Chapter 235 Crisis

Chapter 235 – Crisis

Once he exited the map, Fatty took his leave. He still had a lot of things that he needed to complete.

First, Fatty went to the bank to sort out his stuff. Then, he set out to visit every mage that he was acquainted with.

For the time being, the skill Memory could only record low-ranked spells, meaning only those of the 3rd class enhancement and below.

After a busy day, hugging the Elemental Skill Book with several dozen new skills freshly recorded within, Fatty arrived at the competition area for the Guild category finals.

The rest of God Familia were already waiting for Fatty outside. Seeing him, they nodded and waited together for showtime.

“Our opponent for the finals is the Golden Scale Guild,” HeadofGod said in a low voice. These words were for Fatty, the only one who didn’t know the situation.

“Golden Scale Guild? Any expert I should be minding?” Fatty was a little stunned. In his perception, while Golden Scale TheMighty had quite a high background in real life, his guild in the game was just so-so.

“Golden Scale TheMighty has inherited the power of the Misfortune God and gotten the hidden class Envoy of Misfortune. Moreover, he spent a great deal of money to craft a set of Misfortune equipment. While the hidden class isn’t the offensive type, the misfortune curse doesn’t leave many ways to defend against,” explained LeftHandofGod, who was in charge of God Familia’s intelligence system.

Like Purple Bell’s hidden class that had a way to rank up from Yin Yang Inquisitor to Yin Yang Magistrate, Golden Scale TheMight had started off from a pretty low point as well, from an Envoy of Misfortune. He needed enough power, as well as reach a certain level, to become the God of Misfortune.

After Golden Scale TheMighty got out from the Paradise of Misfortune, he began mass gathering materials everywhere, and surprisingly, he was able to make his Misfortune gears at the price of several hundred million RMB. The details of those equipment remained unknown to outsiders. As the equipment of a God, being ascendable was an inevitable feature. Currently, Golden Scale TheMighty’s Misfortune set had been ranked up to Gold-tier.

Golden Scale TheMighty hadn’t participated in the Individual competition and only led his guild members in the Guild category. At the beginning of every match, he always unleashed an AoE curse of misfortune, then inflicted single-target negative effect curses on powerful individual opponents. What happened next would be none of his worries.

The opponents’ making all kinds of mistakes during the matches had been the guarantee that set Golden Scale TheMighty on a straight path with only victory. Many said that he was hit with dog-shit luck; only those who were informed knew how formidable the Golden Scale Guild, or to be exact, Golden Scale TheMighty, was.

“He was able to end his enemy with just negative effects?” Fatty asked in disbelief.

“You didn’t see his matches, so you don’t know just how OP his misfortune is,” HeadofGod said with a pained smile. “Compared to his ability, the misfortune that we dealt with inside the Door of Misfortune was but a baby. Can you imagine when the opponent’s attack is already a miss, but you yourself still jump over to get hit by it?”

“That’s not all. There are too many situations like this that you could never have imagined. The Fierce Dragon Gang is the top guild of Azure Dragon City, but in their match with the Golden Scale Guild, misfortune tormented them so miserably. They lost in the end and had to compete for the lower ranks.

“If so, this Golden Scale Guild is a tough one.” Fatty sipped some wine and clicked his tongue, savouring the taste.

“We originally reserved God of Ice’s Fury for the Golden Scale Guild, but too bad we had to use it in the semi-finals. In the past 24 hours, we’ve been searching for useful tools, but none we’ve seen met our standard.” HeadofGod sighed.

“Who knows?” Fatty chuckled mysteriously.

“Haha! God Familia, you guys came very early,” a voice rang out as Golden Scale TheMighty led his subordinates over.

“Money Grubber, we meet again.” Golden Scale TheMighty nodded to Fatty. “Speaking of which, I still have to thank you. If it weren’t for you taking away the Waterwalk book, I wouldn’t have been able to inherit the legacy of Misfortune.”

“God of Misfortune is merely a small God that only just entered the Legendary realm.” Fatty slightly raised his head. “Elementalist is an existence that you’ll never be able to understand.”

“Is that so?” Golden Scale TheMighty smiled blandly. “Words are useless, let’s see for ourselves on the battlefield. When we defeat you, our guild will be the champion of the CN region. Then, we’ll deploy as the representative of the Xuanhuang1 Ancient Country and claim the world number one!”

“Your ambition is splendid, too bad it’s not very realistic.” TheFugitive rolled his eyes.

The two sides lapsed into silence. When the notification for the match rang out, they nodded towards each other as they were teleported to the field.

This time, the map was Forest, an ideal location for rogues.

”Let’s go.” After the five seconds of protection expired, Golden Scale TheMighty revealed a faint smile, and a magic staff appeared in his hand.

This magic staff looked quite creepy, with bone for the handle and a skull on top. A white and a gray light flashed in the two eye sockets respectively, while the jaw was tightly clamped on a bloody claw.

“I, Envoy of Misfortune Golden Scale TheMighty, in the name of the God of Misfortune, grant you misfortune.”

Golden Scale TheMighty waved his staff. Gray lights appeared in succession from thin air and poured upon the members of God Familia.

System Notification: You have been attacked by the Envoy of Misfortune, Golden Scale TheMighty. You will be entangled by Misfortune for one hour.


The light hadn’t even faded when Golden Scale TheMighty cast another one.

System Notification: You have been attacked by the Envoy of Misfortune, Golden Scale TheMighty. You will be entangled by Misfortune for one hour.

“Hiss…” A monster roughly eighteen meters long, as thick as a bucket and covered in golden scales appeared behind God Familia. A single glance was all they needed to know that this would make a tough opponent.

“Raawwhh!” On their left, an unfamiliar, tiger-like monster with a horn on its head, green fur, and black stripes also emerged from the woods.

“Misfortune has begun. Be careful everyone,” HeadofGod alerted in a small voice.


All of a sudden, over ten white lights descended from the sky and landed upon each member of God Familia.

“The misfortune on me is gone!” LeftHandofGod exclaimed in shock.

“Same here!”

“Mine as well!”

“Fatty, what skill was that?” HeadofGod asked in delight.

“Holy Light Illumines All, it dispels all Dark-attribute status.”

Seeing the white lights dispelling the misfortune, Golden Scale TheMighty’s face grew ashen. What Dark status feared the most was Light magic. Of course, there were Dark curses that Holy Light Illumines All couldn’t dispel, but they weren’t something that the Golden Scale TheMighty was capable of using right now.

“Brothers, let’s go!” HeadofGod roared and dashed into the woods.

Without misfortune bothering them, God Familia could rest easy and fight to their heart’s content. As for the Golden Scale Guild, they were currently at a loss.

“What are you all spacing out for? You think we can’t stand a chance against them with this many people?” Golden Scale TheMighty raged.

The class coordination of the Golden Guild was pretty sensible and included nearly every class. They aligned in a phalanx formation, ready to welcome God Familia’s attack.


A distinct sound echoed in the distance. Golden Scale TheMighty’s face abruptly changed. “Not good! Get down!”

The ballista was extremely proficient when dealing with this kind of formation.

Shrieking, a seven-meter bolt streaked out from the woods and skewered several players who couldn’t lie down in time, nailing them to a huge tree behind.

“Spread out! Teams act at your own freedom.” Golden Scale TheMighty could only decide on that as he was left with no other option.

Very soon, the ballista lost sight of its targets after firing two bolts. Fatty could only pocket it.

Traps, disguise, assassination, fleeing…

A show of assassination and counter-assassination played out inside the forest. The audience was utterly engrossed. For the first time, Fatty got to witness first-hand that God Familia’s reputation as the top rogue guild was absolutely not some groundless claim.

“I killed seven, what about you guys?” Hiding in a corner of the woods, TheFugitive blew off the blood on his dagger and asked.

“Eight,” HeadofGod replied simply.




When half the match had gone by, Golden Scale TheMighty suddenly discovered that their team only had less than fifty members left.

“How is this possible?” How can the enemy be this powerful? Golden Scale TheMighty couldn’t figure it out no matter how hard he thought about it.

“Now, this is the Rogues’ playground.” A player nodded. “In such a big forest like this, one hundred people going against a dozen rogues is even harder than a normal 1v1.”

“There should be no doubt, God Familia is winning for sure. The top rogue guild truly lives up to their reputation.”

“I, Golden Scale TheMighty, in the name of the God of Misfortune, request the favor of God. Please release the Nation of Misfortune and protect your faithful follower.”

Hooo… A gray fog rose up from Golden Scale TheMighty’s body and swept out in all directions. The sky quickly dimmed, and the brilliant sun was replaced by a gray one.

Fatty’s face instantly changed when he sensed a familiar breath. Nation of Misfortune! Unbelievable! The God of Misfortune actually handed the Nation of Misfortune over to Golden Scale TheMighty!

Golden Scale TheMighty’s face had turned pale white, his body trembled as if he would fall at any moment. However, the guy remained standing with difficulty as the words from his lips grew even louder and clearer.

“With the power of God, wipe out all heretics within the Nation!”

Fwish! A series of ashen lights shot out from the gray sun in the sky. No matter where they were, the members of God Familia couldn’t evade the light attacks.

Pfff! HeadofGod tipped his body to dodge a light beam, but the ashen light pierced a finger-sized hole through his shoulder. Right away, he felt half of his body go numb and the feeling of asthenia rose straight from the stomach to his head.

Pff pff… TheFugitive, LeftHandofGod and the rest were under attack as well. Some were directly hit; some luckily dodged only to see several more beams coming at them.

“God’s dignity forbids provocation, God’s power cannot be resisted. Any existence that defies and profanes God shall be annihilated.”

Golden Scale TheMighty kept chanting. More and more ashen light beams shot out from the gray sun.

While the class Envoy of Misfortune could only be considered a support class, when it ranked up to an advanced realm, its ability and power would take a qualitative leap. Any attacks could be deployed with a simple wave of the hand by then. That was how it had been with the God of Misfortune’s illusion.

Successfully borrowing the power of the Nation, Golden Scale TheMighty turned the tables in one move and drove God Familia into a hopeless situation.

1. Xuanhuang -玄黄 as in 天地玄黄.

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