Chapter 228 Elements vs. Light

Chapter 228 – Elements vs. Light

Fatty had confidence in fighting this Demigod boss Dark Unicorn Chief solo because of the certain period that the opponent would be conscious.

At the sight of Fatty raising the Holy Horn, the Chief nodded, then abruptly lifted its head to face the sky with a long roar. A black halo emerged and enveloped its body, then turned into a blazing fire, gradually revealing the illusion of a new, strange-looking Holy Unicorn with a purple-golden horn and purple-golden patterns behind the Chief.

The purple-golden illusion trod upon the blazing purple-black fire. When it fluttered its wings, the fire splattered in all directions, burning out deep holes where it landed amidst a series of sizzling sounds.

Hooooo…. The purple-golden unicorn illusion let out a long whiny at the Light God statue. In an instant, the statue radiated a brilliant light, and a hazy figure emerged within the white light.

“Amedick, do you still not yield?” A dignified voice rang out from the statue.

“Yadas, the Holy Unicorns pursuit for freedom and speed shall never be halted by anything, even in the face of violence and bloodshed!” roared Holy Unicorn Chief Amedick. At the same time, the purple-golden illusion let out a roar of fury and leaped towards the figure inside the white light.

“In the name of the God of Light, purify all evil forces – Purification.” The figure gently waved its magic staff. A bucket of Light water poured down from the sky onto the unicorn illusion.

Boom! The white light directly snuffed out the purple-black light around the illusion. The entire temple quaked and creaked, as if on the verge of crumbling.

“Amedick, the power of God, shall never be something that you can imagine.” The figure in the white light seemed even more imposing.

“Peh!” Amedick only spat in response. The purple-golden unicorn illusion slowly grew clearer and once again appeared in the air.

“What a stubborn fool. Purification.”

Light poured down again, in an even bigger and brighter stream this time. With just a few hits, it completely dispersed the illusion, and the black fire was rendered completely unable to support it anymore. Amedick spat out several mouthfuls of blood and lay limply on the floor.

“Kill me!” Amedick suddenly called out to Fatty.

Hmm? Fatty was stunned for a second before immediately regaining his wits. Amedick was creating a chance for him to kill it.

Fatty had been a bit too naïve before. At the Demigod level, even if Amedick just stood still and let Fatty attack it with the Plenilune Ballista, he still would never be able to break through its defense, let alone kill it.

Fatty wondered what skill the Chief had used to create that illusion that currently left the boss with roughly 10% HP. In addition, all of its stats were substantially decreased.

Twang! A bolt shot out, grazing a little abrasion on the Chief’s skin and fell with a clang. A –160 damage indicator rose up.

It didn’t even break through the defense!

“What a high defense!” Fatty clicked his tongue.

“Heretic.” The figure in the white light suddenly turned to Fatty.

“Heretic my ass!” Fatty immediately shouted back a retort. What he hated the most was anything that always tried to act all high and mighty.

The figure suddenly lapsed into silence. Through the white light, it could be seen slightly trembling, as if infuriated by Fatty’s words.

“You dare insult God? You actually dare insult God?!” The figure growled in rage.

“So what if I did? Moron!” Fatty scoffed.

“I’ll kill you, I will kill you!” The figure trembled. “In the name of the God of Light, bring this heretic soul to trial – Verdict!”

A white light suddenly enshrouded Fatty and restrained his movement, slowly lifting him. Behind him, a huge cross materialized. The figure actually wanted to nail Fatty on the cross!

“Motherf*cker!” Fatty cursed in rage as he felt his health slowly dropping. He tried his Movement Art, only to find out that it didn’t work.

“How can you fail me at such a crucial moment, ahhh, you, you…” Taking out the Elemental Skill Book, Fatty seriously didn’t know what to say.

Whoosh. The Dark Unicorn Chief leaped forth but was sent flying by the Light God figure.

“Amedick, behave and follow my words, and I’ll give you a chance to become my follower. Otherwise, humph!” The figured swept Amedick a scornful glance.

“Heretic… shall eventually disappear from this world. Everything… shall be light. Darkness… shall eventually vanish.” As if having no intention to directly take Fatty’s life, the figure in the white light chanted an incantation. Along with the words, Fatty felt his mind get hazier and hazier.

“No one can ever escape the Verdict from the God of Light!”

Fatty was too much in a daze to notice that all of his stats were slowly dropping, the kind that was irredeemable at that. As soon as the opponent was done judging him, Fatty's stats would possibly all turn to 1 and would never recover unless he got himself killed to level 0 and started again.

“Danger!” The Dark Unicorn Chief shouted. However, Fatty’s brain was in a jumbled mess right now. He couldn’t hear a thing.

Whoosh. A five-colored light suddenly blasted out from the Elemental Skill Book. Then, a voice resounded, “You think that the heir of Elementalist, my heir, is someone that a puny Light God has the qualifications to judge?”

A huge figure emerged from the Elemental Skill Book. With a claw of its hand, the figure wrecked the cross behind Fatty. With Verdict broken, Fatty was instantly restored of his consciousness and his stats slowly rose back to normal.

“Elementalist Wu Junxiao? You’re still alive?!” The figure in the white light blurted out, as if someone stepped on its tail. Then, it suddenly shouted, “That’s not right, you’re dead! This is but a mark of consciousness. A mere mark of consciousness dares to act all presumptuous in front of me?!”

“A mark of consciousness can kill you all the same.” Wu Junxiao chuckled. A five-colored light condensed into a massive hand that smashed down on the enemy.

“In the name of the God of Light, exterminate all heretics – Adjudication!”

The figure in the white light hastily brandished its staff. A holy light pillar that was smaller, but a hundred times more brilliant than the previous one, descended from the sky. It beamed toward Wu Junxiao and blasted the five-colored hand to nothingness.

“Adjudication.” Wu Junxiao flipped his hand. A similar pillar of light beamed out from the ground and collided with the one from the sky. The two lights neutralized each other and vanished.

“Impossible! You should be able to only control the five elements. How can you replicate Light magic?!” The figure in the white light screamed in disbelief. Through the white light, Fatty could vaguely make out a face full of terror.

“You don’t know that ‘all things come from one root1’?” Wu Junxiao coldly snorted. “I’m in need of energy to restore the Elemental Mystery Realm. Since you’re an energy entity, I might as well make use of you.”

“You dare…” The white light hadn’t finished when Wu Junxiao thrust out his hand and grabbed it.

A human-shaped light figure wiggled and struggled in Wu Junxiao’s palm. It was only an entity of energy of the God of Light, created especially to deal with the Dark Unicorn Chief.

“Light of Freedom.”

Whoosh! The energy entity suddenly transformed into countless light sparks and escaped from Wu Junxiao’s hand. Then, at a distance, they converged and retreated toward the Light God statue’s feet.

“Wu Junxiao, you’ve been dead for thousands of years! I’ll see how much energy you have left! When you use up your energy, you’ll completely disappear, forever!” screamed the energy entity, but anyone could see that it was merely trying to put up a tough front to hide its cowardice.

“Not much energy left, but enough to handle you.” Wu Junxiao made a gesture, and a huge sword light materialized in his hand from thin air.

Boom! The sword light struck the statue. White sparks fizzled where it clashed and the entire statue swayed a little.

“Damn it!” The energy entity brandished its staff and frantically chanted, “Praise God, worship God, submerge yourselves in the omnipresent glory of God. Follow God’s guidance and eliminate all heresy in this world. In the name of the God of Light, decide the opponent’s life and death. Adjudication!”

The statue of the Light God suddenly burst with a blinding light. A majestic voice resounded from the sky, “Eliminate all heresy, exterminate all evil.”

Rumble…! A gigantic, crude cross several dozen meters tall descended from the sky and shrouded the entire temple in its shadow.

“Wu Junxiao, I’m an energy entity, and you’re but a mark of consciousness. Let’s not play ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ here. If you’ve come, might as well leave your life here,” the entity spoke with loud laughter.

“Humph, arrogant fool!” A painting suddenly flew out from Wu Junxiao. Then, five swords shot out and hovered above the painting.

“Five Elemental Swords Formation, go, exterminate!”

Clank clank…. Countless metallic resonance rang out as five sword lights of five different colors shot up. Converging in the sky, the lights formed a massive five-colored sword that slashed down at the shining cross.


Fatty was forced to move back several steps and stumbled with his butt kissing the ground. Heaven and earth seemed to spin before his eyes, and then, his vision became a stretch of white, and his eardrums felt like it had burst. He couldn’t see nor hear anything.

After a long time, Fatty’s senses finally recovered. At that moment, both the white and the five-colored radiance had vanished. There was no trace of Wu Junxiao or the energy entity.

Creak… creak… The Light God statue suddenly emitted a series of cracking sounds. The white light enveloping the statue faded away, revealing small ruptures on the surface.

“Where are you? Don’t go yet!” Fatty hastily shouted.

“I’m only a mark of consciousness left by Wu Junxiao to oversee the Elemental Mystery Realm. Just now, I was woken by the power of Light. I can only come out three times, and will be permanently gone after that. I’ve used up all the energy you’ve fed the Elemental Skill Book so far, try and get more next time.” Wu Junxiao’s deep voice rang out, seemingly from nowhere. Fatty instantly checked the Elemental Skill Book at those words.

“Ahhh?!!” screamed Fatty miserably. Let alone opening the Elemental Mystery Realm, even the skill Memory was deactivated. All the spells that Fatty had recorded via Memory were now colored grey.

However, in the pages after them, three Light spells were written. They were Purification, Verdict, and Adjudication.

“Damn you Wu Junxiao… Forget it. I forgive you this time,” Fatty mumbled.

Fatty had used a large sum of elemental materials to restore the book to such a state, and yet it was all gone in one go. If it wasn’t that Wu Junxiao had saved his life and even added three super-powerful magic spells, Fatty would have certainly ‘talked it out’ with him.

This brat is quite formidable, though. Only a mark of his consciousness was able to destroy an energy entity of the Light God.

“Young man, you must seize the time,” Amedick suddenly spoke up.

1. 万法归宗 (Everything comes to oneness): Buddhism concept. Things vary and change, but their nature and purpose remain unchanged (the Dao).

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