Chapter 239 Real life Bai Xiaosheng

Chapter 239 – Real life Bai Xiaosheng

“Miss, may this humble me have the honor of enjoying a drink with you?” A young man with elegant bearings sat down next to Liu Lan and snapped his fingers to order a drink.

“Of course, eh…” Liu Lan raised her cup and hazily looked at the man. The latter was secretly delighted until he heard her next word, “Not.”

The sound of mocking laughter rang out from the surroundings. The man’s face instantly turned gloomy.

“Haha, Young Master Liang, you lost!” His companions noisily called out.

Most of the young people all stayed in the game these days, especially today when the challenge round was going to take place, so Fatty was quite surprised to see several young men here.

Ignoring the man whose face had turned ugly from humiliation, Liu Lan kept drinking her wine.

Chugging down one drink after another like that, even a person with decent alcohol tolerance would get drunk, let alone Liu Lan who wasn’t one.

Under the young man’s eyes that grew darker and darker, Liu Lan staggered to her feet, about to leave.

“Sit down.” The young man pressed on her shoulders, sitting her back down.

Shooting the man a glance, Liu Lan grabbed his cup and splashed it all over him.

“Little brat, you actually have the guts to misbehave in front of me? You're looking to die?!”

“Hiss…” Cheng Xiong gasped. “Fatty, your former boss is too fierce!”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Fatty chuckled painfully. He stood up and walked over.

“Friend, your method is outdated. Watch me.” Fatty held back the furious young man with one hand, then turned to Liu Lan. “Young miss, may I have the honor of spending the night with you?”

“Oh?” Looking at the ‘swaying’ Fatty in front of her, Liu Lan laughed. “If you aren't afraid to die, then sure.”

“Bye-bye,” Fatty even politely bid farewell to the man before dragging Liu Lan off by the hand.

The man gawked in shock as the two walked to the door before regaining his wits.

“Stop!” He shouted.

Xiao Jiang and Cheng Xiong poured more wine into their cups, leisurely waiting to watch the show. Looking at the several young men that had come up to block him, Fatty creased his brows.

One of the men made a quick phone call, then said to Fatty, “Brat, you actually want to leave after you’ve humiliated Young Master Liang like that?”

At a corner, a middle-aged man furrowed his brows at the scene and stood up, but sat back down after thinking about something.

“What do you want then?” Looking at the reckless and ignorant fools before him, Fatty asked indifferently.

Very soon, a dozen bodyguards in black suits rushed into the bar and surrounded Fatty and Liu Lan.

“Beat him! How can a man be called a man if he doesn’t get back his stolen woman?!” A booming voice suddenly resounded. Fatty was between laughter and tears. The source of the shout was that bastard, Cheng Xiong.

“Gentlemen, please don’t…” The frightened bartender approached, only to be driven away by a simple ‘scram!’ from Young Master Liang.

“Brat, you don’t know who I am and yet you dared humiliate this young master? Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you. Break his legs, this will give him a little warning,” Young Master Liang waved his hand and said in a nonchalant tone.

“Fine! If you wanna drink then drink! Like I’m afraid of you!” Liu Lan suddenly let go of Fatty’s hand and said to Young Master Liang.

“Heh, if this lady is willing to accompany me for a drink, then he can keep one leg. Just break one.” Young Master Liang was visibly happy. He instructed the bodyguards and reached out his hand to grab Liu Lan’s.

“AHHHH!” A wretched scream resounded. Hugging his right arm, Young Master Liang staggered back several steps before he stumbled his butt onto the ground. His right arm was bent at an unnatural angle, obviously broken.

“Beat him! Beat him to death!!” His face ashen in pain, Young Master Liang roared.

His companions’ faces changed as well. They were all people with status and had never been humiliated like this. What Fatty hit wasn’t just Young Master Liang’s arm, but also their faces.

“Beat him dead, I’ll take responsibility for any consequences,” a young man with pale complexion coldly said.

“Damn it! This young master had my top 100 rank taken away and is very irritated right now. You can be the perfect outlet for my anger!” another man shouted.

“Young men, there’s no need to make a mountain out of a molehill.” The middle-aged man in the corner finally stood up.

“Who the hell are you to meddle in our business? Any more nonsense and you’ll be beaten up along with him!” The one who complained about his rank being taken away turned around and screamed viciously.

“I’m indeed nobody, but even Zhao Dexin has to call me ‘big brother’ when he sees me,” the middle-aged man blandly commented.

“Who the heck is that bastard Zhao Dexin? If this young master ever sees him…” the young man started to curse loudly when…

“Young Master Zhao!” His friends immediately stopped him. Blinking his eyes, Young Master Zhao finally realized. Zhao Dexin, isn’t that my pop’s name?

“Motherf*cker, you dare toy with me?! I…” Young Master Zhou pointed at the middle-aged man, wanting to come at him.

“Shut your mouth!” The pale man shouted. He seemed to be the leader of the group. Young Master Zhou immediately shut up at his shout.

“I am Du Pei of the Du family. If I may ask, sir, what’s your relationship with uncle Zhao?” the pale man asked very politely.

“Du Pei, huh? I even cradled you when you were born.” Du Pei’s face instantly changed upon those words from the middle-aged man.

“Can I have your last name? So that I can inform my father when he asks.” Du Pei lowered his attitude even more.

“I’ll pay your family a visit in two days. You’ll know then.” The middle-aged man waved his hand in dismissal. “There’s no need to make such a big fuss over this tiny matter. You lot should leave.”

“Young Master Du?” Young Master Liang was helped up by his friends. His face was dripping with sweat from the pain.

After some hesitation, Du Pei nodded towards the middle-aged man. “Two days later, I’ll be at home to welcome your visit, sir. Let us leave.”

Under the middle-aged man’s interference, the dispute was settled just like that.

“No fight. Boring!” Cheng Xiong mumbled and chugged down his wine.

“Thank you, mister.” Fatty politely cupped his fist.

“It’s nothing.” The middle-aged man sat down and ordered Fatty a drink. “Let me introduce myself, mhm, there’s no need for real-life names. Try and guess my in-game name.”

You call that a self-introduction? Liu Lan rested her head on Fatty’s shoulder and sized up the middle-aged man.

“Guild Master of the All-Knowing Sect?” Fatty said after pondering for a bit.

“Haha, Money Grubber indeed lives up to his reputation.” Bai Xiaosheng laughed heartily and raised his cup towards Fatty.

Fatty nodded with a smile. While he made many friends in-game, there were few at this age. HeadofGod was definitely still in the game right now so he couldn’t be here; Fierce Dragon TheTalent wasn’t young, but he wasn’t this old. Therefore, Bai Xiaosheng was the only one left.

“Bai Xiaosheng?” Whether Liu Lan or Xiao Jian and even Cheng Xiong were stunned by this.

Who wouldn’t know the resounding name of Bai Xiaosheng? The All-Knowing Sect was the top business organization in-game and much more famous than even the top rogue guild God Familia.

“So it’s Guild Master Bai Xiaosheng. Nice to meet you.” Xiao Jiang dragged Cheng Xiong over with their drinks.

“Willowinthewinds, OneSwordtoHeaven. Eh, this guy’s account is foreign, he doesn’t count as a Chinese.” Fatty gestured towards the three with a simple introduction.

“What do you mean I don’t count as a Chinese? The blood running through your bro’s veins is pure Chinese, alright!?” Cheng Xiong slapped Fatty’s hand away and said to Bai Xiaosheng, “Even though my character isn’t in China, but the great names of the All-Knowing Sect and especially Guild Master Bai Xiaosheng resound in my ears all the same.”

“Mister, why didn’t you partake in the Individual challenge round?” asked Liu Lan. Unless there was some unexpected event, they should all be in the game right now.

“No mood.” Bai Xiaosheng took a small sip from his cup. “After the Individual challenge round, it’s the Worldwide top 100 rankings. To put it simply, it’s a rehearsal for the real national war. It doesn’t matter who claims number one, the important thing is that we can analyze the other nations’ overall power through this competition.”

“You mean…” Fatty seemed to get something.

“Every world-class game will have a national war,” Bai Xiaosheng stated. “The game is the mini version of real life. The competition in-game affects reality as well.”

“When a nation wins, it’ll benefit. If it loses, there will be a string of sequential reactions that will cause negative effects on society in the end,” Liu Lan continued his words.

“So, for social stability, the national war must be won,” Bai Xiaosheng concluded.

“This is what you’ve been worried about?” Xiao Jian laughed carefreely. “The national war should be the worry of the big guilds and not ours. When the time comes, we’ll only need to follow their lead.”

“Heh, I was just lamenting a little.” Bai Xiaosheng revealed a wide smile. “National borders will open at level 50, but only with a border pass. Even if a national war breaks out, it’d be only small-scale.”

“National borders open at level 50? Is this confirmed?” Fatty asked.

“It’s confirmed.” Bai Xiaosheng nodded. “After the top 100 deciders, the top 10 of each category will receive a border pass. When the national border opens, Star Fantasia will send them out of the country to participate in the World Tournament.”

“The border has to open first for the competition to be possible? What’s with the border pass thing?” Fatty was stunned.

“Mhm. The World top 100 decider won’t be the same. Each country will be counted as a unit to partake in a battle royale. Whichever country kills the most participants will claim the number one rank,” explained Bai Xiaosheng.

The idea was simple. After opening up the national borders, each participant with their border pass was free to go wherever they wanted. Killing a foreign participant would earn one point. A month later, rankings would be determined based on the total points. The country with the most points would claim the world championship and so on.

As for the border pass, it was a type of certificate dropped only by level 60 and above monsters. One must possess that certificate to leave the country. Returning was much simpler, the players could go back to where they had come from without the certificate.

“This arrangement will put a limit on the scale of national wars,” Liu Lan remarked.

“That’s right. It was made exactly to limit the scale of national wars. One main city of ours already has more people than other countries’ total population. It’d be unfair if everyone could join. Otherwise, why would Star Fantasia bother to add such a limitation?” Bai Xiaosheng nodded.

“Looks like some people are afraid of our revenge.” Xiao Jian chuckled sinisterly.

“We can get our revenge all the same even with the limitation.” Cheng Xiong stroke his bald head. “I must get my account to the CN region asap.”

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