Chapter 255 Crystal Maze of Terror

Chapter 255 – Crystal Maze of Terror

The Azure Dragon’s body entirely exited from the space. It was thousands of miles in length, each scale was huge and shining with a greenish-blue light. The dragon smoothly drifted about in the air.

The Water God Palace spun around inside the claw, struggling to escape, but was swatted down by the claw every time it tried.

“Azure Dragon City Lord, you are challenging a God’s dignity!” Inside the palace, Claudia’s enraged but scared voice rang out.

“Claudia, you think you deserve to be called a God?” The dragon opened its mouth to speak. As its imposing voice rumbled throughout the region, the ocean quickly calmed down. The creatures in the sea also recovered from their fear and continued their happy lives. “Making a fuss in an area under my Azure Dragon City’s authority, I see you’re tired of living!”


A five-colored light shone brightly as the diagram above the dragon head expanded quickly. Five domineering sword illusions flashed within the diagram that now covered the entire dragon.

“Five Elemental Swords Formation.” The Azure Dragon glanced at the diagram above its head. Suddenly, a wretched scream resounded from the Water God Palace. Then, the palace shrank into a miniature within the dragon’s claw. The Azure Dragon also vanished, revealing a middle-aged man with a steadfast figure and clear white complexion at its original spot.

The man was indeed Azure Dragon City Lord, Lei Ao.

“Azure Dragon City Lord, I shall not let you off!” Claudia’s voice rang out from somewhere. Lei Ao swept a glance and smiled coldly. “If you dare come, I don’t mind making you stay.”

“Damn it! It should have been ours! As long as the book devours the Water God Palace, the Elemental Mystery Realm will be restored by a fifth!” Wu Junxiao’s consciousness gnashed his teeth and viciously utilized his Divine power, urging the diagram to shine even more brightly and glued Lei Ao underneath.

“Is that Elementalist Wu Junxiao down there, sir?” Lei Ao asked respectfully as he stood mid-air.

“You knew it was me and yet you still have the guts to take my stuff?!” yelled Wu Junxiao.

“Heh, if I hadn’t come, you might not be able to retain the Water God Palace with your current condition anyway, sir.” Lei Ao smiled, completely indifferent.

“Humph! A tiny city lord dares to look down on me?!” Wu Junxiao’s face turned purple with rage. The five light swords in the diagram burst with a brilliant light. As the five elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth circulated, the space above Lei Ao crumbled into a huge black hole.

“Please calm your anger, sir. While my words didn’t sound very pleasant, they are still true, aren’t they?” Lei Ao stood straight in the spot. He wasn’t one bit fearful.

After some silence, Wu Junxiao’s consciousness suddenly laughed loudly. He lifted his hand and retrieved the diagram.

“Let’s skip the nonsense. You should at least give this successor of mine some benefits, no?”

“Please wait a bit, sir.” Lei Ao nodded and extended his hand with five fingers stretching out. With a rumble, the gigantic body of Terrible Wang Zhang was pulled up into the air by an invisible force.

“Azure Dragon City Lord, you’re forcing me to self-explode!” Terrible Wang Zhang tried to suppress its fear and made a threat.

“You are welcome to try.” An illusion of a coiling Azure Dragon formed behind Lei Ao. Its eyes flashing with a cold gleam, the dragon stared at Terrible Wang Zhang.

“Sacred beast Azure Dragon,” Terrible Wang Zhang groaned.

The water surged when Lei Ao pulled up Terrible Wang Zhang, revealing a bare area in its original spot. Suddenly, it was as if a continent had appeared out of nowhere on the ocean.

“Azure Dragon City Lord. While my power hasn’t fully recovered, my self-explosion can still heavily injure you even if you have the sacred beast’s protection!” Terrible Wang Zhang shrieked in terror as it was hung above the ocean.

“Even if your power is fully restored, you’re still nothing but a lesser God. What makes you think you can hurt me?” Lei Ao said aloofly and waved his hand. Instantly, a split emerged on Terrible Wang Zhang’s body. Fatty and Wu Junxiao’s consciousness forcibly flew out from the split.

“Greetings, Azure Dragon City Lord.” Fatty cupped his hands towards Lei Ao.

“Mhm.” Lei Ao nodded. Then, he spoke to Wu Junxiao’s consciousness respectfully, “Greetings, sir.”

“Heh, I’ve been dead for thousands of years, no need to call me ‘sir.’” Wu Junxiao’s consciousness waved his hand dismissively. “Benefits first.”

“I know you need to restore the Elemental Mystery Realm, sir. However, Divine items are too rare, not to mention this palace was refined from too many precious materials and even absorbed Eros’ Divine power. Wouldn’t it be a pity to use it just like that?”

“You mean you don’t want to give us a tad bit of anything?” Wu Junxiao glared at the city lord.

“This one doesn’t dare. What do you think of this monster?” Lei Ao pointed at Terrible Wang Zhang.

“Him?” Wu Junxiao stroked his chin. “Fine. Even though he lost more than half of Divine energy, it’s still better than nothing.”

“What do you want!?” Instinctively, Terrible Wang Zhang had a bad premonition.

“Nothing. We just want to borrow you a little.” Lei Ao extended his hand. The Azure Dragon illusion behind him let out a hum and extended a claw accordingly.

Rumble… A dragon claw thousands of meters long emerged from thin air. As Lei Ao’s right hand fell, the massive claw smashed down at Terrible Wang Zhang.

“Ahhh! You forced me! You lot forced me!” Terrible Wang Zhang shouted madly, its body rapidly shrinking back as black billows of smoke rose up from it.

“Devour Zone!”

Darkness descended upon the region. A black shadow enshrouded Fatty and the two NPCs. A suction force appeared around, wanting to turn them into energy and devour them.

“Azure Dragon Breaks the Space!” Lei Ao shouted, and a dragon claw viciously lashed out. With a creaking noise, the darkness vanished and the dragon claw was tightly gripping the small Terrible Wang Zhang.

Puff! Black blood splattered. The claw only tightened and squished Terrible Wang Zhang.

A black pearl over ten meters in diameter slowly floated up. It was like a black crystal bead and shone with a black light.

“Even his divinity hasn’t recovered.” Lei Ao shot a surprised glance at Wu Junxiao.

“Mhm, yes, it’s exactly this. Hmm, there’s not much, but it’s authentic Divine energy.” Wu Junxiao was overjoyed. Holding the Elemental Skill Book, he looked like a starving traveler holding a fork and knife in front of a big meal.

“Aahhh! Explode, explode!” Terrible Wang Zhang screamed like mad. The black pearl suddenly emitted a brilliant light and quickly inflated, about to explode.

“Humph! Oppress.” Wu Junxiao pointed his finger. The Five Swords diagram flew out and tightly suppressed the pearl, which then shrank back to its original size. No matter how hard it struggled, the pearl couldn’t escape the diagram’s restraint.

“Ahhhh! The mighty God of Darkness shall never let you get away with this!” shouted Terrible Wang Zhang in a hoarse voice. When the enemy nullified its last trump card, Terrible Wang Zhang knew that it couldn’t escape death.

“Swallow it.” Wu Junxiao tossed the Elemental Skill Book in the air. The book quickly enlarged and covered the pearl.

The pearl couldn’t move under the diagram’s restraint. A faint black mist rose up from it and was absorbed by the skill book.

As the pearl was slowly absorbed, the despair in Terrible Wang Zhang’s eyes grew thicker and thicker, until it couldn’t help but shouted loudly.

“I surrender!”

“You’re a God, yet you said ‘surrender’?” Not only Lei Ao, but even Wu Junxiao was also dumbstruck.

“Even a God can fear death.” Terrible Wang Zhang was scared that its divinity would be devoured, so it hastily surrendered and promoted itself. ”With my strength, I can be your best fighter. If there is something you find inconvenient to do in person, you can have me do it instead. Also, I grew up in the Vengeful Spirit Swamp of the Demon Realm, so I’m very familiar with that place. If you invade the Demon Realm, I can lead the way.”

“Is that so?” Lei Ao chuckled sinisterly and asked Wu Junxiao, “What do you think, sir?”

“I’m fine with whatever. Wu Junxiao expressionlessly stopped the book from absorbing the pearl’s energy. “I only want benefits.”

“Benefits?” Lei Ao’s mouth twitched as he took out a half of a lance. “I have half of the Lance of Light. It used to be the God of Light’s weapon. There’s still half of the lance’s Divine weapon within. I’ll exchange it for Eros.”

“Deal,” Wu Junxiao instantly agreed.

Terrible Wang Zhang retrieved its divinity. Afraid that Wu Junxiao wouldn’t let it off, the octopus sized down to three meters high and inched close to Lei Ao.

“This one will take my leave, sir.” Lei Ao said to Wu Junxiao.

“Go.” Wu Junxiao replied absent-mindedly. He had all of his focus on the half Lance of Light.

“Little Fatty, that maze is a Celestial artifact, consider it the benefit I give you.” Lei Ao nodded towards Fatty. Then, with a hum, the Azure Dragon illusion broke through space and left with Lei Ao on it.

“Not bad, not bad. This is quite a harvest.” Wu Junxiao couldn’t stop smiling widely. “The Elementary Mystery Realm will be restored by at least a tenth after devouring this lance.”

“Only a tenth?” Fatty was disappointed.

“Take it or leave it! What is the Elemental Mystery Realm? It’s a completely separate world. It’s already good enough that bit of Divine power can restore a tenth of it.” Wu Junxiao rolled his eyes.

Watching the book devour the half lance and leave only a pile of shards, Fatty was speechless. What a glutton!

“Up.” Wu Junxiao made a clawing gesture. The damaged Crystal Maze flew up from underwater.

This maze could compare to a normal city. At least, it wasn’t any smaller than one.

“Give me the X-Ray Mirror.”

Taking the X-Ray Mirror, Wu Junxiao’s hands turned into numerous hand illusions. A faint five-colored light drifted between the mirror and the maze.

The maze gradually shrank in size until it was smaller than the Mirror. Wu Junxiao let out a shout, and the two objects hurtled at each other.

Boom! The two collided and stuck to each other, enveloped in the five-colored light.

“Alright. I think you won’t be able to find the other parts of the mirror anyway, so I merged these two together. You can use it from now on.”

The Crystal Maze wasn’t printed on the surface of the mirror but embedded inside it.

When Fatty received this strange object, its details appeared before his eyes.

Crystal Maze of Terror: an item refined from the Celestial remnant X-Ray Mirror and the Celestial item Crystal Maze. It inherits both of those items’ functions.

  • Spy: Displays everything within a one-kilometer radius.
  • X-Ray: Sees through everything within a one-kilometer radius and displays it on the surface. Can be used ten times within 24 hours, 10 seconds each time.
  • Maze of Terror: Creates a maze to trap the opponent. Also, the user can control the monsters inside to attack the opponent.
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