Chapter 234 God of Ice’s Fury; Advancing to the Finals

Chapter 234 – God of Ice’s Fury; Advancing to the Finals

When Fatty appeared uncannily amongst the team of mages, every person inside and outside the field was dumbstruck.

He obviously had been frozen in ice, yet suddenly teleported a kilometer away. This kind of unimaginable ability truly struck fear into the hearts of players.

“Basic Elemental Movement Art Waterwalk!” Those who knew the conflict between Fatty and Golden Scale TheMighty all blurted out those words.

The mages of the God Slayer Alliance instantly paled in fright. With every single passing second, their mana was being depleted much faster than their regen speed in order to maintain Frozen Zone. They simply had no spare mana to stop Fatty’s attack.

Not to mention that once they got just a little distracted, the magic formation would lose effect very quickly due to the disruption of the energy supply.

“Go back! Support them!” Horrified, God Slayer subconsciously shouted towards the other members.

Moron! Outside, this word flashed through countless players’ minds at the same time.

So what if Money Grubber kills all of the mages? As long as you kill off the rest of God Familia, how will a lone rogue like Money Grubber pose a threat to over thirty people?

“Stop, kill them first!” God Slayer quickly regained his wits.

The players who had already traveled for several dozen meters abruptly turned and headed back to where the God Familia members were frozen in ice.

Fwish! The only one that didn’t follow God Slayer’s erroneous order was RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear. He shook his silver spear, causing three spear flowers to materialize along the weapon's tip which went towards TheFugitive’s upper body. He intended to one-shot him.

All of a sudden, a shadow appeared mid-air with a whoosh. A silvery-white light struck the silver spear off its orbit, leaving a shallow cut on TheFugitive’s face.

It was the pet Holy Unicorn that Fatty had sold to God Familia. Surprisingly, HeadofGod gave one to TheFugitive. While they were frozen on the ground, they could still summon pets.

Within the group of mages, Fatty found it too time-consuming to attack all by himself, so he summoned Wheat, and pocketed the faraway Earth Dragon then re-released it where he was.

BA-BAM! Upon its appearance, the Earth Dragon instantly performed a tail sweep and whipped over ten mages to the sky, then spat out a dirt-yellow fog on several other mages, successfully messing up their formation. Finally, the mount stomped its forelimbs. Countless huge-sized earth pikes much more powerful than Wheat’s Scatterstone Rain shot out from the ground.

Without support from the mages, the World of Ice and Snow promptly ceased. The amount of snowflakes falling gradually lessened until they all faded away. And the ice freezing up the members of God Familia also melted very quickly.

Fatty had been hiding within the magic formation and attacking the mages. The main reason was that all the close combat players had been drawn away from the magic formation by God Familia.

After one round of attacks that got rid of more than half of the mages in just seconds, Fatty decided to withdraw. He Earthwalked until he was right beside HeadofGod.

Clang! The Elemental Sword firmly blocked God Slayer’s fatal sword strike meant for HeadofGod. God Slayer’s already gloomy face dropped even more. The fury in his eyes seemed to nearly flare out with fire several times as he glared at Fatty with deep hatred.

As far as he was concerned, if Fatty hadn’t ruined the World of Ice and Snow formation, the God Slayer Alliance would be celebrating their victory right now.

However, the main reason for their failure was God Slayer’s leadership. If his arrangement had been more reliable, they wouldn’t have ended up in this state.

“Didn’t you say he’s a retired military trainer? With only this level of organization?” In the audience zone, the grumpy player rolled his eyes at the one next to him.

“I get it now. He’s indeed a trainer, but he’s only in charge of training. As for commanding battles, aiii…” The other player sighed, truly not knowing what else to say.

While the World of Ice and Snow formation was destroyed, it wasn’t completely fruitless. Frozen Zone had killed eight members of God Familia, only five came out alive.

Still standing were Fatty, HeadofGod, TheFugitive, BigPillarofGod, and MouthofGod.

“God Familia five people, God Slayer Alliance thirty-nine people. There’s still a show to watch.” Some players even calculated a little and quietly chuckled inwardly to themselves.

“It’s my fault this time,” HeadofGod solemnly said after being freed from the ice.

“Winning and losing is a common occurrence in war. Don’t overthink it, Big Bro.” BigPillarofGod laughed in an easy-going manner.

“Heh, you’re right.” HeadofGod looked at God Slayer. “I have to admit, that move of yours was very powerful. If it weren’t for Fatty, perhaps God Familia really would have been stopped here today. Did you get this World of Ice and Snow skill from a place called Ice Wind Valley Mystery Realm?”

“How do you know… It was you who entered before us!!” God Slayer exclaimed in realization.

Ice Wind Valley, a special mystery realm in the game, was home to several species of Ice-attribute and Wind-attribute monsters. This kind of mystery realm was different from Fatty’s Elemental Mystery Realm and Purple Bell’s Yin Yang Phantasm Realm, but they were all hidden in extremely concealed places. It would be practically impossible to find the entrance to them unless one had really good luck or had accepted an interrelated mission.

God Familia once chanced upon such a mission and acquired several superb items from Ice Wind Valley. The secret weapon that BigPillarofGod had suggested using was from that very place.

“Originally, I planned to use this in the finals. But since it’s come to this, I’ll kill you all to avenge my brothers,” saying so, HeadofGod took out a scroll.

“Advanced skill scroll – God of Ice’s Fury. God Slayer, you lot can have a taste of being frozen as well.”

HeadofGod tossed the scroll. In an instant, a massive, icy blue formation appeared in the grassland sky.

This magic formation had a much bigger range than the God Slayer Alliance’s World of Ice and Snow that required over twenty mages to operate. It nearly covered the entire map.

Hoooo… Cold wind screamed, as deadly as a sharp blade. Snowflakes the size of a human palm fluttered down from the sky. Virtually a second after the formation appeared, the snowflakes blotted out the heavens. The entire map had turned into an ice world.

God Slayer’s face abruptly changed. He shouted urgently, “So God of Ice’s Fury is really in your hands. Assemble! Do not separate! Mages, cast fire skills!”

“Boss, all of our mages are Water-based, we don’t have many skills of other elements,” a team leader amongst the mages said. They could only cast a bunch of small fireballs, which had no use in this situation.

“F*ck!” God Slayer cursed angrily, but he was also helpless. To get World of Ice and Snow to work at its fullest potential, all of the thirty-something mages they brought were Water mages. There were none of the other elements.

Layer upon layer of water screens appeared above the God Slayer Alliance and blocked the snowflakes, lessening the damage a little bit.

“This is bad! My speed is dropping!”

“Mine as well!”

“Oh heavens! What kind of spell is this?! My attack speed is decreased by half!”

The members of the God Slayer Alliance shouted one after another with panicked faces.

“Seize this chance!” bellowed HeadofGod on seeing the scroll take effect. Then, he Stealthed and ran towards the opponents.

“I’ll control the ballista.” With a ferocious smile, TheFugitive quickly headed to the Plenilune Ballista.

“What the hell are you so frantic about?! Knights, defend!. Do not leave a single opening, shields up! Rogues, construct traps around us. We’ll only have to wait for them to be activated.”

Following God Slayer’s command, the team’s formation shrank as the players stayed close to one another. The knights put up their shields in the outer circle, building a shield wall half a human tall. Attacking them now would be the same as a dog biting a turtle; there was simply no place to crunch.

God Slayer raised his head to check the sky, waiting for the magic formation to expire. However, unlike what he’d expected, several minutes passed without a single sign of the formation getting weaker.

“It’s so cold. Damn it! My stats are dropping!”

“What do we do?! Are we gonna freeze to death now?!”

Complaints broke out in the God Slayer Alliance. However, a glare from God Slayer immediately made them quiet.

Circling around the enemy party, HeadofGod was helpless to discover that there was no opening at all. The enemy’s defense was too tight.

The God Slayer Alliance cast attack spells from within the circle as well, but their stats and attack speed were reduced by God of Ice’s Fury, so their attacks posed no threat. After several tries, they simply stopped wasting their mana and quietly waited for the formation to end.

Bzzz… No matter how strong their shields were, they couldn’t stop a ballista bolt. With no one disturbing him this time and the opponents all gathered up in one place, TheFugitive’s bolt directly skewered and insta-killed six players.

However, the Plenilune Ballista only played a minor role. Having the word ‘God’ in its name, God of Ice’s Fury wasn’t so simple as only reducing the opponent’s speed. The more snowflakes that fell, the fiercer the storm. Everyone’s sight was a stretch of pure white, hindering them from seeing distant players.

TheFugitive pocketed the Plenilune Ballista. He couldn’t attack when he was unable to see his target.

“Go, let’s go take a look.” After a dozen minutes or so, HeadofGod decided.

“Go? Just like this?” asked Fatty, surprised.

“Just like this.” HeadofGod nodded and led the team members over.

“What on earth! Wh-what is that scroll? It's epic!”

The audience broke into a hubbub, because the spot where the members of the God Slayer Alliance originally stood had been replaced with a massive ice block.

Inside the ice block were indistinct figures. While they were hazy, everyone immediately understood that the figures were the missing thirty-odd people.

“How much is it worth?” Fatty turned his head to ask.

“At least this price.” HeadofGod put up three fingers.

“Three hundred thousand?”

“No, three million.”

“Hiss… You wastrel! Will the champion reward give you that much money?!” Fatty flushed red in rage.

Kah… A silver spear suddenly broke through the ice block and shot like lightning to the nearest person – Fatty.

It happened all too abruptly. Fatty was a bit startled, but he didn’t grow frantic. He bent back almost 90 degrees, his body virtually parallel with the spear.

Clang! A cold silver gleam struck the spear’s tip. Fatty stomped his legs and slid out with his body very close to the ground.

Boom! Like a randomly dancing snake, the cold gleam kicked up a storm where it struck. The ice shattered and melted, cracks emerged around a deep hole was blown out on the ground.

As for the spear, it came to a complete stop after half the length was stabbed out from the ice block, as if its owner had exhausted all of his energy after the strike and was unable to continue.

“RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear, as expected of a top-class expert.”

Looking at the half of the spear sticking out, whether it was God Familia or the players in the audience, they couldn’t help but feel deep respect for RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear.

The falling of snow was still growing denser and denser, those inside couldn't even see their fingers now.

System Notification: The second match of the semi-finals of the First Under Heaven Tournament Guild’s Group Category has ended. The winner is God Familia. The finals will take place one day later.

Leaving the map, HeadofGod’s expression didn’t have any hint of joy from successfully advancing to the next round. Instead, he let out a sigh and deeply furrowed his brows.

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