Chapter 231 Parapet; Ballista

Chapter 231 – Parapet; Ballista

“You guys truly live up to the reputation of being the top rogue guild.” Despite being the opposite party, God Slayer wasn’t stingy with his praise. “But if you think you can win, then you are very wrong.”

As he finished his words, God Slayer slightly waved his hand. A scroll flew up, and a huge earth-yellow formation appeared in the air above the God Slayer Alliance. The earth instantly trembled, and the land around the group rolled, lifting a round earth parapet of three meters in height, two meters in width, and roughly twenty meters in diameter. The parapet perfectly surrounded the players of the God Slayer Alliance inside.

“HeadodGod, this is a scroll that our five hundred brothers each died at least once to get, the Advanced Earth skill scroll, Sand Wall. We farmed it especially to deal with you guys. You can just attack all you want!”

God Slayer’s voice rang out from inside. The God Slayer Alliance was determined to turtle and spend the rest of the match in there, letting God Familia do whatever without budging.

The members of God Familia controlled their pets and mounts to run haphazardly around the parapet, trying to find an opening.

“You guys have never encountered this kind of move?” Fatty asked.

“We have, several times, but the opponents weren’t this resolved to stay inside. We lured them out and took care of them,” TheFugitive crouched low, replying to Fatty while he paid close attention for a chance to turn the tables. “This type of scroll should be around 500,000 gold coins in the market. It seems they are truly determined to stand in our way.”

“Big Bro, their defense is too tight. Let’s use our secret weapon,” BigPillarofGod suggested.

“We can’t yet. This is only the semi-finals. If we use it now, we’ll be vulnerable in the final match.” HeadofGod was firm against revealing their hidden trump card.

“Woah there, someone still has some good stuff hidden,” Fatty joked.

“Well then, we’re in a bad spot.” TheFugitive stroke his chin. “If we knew in advance that the enemy would be this despicable, we should have gathered a full hundred people before coming.”

“The other party has the Rogue class features completely figured out,” HeadofGod remarked. “They already stated very clearly that they weren’t afraid of losing face. Their goal is to make us lose patience and attack. When rogues lose their patience, they’ll die the fastest.”

Time passed as the two sides entered a silent deadlock. With every passing minute, the opponent’s chance of victory increased by a great deal. Even HeadofGod began to grow flustered.

“Now that’s rare. The side with fewer people is eager to attack, while the side with many people fancies hiding away like turtles.”

“What the f*ck?! If you don’t even have the gall to attack then what the hell did you enter the competition for? Go home to your kids already!”

“God Slayer, your mom is calling you to come back for dinner!”

Outside, the audience zone was filled with enraged curses. They couldn’t care less who’d win in the end, their only requirement was to watch an excellent match.

“F*ck! Come out if you have the gall!” TheFugitive screamed.

“Oohh! Woah, mommy, I’m so scared, come in if you have the ability!” The herd of God Slayer Alliance playfully jeered from inside the barrier.

“HeadofGod, no need to think much longer. The defense of Sand Wall isn’t something that you rogues can break. Just admit defeat already and save time for all of us.” God Slayer snorted. “Don’t blame us for being low, blame yourselves for being too arrogant. Such an important competition and you actually don’t participate with the most number allowed.”

“Sand Wall huh? Heh.” Fatty chuckled.

Finding a spot with the desired distance, Fatty flipped his hand. The Plenilune Ballista appeared.

“What’s that?” Everyone looked curiously at the giant fellow with incredulous eyes.

“A ballista! This guy actually got a ballista blueprint and even succeeded in building it! No wonder he wanted so many ores from the big guilds. God Slayer Alliance is so doomed…” The leader of the All-Knowing Sect, Bai Xiaosheng, exclaimed in shock.

“Guys, wait to beat the dog while it’s down.” Towards the suspicion from the rest of God Familia, Fatty only laughed and took out a bolt. “I only have twenty bolts. Remember to help me retrieve them in a while.”

“Wait a mo’, let us construct some traps first.” HeadofGod felt a shiver down his spine. Apparently, he knew full well what this was.

“What are they doing?” A player had reported the situation outside to God Slayer. The members of God Slayer Alliance looked back at their towering parapet and were seriously confused why God Familia was constructing traps.

“What, they want to imprison us with traps or something?” God Slayer revealed a cold smile. “Everyone, pay attention. Don’t let their tricks get to you. Pay close attention to your responsible area.”

The huge mass of the Plenilune Ballista simply couldn’t be hidden by the grass. However, the God Slayer Alliance still weren’t aware yet that this new fellow was a ballista. They simply thought it was a pet or something.

“Guys, watch closely.” Fatty adjusted the ballista, then pressed the mechanism.

Creak… BZZZ! A buzz zoomed past TheFugitive’s ear. He hadn't even reacted when the black streak screamed towards the Sand Wall.


With a thunderous sound, a three-meter-tall gap appeared on the earth parapet. Moreover, the bolt had completely pierced through and nailed an archer to the wall.

A feature of the Plenilune Ballista: 100% attack increase when used in wall siege.

Clamour…! The onlookers were in an uproar. What kind of weapon is this? How can it be so formidable?!

“Ballista! That’s a ballista!” Someone roared.

Creak… Fatty adjusted the ballista a little, then loaded another bolt, aiming right at the opening.

Twang! Amidst the ballista’s growling, the bolt flew through the gap, pierced through a knight’s shield and skewered five players before finally falling to the ground.

Four white lights rose up. Of the five skewered, four died and one was injured.

“Spread out, spread out quick! Damn it! What kind of weapon is this?!” God Slayer was both terrified and furious.

Creak… Two minutes later, the Plenilune Ballista shook again. Another bolt shot out, pinning three mages on the ground. Whether the knights’ shield or the mages’ magic shields, they were nothing but thin paper in the face of this beast.

Whoosh… The players of God Slayer Alliance spread out in an even wider perimeter. However, the space inside Sand Wall was only so big.

Every two minutes, Fatty fired a bolt. Each bolt killed at least one person, and in a good harvest, it could take four to five lives.

After firing half of the bolts he had, Fatty had killed over thirty people.

“Hahahaha, God Slayer Alliance literally spun a cocoon around themselves!”

“Who would have expected their opponent to own a ballista? That’s one sharp weapon for city siege!”

“The show's getting good. If the God Slayer Alliance still refuses to come out, they’ll all be shot dead like sitting ducks.”

“That thing… It’s the secret weapon that Fatty bought so many ores from us to create right?” Looking at the Plenilune Ballista’s ferocious appearance, East Gate BlowingWind’s eyes gleamed strangely.

“If we have several dozen of these ballistae, the success rate for our base establishment will be greatly improved.” Even Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord grew serious.

“In teams, cover for one another. Go!” With his back against the wall, God Slayer finally gave in and led his members out of the parapet. If they stayed there, they would really die an aggrieved death.

The remaining God Slayer members instantly divided themselves into six teams and charged out from the opening created by the ballista. The teams kept an appropriate distance from one another, so they could avoid being mass killed by the bolt while still able to support each other.

Zoooom! Another bolt whooshed over. The result wasn’t satisfactory this time, it only killed a knight.

“Brothers, it’s our turn!” roared HeadofGod. He commanded his pets and mount to run around in a frenzy to confuse the opponent’s sight.

“Keep calm! Don’t panic!” God Slayer shouted.

Fatty aimed several shots right at God Slayer. It was unfortunate that the ballista’s accuracy sucked in spite of its powerful attack. The accuracy practically plummeted in accordance with the distance to the target.

Reserving five bolts, Fatty stood behind the ballista and quietly watched the two parties PK. As long as he kept the ballista out, it would act as a threat that drew away the majority of the God Slayer Alliance’s attention.

God Familia had rushed forth and tangled with the enemy party. While the players of the God Slayer Alliance were all top-class experts that had undergone coordination training, they still fell short of God Familia regarding the level of understanding amongst one another. In the middle of this fight, God Familia successfully got to the opponents many times and annihilated a team.

“Damn it! Two teams go destroy that thing!” Until now, God Slayer still didn’t know what Fatty was using.

“Fuge, LeftHand, LeftWing, RightWing, protect Fatty!” HeadofGod instantly sent a group to cover Fatty.

While the God Slayer Alliance’s original plan was to hide until the time was up, they were still very strong in a real PK. It wasn’t pure luck that they could make it to the semi-finals.

HeadofGod and God Slayer fought one-on-one. The other players instinctively kept a distance away from the two, giving them enough space to display their full potential.

However, in a team where everyone had all agreed to the tactic of wasting time away even while hugely outnumbering the opponent, their overall decency and chivalry obviously couldn’t be counted on. Very soon, a sneak arrow was zooming towards HeadofGod.

“No wonder birds of a feather flock together. God Slayer, your despicableness is quite an eye-opener.” Dodging the arrow, HeadofGod jeered with a laugh.

“Humph! This is the Guild’s Group competition, not individual.” God Slayer was indifferent and kept attacking HeadofGod as if nothing had happened.

Rogues specialized in speedy, traceless actions as well as one-hit KO moves. Except for HeadofGod, who revealed himself in the open to fight God Slayer, the rest of God Familia hadn’t revealed themselves and lay waiting for a chance.

Pew! Another player was one-shot by the ballista.

The two teams sent out to handle Fatty didn’t grow anxious. They kept a four to five-meter distance away from each other in a two-pronged approach and crept towards Fatty very slowly.

The Plenilune Ballista was too big, a small adjustment was enough to set the target, so it made it hard to tell what the next target was. Everyone had to be on alert as much as possible.

The two teams inched closer to Fatty, while the group of four consisting of TheFugitive and co. were still on their way to intercept them.

Rumble…. Fatty summoned the Earth Dragon. After a while of recovery, the Earth Dragon’s health was full once more. Per its master’s command, the mount shrieked and raced at the two teams.

While the opponents only needed several waves of focused attacks to kill the Earth Dragon, the mount delayed them enough to create an opportunity for TheFugitive’s group.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh… A series of bolts zoomed towards a mage. After successively breaking through two layers of magic shields, they viciously penetrated the mage’s body.

At the same time, LeftHandofGod, LeftWingofGod, and RightWingofGod appeared behind an archer and struck out in unison. With the meager HP that was only a little better than that of Mage, the archer died without a chance to react.

“Useless trash! Ending up in such a miserable state while having the numbers advantage!” In the audience zone, a player violently slapped the armrest of their chair.

“Calm down.” Another player had an ugly expression as well. “Have faith in them. We didn’t spend that much money for nothing.”

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