Chapter 252 Jackpot

Chapter 252 – Jackpot

The space inside the huge anaconda’s mouth was huge. Fatty dangled from the Elemental Sword that he had stabbed into the upper jaw without panic and leisurely tossed Appraisal.

Mutated Green Anaconda
Yao monster
Level: 63
Attack: 130 – 145
Defense: 135
HP: 9000
Notes: Once a green anaconda in the ocean, due to successful cultivation, it grew two horns. If it grows four claws and overcomes thunder tribulation, it can become a dragon and fly away.

“Only a normal Yao monster,” Fatty scorned.

“How are you?!” Liu Lan’s anxious voice rang out from the party chat.

“I’m fine. It’s all good,” Fatty soothed her.

Since the Elemental Sword was still stuck in its upper jaw, the green anaconda madly spun around in pain. Its sixty-meter-long body stirred up a myriad of water bubbles. The surroundings became turbid and chaotic as some water monsters were unintentionally whipped to death by the threshing anaconda.

The sticky matter in the monster’s mouth got all over Fatty. Not only did it stink, but this mucus also dealt corrosive DoT damage. Fatty had to constantly replenish his health.

As the anaconda tossed and turned, Fatty was spun along with it.


All of a sudden, a suction force even stronger than that of the anaconda appeared. In the blink of an eye, the anaconda had completely vanished without a trace, leaving behind an area of swirling water that was gradually calming.

When the others dived down to check, they no longer saw the anaconda. Xiao Jian trembled. “It’s gone, the anaconda left! Now Fatty has to wait to be pooped…”

“Can he be pooped out when he’s so fat? He’ll cause constipation,” Han Shen muttered.

Liu Lan glared at the two guys. The duo laughed and shut up.

“Huh? Why has it stopped moving?” Fatty had been spun so hard that he wanted to vomit. Now that it suddenly stopped, he felt really strange.

“Whatever, let’s get out first.” If he still had the Spatial Spoon, Fatty could directly ignore the meat wall. But now, he had to dig a way out using the Elemental Sword.

Fatty could hear the anaconda shriek due to the pain as he dug. Yet, the monster remained completely still, which confused him.

After pricking a small hole at the corner of the monster’s mouth, Fatty crawled out. The instant he got outside, he gasped.

The first thing in his sight was a big monster, a whale.

“Deep Sea Vicious Whale.” A hint of bewilderment flashed through his eyes.

The Deep Sea Vicious Whale was much bigger than the Mutated Green Anaconda. But, at this moment, the huge whale was lying motionlessly, only its terrified eyes showed that it was still alive.

Next to that whale was another Deep Sea Vicious Whale that was a bit smaller. If Fatty didn’t guess wrong, those two must be the whales that Terrible Wang Zhang sucked in earlier.

“So this is inside Terrible Wang Zhang’s body.” Fatty understood. He turned around and saw that the green anaconda lay limply like a dead snake and shivered nonstop. There was no trace of its usual ferocity and might anymore.

No matter how domineering they were outside, the monsters that fell into Terrible Wang Zhang’s stomach were all sprawled on the ‘ground’ in a desperate manner.

“Sure enough, the strongest one always has the last laugh.”

Fatty tried the Recall Scroll. The system notified that it couldn’t be used. Without hesitation, Fatty began wandering around Wang Zhang’s interior.

He walked around the monsters and saw a bunch of bones that weren't completely digested. These bones were soft and would crumble to dust from just one touch.

Among the bones, there were several smooth and crystal-clear round beads scattered around.

“Inner cores!” Overjoyed, Fatty quickly reached out.

When his fingertip barely touched an inner core, the core turned into dust in front of his eyes. Only now did Fatty realized that the energy in the cores had been drained, leaving only empty vessels.

“Damn it! You’re too greedy!” Fatty furiously scolded Terrible Wang Zhang.

The space inside Terrible Wang Zhang was extremely vast. Fatty estimated it wasn’t much smaller than his Holy Spirit Island.

The ‘ground’ felt cotton soft and had a layer of slippery liquid on it. Fatty half slid with each step and traveled amongst scattering bones. Not only the inner cores, but even the bones had also lost all energy and would crumble at a touch.

“I see,” Fatty mumbled.

With such a mountainous body, the amount of food needed would be unimaginable. Terrible Wang Zhang could probably swallow everything within the vicinity of over a hundred-mile radius in one go. Yet, there were still so many monsters around it. Therefore, the only explanation was that Terrible Wang Zhang no longer lived on flesh and blood. It only fed on the energy in the Yao monsters’ inner cores.

Fatty instantly turned around, his eyes shone brightly upon the monsters that were still alive.

“Since you’re gonna die sooner or later, you lot might as well help me out.”

Fatty took out the Elemental Sword and stabbed it at the smaller Deep Sea Vicious Whale in a frenzy. The whale didn’t budge one bit, as if already having accepted its fate.

This kind of monster wasn’t something that players could hunt solo. Leaving aside its high defense and bulky HP, its health regen alone was enough to make people with low attack despair. Fatty executed every attack he had, but it still took over ten minutes to end this monster.

Ba-thud! The whale died and dropped a floor full of items.

Temporarily ignoring the items, Fatty tossed several Harvests at the corpse and gained a water inner core to his satisfaction.

Fatty repeated this all over again. Over half an hour later, he gained two more water inner cores from the bigger whale and the green anaconda

Counting in the cores he got in Crystal Maze, Fatty had accumulated a total of seven inner cores.

The Elemental gears and Elemental Sword required at least ten of varied elemental inner cores to upgrade. Fatty hadn’t gathered even one-fifth of the amount needed.

“One knows not the importance of money until they have to provide for the family.” Fatty picked up every single piece of equipment and tossed those with low stats to the Elemental Skill Book.

The higher ranked it was, the more energy the Elemental Skill Book needed for restoration. Maybe someday in the future, only inner cores or Celestial items and Divine items would be able to meet its standard.

As for God-tier power, might as well forget about it. That was harder to find than even Divine items.

After cleaning up this area, Fatty set out on a trip around Terrible Wang Zhang’s body. His eyes swirled around, wanting to spot out the smallest benefits.

A short while later after Fatty walked away, a black fog fell from above and shrouded the Yao monsters’ corpses. In a few breaths, the corpses quickly dried up as black billows gushed out from them and merged with the black fog above.

“So that’s how Terrible Wang Zhang processes its food.” Fatty finally witnessed it for himself.

After the corpses were drained of energy, the now much denser black fog drifted back up to places unknown.

Bzzz! Terrible Wang Zhang suddenly shook, as if not too satisfied with the food. Very soon, eight more monsters were transported in.

These monsters weren’t boss-tier, but were all powerful Yao monsters with complete inner cores. Yet, in the face of Terrible Wang Zhang, they could only be sucked in without resistance.

Fatty was so excited that he wanted to howl to the sky. There was nothing more refreshing than to reap without sowing.

As the Yao monsters fell on the ‘ground’, Fatty practically skipped over and gently caressed one of them on its head.

This monster looked bizarre with four limbs, one horn, and a body covered in green scales. If seen in the sky, chances were high that it would be considered a qilin. At this moment, this qilin-lookalike monster was so scared that it didn’t know what to do. It just lay there shivering and didn’t even dare to open its eyes.

“Fear not, fear not. Lord Fatty will help your soul find peace…” Rambling nonsense, Fatty raised his Elemental Sword and ruthlessly stabbed repeatedly at the softest spot on the monster’s neck.

Blood gushed out. The monster didn’t even resist until it died from the stabbing.

After taking care of the qilin, Fatty continued with a towering oyster-type monster. Its shell was as wide as a room and sealed shut in fear, not daring to reveal the tiniest gap.

Fatty pondered a little and set up the Plenilune Ballista nearby.

Zoom! The bolt pierced a hole in the shell and kept going at the soft body inside.

Fatty climbed in through the hole. The inside was a huge mass of oyster meat that could fill up two rooms.

“I wonder if it has pearls…” Fatty's thoughts ran wild as he absent-mindedly attacked.


One monster after another, one inner core after another. Fatty smiled so wide that his lips could reach his ears right now.

After harvesting the cores and cleaning up the loot, Fatty quickly withdrew far away. A while later, the black fog descended from above again and drained the corpses dry before floating up.

Rumble… Not long after, more Yao beasts were sucked in. Fatty didn’t even wait for them to land as he pounced over and started killing.

This time, there were over ten monsters. Moreover, the black fog came early and didn’t give Fatty enough time to clean the field. Fatty was forced to move aside after gaining only five inner cores, afraid that the black fog would devour him as well.

The black fog left behind a bunch of skeletons after it was done. With a slight touch, they crumbled to dust. Within them, a core fell and burst once it hit the ‘ground.’

“Fatty, what are you doing?” Liu Lan was growing anxious as Fatty still hadn’t come out.

“Don’t worry. I’ve hit the jackpot,” Fatty replied as he waited.

Indeed, Terrible Wang Zhang didn’t let him down. It sucked in eight monsters this time.

“I knew it. How can you be satisfied eating so little when you’re so big?” Fatty hurriedly slid over and killed for inner cores.

It must have been a while since Terrible Wang Zhang’s last meal, because it repeatedly swallowed over a hundred Yao monsters before coming to a stop.

Fatty never stopped smiling during the process. He gained over thirty inner cores, the biggest harvest so far in his game life.

“Bro, when is your next meal?” Fatty asked with relish.

Boom! Rumble… As if Terrible Wang Zhang had finally discovered a living entity in its body, a black fog charged over, wanting to envelop Fatty.

At the same time, the entire Crystal Maze burst with a brilliant light. Countless monsters gushed out from all corners, many of them being Yao-tier bosses.

“Go, quick!” Xiao Jian urged Liu Lan and took out a Recall Scroll.

“I’m not going, Fatty’s still inside!” Liu Lan refused to leave.

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