Chapter 238 First Snow

Chapter 238 – First Snow

Cold winds screamed and scattering snow was blown through the window to Fatty’s neck. He couldn’t help but shiver at the chilling touch.

Gazing at the snowstorm outside, all kinds of thoughts ran through Fatty’s mind.

Yesterday, the First Under Heaven Tournament Guild category had officially ended with a declared draw by the system, rousing intense discontent from Golden Scale TheMighty as well as countless accusations of cheating from the players.

“The opponent party was all dead. Why aren’t we the winners?!” Exiting the field, Golden Scale TheMighty directly shouted at the Star Fantasia staff in charge of the tournament.

“How do you know if they were all dead?” The person in charge was one of the higher-ups in Star Fantasia. His position had been introduced at the tournament grand opening, but too bad Fatty wasn’t present, so he didn’t know what it was.

“Because everyone died! How was anyone not dead then?” Golden Scale TheMighty’s voice grew smaller and smaller as a thought crossed his mind. Could it be that Money Grubber didn’t die?

“That’s a matter of player privacy, we cannot disclose too much. All I can say is that he indeed didn’t die.”

In the face of Golden Scale TheMighty’s dissatisfaction and the doubt from countless other players, the person in charge said those words in an absolute tone. Golden Scale TheMighty could only remain silent. There was no need for Star Fantasia to lie to him. Moreover, what could he do even if they did lie to him?

As for why Fatty didn’t die, it became a hot topic as everyone was kept guessing whether it was a skill or a tool. However, Fatty only responded with a smile and refused to reveal anything.

What a joke. If they knew and linked it to that event in Mass Graves when he tricked countless players, he’d be done for.

However, a draw was not the desired outcome. After counsel, God Familia was unanimously declared victorious. The reason was simple: their thirteen people beat up your one hundred into such a state, can you say that you’re better than them?

Therefore, the final result was that God Familia claimed the championship.

Once the result was out, some were happily convinced, some were displeased, but it didn’t affect the mood at all. Those that were in good relationships with God Familia all came over to offer congratulations, while Golden Scale TheMighty swung his arms and directly logged off.

Fatty chatted with his friends a little before logging off to rest. He’d been through over a month of an arduous mission plus two matches, even his sturdy body found it difficult to hold up.

The awards ceremony took place today. The top 100 in both categories all received decent rewards, especially the top 3 who got special rewards in addition to the gold coins.

Before the awards ceremony, two additional competitions were held. One was the Individual challenge round, and the other was the rank decider for the four main cities.

Initially, Fatty had a plan to partake in the Individual challenge for some gold coins, but a phone call ruined it. A long lost friend had come looking for him.

The snowfall was getting heavier and heavier and could rival the one that the God Slayer Alliance had created in the semi-finals as it was blocking everyone’s sight. Wearing a simple sweater and a pair of sunglasses, Fatty waited for his friend by the roadside.

Waiting together with him was Xiao Jian. Unlike Fatty who could endure the cold well, he wrapped himself up tightly in a military trench coat.

“What a brat! He could have come anytime sooner or later, yet he chose now of all times. Trying to find some thrill in this weather or something?!” Xiao Jian violently kicked up the snow at his feet.

Screeeech… A white BMW emitted an ear-scratching sound and skidded several dozen meters before stopping right next to Fatty and Xiao Jian. A bald man opened the door.

The man just got his head out when he suddenly withdrew back into the car as if terrified by the chilling wind. After a short while, he finally got off.

“This is quite a snowfall.” The man temporarily ignored Fatty and Xiao Jian. Instead, he stretched out his palm to catch the snow.

“You’re very lucky to catch up with the first snow of the year.” Fatty and Xiao Jian walked up to the man and hugged him.

“You bet I am!” The bald man patted his shiny bald head and exclaimed. “I already forgot what snow was like after staying in Africa for so long. This is the first snow I’ve seen in the past few years.

The bald man, Cheng Xiong, was an old friend of Fatty and Xiao Jian. After an unexpected event, he had to flee the country to some god-forsaken corner in Africa for several years.

“Let’s go, take a romantic walk in the snow with me.” Cheng Xiong excitedly dragged the two into a slow walk in the snow.

Fatty and Xiao Jian gave a helpless chuckle and let Cheng Xiong drag them away. In the heavy snowstorm, the three steadily moved forwards, leaving deep footprints behind them.

“After that incident, you left the country, and I enrolled in the military. Fatty even moved to another place with Xiaoqian.”

The three chatted as they walked.

“Xiaoqian huh? She must be in college now?” Cheng Xiong grinned.

“I warn you, you’d better not be up any evil ideas about her.” Xiao Jian shot him a glare. “Of course, if you think you can beat up Fatty in a fight, you may try.”

“That… I’ll pass.” Cheng Xiong laughed and hastily left the topic at that.

“Fatty, why aren’t you saying anything?” Xiao Jiang glanced at Fatty, who’d been very quiet.

“Recalling old pasts.” Fatty inhaled a deep breath, then immediately exhaled. A current of wind cleaved the snow in front of him like an arrow and went for over a meter.

“Breath Like Arrow? You’ve trained to this level?!” Cheng Xiong’s face abruptly changed, his bald head began to drip with sweat. The snow that landed on his head also melted and dripped down.

“You’re not too shabby yourself. I can tell that you haven’t slacked off one bit.” Fatty eyed Cheng Xiong. Then, he took another deep breath, made a first with his right hand, and gave a loud cry.


Fatty struck a blow. The falling snow before him suddenly stopped, before abruptly spinning in a screaming whirlwind that shot out a dozen meters.

An area of over ten meters in front of them was wiped clean of any snow, even cleaner than if someone had splashed water on it.

“I still can’t reach your level.” Cheng Xiong sighed with a dejected expression.

“You’re not bad yourself.” Fatty patted Cheng Xiong’s shoulder. “To be honest, your arrival is very untimely today. Lord Fatty just lost several million because of you. You have to compensate me.”

“No prob! Your bro is a rich man now!” Cheng Xiong beat his chest and said in a loud voice, attracting scornful eyes from several nearby pedestrians.

Today had such heavy snow outside and the awards ceremony in-game, not to mention an outstanding challenge round to watch, so there weren’t many people out on the road. Unless there were important matters, virtually no one was willing to go out in such weather.

The trio arrived at a bar. The instant they stepped inside, Fatty was a bit startled to see the familiar back of a person sitting at the bar. It was Liu Lan.

Why is she here and not in the game? Their group sat in a corner, but Fatty kept an eye on her.

A beautiful and graceful person like Liu Lan was the center of attention everywhere she went. In the few minutes since Fatty’s group took their seats, several individuals had tried to approach her but were all turned down.

She wasn’t doing anything but sitting there and chugging down one drink after another, as if depressed by something.

“That’s your former general manager?” Xiao Jian followed Fatty’s eyes and instantly understood. “Say, this general manager of yours seems really nice. And you’re getting old. Why don’t you consider it a little?”

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