Chapter 24 Chaotic Battle

Chapter 24 – Chaotic Battle

Fatty rested a while, then snuck around in stealth mode to pick up all of the drops from the Skeletal General. After that, he cast Harvest onto the corpse and procured another skeletal spark, Deceased Soul - Skeletal General.

Fatty pondered for a moment after stowing the items away glanced at the entrance to the fifth level, which he had unlocked when he killed the boss. 

Eventually, he shook his head with a sigh. The fourth level’s boss is already so difficult, so the fifth level’s will be even more so. Frostfang might be good, but it’s too low-level. I only barely scraped by just now, the health regen of the next boss monster is probably even higher than the DoT (damage over time) of the weapon!

“Ahhhh,” Fatty felt his heart itched. The fat on his face vibrated as he sobbed, the sadness of being unable to take anything from a mountain of treasure in front of him was tearing away at him.

“I have to farm! Farm!” Fatty gritted his teeth. I have to grind levels. I can only kill boss monsters and earn lots of money when my level is high enough!

He took one last look at the entrance, then turned around and returned to the fourth level. However, that was not an ideal floor for him to farm EXP in. The ranged attacks from the Skeletal Archers coupled with the high defense of the Skeletal Knights meant that it would be way too troublesome for a rogue like him to farm solo.

Thus, he decided to sneak back up to the third floor. 

Just when he got there, a chill ran down his spine as a fireball swept past his head. Fatty looked up in fright, then saw that the entirety of the third floor was a mess.

“What the f*ck, which bastard tried to ambush me!?” Fatty cursed, but still nimbly hid in a corner. A chaotic fight was not a place for someone like him to stand forth like a hero.

“Kill! Kill! Kill that bastard!” said a familiar a voice. It was Darksnow.

“F*ck, Wind God’s World, you’re just asking for it!” Oh, it’s my old friend, Cloud Dragon Sailing.

“Cloud Dragon Sailing, I haven’t gotten even for last time yet, and you are coming to f*cking kill steal again!?” Even from afar, Fatty could see Wind God’s World’s face turn an infuriated red.

“Everybody, calm down. Calm down, peace is… F*ck, who shot me!? Which bastard was it!? Come out here! Do you think your Lord East Gate is easy picking!?” East Gate BlowingWind was originally only watching the chaotic fight between the other players with great interest, but then someone shot an arrow at him, so he immediately charged into the fray with a wave of his lance in anger.

“Ahh, so lively.”

At that moment, the only group who wasn’t getting involved was Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord, someone Fatty wasn’t familiar with. They were all standing by the entrance of the third floor and occasionally clapped with interest.


A bowl-sized fireball smashed right in the middle of Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord’s face. He immediately stopped clapping with a frozen smile on his face, while his entire body trembled.

“Y-You bastards! Brothers, KILLLLL!” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord howled, then quit being an audience member. He drew his sword and stabbed at the nearest player not from his guild.

“F*ck, who was that? Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord? F*ck this shit, bros, get him!”

And thus, Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord’s gang of a dozen or so people joined the fray as well.

At that moment, most of the monsters on the level were already killed off. Only a single lonely and isolated monster stood in middle of the groups of people. It was the big boss of the third floor, the Knight Commander. It was very clear that it was the source of all the fighting.

However, all of the players were already in intense combat, so they didn’t pay any attention to it at all.

“Snowy, stop fighting. You only just got your class enhancement,” Liu Lan used Charge to knock back an enemy player, then pulled Darksnow back from the fight.

“No, I have to kill that bastard,” Darksnow’s face was red, but Fatty was unable to tell whether it was from excitement or something else. She no longer threw out small fireballs, but rather, she hurled out a series of large fireballs. It was clearly a skill she learned after getting her class enhancement.

“Ahh, what a lively show,” Meanwhile, Fatty squatted in a corner and watched on.

“Oh? Peerlessprodigy? That f*cker’s Xu Quan!” Fatty jumped up and got ready to join in the fight. However, he thought about it for a moment, then stopped himself. “Lord Fatty came to get rich, not to fight.”

Fatty shook his head. Joining in the fight would make me seem too stinger. Alright, maybe fighting wasn’t right, but I still can’t let them have this Knight Commander.

“Keep fighting, I’m going to poison the boss first.”

Experience rewards in the game were based on the proportion of damage dealt to the monster. This was to prevent some cash players hiring people to carry them. Meanwhile, everyone who dealt damage to a monster would have a right to pick up the dropped items. Yet, it was this setting that caused a lot of fights between players.

At that moment, although the Knight Commander had no guards around it, it was still at full health. It was clear that one of the groups were noticed right after they had cleared away all of the guards.

“Get people over here and clear these bastards away!” Xu Quan was the loudest amongst everyone. Someone like him cared most about these sorts of things. Not only did it make him seem high and mighty, he was able to please a certain someone as well. Of course, that was assuming that they would remain as the final victor.

“Stop fighting, we’re leaving,” Liu Lan pulled on Darksnow’s robes. “The Knight Commander has already been killed once, so it won’t drop anything good now.”

“Oh yeah, you’re right. Let’s go,” Darksnow suddenly realized the truth as well. Only the first time a boss monster of the Knight Commander’s level gets killed would it drop good equipment. The drops from the second or third time it dies would be pretty much the same as the drops from a normal monster.

“What!? The Knight Commander has already been killed once!?” Xu Quan looked over in surprise. “Lil’ Sis Lan, how did you know that?”

“Of course we know. We did it,” Darksnow answered. “Also, Xu Quan, don’t be so thick-skinned. Lil’ Sis Lan is not a name for you to call.”

“You!?” Xu Quan was angry, but he couldn’t say anything to Darksnow. So he could only vent his anger on the other players.

“Be careful, the monsters are respawning!”

Countless Skeletal Knights suddenly appeared in the room, and the players, who were locked in combat were completely surrounded. Then, a few terrible screams sounded out, and many unfortunate players were sent back to the city’s respawn point.

Here’s my chance! Fatty already crept next to the Knight Commander in stealth. Taking the opportunity of the newly respawned Skeletal Knights blocking the vision of the other players, he used Coil.

A huge silver python appeared out of nowhere and coiled around the Knight Commander.


Fatty’s expression drastically changed when he saw the huge MISS appear above the Knight Commander’s head.

Poison Fang! Fatty clenched his teeth, then retreated while slashing forward with Frostfang, causing the Knight Commander to glow with a green light.


The Knight Commander locked onto Fatty. It was as if it was saying “It’s that damn lecherous rogue again!”

Before Fatty could retreat, it had already swept its lance forward and activated Tremor.


Fatty forcefully used Frostfang to parry the attack. However, he was still knocked back by the force, while his health bar dropped drastically. There was nothing he could do. After all, he was already very lucky that he wasn’t dead after clashing with a boss monster more than ten levels higher than him head on as a solo rogue.

Retreat! Fatty immediately made up his mind. He immediately used his old trick of getting underneath a horse’s stomach once again. The Knight Commander tried to chase, but its subordinate guards blocked its path, causing it to roar out in anger.

“Someone’s fighting the boss,” somebody shouted. The entire room grew utterly silent for a moment, then an even greater ruckus appeared.

“F*ck, Cloud Dragon Sailing, you sent someone over in secret to fight the boss again?” Wind God’s World was furious. Not only did he drop a level because of Cloud Dragon Sailing fighting him for Diggy Rat the previous time, he also had to spend a lot of unnecessary money. That’s why he was already very angry when he saw Cloud Dragon Sailing. If it wasn’t because he needed to farm his levels back, he would have gotten over to fight Cloud Dragon Sailing ages ago.

“F*ck, dude. Wind God, are you mentally challenged? Can’t you see my people fighting your people here?” Cloud Dragon Sailing did not back down, while their fight only grew more heated.

“Who is it!? Who is it!?” Xu Quan roared angrily with a menacing look on his face.

Phew. Fatty immediately activated Stealth when he got out of combat, then snuck back over to the side to watch the show.

Although the damage from Poison Fang ticked in very slowly, it was still undoubtedly dealing damage. Yet, since the Knight Commander was relatively high leveled for the current players, Fatty was rather anxious as he watched its health tick away.

“Boss, stop fighting. The boss is more important,” Cloud Dragon Windwielder said quickly.

“God damn it, do you think I want to fight right now? Can’t you see Wind God’s World sticking to me like a rabid dog?” Cloud Dragon Sailing said angrily.

“Boss, the boss is more important,” some of the Wind God’s Guild’s players also said to Wind God’s World.

“I don’t care about the damn boss, I must kick Cloud Dragon Sailing’s ass today,” Wind God’s World was already immersed in combat as he chased relentlessly after Cloud Dragon Sailing.

“Big bro, should we?” one of East Gate BlowingWind’s subordinate asked.

“F*ck off!” East Gate BlowingWind knocked an enemy player back. “Go, get the boss.”

“Stop fighting, the boss is more important,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord was fighting happily, but when he saw East Gate BlowingWind lead his people over to the Knight Commander, he also rallied his subordinates to do the same.

“Ahh, a boss. A boss!” Darksnow exclaimed in excitement, while Xu Quan led their people over.

“F*ck this. Wind God’s World, I just stole your boss once, do you need to force me like this? What’s more, that boss got stolen by someone else in the end. If you’re going to cause trouble, go and find that Money Grubber,” Cloud Dragon Sailing retreated and cursed. He didn’t have as many people around him as the Wind God’s Guild did. What’s more, some of his subordinates were locked in combat with other players, so he had to face off against three of Wind God’s World’s people.

“How would the boss monster get stolen by the Money Grubber if not for you!?” Wind God’s Guild continued his assault with determination.

Meanwhile, Fatty was in a corner of the room. He only had the chance to poison the monster once, then another opportunity never popped up again. The Knight Commander was surrounded by the groups led by East Gate BlowingWind, Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord and Xu Quan. Everybody was fighting to make the final blow.




The players got more and more nervous as the boss monster’s health dropped lower. It was a level 20 boss monster, they were certain that it would drop a few good items even though it had already been killed once.

“Big Sis Lan, where are you going?” Liu Lan did not go and attack the boss. Rather, she stepped toward the entrance to the fourth floor.

“I’m going to the fourth floor,” Liu Lan walked over to the entrance, then applied a buff on herself.

Guard was a Knight only skill accessible after the first class enhancement. It decreased the user’s damage by 30% and increased defense by 30%.

The first thing she saw when she got to the fourth floor was the huge corpse of the Skeletal General on the ground.

The fourth floor’s boss already killed? Liu Lan was shocked. The figure of the chubby rogue appeared in her mind.

This is weird, why does that damn fatty look so familiar. I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before. Wait, could it be him? No, if it’s him, then he should have been able to recognize me. Liu Lan thought to herself, then turned around and returned to the third floor.

“Everyone, stop fighting. The fourth floor’s boss monster has already been killed.”

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