Chapter 248 Mirror

Chapter 248 – Mirror

In addition to the egg, the scorpion boss also dropped several superb Violet gears. Those usable were distributed on the spot, while the others temporarily went to Fatty’s inventory to be sold later.

Whoosh. Fatty tossed Harvest and got a huge stinger.

This stinger was crystal clear and reflected the glitter of light like a lovely masterpiece.

Aside from the stinger, Fatty also gained a complete exoskeleton, which would be the perfect material for armor.

The last item to be harvested was an earth inner core, Fatty reserved it.

After cleaning up the loot, everyone logged off for their meals, only Fatty remained in the game.

He mused for a bit and decided to set free the Earth Dragon. Then, he equipped the Brutal Saddle on Wheat.

After equipping the saddle, Wheat counted as a mount, so Fatty now had one slot for his new pet, the Crystal Yao Scorpion.

The newly-hatched scorpion was the size of his palm. The sparkling pet waved its pincers and waggled its tail as it scurried around Fatty, looking very cute and not at all ferocious like the scorpion boss. Fatty took it to farm monsters right away.

After he got the little scorpion to level 10, the system notified that someone was disturbing him in real life.

In the living room, Liu Lan sat next to Fatty and quietly watched him eat.

Fatty felt his scalp tingle under her gaze. He quickly finished his meal and fled to his room, leaving behind an amused Liu Lan.

The little scorpion’s innate skill was Tear: use two pincers to nip and attack the opponent, dealing tear injury and DoT damage. And when the pet reached level 10, another skill appeared: Stinger Attack.

Whoosh! The level 10 basin-sized scorpion hurled its stinger and penetrated a toad monster. The poison seeped in from the stinger and turned the toad completely green.

“Awww! What a cute little scorpion!” The instant Liu Lan logged on, the crawling little scorpion at Fatty’s feet caught her eye.

The other three also arrived. The group then sized up the scorpion from top to toe. “Huh? It’s not bad at all!”

“Let’s move! We must find that Celestial item!” Han Shen shouted out loudly and led at the very front.

“Attention guys, the X-Ray Mirror only has one use left. After that, we’ll have to wait for several hours.” After using the X-Ray Mirror at a corner, Fatty alerted the group.

The X-Ray Mirror was more than just useful in this kind of maze map. It saved them at least half the time.

“There’s a room up front,” Han Shen shouted.

“Let’s go in.” Fatty led the group in after a brief consideration.

The room was empty save for a strange-looking glass mirror.

“Why does this mirror feel so unpleasant?” Cheng Xiong walked to the mirror and said.

The mirror was the height of an average person and stood in the middle of the room, its purpose unknown. On the mirror, countless diamond-shaped projections protruded, each formed an independent mirror. Standing in front of the big mirror, every single movement would be reflected in these small diamond-shaped surfaces. Anyone who saw countless of themselves moving in exactly the same way would feel uncomfortable.

Fatty used Harvest on the mirror. The object didn’t budge one bit. It obviously couldn’t be taken away.

“Boring. Let’s get out of here,” Fatty said.

“Ahh? Where’s the door?!” Liu Lan exclaimed. The rest turned to see a perfect red crystal wall without any hint that a door ever existed.

Everyone quickly scanned the surroundings to find no door at all, as if entering this room through a door was only their imagination.

“What the heck? Is this shit haunted or what?!” Cheng Xiong cursed and kicked the mirror.

Whoosh. A slight ripple emerged on the mirror’s surface. Cheng Xiong vanished.

“Don’t touch the mirror, everyone!” Fatty hastily shouted and tried to contact Cheng Xiong via the party chat, but got no response.

“You guys wait here, I’ll go check it out.” Fatty pondered a little, then kicked the mirror as Cheng Xiong did.

Whoosh. His vision turned pitch black. The next second, he landed in some kind of space.

This space was blurry and confusing. Occasionally, colorful lights would beam across.

Whoosh! From high above, a white light shot at Fatty.

Without a second thought, Fatty nimbly sidestepped the attack and raced towards a direction.

When he was attacked earlier, he saw a figure flash in that direction.

“Can’t reach them,” said Qiao Jian after waiting for a while.

Han Shen stared fixedly at the mirror, trying to figure it out.

“Should I log off and call him?” Liu Lan suggested.

“Look, it’s master!” Han Shen suddenly pointed at a protruding surface on the mirror and shouted.

“Where?” Liu Lan and Xiao Jian flocked over, but they didn’t see any trace of Fatty.

“He’s not there anymore."

“Ah! Here?” Liu Lan pointed at another surface where Cheng Xiong’s figure had appeared very briefly.

Not only did this space look bizarre, but it was also full of monsters. There were horned tigers, groups of skeletons, and concealed attacks out of thin air that put Fatty in a miserable state.

“Last use. Show me.” Fatty took out the X-Ray Mirror.

Whoosh. A halo spread out from the eyeball in the middle of the mirror in all directions. Then, the surrounding area was displayed.

This area was excessively vast as there was no sign of its borders in the one-kilometer radius displayed in the mirror. The entire space was blurry with all sorts of monsters wandering around and occasionally fighting one another.

“Perhaps this is the Celestial item?” An idea flashed through his mind, but Fatty quickly rejected it. A Celestial item would be capable of more than just this.

When it came to the person who had seen the most Celestial items, Fatty was definitely the winner. Eight out of ten Celestial items discovered so far came from his hand. Aside from weapons and armor, there must be other types of Celestial items, of which the X-Ray Mirror was an example.

Faty chose a direction and followed it. On the way, various monsters charged at him like flies that smelled a delicacy, bugging the hell out of Fatty.

“That’s strange. Why are there so many monsters?” After Fatty annihilated a group of skeletons, a huge beast, resembling the deepwater crocodile boss he met at Wraith Swamp, showed up in front of him.

After getting the opponent’s information with Appraisal, Fatty turned around and fled without hesitation. A high-rank Yao boss was not something he could meddle with at his current level.

The huge beast thunderously chased after Fatty, trampling to death anything that got in its path. Even a Yao-tier Holy Unicorn was killed this way.

Fatty frantically ran, terrified as the gigantic monster was hot on his heels. Given their speeds, Fatty knew that he couldn’t outrun this monster, so he simply raced towards an area with a lot of monsters and Earthwalked, wanting to use the mobs to buy himself some time.

Boom! With a stomp, countless monsters were trampled to death. Seeing Fatty running further and further away, the huge beast howled and continued to give chase.

“What on earth is this place?” Fatty groaned and tried hard to think of a countermeasure.

Wheeew… A flock of monsters flew past. Fatty’s pupils constricted at the sight of at least thousands of Dark Unicorns.

The pack of Dark Unicorns landed. Some gracefully walked around, some played with their kin, some lay down, seemingly dozing off.

Amongst the several thousand Dark Unicorns, five stood out with exceptionally tall and sturdy bodies. The biggest one of those five was three times bigger than normal. Its horn was different as well and golden in color.

“Roaaaah!” Chasing Fatty to this place, the massive beast had, in turn, disturbed the unicorns’ peace.

Caught off guard, a normal Dark Unicorn was trampled into meat paste amidst blood splatter.

Instantly, the pack of Dark Unicorns neighed in unison and stared at the massive beast in alarm. The five larger unicorns stepped out from the pack and strode towards the massive beast.

Even though these big unicorns were much bigger than their kin, in front of the massive beast, they looked like babies before a brawny man.

The beast stopped, and surprisingly, started trembling when confronted by the unicorns which were only one-tenth its size.

“Raarrrhhh!” The beast let out a mad scream and fled without even putting up a fight.

Whoosh! The biggest unicorn remained unbudging, but one of the four unicorns around it spread its wings and flew after the beast. At the same time, a black beam shot out from its horn.

Ba-boom! A thunderous noise resounded. The entire land quaked with it.

A while later, this Dark Unicorn leisurely flew back, as if what it had done was only a trivial matter.

“How familiar.” Fatty eyes sparkled as he looked at the unicorn pack.

Back then on the Holy Spirit Island, several thousand Holy Unicorns were imprisoned under the Light God statue. They were forced to deprave into Dark Unicorns to guard the entrance for the God of Light.

“Could it be…?” A doubt suddenly rose in his heart.

The deepwater crocodile, the Dark Unicorn pack, the horned tiger, all of them were monsters that Fatty had come across before.

Whoosh. A white light suddenly flashed in the distance along with a furious roar.

“Baldy!” Fatty hurriedly rushed towards the spot where the white light had flashed.

As Fatty approached, the scene that played out before his eyes greatly shocked him. Cheng Xiong was brandishing his staff; one white beam after the other rained down and directly smashed some powerful-looking ants to death.

“Baldy!” Fatty called out.

“Go die!” Cheng Xiong lifted his head, his lips curving up into a cold smile. A white light streaked at Fatty.

“Damn it!” Fatty hastily dodged. The light beam blew out a big pit on the ground.

“Let’s just restrain him first.”

Fatty appeared next to Cheng Xiong with Earthwalk and kicked out at the baldy’s waist.

Boom! A shield suddenly appeared before Cheng Xiong and blocked the kick.

Fatty summoned Wheat. The rodent sank underground and spat out a frenzy of Howling Bullets at Cheng Xiong.

Three more magic shields appeared around Cheng Xiong, tightly blocking the incoming attacks from Fatty and Wheat.

“What the hell? How can he be this strong?” Fatty grew more and more shocked the longer they fought. It was as if the Cheng Xiong before him was a high-ranked NPC. Every time Fatty attacked, there would be a shield to accurately block it, not letting him injure Cheng Xiong one bit. Meanwhile, every casual attack from Cheng Xiong was powerful enough to leave him with no choice but to dodge.

“Something’s not right. This isn’t him!” Fatty knew full well the limit of Cheng Xiong’s capabilities. There was no way the real Cheng Xiong could force him to this state.

“Let's see who you really are.” Fatty Earthwalked to a far distance and set up the Plenilune Ballista.

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