Chapter 237 A Draw?

Chapter 237 – A Draw?

Unexpectedly being able to devour God power, not only was Fatty able to avert the crisis, but he also restored a part of the Elemental Skill Book. Fatty was quite satisfied with this result.

Back to the situation at hand, however, he was now in a 1 versus 40-something. It was practically impossible for God Familia to claim the final honor.

The Golden Scale players strode over in proper formation following Golden Scale TheMighty’s lead. Even though this match is a sure win, we still have to search all over for one person. The Guild Master just doesn’t want to let that Money Grubber guy off.

The Nation of Misfortune left behind quite some remnants of energy even after its disappearance. There was still some faint ashen fog drifting about the field. Relying on this, Golden Scale could sense Fatty’s location.

“Money Grubber, still not admitting defeat? Must you really leave this place by dying?” Golden Scale TheMighty shouted.

Two rules of the competition were that all tools used wouldn’t be replaced and players wouldn’t lose levels upon death. However, to exit the battlefield by being killed was too much of a face-slapping experience.

Fatty pouted and went through his inventory.

Farming at the Holy Spirit Island for over a month, Fatty had acquired a great deal of superb items, the majority of which had level requirements that he hadn’t reached. However, some could be used right now.

Holy Descent
Advanced Light Scroll
Summon a pack of Holy Unicorns to attack the opponent. The number of unicorns summoned is half the user’s level. Their levels are 10 levels lower than the user and cannot exceed 60.
Duration: 30 minutes, or until annihilated by the opponent.

Shadow Puppet
Advanced Dark Scroll
Summon 30 level 55 Shadow Puppets to attack the opponent.
Duration: 30 minutes, or until annihilated by the opponent.

These two scrolls were the more precious ones among the loot. Their combined worth in the market should be around one million gold coins.

The champion rewards were but five million gold coins plus a tool that helped in the guild’s development. From the beginning until now, putting aside everything else, just God of Ice’s Fury and these two scrolls were already worth over four million gold coins. Fatty figured that this wasn’t a cost-effective business.

However, this was no longer a matter of money anymore. The Number 1 Guild Under Heaven title couldn’t be measured or bought with money.

Gently tearing the scrolls, Fatty tossed them out and watched as a pack of pure white unicorns and a group of undersized puppets with distorted faces appear from thin air in front of him.

“Kill!” Fatty growled. The pack of Holy Unicorns flew up and headed towards the Golden Scale party. With slight body shakes, the Shadow Puppets disappeared in the wind. Surprisingly, these puppets were classed as Rogues.

“What are those?” The Golden Scale players all looked up and saw a herd of monsters flying over.

“Holy Unicorns?” Golden Scale TheMighty lifted his arm, about to order his people to evade, when his face abruptly changed. “Watch out for the surroundings!”


The Shadow Puppets attacked a dozen or so players, at least five of which were insta-killed.

“F*ck! Summon Scrolls!” Golden Scale TheMighty immediately knew the source of these monsters.

“At least one million gold coins.” Fierce Dragon TheTalent put up one finger.

“Dang. If we don’t claim the championship this time, it’d be a huge loss.” HeadofGod gave a pained smile, but was inwardly very moved. Honestly speaking, whether or not God Familia could claim the championship shouldn’t be much of Fatty’s concern, so the fact that Fatty used those two scrolls meant that he truly considered God Familia his friends.

Holy Unicorns in the sky and stealthing Shadow Puppets on the ground in a surprise wave of attacks temporarily sent the Golden Scale players into a mess.

However, after losing about fifteen people, the Golden Scale Guild finally reorganized and started dealing with the monsters.

Golden Scale TheMighty was infuriated. Unexpected things kept happening when it should have been a sure win situation.

The number of monsters wasn’t many, only over fifty or so. Their levels weren’t high either, the highest were the level 55 Shadow Puppets. After the Golden Scale party calmed down and arranged an effective counter-attack, they spent ten-odd minutes to wipe out the monsters at the cost of another dozen members.

These casualties weren’t caused by the monsters, but by Fatty’s ballista. Golden Scale TheMighty’s fury at Fatty went up another level because of this.

Looking at the remaining twenty-odd subordinates, Golden Scale TheMighty was rendered speechless. The enemy had only used two scrolls to kill off more than half of his men.

Golden Scale TheMighty actually had some summon scrolls in his possession as well. However, in this situation when it was already many versus one, those scrolls made no difference at all.

“Look sharp! Follow me! I refuse to believe that we can’t kill him!”

Golden Scale TheMighty was thoroughly enraged now. He disregarded everything and led his people towards Fatty’s direction.

“Watch out, Guild Master! Upfront…” a player behind Golden Scale TheMighty didn’t even finish when several ivy tendrils coiled around their guild master with a whoosh. The spikes on the tendrils viciously penetrated his body.

“Traps!” Golden Scale TheMighty lamented in his heart. How could I be so blind and make such a retarded mistake…

Zoom! Seizing the chance when Golden Scale TheMighty was trapped, a bolt streaked like lightning at his chest. Golden Scale TheMighty still remained clear-headed despite the surprise and tried his best to wiggle to the side.

Fwish! The bolt zoomed past, barely grazing him and only left a mark on his armor. Seeing this, Fatty pocketed the ballista. This weapon wasn’t very convenient when there were few enemies left.

Nearly having been killed, Golden Scale TheMighty calmed down and reminded himself that this was a competition, and taking the championship was the number one priority. He commanded his subordinates to build up a defense on the spot, then simply sat down in a ‘keep hiding all you want, I’m in no hurry’ manner.

Realizing Golden Scale TheMighty’s attitude, Fatty revealed a pained smile. You aren’t in a hurry, but Lord Fatty is! Lord Fatty just spent a million gold coins on you, if my team doesn’t get the championship, it will all go down the drain!

At this moment, the Golden Scale party had nineteen members left including Golden Scale TheMighty. There was less than ten minutes left of the match. This wasn’t just urgent, it was super urgent.

The onlookers all held their breath and waited to see if Fatty still had any tricks up his sleeve left, or maybe he’d throw out some more scrolls.

Calling out the Earth Dragon and his two pets, Fatty took a deep breath and got ready for a brawl.

“What, not hiding anymore?” Seeing Fatty approach on the Earth Dragon, Golden Scale TheMighty snorted coldly and stood up.

“Everyone, ready…” Golden Scale TheMighty raised his right hand up high.


Eighteen players, including the priests, locked on Fatty as their target and attacked all at once.

Whoosh! Fatty instantly vanished. The Earth Dragon roared and raced at the opponents with thunderous steps.

BOOM BOOM BOOM! Schzoom! Whoosh!

All sorts of skills soared in various, colorful lights. Per Fatty’s order, the Earth Dragon forced its way to the eighteen people attacking and dropped all of its skills onto them.

The Earth Dragon was a Yao monster after all. Even though it only killed one player, the majority of the others were left with little health.

Hoo. After two waves of attacks, the Earth Dragon vanished. Fatty was knocked out of his mounted state and was unable to summon it again before the match ended.

Bam! Inky appeared mid-air and killed one player with an Electric Bolt. Then, it speedily flew forth to avoid becoming a still target for the Golden Scale players.

“AHHHHH!” A wretched scream resounded. Wheat had shot out from underground and bit on a player’s neck, directly biting him to death, before quickly fleeing back underground.

In one clash, Fatty lost the Earth Dragon, while the Golden Scale Guild lost two players. It was hard to tell who gained the upper hand, but an undeniable truth was that Fatty was still disadvantaged.

“Let me see if you still have any Earth Dragons left,” Golden Scale TheMighty said between gritted teeth.

“Eight minutes, sixteen people.” Inside the secluded dimension, Fatty calculated and knitted his brows.

Whoosh! A crossbow bolt shot down a half-health mage. Fatty instantly disappeared with Earthwalk.

Now there was only one use left of the Elemental Movement Art.

“Fifteen.” Reappearing at a distance, Fatty didn’t flee and just stood there.

“Don’t give chase.” Golden Scale TheMighty waved his hand dismissively with a cold smile on his face. “We don’t need to do anything, he will come to us himself.”

The fifteen Golden Scale players stationed randomly with Golden Scale TheMighty at the center and quietly waited for time to pass.

Fatty opened the Elemental Skill Book. Several dozen spells were recorded inside, the fruits of Fatty’s entire day of labor.

Knowing that the audience outside could see everything in the field, Fatty covered up a little and quietly cast a skill called Mist.

A mist gradually appeared and expanded until it covered the vicinity of several hundred meters like a dense morning fog. Even if a person stood only a few meters outside the fog, they still wouldn’t be able to make out the situation inside.

“Stay close to one another. Attack anything that you think is a threat.”

Saying so, Golden Scale TheMighty led his team to one side in a defensive formation, then ordered the wind mages to disperse the fog. He was certain that since they couldn’t see Fatty, Fatty couldn’t see them either, and the main thing they needed to guard against was the ballista. As long as they weren’t so unlucky to be shot by it, there would be no danger at all.

“Who says Lord Fatty can’t see?” Fatty took out the X-Ray Mirror. In a white light, the Golden Scale party appeared in the mirror.

BZZZ! The bolt came screaming in front of Golden Scale TheMighty’s horrified eyes, skewering six players before nailing them to a tree.

Out of the six players impaled, five died and one was injured.

The Golden Scale party fell into chaos again. For the second time, Golden Scale TheMighty led his subordinates over ten meters to the side, and at the same time, he ordered the wind mages to hurry and disperse the mist.

BZZZZ! A second bolt was unleashed. It killed three people.

“Damn it! He can see us!”

Fortunately for him, the mist was finally dispersed after that bolt. Golden Scale TheMighty could see the faraway Fatty hastily adjusting the Plenilune Ballista.

“Damn him! Pounce!”

Golden Scale TheMighty didn’t know how Fatty created the mist, but he knew very clearly that if what had happened repeated one more time, his people would all be shot dead.

“Wheat, stop them!”

Fatty shouted urgently. He couldn’t take the opponent head-on because time just didn’t allow it.

Boom! The first attack at Fatty was a fire dragon. The over ten-meter tall, fiery and billowing beast smashed down towards him.

Firewalk. The instant the fire dragon was about to touch his body, Fatty squinted and used the last of his Elemental Movement Art.

Puff! Fatty sliced the throat of the fire mage who just cast Fire Dragon Break then flashed to the side. Even in his death, the mage couldn’t figure out how the enemy could just appear at the tail end of his fire dragon.

A patch of mire suddenly appeared next to Fatty. It was Wheat’s Mire Trap, to help him block attacks from the side. In the sky, Inky cast Mental Breakdown and knocked away another player who intended to sneak up on its master. Therefore, Fatty only needed to deal with two people for now.

Critical Strike + Paralyze + Assassinate + Shadow Kill + crossbow attack…

Using his skills in succession, Fatty’s face twisted with ferocity. He was putting his life on the line.

Reckless Blow!

After slaying a player, Fatty swallowed a red pill and cast Reckless Blow to finish off the other one. Now, the Golden Scale party only had four members left.

Three minutes until the match ended.

“Kill!” Wheat petrified one and Inky held back one, as the remaining two pounced at Fatty altogether.

Filling up his health, Fatty quickly leaped past the Mire Trap towards the petrified player.

This player was quite an unfortunate fellow. He still stood there frozen at a loss ever since Wheat petrified him.

In front of the player’s terrified eyes, Fatty smoothly cast several skills and efficiently finished him off. Behind, Golden Scale TheMighty and the other two were fast approaching.

“Kahhh!” With an ear-piercing shriek, Inky was killed.

Wheat had been chased underground by the opponents’ pets, so it couldn’t be relied on anymore.

“Money Grubber, you’re good, you’re really good.” Golden Scale TheMighty smiled at the peak of his rage. How could he not rage when his sure win had fallen to this state?

The three surrounded Fatty, each slightly waved the weapon in hand and glared at him with deep hatred.

“This… erm… let’s negotiate?” Fatty suddenly said.

“Negotiate? What’s there to negotiate?” Golden Scale TheMighty gave a chilling smile. “Let’s negotiate after I kill you.”

“Wheat!” Fatty suddenly shouted loudly. Wheat shot out and blocked Golden Scale TheMighty.

“Damn rat!” Golden Scale TheMighty pointed a finger. That creepy pet of his, the three-eyed anaconda, speedily slithered out and entangled Wheat.

Clank clank! Fatty brandished his Elemental Sword and fought with the other two players.

Both sides were experts. They were all very adept with their skills. In the middle of the fight, Fatty took two hits but successfully paralyzed one person.

“Mire Trap.” While moving, Fatty used his equipment to cover the Elemental Skill Book and pointed at the ground. Instantly, a huge mire emerged.

Golden Scale TheMighty was stopped on the other side of the mire.

“F*ck!” Golden Scale TheMighty pocketed his magic staff. A golden great bow appeared in his hand, and all his gear also changed into that of an archer.

Raising his bow and nocking the arrow, Golden Scale TheMighty’s expression grew stern as he aimed at Fatty’s back.

“Die!” Fatty quickly replaced the skill book in hand with the God Slayer Crossbow. He fired a bolt and slashed with his sword, killing the paralyzed player.

At this moment, his health was less than a third.

“You can die as well!” The other player, a knight, pounced at him in a crazy manner. He slammed his shield at Fatty.

Bzzz… The sound of an arrow being released resonated from behind. Fatty’s heart skipped a beat. Deciding not to dodge, he gritted his teeth and targeted the knight.

Puff! The moment Golden Scale TheMighty’s arrow penetrated through his back, Fatty also lodged a bolt into the knight’s throat. At the same time, Fatty was knocked up to the sky by the guy’s shield before falling into the mire.

Ba-thud. Fatty and the knight simultaneously died.

“Still, we lost.” HeadofGod let out a long sigh. It was hard to describe what he was feeling right now.

A sense of loss and bitterness, but also a hint of delight.


Several dozen seconds after Fatty fell into the marsh, every player heard the signature sound of the system notification.

“The Guild category finals of First Under Heaven Tournament between God Familia and Golden Scale Guild is a draw.”

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