Chapter 236 Elements vs. Misfortune; Replica

Chapter 236 – Elements vs. Misfortune; Replica

No one could have expected that Golden Scale TheMighty still had such a trump card reserved. That move could rival God of Ice’s Fury that HeadofGod used in the semi-finals. At the current stage of the game, these skills were pretty much BUG level. Compared to them, the God Slayer Alliance’s World of Ice and Snow was like an infant.

While everyone could tell that Golden Scale TheMighty wasn’t going to hold out for long, they also didn’t think God Familia would persevere until that moment.

In just several minutes, God Familia already lost two members. If this went on, the match would end in less than ten minutes.

“Of course, they wouldn’t have made it to the finals without some real talent.” Fatty wasn’t too surprised. He pondered hard for a countermeasure.

At this moment, all of the Golden Scale members had surrounded Golden Scale TheMighty inside several layers of protection so that the bolts wouldn’t be able to reach him.

Moreover, Golden Scale TheMighty didn’t give Fatty any time to adjust the ballista. Fatty had to face much more ashen lights from the gray sun than the rest. If it weren’t that he could resort to the Movement Art during a crisis, he would have already been killed.

Fatty wanted to Earthwalk to Golden Scale TheMighty and kill him, but the opponent’s defense was too truly too tight. The earth mages constantly overturned the soil around, giving Fatty no openings to take advantage of.

“Hahaha, you think that God’s legacy is but a mere support class? Today, I will help you frogs in the well open your eyes. Oh, and you know what, this power that doesn’t even amount to 0.00000001% of the strength of the God of Misfortune!” Golden Scale TheMighty shouted hysterically.

In fact, Golden Scale TheMighty still felt very unwilling to utilize the Power of the Nation just to deal with thirteen people. He originally planned to use this move in the World Tournament’s Guild competition.

Every skill, no matter how high-ranked, possessed certain flaws. Once others figured out those flaws, the effectiveness of the skill would be lessened the next time it was used.

“Damn it! If we still had God of Ice’s Fury…” HeadofGod felt terribly stifled.

The ashen lights carried a sliver of God power. That kind of power in nature was in an entirely different level from that of the players. It simply couldn’t be stopped, only evaded.

In addition, misfortune was inflicted again when these ashen lights successfully hit their targets. Coupled with a hint of God power, this misfortune was impossible to be dispelled with Holy Light Illumines All.


The ground at Fatty’s feet suddenly turned into a patch of swampland. Fatty misstepped and nearly got tripped. Right then, an ashen beam pierced through the air towards him.

Earthwalk. Out of options, Fatty escaped using Earthwalk again. The beam landed on the ground, leaving a deep finger-sized pit.

“So this is the power of God?” The players in the audience and the players watching the live-stream everywhere in the game were all shaken by this type of attack.

“God’s power is omnipresent!”

Golden Scale TheMighty roared. The gray sun gradually darkened and shot out more and more beams like a rain of dancing bullets, forcing Fatty to repeatedly use the Elemental Movement Art.

“Not good, only two uses left!” Fatty exclaimed in shock. Dodging a beam, he brainstormed for a way to break the opponent’s move. So far, God Familia had lost nine people already.

“God power, God power… That’s right! God power!”

It suddenly dawned on Fatty. He hastily took out the Elemental Skill Book.

“I’m just gonna take this risk!”


An ashen beam descended at lightning speed. Fatty nimbly moved and held up the book to receive the beam.


A small snapping sound echoed. The beam exploded into gray fog on the surface of the Elemental Skill Book and was absorbed.

“Alright!” Fatty was overjoyed. He no longer dodged, and instead took the initiative to welcome the beams.

Another ashen light exploded upon collision with the Elemental Skill Book. After absorbing several beams, the book’s ancient, rusty cover finally revealed a hint of color.


Another person died. God Familia only had HeadofGod, TheFugitive, and Fatty still standing.

In contrast to HeadofGod and TheFugitive dodging constantly with their lives on the line, Fatty’s actions startled a great number of onlookers.

“What is he doing?” Not only the players outside, but even Golden Scale TheMighty began to feel unsettled.

Pff! Pff! More and more ashen beams targeted Fatty, who disregarded everything else to absorb them with the raised Elemental Skill Book. Each beam contained only a tiny bit of God power, but with more beams absorbed, the amount accumulated naturally increased.

The Elemental Skill Book suddenly emitted a gentle halo. The God power obviously was much more effective in restoring the book than all of the elemental equipment that Fatty had gathered.

The unsettled feeling weighed more and more heavily in Golden Scale TheMighty’s heart. Even though extremely faint, he could sense the Nation’s power getting weaker.

He couldn’t deploy the Nation of Misfortune with his own ability and had to draw from the little God-tier power left in the Nation. Originally, no matter how much power was used, it would all come back to the Nation in the end. However, now that the Elemental Skill Book was stealing it, this power naturally was sapped away.

“Kekeke…” Resounding laughter echoed right by Fatty’s ear. Surprisingly, Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness was up and about again.

“Nation of Misfortune? Good lad, you actually found some God power. This is much more useful than those trashy equipment. If there’s a chance, you should find some Divine items and let the Elemental Skill Book devour them, the restoration will be even quicker. Huh? You actually have a remnant of a Divine item? Quick quick, use it. It will not only bring back a part of the book’s capability but also restore the Elemental Mystery Realm by 10%!”

Letting Wu Junxiao’s consciousness scream and shout all he wanted, Fatty was completely focused on absorbing the beams. This God-tier energy was his best harvest here. Compared to it, the champion rewards were dregs.

“What’s going on?!” Golden Scale TheMighty finally panicked a little. Just like Fatty, the champion title was dregs to him as well when compared to the Nation of Darkness’ well-being.

“I refuse to believe that I can’t take you down with this!” Golden Scale TheMighty grew ruthless. More and more ashen beams shot down, forcing HeadofGod and TheFugitive into sorry states as they kept dodging.

“Come, come!” Holding the Elemental Skill Book up high, Fatty yelped in excitement and leaped toward the nearest beam.

“Something’s off with that skill book.” Just because Golden Scale TheMighty couldn’t see it, didn’t mean the onlookers couldn’t. Everyone was interested in Fatty’s Elemental Skill Book.

“Elementalist! Ah, it truly lives up to its reputation," Libya praised. The general could one-hit KO Golden Scale TheMighty with his strength, but even he wouldn’t want to get hit by those ashen beams. This wasn’t a matter of power, it was a matter of a higher tier being able to oppress the lower ones.

The tier of God was a threshold that he couldn’t cross.

Pff! Pff!

Two beams fell. HeadofGod and TheFugitive finally failed to dodge and died at the same time.

“Only you are left! How are you still alive?!” Golden Scale TheMighty summoned a dozen of ashen beams to shoot at Fatty all at once.

“Awesome!” Fatty yelled and directed the skill book to welcome them.

Blasting ashen fog enshrouded the Elemental Skill Book. However, a five-colored radiance appeared and dispersed it. After absorbing so much God-tier energy, the book finally regained a skill.

Replica: The upgraded version of Memory.
Novice mastery
Can record Intermediate-rank elemental spells at the success rate of 0.3%. Via this skill, the user can record in the Elemental Skill Book elemental spells that they have seen, with the spell effect at 50% of the original version. When a spell is recorded, it can be used up to three times without using any mana. After three times, the spell will disappear and will have to be recorded once again if the user wants to use it. The more powerful a spell is, the more mana required to record it.
Cooldown: 300 seconds.

Who could have thought that devouring several slivers of God power would upgrade Memory to Replica?

Compared to Memory, Replica was much more terrifying. Just this ‘record in the Elemental Skill Book elemental spells that they have seen, with the spell effect at 50% of the original version’ alone made the Elemental Skill Book an existence that rivaled a Divine item.

Think about it, if Fatty succeeded in replicating the skill of a Divine monster, he could directly flatten an entire city with it. Who would be a match for him then?

“Mhmm? Wait, only me left?” After the ecstasy passed, Fatty reflected back on Golden Scale TheMighty’s words and finally realized the severity of the situation.

“Everyone gather up, prepare to attack,” Golden Scale TheMighty ordered with furrowed brows. Seeing as the beam attack was useless, he lessened the frequency gradually in order to retract the Nation of Darkness.

The gray sun slowly faded, bringing the gray fog that had been blotting the map with it. Fatty felt refreshed all over and cast on himself Holy Light Illumines All.


In a flash of white light, all of the negative effects were completely cleansed. Fatty then vanished in Stealth.

The Golden Scale Guild had over forty members remaining. It would be very difficult if Fatty wanted to kill all of them in less than twenty minutes all by himself.

“We lost.” Outside, HeadofGod sighed as he watched Fatty evading while in Stealth.

“So be it. We are already famous enough for getting to this point with just thirteen people.” TheFugitive wasn’t bothered at all.

“Hey, the match hasn’t ended yet. There’s no need to hurry to a conclusion,” consoled Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

“Money Grubber, you’re the only one left now. Why don’t you just admit defeat? Still hoping to turn the tables at this stage? Is it so interesting to keep wasting time like this?” Feeling very assured of the outcome, Golden Scale TheMighty’s tone was light-hearted.


His response was a black bolt.

Unbudging, Golden Scale TheMighty watched as his subordinates stopped the bolt. While its attack was very powerful, the bolt wasn’t effective against so many players guarding against it at once.

Over forty players of the 4th class enhancement wasn’t a force to be looked down on. Unless Fatty kept hiding and deliberately tried to drag it out, once he showed up, it’d be hard for him to survive till the end of the match, let alone annihilate the enemy party.

“It’s a pity that Adjudication can’t be used yet, otherwise I could try it on them and see how many can survive.”

Looking at the God of Light’s Adjudication skill that Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness had recorded in the Elemental Skill Book, Fatty lamented.

Adjudication was too advanced for the current Fatty. Being able to record this skill with Memory showed very clearly how extraordinary Wu Junxiao was.

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