Chapter 233 World of Ice and Snow

Chapter 233 – World of Ice and Snow

“Letting their arrangement get all messed up by one single ballista. What a joke.” Bai Xiaosheng was full of contempt.

After thirty of their members were shot dead, the God Slayer Alliance still had over sixty left. If they hadn’t spread out into small teams and had acted together instead, how would the opponent have found the chance to keep killing them?

“If they didn’t separate and just let the enemy attack with that ballista, their loss would be something even more intolerable.” A player next to Bai Xiaosheng shook his head. “A mere ballista being able to change the entire situation, however, is certainly ridiculous.”

RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear’s fury had seethed to the sky, but he couldn’t catch up with Fatty’s speed no matter how hard he rode. While the Knight stats all get an increase when mounted, their agility was reduced accordingly.

“Kill!” Seeing the rogues charging at them, the ten archers remained calm. One of them cast an AoE skill around the group to prevent anyone from approaching with Stealth. The remaining nine all aimed at Fatty and nocked their arrows. In an instant, a rain of arrows came at Fatty from all directions.

Earthwalk! Without a second thought, Fatty utilized the Elemental Movement Art. He vanished with Earthwalk and reappeared amongst the archer group.

Pfff! Blood splattered as Fatty sliced off the left arm of an archer. He simultaneously kicked out, sending the same archer flying away from the group.

Archers were a little better than Mages in close combat due to the fact that they could use daggers. Even though they were shocked when Fatty appeared amongst them all of a sudden, being experts, the archers quickly regained their wits. They put away their bows and took out their daggers to mob Fatty.

Whoosh. With a nimble step, Fatty got behind an archer and stabbed out with the Elemental Sword.

Clank! Surprisingly, this archer flexibly swung his dagger and parried the sword attack.

Wheeew!! Suddenly, a storm raged and a chilling cold seeped into the region from nowhere. Snowflakes fluttered from the sky, covering a kilometer radius.

Fatty could feel very clearly that his body was getting rigid and his movement was no longer as flexible. He quickly checked his friends. TheFugitive and the others were also staggering in their steps.

“Damn it! What is this skill? The rogues grouped up and began retreating.

Inside the damaged Sand Wall, the remaining thirty mages all emitted a bright light, their magic force pouring out like a tidal wave into a massive magic formation at their feet. Along with the mages’ chanting, the magic formation shone brighter and brighter, the distribution of snowflakes, in response, grew denser and denser.

“Boss, how come this looks so similar to that thing we got?” BigPillarofGod looked at the snowflakes in surprise.

“Damn it! Did they enter that mystery realm as well?” HeadofGod cursed as he retreated alongside the rest.

The match had gone on for over twenty minutes. God Familia had zero casualties so far, while the God Slayer Alliance had lost nearly fifty people.

“HeadofGod, this is the mission reward that we have given blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish, the large-scale formation, World of Ice and Snow. You can be our lab rat and help us test out its power,” God Slayer said with joyous laughter as if he had already gotten his revenge.

“They aren’t affected.” Fatty squinted his eyes. Determined about something, he dashed to the Plenilune Ballista.

“Stop him!” RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear shouted and raced towards Fatty.

“Creak…” The sound of the ballista being activated rang out. The Plenilune Beast opened its mouth at the team of mages and violently spat out a bolt.

“Hah!” RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear let out a battle cry and smacked his left hand against the saddle. Using the force, he jumped up and jabbed out his spear in mid-air. Like a flickering snake tongue, in a nearly impossible fashion, the spear tip successfully tapped the tail end of the bolt.

Clang! The bolt strayed from its path and flew off.

“So strong?” Fatty’s expression grew serious. RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear definitely was one of the strongest players he’d met by far. Not only the guy’s equipment but his consciousness especially. He was a top-rate expert for sure.

“Fatty, this RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear guy is in the top 10 of the White Tiger City’s rankings. He acquired the Sky Ripper Spear by chance. Even though he isn’t a hidden class player, his overall power can be matched by very few. In their previous matches, the God Slayer Alliance relied on him to kill their enemy teams’ leaders. You have to be careful,” HeadofGod informed in a solemn tone.

World of Ice and Snow didn’t stop at just slowing their actions and movement. It affected their sight and had begun to deal DoT damage.

–20, –30 number indicators kept popping up from the heads of God Familia members. The rogues were forced to constantly retreat to leave the effective range of this World.

The God Slayer Alliance only watched God Familia leave the zone without giving chase. They only gathered up and re-split into teams, then used this chance to take a rest.

“Haha, now it’s finally worth the huge investment I put in for them to accomplish this task.” Outside, the player that had been grumpy smacked his thigh in excitement.

“A bunch of morons. If they used this sooner, it would have saved unneeded casualties.” The other player was actually displeased.

“Heheh, God Slayer only wanted to reserve some tricks for the finals.” The previous player leaned back on his seat to a more comfortable posture.

“I originally expected Sand Wall to grind it out with God Familia and give them the most distressful loss ever. Who could have thought that Money Grubber, who had only participated in one match, would be able to kill several dozen of our people? However, that’s as far as they can get now. As long as they get within the range of World of Ice and Snow, their movement and attack speed will be greatly reduced. And most importantly, their health regen is slowed as well. If they don’t approach, though, they will lose for sure. Let’s see what kind of choice they’ll make.”

“Motherf*cker! They still have over fifty people. We must get in there and attack!” TheFugitive spat on the ground.

“This has been an error of judgment on our part. But of course, there are countless experts hidden everywhere in this world. We are simply nothing,” HeadofGod sighed, but immediately resumed his usual manner and commented with a smile.

“The range of the Plenilune Ballista is a thousand meters. Currently, there are only four bolts left. Fuge, you handle the ballista, I’ll handle RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear. Heh, the top rogue guild won’t give up just like this, will it?” Fatty transferred the Plenilune Ballista to TheFugitive.

“You joking? Hell no!” HeadofGod viciously spat a mouthful of saliva. “This is but a temporary strategic retreat. Watch how we’ll slaughter them all. Brothers, this must be an absolute victory!”

“Absolute victory!” All of God Familia chorused. Checking their equipment and supplies, they vanished in Stealth all at once.

“Absolute victory, heh.” God Slayer snorted upon hearing God Familia’s shout. He slightly swung his arm, and the remaining members of the God Slayer Alliance stood in three teams before the magic formation. “Brothers, hold on for half an hour more, and victory shall be ours!”

“Captain, I’ll go destroy that thing.” RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear took the initiative to deal with the ballista.

“Very well, go.” God Slayer nodded. He wouldn’t take the risk of letting the opponent keep using the ballista after witnessing its destructiveness first-hand. If it weren’t for the ballista’s appearance, they would be celebrating victory right now.

With a battle cry, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear led eight knights and set off in a V formation towards TheFugitive at the ballista.

“Where ya going?!” With a murderous momentum, Fatty raced over on the Earth Dragon. He intended to use his mount that was the size of a small mountain to deal a deadly collision.

“Go!” RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear slightly clipped the horse’s tummy with his feet. The white horse let out long neigh and galloped around Fatty, still heading for the ballista.

Creak creak! TheFugitive moved the ballista according to its attack range and adjusted it. Loading a bolt, he aimed at the mages inside the Sand Wall.

A kilometer distance was but a quick trip for a mounted knight. Making a round detour to avoid Fatty, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear raced over on horseback. When he neared the target, he jabbed out his spear, intending to flip the ballista.

Whoosh. A golden streak suddenly coiled around RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear’s throat. Then, the ‘streak’ opened its jaws wide and viciously snapped.

It was TheFugitive’s pet, Golden Silk Boa.

Whoosh! RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear raised his left hand. Two fingers firmly clipped the Golden Silk Boa’s neck. Then, the fingers flicked, and the pet was flung away.

Easily flinging off the boa, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear turned his spear and dug it below the Plenilune Ballista, about to put force to flip it over.

“Your opponent is me!” Fatty finally caught up. With a raise of his left hand, a cold gleam zoomed out and pierce its way through the dense snow towards RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear’s nape.

At the same time, Inky appeared in the sky and dropped a Mental Breakdown on him.

Whoosh. RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear rolled off and dodged Fatty’s bolt. As for Inky’s Mental Breakdown, which wasn’t a tangible attack, however, it directly knocked him several meters away.

BZZZ! The Plenilune Ballista shook. A bolt shot out, screaming, at the group of mages inside the Sand Wall.

Boom! The bolt destroyed a patch of the parapet. It barely grazed a mage’s head when it flew up to the sky in a curve.

“Damn it!” TheFugitive shot RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear a vicious glare before grasping the time to adjust the ballista. If weren’t for the silver spear’s disruption, that bolt would have slain several mages.

“World of Ice and Snow, Frozen Zone!”

The mages inside the Sand Wall suddenly chorused in a high pitch. All of a sudden, the cold white region suddenly changed. The temperature sharply plummeted and the snow on the ground turned into ice in a blink of an eye. In addition, this also affected the players inside. In a matter of seconds, the members of God Familia were frozen on the spot.

“Not good!” HeadofGod was terrified. His legs were tightly held by the ice and unable to make the tiniest movement. Not only that, more and more snowflakes were landing upon his body. The layers of snow turned into ice, making an ice sculpture out of him.

The other members of God Familia shared the same fate of being frozen solid. Those who tried to struggle, struggled in vain.

“Win!” Outside, the two supposedly investors made a high-five and howled in joy.

“It’s over.” Those who had a good relationship with God Familia all shook their heads and closed their eyes. They couldn’t bear to watch the result.

After that ultimate move, all of the mages of God Slayer Alliance were drained of mana. They hastily chugged down expensive blue pots and fully restored their mana to maintain the magic formation’s operation.

“You want absolute victory?” God Slayer leisurely strolled towards HeadofGod and asked with one eyebrow arched.

HeadofGod struggled to take something out of his inventory, Unfortunately, the ice didn’t allow him to move at all.

“Ice, Snow, aren’t they all water?” At this moment, also frozen on the Earth Dragon’ back, Fatty revealed an eerie smile at RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear.

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