Chapter 257 The Might of the Terror Maze

Chapter 257 – The Might of the Terror Maze

The blue sword lights gushed up from underground, the violet ones descended from the sky. They blotted out the entire area of several hundred meters in radius with a majestic air. Fatty’s group had no place to hide in the middle of this.

“No wonder they challenged us five with only two people. They have the ability to.” Fatty understood.

“Ahh!” Cheng Xiong fell sharply from the sky with a scream. He was nearly smashed dead by a violet sword light.

However, as soon as he landed, Cheng Xiong instantly sprang up as there were blue sword lights everywhere, each could wipe out more than half of his health.

“Die! All of you can die! Hahahaha!” Cloud Dragon Sailing laughed loudly. As his mana poured like mad into the Blue Streak Sword, more sword lights spurted up from the ground.

Fatty could escape with Earthwalk, but the other four didn’t have this ability. They were forced to evade the swords in a sorry state.

“Swordedge Storm!” Xiao Jian suddenly shouted. A storm of blades emerged and spun around his sword. Then, the golden sword storm spun up into the sky. With a series of metallic clinks, the storm forcefully punctured clear an empty area of ten-meter-diameter before the sword lights suppressed it.

“Absolute Space!” Cheng Xiong and Liu Lan went to stand by Xiao Jian’s side. Cheng Xiong waved his staff and a white transparent halo enveloped them. “Hurry and think of something. I can only last ten seconds.”

As for Han Shen, he turned into a series of shadows and forced a way out from the sword lights.

Boom! Seeing as the three were okay, Fatty Earthwalked out of the sword-blotting area, then took out the Plenilune Ballista and aimed at Invincible East.

Invincible East paled in fright. He stopped unleashing the sword lights and hastily jumped aside.

He knew clearly how powerful the ballista was, and he wasn’t sure if his sword lights could stop its bolt. As Invincible East was interrupted, the violet sword lights no longer attacked and the violet clouds slowly dispersed.

“Since we’ve witnessed your new weapons, you can help me with some comments on my new weapon as well. Crystal Maze of Terror, go!”

Along with Fatty’s words, a huge crystal city appeared in a rumble.

This Crystal Maze was different from the original version under the sea. Its area was much smaller at roughly one hundred meters in perimeter. Under the sun, all kinds of colorful crystals reflected a beautiful radiance.

Fatty appeared at the maze’s heart, while the others were kept out.

“Woah, so beautiful!” Liu Lan’s eyes twinkled.

“Let’s go in!” Xiao Jian quickly pulled the rest into the maze.

In the center of the maze stood a huge round mirror. Everyone trapped inside was displayed in this mirror. Fatty's lips curled into an evil smile.

Ever since the X-Ray Mirror and the Crystal Maze merged, the X-Ray skill could see through everything within the maze. Moreover, it was capable of seeing both the entire maze or zooming in at a selected area.

The crystal maze itself changed a lot after being refined. Especially that it even allowed Fatty to control the things inside.

For instance, changing a path so that it’d lead to a monster lair, or creating accidents so that the opponents would kill their own friends.

However, releasing the maze alone was already very taxing to Fatty. If he wanted to control it, he needed a large amount of mana. Therefore, Fatty had brought a lot of blue medicines on him.

“Big Bro, they entered it,” a player reported to Invincible East.

“How pretty!” A female player was enchanted.

“What’s this?” Invincible East was shocked by the maze for a little before he quickly regained his wits.

“No idea, but this thing is not inferior to our swords,” said Cloud Dragon Sailing with an ugly expression on his face.

“Crystal Maze of Terror? A maze?” Invincible East mumbled.

“Whatever it is, if he takes it out, we’ll destroy it!” Cloud Dragon Sailing spat between gritted teeth.

Invincible East and Cloud Dragon Sailing led their subordinates into the maze through the same entrance that Xiao Jian used.

With Fatty’s guidance, Xiao Jian and company arrived at the maze center without pause. This place was where the Water God Palace used to be located. Since the palace flew away, it was currently empty.

“Look! They’ve entered.” The party stood around Fatty and looked at the mirror.

The Sun Moon Cult and the Cloud Dragon Gang split into two teams led by their respective guild masters. Slowly, they walked along the tunnels.

In fact, the Maze of Terror wasn’t complete and could only delay the opponents for a while. It would become the true Maze of Terror only if Fatty set up traps and mechanisms in there.

However, that required one to be a Grandmaster of Trap and Fatty was still far from it.

The Sun Moon Cult and the Cloud Dragon Gang didn’t walk long before they spread out to search. Fatty’s group wasn’t many, and the opponents only wanted to find their traces.

A tunnel quietly closed, while another opened. At the end of it was a monster lair with a mid-rank Yao boss.

“Only a small boss.” Cloud Dragon Sailing pouted in contempt. If it was before, he would analyze the monster and plan a strategy before fighting this monster. Now, however, he had the Blue Streak Sword.

Blue sword lights shot out from the Blue Streak. Not waiting for his subordinates to catch up, Cloud Dragon Sailing charged in and wildly massacred.

“This dude is too arrogant!” Nearly killed earlier, Cheng Xiong was genuinely upset.

“Arrogant?” Fatty stroke his chin. He tossed a blue pill in his mouth and stretched his hand toward a place.

Whoosh! A tunnel cracked. A herd of monsters gushed out and overwhelmed the Cloud Dragon Gang players behind.

“Aren’t you just delivering experience points to them?” Han Shen yelped.

“The monsters in here don’t drop stuff or give experience when they die,” Fatty explained with a smile.

“What happens after the monsters all die? Do they respawn?” Liu Lan asked.

“Nope. We have to capture the monsters outside if we want to supplement.”

Cloud Dragon Sailing was ecstatic as he killed in a frenzy. However, when he cleared out the monsters, he discovered that there wasn’t a single point of exp, nor even a single medicine pot was dropped.

The suddenly emerging monsters killed over ten Cloud Dragon members, but Cloud Dragon Sail was pleased that only that many died against so many monsters at once. However, he was extremely irritated that there was nothing to gain at all.

Compared to the Cloud Dragon Gang, the Sun Moon Cult had it much easier. However, they roamed from tunnel to tunnel without finding any trace of Fatty’s group.

“This thing is formidable,” Invincible East praised with a sigh.

The maze was not only beautiful, but its interior was also tangled and complex. If this was placed inside a base, it would be a great weapon during a base siege.

“Big Bro, if we get this thing, our base can be established for sure.” DoWhateverIWish was full of envy and admiration.

“This is at least Celestial-tier. There’s no way Money Grubber would sell it to us,” Invincible East stated after a brief silence.

“What a pity.” DoWhateverIWish understood clearly. There was too much conflict between the Sun Moon Cult and Fatty. Even if the guy wanted to sell it, he wouldn’t sell it to them.

Fatty was naturally unwilling to lose so many monsters for nothing. After a discussion, the party agreed upon a plan: Fatty stayed to coordinate while the rest went out to fight.

Immediately, the Cloud Dragon Gang’s nightmare began. Frequent sneak attacks flew out from places unknown. There were either sword lights or crossbow bolts, and occasionally the huge sword attack that Cheng Xiong took pride in.

“Why aren’t you guys being attacked?” Cloud Dragon Sailing was irritated that while he was repeatedly pestered by the enemy party, nothing happened to the Sun Moon Cult.

Kah kah… Roahh!

Bizarre noises echoed from behind. Cloud Dragon Sailing’s face instantly changed.

“Down! Get down!”

Six, seven bolts came shrieking before the players of the Cloud Dragon Gang could heed his words. The bolt streaked pass, leaving behind a bloody scene.

Pfff! Pfff!

Such a dense formation was just perfect for the ballista. Over twenty players were pierced through by the bolts, over ten of which were insta-killed.

“Ahh! Money Grubber! Come out and fight me if you have the guts!” Cloud Dragon Sailing roared in rage.

“Big Bro, we shouldn’t fight in others’ territory,” Cloud Dragon Windwielder whispered to Cloud Dragon Sailing.

“That’s right, you’re right.” Cloud Dragon Sailing calmed down and swung his arm. “Turn around. Back team, you’re now the front team. Retreat!”

It was easy going in, but would be hard getting out. While a small alteration would cost a great deal of mana, Fatty stuffed himself with blue pots to maintain control over the tunnels. He wouldn’t let the Cloud Dragon Gang exit so easily.

“Big Bro, there’s a mirror here.” The Sun Moon Cult was nearly unimpeded as they only came across two herds of monsters. While there was no sign of Fatty’s group, they didn’t lose anything.

At the moment, they had entered a room. They had expected some kind of monster, but there was only a mirror with a strange surface in such a big room.

“This mirror isn’t bad. We can use it as a gift.” DoWhateverIWish grinned.

Boom! Boom! Two attacks struck the mirror but were unable to do anything to it.

“Watch me!” Invincible East slashed his Violet Cloud Sword at the bottom of the mirror.

Whoosh. A light flashed. Invincible East vanished.


“Big Bro?”

“Guild Master?”

One after another, the Sun Moon players called out, but there was no response from Invincible East.

“How unlucky of you.” Fatty had seen the Sun Moon Cult enter that room, but he didn’t bother because controlling the mirror required too much mana that he couldn’t afford. Fatty never thought that Invincible East would come looking for trouble himself.

Despite suddenly appearing in an unfamiliar area, Invincible East didn’t lose his calm. He sneered coldly and slowly walked forward with the Violet Cloud in his hand.

The sword gave Invincible East not only an increase in power but also confidence.


An army of monsters galloped haphazardly in his direction.

Knitting his brows, Invincible East stood straight and repeatedly shot out sword lights to kill one monster after another. Unless he could fly, otherwise there was no way to escape the monsters’ trampling in this situation.


A bloody roar echoed as a huge monster appeared behind the army of monsters. This huge monster had three legs, six tails, two horns and a pair of wings. Its skin was fiery red.

“How can this be?!” Invincible East’s face turned ashen in terror. He immediately turned around to flee.

Indeed, this monster was the one that took the lives of over a thousand players of the Sun Moon Cult and the Cloud Dragon Gang to slay.

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