Chapter 230 God Slayer Alliance

Chapter 230 – God Slayer Alliance

The last time Fatty left, HeadofGod told him not to turn off his communicator because he might look for Fatty at any time. Now, just right after Fatty had completed the mission, his message came.

“OK, be right there!”

God Familia was the team with the highest hopes to become the champion of the Guild competition. While few in numbers (only thirteen, with one of them constantly missing from the matches), they hadn’t lost even once until now. This cemented their reputation of being the number one rogue guild.

“Fatty, you’ve finally come.” Seeing Fatty coming over, HeadofGod let out an almost imperceptible sigh of relief. The opponent this time wasn’t only strong, it was also formed to especially deal with them. God Familia had to field their peak force to take up this challenge and guarantee victory.

“Rest for a bit. Our match will be next.” TheFugitive had on a serious expression instead of his usually smiling face.

“Over there, that’s our next opponent, the God Slayer Alliance.”

Looking to the direction HeadofGod was pointing, Fatty saw a group of one hundred people: thirty knights, thirty archers, thirty mages, and the remaining ten were rogues.

“God Slayer Alliance? No priests nor warriors. From the looks of it, they specialize in dealing with us.” Fatty laughed. “That’s it? Are they really worth you making such a fuss about?”

“Don’t look down on them,” HeadofGod said in a solemn tone. “They are famous experts across the four main cities combined, and all are of the 4th class enhancement. The purpose of their class coordination is to grind it out with us. If they take turns to continuously fight us, we’ll certainly be at a disadvantage.”

“Fine, I’ll go make some preparations.” Fatty nodded and quickly sorted out his inventory, then restocked his supplies.

“Well, erm, any of you guys have trashy equipment? Sell them to me on credit?” Sitting down in the audience room for participants, Fatty asked the guild masters around.

Fatty was in massive debt right now, so he could only… add more to the debt.

“What are you up to now?” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord immediately grew high-spirited. “Tell me about it, what kind of OP equipment did you gather that many ores for?”

“That… Heheh, it’s a secret.” Fatty chuckled mysteriously, then whispered to Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord’s ear, “When you establish a guild base, I’ll have a pleasant surprise for you.”

“Alright, I’ll look forward to it, hahaha!”

Even though Fatty was acting all mysterious and didn’t leak anything, the guild masters still gathered up quite a large sum of trashy equipment for him, around several tens of thousands.

“Thanks, everyone.” Before everyone’s eyes, Fatty tossed the mountain of trashy gears to the Elemental Skill Book.

Devouring so much equipment, the book finally gave Fatty some face and re-activated a skill.

“What changed?” The guild masters looked on eagerly.

“What changed? Not telling.” Fatty acted all mysterious again. “Wait for my match and you guys might get to see it.”

Very soon, it was time for the match between God Familia and the God Slayer Alliance.

The two teams stood less than ten meters away from each other. The leader of the God Slayer Alliance, God Slayer, said with a cold smile, “HeadofGod, today shall be the final day of your legend.”

“With just you?” HeadofGod raised his chin up high and made a scornful expression. “You’re not worth it.”

The map was decided by RNG. Pictures flashed quickly on the big screen until it gradually slowed down and stopped at one scene.

An endless stretch of tall green grass half the height of a human. A leisurely flowing river, and some scattering small trees.


“Looks like luck isn’t on God Familia’s side this time.” Fierce Dragon TheTalent knitted his brows. Since he had quite a good relationship with God Familia, he naturally didn’t want them to lose.

“Great! Even the system is helping us. Take ‘em down, and we shall be the champion of the Guild category!” a gloomy-looking player growled.

“Heh, we’ve put in so many resources so we can take them down today.” A player next to the gloomy player gave a cold smile. “When we destroy God Familia, let’s see if they still have the face to claim themselves as the number one rogue guild.”

Ding. The sound of system notification raised the curtain to the match.

The two parties instantly stopped their verbal exchanges. One after another, they were teleported to the map.

On the God Slayer Alliance’s side, the thirty knights spread out into a circle, each putting up a huge shield that was half the height of an average person to surround the rest in their protection. The ten rogues stood between the gaps of the knights and repeatedly tossed out Detect.

The mages and archers all stayed within the circle with their skills ready, only waiting for the members of God Familia to get inside their attack ranges.

“What the heck, a black turtle formation1. How despicable! How about… not attacking them at all?” Fatty suggested.

“Winning and losing is decided by the number of players surviving. If we don’t attack, that would be exactly what they want. As long as they endure till the end, we’ll be declared the losers for sure,” TheFugitive explained.

“Let’s go. Remember, only kill when you can, don’t push it. There’s enough time anyway,” HeadofGod instructed, then immediately took the lead to use Stealth.

The duration of each Guild’s Group match was one hour, enough to decide the winner and loser.

The God Slayer Alliance players stood straight and unbudging in silence, waiting for God Familia to come.

Zoom zoom… Over ten ripples swept through the half-a-human tall green grass. Each ripple represented a player detected.

“Great! God Familia is doomed for sure this time!” A player exclaimed delightedly.

“What a pity, what a pity. Since the map isn’t to their advantage, we won’t get to witness the true might of God Familia this time.”

“Big Bro, what now? It’s basically impossible for us to close in with Stealth.” LeftHandofGod asked with furrowed brows.

“Distract them.” HeadofGod summoned his two pets and ordered them to run in different directions.

The rest followed suit. Each released two pets plus a mount. For a moment there, all that the God Slayer Alliance could see were movements in all directions. They couldn’t tell which were players and which weren’t.

“Well dang, isn’t this bullying…” Seeing everyone release their pets and mounts, Fatty didn’t hesitate to do the same.

Boom! A thunderous sound resounded. The Earth Dragon crawled out. The grass simply couldn’t hide its seven-meter-tall body.

“What the hell?!” The members of God Familia was speechless with Fatty.

“Fatty, don’t be so arrogant!” TheFugitive complained via the party chat.

“First kill the rogues to stop Detect,” HeadofGod commanded.

Rumble… The Earth Dragon raced towards the God Slayer Alliance. Fatty and TheFugitive closely followed.

“Fatty, I’ll let you witness my newly acquired super-OP weapon, Zhuge Quickfire Crossbow2!” TheFugitive said to Fatty while they ran.

“Zhuge Quickfire Crossbow?” Fatty was shocked. This weapon was extremely famous.

“Watch closely.” TheFugitive bent his body and slid under the Earth Dragon. His hands tightly stuck to the mount’s skin. Just like that, he was carried forth under the Earth Dragon’s cover.

“Team One defend against the monsters, Team Four attack at will. The Earth Dragon must be stopped. Don’t let it break in. The rest, pay attention to our surroundings, don’t let them take the chance to near us,” God Slayer calmly sent out commands.

Wheee… A five-meter wide, ten-meter long patch of marsh abruptly emerged in front of the Earth Dragon. When the mount stepped in it, its speed was greatly decreased in an instant.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh… All sorts of skills fell like rain. At the same time, the ten knights that faced that direction dismounted and erected their shields, ready to stop the Earth Dragon.

“Team Six, aim at the Earth Dragon’s back, fire!” God Slayer’s eyes gleamed as he gave the order.

“This God Slayer is quite a leader.” At this moment, Fatty had soon gotten under the Earth Dragon and was also sticking himself to the mount’s belly alongside TheFugitive.

“I heard that God Slayer is a retired military trainer in real life,” said TheFugitive, his eyes still fixated on the front.

“Where did you get that Zhuge Quickfire Crossbow?” Fatty wasn’t one bit anxious as one should be amidst a grand fight and started to pester TheFugitive.

“Fatty, how very calm of you.” The rest really didn’t know what else to say.

“Heheh, they’re but a bunch of puny fish. Look how anxious you guys are,” Fatty said with a grin.

“Hahaha, that’s true. We kind of over-reacted.” HeadofGod suddenly laughed.

“Earth mages, aim under the Earth Dragon, fire!” God Slayer ordered.

All members of the God Slayer Alliance were 100% compliant with their leader’s words. Five earth mages immediately chanted their spells causing stalagmites to shoot out from the ground in succession.

“Damn, that’s smart!” Fatty and TheFugitive shouted at once, then quickly let go and rolled to either side.

Whoosh. A white light flashed as Fatty pocketed the Earth Dragon.

While they had been forced to reveal themselves, the two still reached their goal to approach their desired distance.

“Team Six target TheFugitive; Team Eight, Money Grubber. Attack!” A light flashed through God Slayer’s eyes as he immediately shouted the order.

“Haha, go!” TheFugitive lifted his arm, and a series of screaming bolts were fired from the Quickfire Crossbow. He didn’t even look and directly turned to leave.

Pff pff pff… Twelve bolts, all hit a rogue. A white light rose, the victim was insta-killed.

“Alright, that’s a great start!” HeadofGod cheered loudly.

“Humph!” Facing the opponent’s attack, Fatty suddenly accelerated. With a long step, he passed all attacks and got in front of a team.

“Kill!” A knight facing Fatty bellowed. Shield in his right and sword in his left hand, the knight rushed forth to tangle with Fatty.

Whoosh. Fatty nimbly sidestepped past the knight and appeared next to a rogue.

The rogue didn’t panic when Fatty neared him. There was even a hint of excitement on his face. Dagger in one hand and crossbow in the other, the rogue aimed at Fatty.

Whoosh. Fatty suddenly vanished. The rogue was briefly startled before he hastily fired a bolt, wanting to knock Fatty out of Stealth.

At the same time, four knights raced over from four directions and surrounded the spot where Fatty had vanished.

Puff! The sound of a sharp object slicing into flesh sounded out. The rogue held his throat with a face full of terror, a gurgling noise emitted from his mouth.

Then, his body limply fell. A streak of blood streamed down from between two fingers where a bolt had completely pierced through his throat.

It was another insta-kill.

“What kind of weapon is that?!” Not only the onlookers, but even the members of God Familia were stunned. The existence of a bolt that could insta-kill a rogue of the 4th class enhancement simply terrified everybody.

While it was also an insta-kill, TheFugitive’s Zhuge Quickfire Crossbow was already a renowned weapon, and it only killed a rogue with twelve successive shots. On the other hand, Fatty’s weapon killed with a single bolt. While this was possible partly because it was an attack to the weak point, it was still something unimaginable.

“Looks like his recent mission has handed out quite a reward,” East Gate BlowingWind commented with a chuckle.

“It’s time we beat up the rich!” Rosethorn smiled charmingly. In just a short time, the guild masters already came up with some good ideas to extort Fatty.

The first round of attack had ended with the God Slayer Alliance losing two rogues.

“Don’t panic, it’s only two casualties. Now that we know their weapons, we can devise a defense against them,” said God Slayer expressionlessly.

1. Black turtle: is used to refer to unbudging coward/something cowardice.
2. A very famous weapon in the Chinese history.

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