Chapter 241 Space Saint Magus

Chapter 241 – Space Saint Magus

“What, not satisfied that you’re the only one who can use it?” Lucas was speechless when he saw Fatty’s expression. “Teleporting directly to Black Tortoise City thanks to the tens of millions of gold coins worth of my materials, and you’re not satisfied?”

Hearing this amount again, Fatty had a change of thought. The Spatial Spoon is a valuable Divine remnant, but it should be worth that much right? Even a complete Divine item would cost so much at most.

“There’s nothing strange about this.” Reck chuckled. “The value of an item depends on the person as well. If my guess is right, Lucas, you must want this spoon to rank up to Saint Magus?”

“Haha, you’re right.” Lucas finished the drawing and stood up. “I’ve stopped at Grand Magus for too long now. Recently, I’ve touched some profound mysteries regarding the next realm. If I can thoroughly study this Divine remnant, I’m eighty percent sure to advance to Saint Magus.”

“It’s that hard to rank up to Saint Magus?” Fatty asked in amazement.

“It’s not just hard. It’s desperate.” Reck glanced at Fatty. “From the 6th class enhancement, every rank-up needs a special opportunity, or a stroke of luck, because it’s more than just a simple rise in level. That’s why it’s especially difficult for the case of Saint Magus; because it’s a rank behind only the most powerful existence, the realm of God.”

According to the rules, up until the 5th enhancement, the players only need to complete the class enhancement mission to advance. From the 6th enhancement and up, however, a certain lucky chance was required. At the moment, no player had reached the 6th enhancement, so no one knew about this information. Once someone reached that level, this should bring about a huge change.

In that case, I have to hoard up some more uncommon items. Fatty inwardly reminded himself.

Lucas spent roughly three hours to draw the formation. Then, he arranged the various magic spirit stones, placed three pieces of Magic Origin at the center, and the portal was complete.

“It’s done!” Lucas clapped his hands and told Fatty to check.

Fatty couldn’t tell anything from looking at it. If he wanted to teleport, he still had to go to the Black Tortoise City Lord Manor and ask to establish the connection.

“Thank you, master.” Fatty offered the Spatial Spoon with two hands.

Finally obtaining the Spatial Spoon, Lucas was overjoyed. Even his bald head flushed red from excitement.

“Excellent! It indeed holds a portion of spatial rules within!” Lucas was thrilled. He began to study the Spoon on the spot – right next to the newly built Teleportation Portal.


A strange occurrence suddenly broke out. In the space around Lucas, wave upon wave of ripples spread out alongside occasional spatial rifts over a meter long.


More and more spatial rifts emerged. What’s more, the rifts gradually expanded and devoured everything around Lucas while also spreading outwards.

“Master, master! The portal!” Fatty hastily called out.

Lucas swept Fatty a glance. Then, a halo radiated at his feet. The space grand magus vanished on the spot and re-appeared mid-air several meters away.


The rifts superimposed until a final, massive, crescent rift over a hundred meters long was formed and swept forth.

Wretched screams echoed from the distance. The massive spatial rift had swept the various monsters within the cloud into nothingness, leaving behind an empty area.

Lucas’ long beard fluttered before his chest despite the absence of wind. His bald head was full of sweat, and his expression suggested that he was under an enormous strain.

The Spatial Spoon hovering before Lucas repeatedly vanished one second and reappeared in the next. In the process, it kept emitting a white light that streamed into Lucas’ body.

Hoo… The Spoon suddenly burst with a blinding light along with an unknown fluctuation. Reck’s face instantly changed.

“Move back! That’s God-tier space power!”

“AHH! My Holy Spirit Island! Master Lucas, please move further away!” Fatty had retreated to a far distance when he saw the residual force of the fluctuation swept onto the Holy Spirit Island. Instantly, the edge of the isle was smashed into large pieces of rock, before the rocks quickly turned into fine dust and vanished in the air.

“He can’t hear you. You must move the island away!” Reck shouted.

Before Reck’s reminder, Fatty already used his owner identity to urge the huge isle into operation and steered it away from Lucas.

The Godly space power kept surging out. When it touched a drifting corpse of some monster near Lucas, the corpse soundlessly turned into ashes.

“That’s the power of space? Formidable!” Fatty had left the Holy Spirit Island to come back and observe.

“That’s only the remnants of God-tier space power, but just this bit still isn’t something we can touch.” Reck’s eyes revealed envy and admiration. “This is what they call ‘all roads lead to Rome.’ Every branch of magic, when cultivated to the highest level, will all be capable of destroying Heaven and Earth with even the tiniest movement.”

Properly sitting cross-legged in the air, Lucas’ outfit swayed without wind. His white beard fluttered in a very sage-like and otherworldly fashion. Only, the constant spatial fluctuation around him plus the occasional rifts clearly showed how dangerous of a character he was.

“He still hasn’t ranked up?” Fatty was a bit nervous.

“No need to be anxious. He has waited for several decades. Waiting a little bit longer is nothing,” Reck said.

“Master, what tier are you?” Fatty suddenly asked.

“Me? Cough… My sole interest is alchemy. I don’t care for cultivation at all,” Reck replied.

“Oh, I see. So you’re not as strong as master Lucas.” Fatty nodded.

“Brat, what do you know.” Reck was instantly displeased. “I am an Alchemy Grandmaster! Do you know what ‘Alchemy Grandmaster’ means?!”

Not waiting for Fatty to reply, Reck went on, “Being an existence second to only Alchemy God, Alchemy Grandmaster is equal to the rank of Saint Magus.”

“That formidable?” Fatty looked dubiously at Reck. “I don’t believe you.”

“Pfff!” Reck truly wanted to cough up blood. He nearly lost control of the urge to poison the fatty to death. Swatting his arm, Reck decided to ignore him.

“Master, we’ve known each other for a long time. Are there any unique recipes that you might want to pass on to me?” Fatty began to pester Reck.

“Plenty. Insta-health refill, insta-mana refill, all-injury recovery, poison capable of killing Celestial monsters, all stats increase, etc. Which do you want?” Reck asked.

“I want them all.” Fatty’s eyes shone brightly.

“Give it!” Reck extended his hand.

“Give what?”

“I won’t mistreat you. A strand of Dragon Revolution Herb or a remnant of a Divine item for a recipe.”


This time, it was Fatty’s turn to cough up blood.

“And you said you wouldn’t mistreat me?!” Fatty yelped.

“Alright, cut the crap. Hurry and watch, the crucial moment has come.” Reck fixed his eyes on Lucas.

The fluctuation spreading out from Lucas grew fiercer and fiercer, as countless white and blue lights flashed. Amidst all the radiance, Lucas seemed to become one with the space.


Suddenly out of nowhere, a lightning bolt struck out of a massive spatial rift above Lucas.

Whoosh. Lucas abruptly stood up and took a step. A ripple briefly spread out where he stepped on before he abruptly vanished on the spot.

“Hahaha, finally!” Virtually at the same time, Lucas appeared in front of Reck. The two old men disregarded public opinion and tightly hugged each other.

“It’s been hard” Reck patted Lucas on the shoulder.

“It’s been more than just hard. I lagged at the Grand Magus rank for several decades. Today, I’ve finally advanced!” Lucas exclaimed emotionally.

“Master… About Sky City?” Fatty asked.

“Here you go.” Lucas flicked out a damaged map.

The map looked extremely ancient and tattered. Fatty instantly sensed a profound conception being transmitted out from just one glance at it.

“Back then, when I had just advanced to Grand Magus, I went out to train and got this map from an old castle. Even though it’s damaged, you still can tell that it’s about Sky City. Whether you can find it is up to your ability,” said Lucas.

“Thank you, master.” Fatty honestly meant it.

“By the way, now that I’m a Saint Magus, I can build an even bigger Teleportation Portal. If you really find Sky City, you can come to me. But you know the price,” Lucas added.

“It’s not gonna be another Divine remnant, is it?” Fatty smiled helplessly.

“The Spatial Spoon is now useless since there’s no more Godly power within.” Lucas waved the Spoon back and forth. “But, if you can gather all of the parts and restore the Divine object, I can reactivate it after I breakthrough to the God realm. Alright, Reck, let us leave.”

Nodding towards Fatty, Reck and Lucas directly teleported to the Imperial Capital amidst a halo.

“Mmm, a Divine remnant for a portal worth several dozen million gold coins, plus a clue to Sky City. Not too shabby.” Fatty contemplated.

Hiding the Holy Spirit Island in an even more concealed area, Fatty returned to the Imperial Capital and used the last chance of his Teleportation Token.

Whoosh. At Black Tortoise City, Fatty appeared on the Teleportation Portal connecting to the Imperial Capital. Ignoring the startled eyes in the surroundings, he hurried to the city lord manor.

“You want to activate a Teleportation Portal from Black Tortoise City to the Holy Spirit Island?” Lin Xi smelled his tea and lazily eyed Fatty. The city lord then grew sharp and kept staring at him. “You’re quite something to get your hands on the Holy Spirit Island, and even had Lucas set up a portal for you. What did you give him?”

Fatty had to explain to Lin Xi about what happened.

“What? Lucas has advanced to Saint Magus?” Lin Xi briefly pondered. “Call for Jijilu.”

“My lord.” Jijilu quickly arrived.

“Little Fatty, tell Jijilu everything from the start,” Lin Xi said.

Per command, Fatty narrated the story once again. Jijilu grew more and more shocked as he listened.

“Lucas actually advanced to Saint Magus,” Jijilu muttered to himself.

“Grandmaster, do you think this will work for you as well?” Lin Xi asked.

“It’s difficult.” Jijilu shook his head. “Our circumstances differ, so his method might not work for me. I would like to try it though.”

Lin Xi nodded. “So, little Fatty, go find Grandmaster Jijlu a Divine space item.”

“What the heck!” Fatty blurted out. “You think Divine items are so easy to find?!”

“Your Teleportation Portal?” Lin Xi reminded.

“My lord, you know that Divine items, especially Space-attribute ones, are extremely hard to find. Can you give me a clue or something?” Fatty asked expectantly.

“If I had any clue, what would I need you for?” Lin Xi rolled his eyes at Fatty. “I’ll open your portal first. You’d better find a Divine item fast.”

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