fatty arrived at the entrance, Drucker instantly had the soldiers seize him and tied him up with a rope.

“What the heck?! General Drucker, it’s me, Money Grubber!” Fatty struggled.

“I know you’re Money Grubber. It’s exactly you that I want to capture. Come with me.” Drucker brought Fatty to Lin Xi.

“Let him go, let him go.” Lin Xi waved his arms.

“Humph!” When Fatty was untied, he shot Drucker a glare.

“Little guy, how did you offend Karl? He sent me a letter saying he wanted us to put up a wanted notice for you. If it weren’t for the fact that you and I are acquainted, Black Tortoise City already would be full of your wanted posters,” said Lin Xi before Fatty could ask anything.

“Karl? Which Karl?” Fatty was confused.

“Blacksmith Master Karl of the Imperial Capital,” Lin Xi reminded out of goodwill.

“Ahhh, that blacksmith!” Fatty finally remembered. He took the man’s God Slayer Crossbow with the promise to give him the Dark Unicorn Chief Horn in exchange. However, after the tournament, Fatty was too caught up in setting up the Teleportation Portal that he forgot.

“You really forgot or you just chose to forget?” Lin Xi looked at Fatty dubiously.

“Of course I really forgot! Lord Fatty, no, this humble little me possesses the best moral character in the entire Black Tortoise, no, in the entire Xuanhuang Ancient Country!” Fatty beat his chest.

“Save those words for Karl.” Lin Xi rolled his eyes. “Tell me, what did you come here for?”

Fatty took out the two Celestial items and let Lin Xi judge them.

“Hm? Not bad. You've actually gathered two Celestial items so quickly.” Lin Xi revealed an unusual expression. Then, the city lord swung his arm and said generously, “Alright. Since the value of Celestial items is immeasurable, you don’t have to worry about the other materials anymore.”

Fatty’s heart was full of scorn, but he didn’t dare to let it show.

“My lord, these two Celestial items are indeed valuable. They can sell for several tens of million gold coins.” Fatty couldn’t help but say something.

“Rest assured, the equipment I’ll give you will definitely be superior.” Lin Xi was speechless.

Only then did Fatty hand over the two Celestial items reluctantly.

“Go see Karl. He’s really pissed,” Lin Xi reminded.

“What’s with him… It’s just a crossbow alright. Why so petty…” Fatty mumbled.

Fatty teleported from Black Tortoise City to his Holy Spirit Island, then tore a Recall Scroll to fly back to the Imperial Capital.

“Little brat, you still dare come?” Karl grabbed Fatty’s collar and said between gritted teeth the instant he saw Fatty.

“Why wouldn’t I dare to? It’s not like I’ve done anything bad,” said Fatty leisurely as he swatted away Karl’s hands.

“You tricked me out of my crossbow!” Karl’s glare was intense.

“Who said that? Aren’t I here to deliver the horn to you?” Fatty flipped his hand, and the Dark Unicorn Chief Horn appeared in his palm.

“Gimme!” Karl practically snatched the horn from Fatty’s hand and just forgot about him.

After a series of clinks and clanks, Karl placed the horn in a tester magic formation.

“Amazing. That’s the power of a Demigod!” Karl caressed the horn with an expression as if a young man was caressing his beloved girlfriend.

“Ughhhh.” Fatty made a vomiting sound.

“Cough…” Karl finally remembered there was still someone else here.

“Lad, since you brought the horn, the crossbow is yours. I won’t make it hard on you and will tell Lin Xi to revoke the wanted notice.” Karl sounded even more generous than Lin Xi.

Fatty rolled his eyes, completely speechless with these NPCs.

“Is there anything else? If not, Lord Fatty is going.”

“Erm, about that… Which of the materials needed to restore the God Destroyer Crossbow have you gathered?

“None.” Fatty shrugged.

“How can that be?! You haven’t collected a single one after such a long time?” Karl was shocked.

“Damn it! Take another look at the stuff you require! A hundred Meteor Iron Ores? That amount can empty several guild’s stocks. You want me to go rob all the guilds in Xuanhuang Country or something? Ten Mega Dragon tendons? You think Mega Dragons are pigs or something that you can raise ten of them at once?! Also, that Fire Paulownia, what the heck is that…”

Fatty rattled on and on, his resentment clearly even deeper than Karl’s.

“Well… Those materials are indeed rare. But, the God Destroyer Crossbow is the legendary ballista that can shoot down Gods. It’s not so strange that it requires such materials, right?” Karl actually felt a pang of guilt.

“Strange or not, what does it have to do with me? I only know that those materials are extremely hard to get. Even if I have the ability to craft Divine items one day, I’m afraid I still won’t be able to gather all of those materials in my lifetime.” Fatty didn’t give Karl a good expression.

“Actually… they’re not that hard to get. I-I know a location that has some…” Karl stammered.

“Hmm? You know? Why didn’t you tell me?” Fatty shot him a doubtful stare.

“That place has disappeared for thousands of years. It’s not easy to find.” Karl didn’t dare to look Fatty in the eye.

“What place?”

“Sky City.”

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