Chapter 227 Demigod-Tier Boss

Chapter 227 – Demigod-Tier Boss

Fatty brought Wheat and Inky to grind until the next night. When the moon was up again, he took out the Plenilune Ballista.

This time, the fight was alarming, but without any real danger. While the twenty bolts suffered from a little bit of wear and tear, they managed to slay the Dark Unicorn Guard before it was time for the monster to attack.

Like the previous two, the unicorn’s holy soul emerged and flew into the Holy Horn.

“He hasn’t shown up at all?” Invincible East’s brows constantly knitted as he received reports from his subordinates.

“This is bad. Maybe he didn’t die?” Invincible East’s face abruptly changed. “Send out my order, make them speed up. Do not bother with the monsters on the way!”

“Over a hundred members of the Sun Moon Cult have left the city at midnight, purpose unknown,” East Gate BlowingWind chatted with Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord.

“Who cares about that guy? He’s definitely up to no good,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord replied with a pout.

“When the tournament ends, we’ll all be automatically teleported back to our respective cities. Whatever he’s up to, he won’t be able to kick up much of a fuss anyway. But that fellow actually spent so much money to teleport his underlings here, what a wastrel.” Rosethorn seemed to have an opinion against Invincible East.

“Is Fatty still not done yet?” HeadofGod furrowed his brows.

“We haven’t been able to get in touch with him. He must have turned off his communicator to focus on his mission.” TheFugitive gave a pained smile.

“Forget it, he can just join us whenever he’s done. Our opponent tomorrow is an evil organization in Azure Dragon City. Let’s torture them to our heart’s content,” said HeadofGod with a savage expression.

Nighttime at the black Holy Spirit Island. Inside the temple, Fatty was picking up the drops.

This fight had been pretty risky. The bolts were seriously corroded after repeated use and their damage was greatly decreased. Fatty hadn’t been able to finish the Dark Unicorn Guard before the monster regained its dark instinct to attack. During the miserable fleeing that ensued, Wheat and Inky bravely sacrificed themselves, while Fatty died and entered the Death Transformation state. Coupling his monster form with the newly acquired God Slayer Crossbow, Fatty was finally able to slay the unicorn.

“Only one left.” Looking at the Dark Unicorn Chief wandering at the statue’s feet, Fatty nodded.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Sun Moon Cult people were arriving soon, Fatty alone wouldn’t pose a threat to this extraordinarily powerful Demigod-ranked boss.

“Let’s get some rest. Tomorrow is gonna be a fierce battle.” Logging off, Fatty enjoyed a sweet sleep. For this mission, he hadn’t done anything else aside from going off for meals. He was already utterly exhausted.

“Quick, hurry up, we’re finally here!” After four days of an arduous journey, the members of the Sun Moon Cult finally arrived.

Looking at the hovering black isle, the one leading the Sun Moon Cult group, Vice Master DoWhateverIWish, repeatedly exclaimed how farsighted his guild master was. He commanded, “Brothers with flying mounts, carry those without one up there.”

The aerial mounts of the Sun Moon Cult members varied. There were goshawks, white cranes, red griffins, pig-faced bats, etc.

The players with flying mounts rode up into the air, then tied a rope on their respective mounts to lift those without flying mounts up. After the busy bustle, everyone stepped into the Holy Spirit Island.

“The others are all white, only this one is black. That’s weird,” DoWhateverIWish commented as he walked. Very soon, they arrived at the temple at the top.

God of Light? DoWhateverIWish smiled ear to ear at the sight of the giant statue.

“After we’re done with the monster, let’s carry this thing back with us. We can set it at our base entrance when we establish one. It’d look so imposing.”

“Hahaha, Big Bro Wish is wise!” The players all chimed in with joyous laughter.

“The monster is over there. Little Blade, you go pull it out. Be very careful, that monster could insta-kill two level 40 rogues. Hmm, something’s off. Didn’t they say there were three? Why is there only one here?”

DoWhateverIWish was a bit stunned when he saw only the Dark Unicorn Chief. However, he didn’t dwell on it. He began to instruct the members to spread out in a formation, getting ready for combat.

“Big Bro Wish, be careful. I can’t determine its level,” a rogue of the 4th class enhancement alerted with a solemn expression.

“Then it should be at least level 60? A Yao boss? Ahaha, very good. It’ll definitely drop some good stuff.” DoWhateverIWish waved his hands dismissively, indicating that there was nothing to worry about.

Hooo… The players hadn’t even finished getting into formation when the Dark Unicorn Chief exhaled a gentle breath. A black flame flared and burned two warriors to ashes.

“What the hell?! It can even one-shot warriors?! Everyone watch out!” DoWhateverIWish terrified. He hurriedly ordered the knights to defend the front.

Once a Demigod entity, the current Dark Unicorn Chief was as powerful as a high-rank Celestial boss, stronger than all of its four guards combined. In only a few exchanges, it eliminated a dozen members of the Sun Moon Cult.

“Big Bro, wh-what is this boss? How can it be so strong?!” Their faces ashen, the tanking knights frantically chugged down red pots. Even with the priests behind continuously healing them plus having some red pills that could instantly get their health back to 100%, these knights were still unable to defend against a few offensive rounds from the boss.

There was none of the original carefreeness on DoWhateverIWish’s face anymore. Dripping with sweat, he called out to the knights in a hoarse voice, “Stand firm, stand firm!”

Whoosh. A black light shot out from the Chief’s horn, skewering three players before it finally faded away.

“Big Bro Wish, we should withdraw. This monster is at least Celestial. We’re no match for it!” A player turned around and shouted.

Bang! A crisp smack resounded. DoWhateverIWish had slapped the player who’d just shouted. The latter went blank, unable to comprehend where his leader’s fury came from.

“The Sun Moon Cult knows no such thing as ‘withdraw’! Not just Celestial, even if it’s a Divine boss, we must kill it all the same!” DoWhateverIWish roared, his face twisted viciously. “Little Blade, lead the rogues, prepare to use poison.”

The player addressed as ‘Little Blade’ remained silent, but his body suddenly flashed. As if fully aware that Stealth was of no use before a boss of such rank, he directly rushed forth with his dagger.

Behind Little Blade, six rogues utilized the same uncanny movement technique that made them hard to pin down and also raced toward the Dark Unicorn Chief.

Puff! A black ray shot out, and a rogue fell. The other‘s expressions remained unchanged. They suddenly accelerated in unison and brandished their daggers at the boss.

Bang bang bang! A rapid series of collision resounded as several rogues successfully struck their target. Little Blade even successfully executed Deadly Poison.

“It’s poisoned… ahh…! The Sun Moon players’ cheering was snuffed at their throats. The unique green light only flashed less than a second above the Chief’s head, then completely vanished.

“I remember!” a player shouted out loud. “Unicorns can purify all poisons. It’s useless to poison them!”

“Fudge!” DoWhateverIWish spat a mouthful of saliva, pondering hard on a method to handle the enemy.

“What? Celestial boss?!” Invincible East was appalled upon hearing DoWhateverIWish’s report. The Imperial Capital truly lives up to its reputation. Any random boss in the vicinity is Celestial-tier!

“Wait for me,” Invincible East curtly said, then stood up and left the room under the surprised eyes of others.

The Individual category had ended. Currently, the Guild competition was being carried out. The challenge round took place even later, so Invincible East had enough time to go deal with the boss.

“You guys take care of the rogues tailing us, then catch up with me.” Not very far after they exited the gate, Invincible ordered his underlings to handle the players sneaking behind them.

“Hmm? Invincible East is coming in person?” Hiding at a place nearby, Fatty could hear everything DoWhateverIWish said to his men. The elementalist coldly smiled in his heart. Well then, Lord Fatty should return to the city and fix up my bolts first.

Teleporting back to the Imperial Capital to fix his gear, Fatty was very leisurely. He even participated in a Guild’s Group match. Calculating when it was time, he got on the Earth Dragon and whizzed toward the Holy Spirit Island.

Out of the one month of mission duration, Fatty spent a third on the road. This clearly showed how vast the maps in this game were.

At a certain distance from the black isle, Fatty pocketed the Earth Dragon and discreetly flew over using the Zephyr Wings.

Within his expectations, two players were guarding in the air. However, the area was filled with clouds and they were too focused on the space below, so they never predicted that someone would fly right past them.

“What a tragedy,” At a corner somewhere on the isle, Fatty constantly lamented when he checked the situation with the X-Ray Mirror.

Inside the temple, out of the first one hundred players who had tailed him plus the several dozen that Invincible brought later, only less than twenty still stood. At their opposite, the Dark Unicorn Chief was ever alive and kicking, its health not having dropped even a sliver.

“Let’s retreat.” Lacking a better option, Invincible East took a look at the unicorn before ordering in resignation.

“Boss, it’s a Celestial boss!” DoWhateverIWish immediately yelped in protest.

“Unless we call all of our brothers here, it’s impossible for us to fight it.” Invincible East shook his head. “Each teleportation cost 100,000 gold coins. No one can afford to waste that much money. It’s all my fault. Let’s go back, everyone. If Money Grubber has the ability, he can have this kill.”

Finishing his speech, Invincible took the lead to use a Recall Scroll.

“This… Aiii!” Letting out a heavy sigh, DoWhateverIWish also followed and tore a Recall Scroll.

As if finally liberated, the rest returned to the city one after another, unwilling to linger for another second.

“They all really left?” Fatty laughed coldly. Activating the X-ray function, he spotted two rogues Stealthing completely still in a corner of the temple, just as he’d expected.

“Wheat, Inky,” Fatty called out. The two pets, one underground and one in the air, trekked their way over.

Pfff! A blade sealed one rogue’s throat. The rogue couldn’t even react when Fatty cut off his head, only the eyes right before his death revealed the terror in his heart.

“You’re actually still here!” The other rogue instantly pounced. However, before he could lift his dagger, his body froze stiff and was rapidly flung backward.

It was Inky’s Mental Breakdown.

“You think it’s that easy to take advantage of Lord Fatty?” Fatty smiled coldly and didn’t continue attacking.

Whoosh. Just when this player felt like he had a chance, a bull-sized rat abruptly emerged before his eyes and smashed down its claws.

Pufff! Blood splattered everywhere. This player was pasted to the floor.

Bam! Wheat didn’t need to use any skill. It simply sat its butt onto the victim.

“AHHHH…..!” Under Fatty’s pitying eyes, that player screamed wretchedly. His legs flailed around until he could no longer hold on and got sent back on a free trip.

“Very well. It’s our turn now,” Checking the time, Fatty said.

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