Chapter 229 Shield of Pride

Chapter 229 – Shield of Pride

System Notification: Congratulations. You have completed the mission “Weeping Unicorns.” +10,000,000 exp, +8000 Reputation. Gain authority over the Holy Spirit Island.

Whoosh! A golden halo fell. Fatty was instantly raised to level 44 at 80% experience, a short step from level 45.

By himself, Fatty wouldn’t have been able to kill Amedick. It was fortunate that the Chief wanted to die itself, and did everything it could, as well as borrow Fatty’s hand to achieve that goal.

Even so, however, the process wasn’t plain sailing for Fatty. Even Amedick was getting anxious nearing the end when it just couldn’t die as easily as it wished.


Jackpot! This is absolutely jackpot! The loot practically filled up the temple!

“At last, I’m finally free…” a voice echoed as Amedick’s soul appeared mid-air. In a daze, the Chief gazed at the floor of shattered bone pieces, and then toward the towering Light God statue. Its face revealed all kinds of expressions.

Helplessness, hatred, resentment, reminiscence, and also unwillingness to let go.

“Hello, esteemed Clan Chief.” Fatty made a courtesy bow toward the Unicorn Chief. For such unwavering belief in freedom and conviction against slavery even in death, it deserved all the respect in this world despite being a monster.

“Young man, thank you,” awoken from its trance, Amedick replied to Fatty in a kind manner.

“No need, it’s no big deal at all,” Fatty hurriedly said.

“Ahh, who could have thought that our Holy Unicorn clan was destroyed by Yadas in the end?” The Holy Unicorn Chief spoke gracefully. It didn’t seem to be in a hurry to enter the Holy Horn and instead began to chat.

Once upon a time, the Holy Unicorn clan enjoyed a life of joy and freedom in Sky City. This went on for countless years, and they thought it would last forever, especially when Amedick was about to breakthrough from the Celestial rank to the God realm.

Calamity befell them in a night.

It was when the Demon Army conducted a large-scale invasion into the Human realm. The two sides fought tooth and nail. The count of Legendary-tier experts that was sent out even exceeded the single-digits. In the final campaign, the God of Light joined the war and returned several days later with serious injuries. When passing by Sky City, the God of Light suddenly decided to mercilessly slaughter every living creature in Sky City, and then absorbed their life force to heal his injuries.

Not a single soul survived that night when blood dyed Sky City completely red.

However, the God of Light didn’t just stop there. He took away the heart of Sky City – the Holy Spirit Island, and built the Temple of Light on it as the entrance to the Cloud Ocean.

At the same time, the God of Light imprisoned the souls of the Holy Unicorns in their skulls, making them the watchers of his temple, with Demigod Chief Amedick as their leader.

After a long-drawn period of being subject to slavery, the unicorns’ resentment and rage had seethed into the Heavens. They finally became depraved and turned into Dark Unicorns. However, this still didn’t allow them to escape from the God of Light’s grasp. Only every day at midnight could they have a brief taste of freedom as the power of Darkness temporarily offset the force of Light branding them.

So, every night, Amedick led the Dark Unicorn clan to attack the God of Light statue, wanting to break the chains and regain their freedom.

However, they were already dead, so this ‘freedom’ was only freedom from slavery, the freedom to seek death.

“Detestable! How could someone like that be called the God of Light?!” Fatty shouted very angrily.

“God of Light, meaning that he cultivated Light magic to reach the God realm. It doesn’t mean he’s a person of justice.” Amedick gently shook its head, then looked down and asked Fatty, “Young man, can I ask a favor from you?”

“Please go ahead,” Fatty hastily replied. Indeed, a mission that rewards an entire island is not that simple.

“I hope you can rebuild Sky City.”

System Notification: Do you accept the mission “Rebuild Sky City”?


System Notification: You have accepted the mission “Rebuild Sky City.”
Mission Requirement: Within the set time, find Sky City and rebuild it into a new home for the Holy Unicorn Clan.
Time limit: 3 years
Reward: Sky City
Mission Details: Thousands of years ago, the beautiful and free Sky City, along with all living entities in it, was destroyed by the God of Light’s atrocity. The Holy Spirit Island, the inclusive hub of Sky City, was taken away by the God of Light. Thus, the entire Sky City became a deserted wasteland. Now that you have rescued the Holy Unicorn Souls, they have made a request of you. Rebuild Sky City and provide those peace and freedom-loving creatures with a place to live.

“Mission reward… Sky City?” Fatty eyes began to shine more and more brightly. This means I’ll get a whole city all to myself as long as I complete this mission?

“Wasn’t the Holy Unicorn clan massacred by the God of Light? How can they return to live in Sky City? What’s the story with the Holy Unicorns in the Cloud Ocean?” Fatty suddenly recalled.

“When the God of Light attacked, I had a premonition that it was impossible for us to escape, so I put a spell on several eggs and placed them underground of Sky City. When it’s time you can just take them out to hatch. As for the Holy Unicorns in the Cloud Ocean, I created them using the blood essence of the Holy Unicorn clan. They are my news reporters,” Amedick explained.

“No wonder they carried the map and the Holy Horn.” Fatty suddenly understood.

“Young man, I’ll leave it in your hands.” Seeing Fatty accept the mission, Amedick nodded. Then, it looked around to the horizon with a sigh, before gradually fading into a faint white light that shot into the Holy Horn.

Wuu….. The Holy Horn suddenly emitted a long hum. A gentle white light radiated and landed on Fatty. He instantly felt a pleasant feeling running through his whole body.

Holy Horn: The sacred treasure of the Holy Unicorn clan. Allows the wearer to command Holy Unicorns.
Level Requirement: 40
Passive – Favored by God: Increases all the wearer’s stats by 10%
Active – Holy Light Illumines All: AoE. Dispels all negative Dark-attribute status. Cooldown: 10 seconds
Active – Hum of the Horn: AoE. Increases the party’s Light-attribute stats and boosts morale. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

“Hsss…” Fatty gasped. One would immediately understand what an OP piece of equipment was when they looked at this item. With the Holy Horn, he would be fearless of all Dark-attribute curses.

At present, the Holy Horn had been restored to its original state: a small, intricate horn of white-jade color. It was attached to an azure glass chain, so the item could be equipped as a necklace.

Taking off the Crystal Star necklace, Fatty put on the Holy Horn and felt a warmth sweeping all over his body.

“Holy Light Illumines All!”

Remembering the forces of Malediction and Misfortune on his body, Fatty immediately used the skill on himself.

Whoosh. A white column of light descended from the sky and enveloped Fatty. A warmth as if sunshine in winter seeped up from deep inside his body. Fatty felt so comfortable that he nearly moaned.

“Muahahaha, Laurent, Lord Fatty won’t ever need to ask for your favor again!” Fatty laughed out loud.

However, Fatty still planned to gather all the mission materials and go to Laurent. The old fogey nearly got to exploit him badly, and Fatty refused to live it down until he got back at him.

“High-rank Celestial gear!” As Fatty started to clean the battlefield, a white shield instantly caught his eye.

Shield of Pride
High-rank Celestial equipment

Whoosh, whoosh… One light after another was tossed on the shield. Luckily, Fatty’s Appraisal was Advanced now, or else he wouldn’t be able to appraise this item.

After several dozen Appraisals, a light finally flashed across the Shield of Pride, revealing its stats—

Shield of Pride
High-rank Celestial equipment
Level Requirement: 65
Defense: 220
STR +60
DEX +60
END +60
INT +60
Active – Wall Shield: Form a wall-shaped shield in front. The opponent can only attack the real shield after defeating this Wall Shield. Duration: until Wall Shield is broken. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
Passive – Damage Reflection: There is a 30% chance to reflect 50% of the opponent’s attack damage, a 50% chance to reflect 80% of the opponent’s attack damage, and a 1% chance to reflect 100% of the opponent’s attack damage.
Active – Shield Strike: After being attacked, can use the shield to attack the opponent at 80% of the wearer’s damage. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
Class Requirement: Knight, Warrior

The shield was pure white as if sculpted from the best white jade. Dense distribution of magic patterns covered its surface. At the center, there was a carving of a Holy Unicorn pack playfully running around.

Wiping the drool from the corner of his mouth, Fatty couldn’t resist the urge to hug the shield and kiss it. Level 65 high-rank Celestial gear, heck yeah motherf*cker! This can make up for the cost of even ten Plenilune Ballistas.

Aside from the shield, there was another low-rank Celestial item called Remiges boots. Each shoe had a pair of pretty, pure white wings attached to its sides.

Remiges Boots
Low-rank Celestial equipment
Level Requirement: 60
Defense: 100
STR +30
DEX +35
Active – Soar: Fly freely in the air using the wearer’s mana. Duration: 10 minutes. Cooldown: 20 minutes.
Active – Illusion: Create 3 illusions, each having half the Attack stat of the original. Duration: 1 minute. Cooldown: 10 minutes.
Class Requirement: Mage, Archer, Rogue

Besides the two Celestial items, there were several Violet and Gold equipment with decent stats. However, under the brilliance of the previous two super-mighty gears, Fatty had grown indifferent. He only appraised them quickly, then tossed them in his inventory with a bland, “Not bad.” Many good pieces were even fed to the Elemental Skill Book.

“Whew…” When he was done sorting out the drops, Fatty exhaled a long breath and stood up. He looked towards the towering Light God statue.

Now, time to move this Holy Spirit Island.

After completing the mission, the Holy Spirit Island had become Fatty’s personal property. He could freely control it to move, albeit at a slow speed. There was no way to place such an entire isle like this into the inventory, but if he really directed it to fly toward the Imperial Capital in plain sight, not mentioning the time it’d take, there was a high chance that the Imperial Capital would just expropriate the isle.

That’s not a guess. Who wouldn’t want to own such a fine thing?

Pondering for what could be half a day, Fatty moved the Holy Spirit Island a little further into the depths of the Cloud Ocean. The monsters here were all high-rank level 60 to 70s. In the short future to come, Fatty wouldn’t have to worry about the isle being discovered.

“If I can set up a Teleportation Portal on it…” A bright idea suddenly dawned upon him.

“Fatty, have you completed the mission? Hurry here if you have. Our next opponent is very strong.” HeadofGod’s serious voice rang out from the communicator.

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