Chapter 25 Oriole

Chapter 25 – Oriole[1]

“What!? The fourth level’s boss has already been killed??”

The entire third floor turned silent. Wind God’s World and all of the other players were completely shocked. They were already top ranking players, and were fighting over the kill on the third level’s boss monster, yet someone else had already silently taken down the next level’s boss monster after killing this floor’s boss once.

“Who did it?” Xu Quan asked Liu Lan.

Liu Lan shook her head, signaling that she didn’t know what it was.

“Could it have been that damn fatty?” Darksnow muttered quietly.

“Who? Which damn fatty!?” Cloud Dragon Sailing let out a sigh of relief quietly now that Wind God’s World stopped. When he heard Darksnow’s muttering, he quickly changed the topic.

“It’s that damn fatty. Oh, the first guy to reach level 10,” Darksnow replied.

“Fatty? First one to Level 10? Was he called Money Grubber?” Cloud Dragon Sailing asked next.

“You know him?” Darksnow looked at Cloud Dragon Sailing curiously.

“F*ck this, it’s definitely that damned fatty. That bastard!” Cloud Dragon Sailing’s face was red in his anger. “Wind God’s World, although trying to steal your boss was my bad, but the boss was stolen away by that damn fatty in the end. You, me and all our brothers dropped a level for nothing. I think we should go and get even with him first.”

“He clearly found the boss first,” Purple Bell, who had stood silently off to the side until now, muttered.

“F*ck, you dumb? He found it first just because he said so?” Cloud Dragon Rumblesea couldn’t help but retort.

“The f*ck are you saying!?” Wind God’s World was originally considering the suggestion, but when he heard Cloud Dragon Rumblesea’s words, he immediately grew angry. “Who the heck are you to scold my little sister!?”

“Shut up!” Cloud Dragon Sailing said to his subordinate, then turned to Wind God’s World. “World, no matter what, it’s already history. The most important thing right now is to find out who killed the fourth floor’s boss.”

Huh? Why’s that bastard so calm today? Fatty found it rather strange. Cloud Dragon Sailing had an even worse temper than Wind God’s World, but he had actually submitted time and time again. That was extremely strange in Fatty’s eyes.

“Alright. We’ll settle last time’s matter at another time,” Wind God’s World glared at Cloud Dragon Rumblesea, then looked towards the dying boss monster. “What about this boss?

“We’ll take it down together. I won’t take a single one of the drops. Treat it as an apology for last time,” said Cloud Dragon Sailing.

There’s something wrong. There’s definitely something wrong. Now, not only Fatty, but all of the other people present found it unbelievable as well. No matter what, Cloud Dragon Sailing was the head of his gang. There definitely was something wrong with him being so submissive toward Wind God’s World.

“Don’t worry for now.” Wind God’s World shook his head, signaling his subordinates to stay calm. Then he turned towards Cloud Dragon Sailing. “Why do I feel like something’s not right? Do you need my help with something?”

“Yes, but it’s unrelated to the game.” Cloud Dragon Sailing finally came clean.

“Beijing?” Wind God’s World asked.

“Yes.” Cloud Dragon Sailing nodded. “So..?

“Alright,” Wind God’s World sheathed his sword. “Let’s clear away the other people first.”

“What? Are you looking down on everyone else just because you guys are in an alliance now?” Xu Quan laughed coldly, then slowly backed away to where East Gate BlowingWind was. They came to a temporary alliance as well.

The situation immediately changed, leaving only Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord’s people isolated from the rest.

“Haha, c’mon, show me what you can do when you team up,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord acted exactly like his namesake would[1]

“Guys, it’s just a small boss monster. We won’t get anything good even if so many of us kill it. How about giving it over to us, and treat it as making friends?” Wind God’s World said slowly.

“Wind God’s World, you shitting me? Come and fight if you want the boss. If you can’t, then screw back over to the second floor,” Xu Quan already started ordering his subordinates either to pay attention and block the way of the enemy players, or to continue to attack the boss.

“Peerlessprodigy, what right do you have to say that? Just because you said so?” Cloud Dragon Sailing laughed coldly, then ordered his subordinates to advance slowly.

Booooooring! The battle royale’s now a team fight. Fatty shook his head, then continued to do his own thing in the corner of the room.

Meanwhile, the pitiful Knight Commander had less than 10% of its max health remaining. It was going to die at any moment.

“Kill!” The first to move was the Wind God’s Guild and Cloud Dragon Gang. The mages’ spells and the archers’ arrows all spilled onto the Knight Commander, while the warriors and other melee classes charged over fearlessly with their weapons at the ready.

“Go!” Xu Quan and East Gate BlowingWind’s subordinates did not back down. Some of them went up to block off the advances of the two enemy guilds, while the others continued their fierce attacks on the boss monster.

“Haha, let’s get in there as well,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord chuckled. He already changed his long sword out for an axe with a long handle. He grabbed the handle with both his hands, then hacked away.

It’s just a level 20 something boss, why fight over it? Fatty sighed, then stood up and inched towards the Knight Commander.




As the boss monster’s health bar rocketed down, the Knight Commander let out an angry roar. Perhaps it felt as if it was nearing death, it unleashed a string of skills as it raged. Charge, Tremor, Trample, Guard… Completely catching everyone off guard.

“Get ready, the boss is nearly dead,” all of the leaders quietly reminded their subordinates to grab the drops the moment they appear.

Haha. Fatty stood on the outskirts of the fight and waved his dagger around. He didn’t dare to get too close, since getting attacked would cause him to lose his stealth.

Hmm? When the Knight Commander’s health reached 2%, Fatty sensed something. He looked towards his left. That area was in a mess, many players were running around, and casting all sorts of skills to attack the boss. There didn’t seem to be anything out of place.

Someone shares my idea? He must be an expert. Fatty twitched his mouth. Although he didn’t see anyone there, he could still sense something in that area. It wasn’t a matter of skill, rather it was a special intuition he gained through training.

Let’s see who gets to be the oriole. Fatty shrugged. Frostfang glimmered as if it could land a critical blow at any time.

“It’s time!” When Fatty saw that the Knight Commander’s health bar reached one percent, he let out a soft howl, then left stealth. Then, he kicked out to the side and charged beside the Knight Commander.

Combo Attack!

Frostfang’s blade glittered and seemed to stand out amidst the rain of spells and arrows.

It really was him. Liu Lan nodded when she saw Fatty. I was right.

“Dammit, it really is him,” Darksnow also saw Fatty. She pursed her lips and prepared to launch a series of fireballs at him. However, she thought about it for a moment after raising her hand, then decided against it.

“Hehe, Big Brother Fatty is truly brave,” Even though the situation has already become so chaotic, Purple Bell continued to stand where she stood earlier, and still didn’t join in. She merely smiled sweetly when she saw Fatty.

“Damnit, where did that bastard come from!?”

“F*ck, damn you fatty, you dare to come again!?”

“Screw it, everyone, focus fire on that damn fat-ass!”

“Wow, he really dares to kill steal in front of all these people.”

All of a sudden, everybody reacted to the sudden appearance of the fatty. Xu Quan was surprised, Cloud Dragon Sailing and Wind God’s World were both infuriated, while both East Gate BlowingWing and Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord found Fatty very impressive.

However, their reactions were nothing compared to a single person's. The one who was most shocked was TheFugitive, who was stealthed beside Fatty and was going to steal the boss as well.

TheFugitive was the person ranked second in the Chinese region of the leaderboard. He was a rogue and also the person who caused Fatty to end up as the second one who got his class enhancement.

The truth was that TheFugitive did not actually start off in Black Tortoise City. His first stop after the Beginner’s Village was Azure Dragon City. However, he had offended a powerful guild there, so he couldn’t stay there anymore. Thus, he could only grit his teeth and spend 10 gold coins to teleport to Black Tortoise City.

At the current stage, most players were extremely poor and there was hardly anyone who could spend 10 gold coins for teleporting. Due to that, the gang stopped chasing after him when he left Azure Dragon City. After all, sending a huge army over was rather expensive, but if they send too little people, they wouldn’t be able to match up to TheFugitive.

TheFugitive had originally gone over to Mass Graves to farm. However, he immediately stopped after seeing Knight Commander. His love for boss monsters was no less than Fatty’s.

Thus, he waited and waited and waited. Not only did he wait until the entire floor turned to chaos, he also waited until the boss monster’s health got low. Just as he was about to make the final blow, he was kicked out of stealth by Fatty.

He’s an expert. TheFugitive thought to himself. However, he was not worried after getting kicked out of stealth. He merely rolled to the side and dodged a reflective attack by another player.

System Notification: You were attacked by Money Grubber, -10 HP.

Money Grubber? The ex-number one on the leaderboard? TheFugitive took a glance at the system notification and saw Fatty’s IGN.


As countless attacks landed on the Knight Commander, it wobbled as if it wanted to say something. However, it seemed to feel like nothing could express the troubled feeling it felt, so it clenched its teeth and let out a long roar before falling down reluctantly and leaving a pile of drops.

“Grab the drops!” Fatty howled, then quickly picked up a few items before running off to the fourth floor. As he went past TheFutigive, he quickly said. “We got the thing. Let’s go.”

“Huh? Oh,” TheFugitive was momentarily shocked, then he quickly followed Fatty.

“Money Grubber. I! Yousonofamotherf*ckingbastardpieceofshit…” Cloud Dragon Sailing was completely enraged now. So much so that veins seemed to surface on his handsome face. “Come! Everybody come over to Mass Graves! I’m going to slaughter that bastard back to Level 0!”

Meanwhile, Wind God’s World and Xu Quan looked at each other with dark looks, then also sent out messages to have their subordinates to come over.

“An expert,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord nodded. The fact that he managed to steal the boss from all of us, then immediately run to the fourth floor instead of running outside showed just how capable that player is. Most of our players are going to block off the entrance to the third floor. If the fatty run that way, he definitely would have gotten trapped.

“Wow, that guy got even stronger in the past few days,” East Gate BlowingWind chuckled. When heard Fatty’s “grab the drops”, he immediately knew that it must be Brother Grubber. After that, that guy’s “kill the boss and grab the drops” got countless players killed.

That damned fatty cares more about money instead of his life. Hmm, could it really be him? Liu Lan thought to herself.

Ahh, now that damn fatty’s in danger. Darksnow giggled at Fatty’s misfortune.

Hehe, Big Brother Fatty’s so amazing. Purple Bell continued to smile sweetly without doing anything else.

  1. This is referring to the Chinese saying of “The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it.
  2. This is referring to Sun Ce (孙策), who was known as Jiangdong’s Little Overlord (Yes, I know it is often translated as Little Conqueror, but I dislike the translation. The Chinese is 小霸王, and this was referring to Xiang Yu, the Overlord of Western Chu. Hence, it only make sense if Sun Ce’s title gets translated as Little Overlord.)

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