Chapter 254 Lei Ao Arrives

Chapter 254 – Lei Ao Arrives

At a faraway spot from the continent, deep under the sea, the demonic Yao, Terrible Wang Zhang screeched nonstop, pressing the God of Water to hand over the Water God Palace.

“Eros, don’t think that I can’t do anything to you just because my true body is recuperating. The Water God Palace is a Divine item that I went through great lengths to refine. It’s not something that you can take away as you wish!” The illusion above the palace was thoroughly enraged. She swung her magic staff, and countless surging tides rammed at the towering thunderbolt. Sizzling sounds rang out upon collision.

“If that’s your answer, then die!” Terrible Wang Zhang opened its mouth wide. Instantly, sky-blotting black mist billowed out and expanded thousands of miles. All aquatic animals within range were killed, their energy sucked away by the black mist and transferred into Terrible Wang Zhang’s body.

“Roaaah!" A massive shadow figure appeared mid-air, its several hundred-meter-tall body expanded outward and covered an area of at least three thousand miles. The shadowy figure’s numerous tentacles danced about in a frenzy.


The instant that thunderbolt got in touch with the shadow figure, it was blasted into countless smaller bolts and dispersed in the air.

“Water God Profundity, Unbreakable Flow, kill!” The Water God Palace began to spin rapidly. Countless huge water dragons leaped out from the water, shrieking and roaring as they charged at the massive shadow figure.

“Roaaaahh!” The shadow figure roared towards the sky, stirring up a storm around it.

“Oblivion… Nation,” Terrible Wang Zhang coldly spat two words.

Whew… The sky instantly darkened until a boundless pitch-black enshrouded the entire ocean region. This was a pure blackness impossible to be lit up. No matter what kind of light shone upon it, it would be devoured into oblivion.

“Raawwghh!” The millions of water dragons leaped into the darkness and vanished without a trace.

Meanwhile, the shadow figure still hovered in space above the ocean. In the darkness, its pair of eyes that were the size of ponds stared emotionlessly at something underwater. As those eyes closed and opened, electric sparks flared.

“Oblivion Nation? Very well, let me see how much God power you still have left in you.” The Water God illusion raised her staff and chanted an incantation.

“O’ water elements that roam between Heaven and Earth, please heed Water God Claudia’s summons and coalesce the most powerful nation in this world, defeat this enemy from the darkness!”

Hooo…. Gales blew and water surged. With the Water God Palace as the epicenter, countless visible blue sparks quickly condensed and formed a blue light sphere. The sphere expanded at an extreme speed and began to tangle with the pitch-black area.

The aquatic beast appeared once more. It threw the trident away and held up the Water God Palace with both hands.

“Country of Water!” The Water God illusion shouted out loudly. The aquatic beast, cradling the palace, parted the sea and flew up.

Terrible Wang Zhang made no move to stop the palace from flying away. The monster remained unbudging, its tentacles also withdrew back underwater. Only the massive shadow figure was still there staring coldly at the palace.

“Eros, you haven’t recovered up to God realm yet, and yet still try to take away my palace. You’re overestimating yourself,” the illusion shouted.

“Save those words when your true form comes.” The shadow figure suddenly flashed. In an instant, it dropped down and enveloped the illusion’s Country of Water.

“In the end, everything returns to darkness, darkness is the final destination. Annihilate!”

The darkness and blue light struggled against one another. They sapped away and resisted the other at the same time.

Eros’ main body was here, while the illusion had a powerful Divine artifact – the Water God Palace, as her advantage. Moreover, her opponent hadn’t fully recovered yet.

Fatty couldn’t see any of the happenings outside. Even if he used the X-Ray Mirror, he wouldn’t get the details either. The X-Ray Mirror was only an incomplete Celestial item, it couldn’t see through the nations of Gods.

“What a powerful Divine power.”

A voice rang out by Fatty’s ears. Fatty was stunned; Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness had actually awoken.

Ever since the last time the mark woke up during the tournament, there hadn’t been any other movement at all, even when Fatty called for it.


A five-color light bloomed. A hazy figure appeared next to Fatty.

“What the hell is this place?” Wu Junxiao’s consciousness yelped as soon as he materialized.

“Inside Terrible Wang Zhang’s body.” Fatty briefed Wu Junxiao's consciousness about what happened.

“Eros? And even that little girl Claudia?” Wu Junxiao burst into crazy laughter. “What a lucky find. If we devour these two, the Elemental Skill Book would be more or less fully restored.”

“You think we can digest them both? You sure you won’t choke on it?” Fatty reminded out of goodwill.

“Cough… aren’t they fighting? Let’s talk about this again after they finish.” The consciousness let out an awkward cough. With his hands behind his back, he strolled around inside Terrible Wang Zhang’s body.

“Back then, how many demon generals came to steal the Demon Sealing Stele?” asked Fatty as he followed Wu Junxiao around.

“Well, this? Too many.” Wu Junxiao carefully recalled a little, then began counting with his fingers. “Demon Lord Darknight, Servant of Darkness, Lord of Undead. Those three were the strongest of the Demon Realm, only second to Divine and Legendary experts. Aside from them, there were over a dozen small Gods like Eros, as well as some individuals of our own Human Realm who like to fish in troubled water like Claudia.”

“Ahh, that many?!” Fatty was appalled. Just how strong must Wu Junxiao have been that the enemy had to send so many experts to deal with him?

“Is that so surprising?” Wu Junxiao was really pleased by Fatty’s shock. He swung his sleeve, and the five-colored light above his head swirled. “Only ten-something Gods. They only dared to provoke me because my power hadn’t fully recovered from a previous fight with the God of Light and the God of Land.”

“Impressive, impressive!” Fatty gave a thumbs-up. A short while later, he asked, “ I heard that the Elementalist’s strength can rank among the top 3 in the Central Dynasty. What are the other two?”

“The first one is the Emperor.” After a bit of consideration, Wu Junxiao told Fatty about the other two.

Of the top three experts of the Central Dynasty, one was the deceased Wu Junxiao, one was the Emperor, and one was the Dynasty’s Grand Marshall.

Wu Junxiao was powerful because he was the heir of the Elementalist class. With an outstanding natural gift for the class, he was already half a step into the Legendary rank. As for the Dynasty’s Emperor, he was a high-ranking Divine expert in addition to having a Divine beast’s protection – a Golden Dragon. The last one, Grand Marshall of all troops, inherited the Divine weapon Overlord Halberd that had been passed down from previous generations of Grand Marshall. The weapon allowed him to summon the ancient War God to temporarily merge with his body and raise his power to God-tier.

“So, in the end, you’re the most powerful?” asked Fatty.

“Heh, even outside sources are a part of one’s power. There’s no such thing as a fair fight,” Wu Junxiao said with a smile.

The two chatted a bit more about history. While Fatty knew that this was all the product of pre-programming, the tales and legends of several thousand years ago still intrigued Fatty and made him want to be a part of it.


Terrible Wang Zhang suddenly quivered. Fatty and Wu Junxiao’s consciousness exchanged glances and exclaimed in unison, “About time for the result!”

Normally, battles between God-tier experts wouldn’t end without going for several days. Some could even last for months. However, these two Gods all took out their nations, the direct measure of their power. This was the most dangerous, but the fastest way to decide the battle.

“It’s a pity we can’t see it.” Fatty sighed.

“It’s not a big deal.” Wu Junxiao’s consciousness flipped through the Elemental Skill Book and cast a spell.

Water Screen.

A stream of water circulated and slowly formed a mirror before their eyes. At first, the mirror was hazy, nothing could be made out. However, when Wu Junxiao’s conscious poured some God power in it, the mirror became clear and displayed the grand battle outside.

At this moment, the black and blue masses had completely entangled and tried to suppress the other side’s attack. The massive shadow figure summoned by Terrible Wang Zhang had shrunk by half, while the Water God illusion had disappeared. On the Water God Palace, a few cracks could be seen.

“This girl Claudia isn’t strong, but she’s a good crafter of Divine items.” Wu Junxiao watched the fight with great enthusiasm.

“If the Elemental Skill Book devours the Water God Palace, will it be completely restored?” asked Fatty.

“It still falls short a little,” Wu Junxiao replied after thinking for a bit.

“That’s still not enough?!” Fatty wanted to faint. The first idea that came to his mind upon hearing this reply was to toss the book in the ocean.

“Actually, the book itself is easy to restore. The crux is that it connects to the Elemental Mystery Realm, which needs a huge amount of Divine power to recover,” Wu Junxiao explained.

“Where do I find that much God-tier power…” Fatty groaned, downcast.

“That’s simple. You only need to become a God yourself,” Wu Junxiao casually remarked. Fatty pouted.


Another rumble resounded. The sea violently surged as some kind of earthquake had occurred underwater. The seabed cracked, some places even erupted lava.

“Get ready, the result is almost here.” Wu Junxiao’s expression grew stern. Five sword lights of five elements materialized behind his back. At the same time, a diagram hovered above his head.

Suddenly, a dragon hum shook the space. Outside the area of the battle, an azure dragon’s upper half body animatedly broke out from thin air and smashed its claw at the two Gods.

The dragon's size was unmatched. The upper part of its body was already much bigger than Terrible Wang Zhang. Its claw covered the scope of several thousand miles and included the two Gods in it.

“Azure Dragon Bares Its Claw?!”

“Azure Dragon City Lord!”

Terrible Wang Zhang and the Water God illusion exclaimed in fear and split up.

Terrible Wang Zhang frantically snuck back into the sea, while the Water God illusion controlled her palace to spin around itself and flew to the distance.

“Water God Palace, stay.” These bland, simple words from the Azure Dragon were like a thunderous rumble to Fatty’s ears.

The dragon’s massive body shook and reached out a bit more. Its claw kept going towards the Water God Palace.

Puff! A snap resounded as the Water God illusion exploded when the claw lashed at her. As for the palace, it fell into the claw.

“Ahhhh! That damnable, damnable dragon! It dares steal my stuff?!" Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness virtually went insane from rage. The diagram above his head vanished in a flash, then reappeared above the Azure Dragon’s head.

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