Chapter 225 Hunting Down a Celestial Boss

Chapter 225 – Hunting Down a Celestial Boss

Farming the Earth Dragons took a day, and building the Plenilune Ballista took another half a day. Fatty had roughly ten days left until the unicorn mission expired.

Ten days, not too short, but not long either. Traveling from the Imperial Capital to the black isle in the Cloud Ocean alone already cost Fatty four days.

This sounded terrifying, and in truth, it was terrifying. The distance between the two locations was seriously lengthy even when the Earth Dragon ran at its full speed. If he were to ride Wheat, Fatty would have to waste another half day on the road.

There was a clear threshold between Gold bosses and Yao bosses, and an even bigger threshold between Yao and Celestial ones. If it wasn’t for the Dark Unicorn being a depraved and weakened version of the Holy Unicorn, Fatty wouldn’t dare to provoke them all by himself.

Plenilune Ballista
Violet equipment
Attack: 1300 – 1800
Defense: 1500
Notes: Has an attack range of 1,000 meters. The power of this ballista is increased several times when used in a City Siege.

Violet tool
Attack: 200 – 280
Notes: Reusable, prone to wear and tear.

Both were Violet gears, but they had no level requirements. Fatty had tried out the ballista a little during his trip. One bolt insta-killed a Holy Unicorn and moreover pinned its corpse on the mountain wall.

When Fatty arrived at the temple, the scene was the same as when he had left. Most of the several thousand heads under the Light God statue were damaged aside from biggest ones still standing.

Fatty chose a corner and arranged the ballista here, then loaded a bolt. The attack of this ballista wasn’t bad, but its immobility spelled trouble.

“Come out, moon!”

Very soon, the moon was high in the sky. The weeping started to echo, and the Chief came out to lead its remaining four guards to attack the statue.

“Inky!” shouted Fatty as he released the Earth Dragon at the same time.

Inky kited over a guard, then died a glorious death.

At the sight of Fatty, the Dark Unicorn Guard that was pulled over was dumbstruck. Fatty was holding up the Holy Horn on his palm. Tears began to stream down the unicorn’s eyes when it saw the item.

“Rest in peace.” Placing the Holy Horn aside, Fatty rotated the crossbow on the ballista and aimed the bolt at the dark creature.

Kah kah… The Plenilune Ballista emitted a noise akin to the Plenilune Beast King shrieking. The ballista stretched its body, its forelimbs leaped forth and its head suddenly raised with a wide-open jaw. The bolt shot out with a violet-gold flash, gunning straight for the unicorn.

Puff! Black blood splattered as the bolt pierced through the monster’s body and flung it high backward. With a clacking noise, the seven-meter-long bolt directly nailed the Celestial-tier unicorn on the wall.

“Wuuwuu…” The creature let out a low sob. It no longer resisted and only looked at the Holy Horn, more and more tears streaming from its eyes.

“Indeed.” Fatty was delighted. These Dark Unicorns already died a long time ago and the only things that remain are their enslaved souls. To escape the God of Light’s grip, death is their only choice.

While the bolt impaled the monster on the wall, its damage actually wasn’t that good. The ballista dealt a decent damage of 9000, but this number was only a sliver in the face of several hundred thousand or even million HP.

The huge HP of these bosses was exactly why Fatty accepted shouldering such a massive debt to build this ballista. If he only relied on himself and his pets, they wouldn’t be able to kill one of these Dark Unicorn Guards even if the monsters just stood still and let them attack for an entire day and night.

One such example was Lei Ting. Even a bunch of Black Tortoise NPC experts were unable to put an end to him.

“Haah!” Growling, Fatty nocked another bolt.

Roaaah! Along with a roar from the ballista, the bolt accurately hit the monster’s body, pinning it even more tightly on the wall.

Another –9000 damage indicator rose up, leaving a visible empty chunk in the unicorn’s health bar. Not giving himself any time to celebrate, Fatty loaded the third bolt.

The Plenilune Ballista was extremely heavy and bulky. Before every shot, it needed to be adjusted a little. Roughly estimated, each shot took over a minute to execute.

Based on the wiped out HP, Fatty estimated this unicorn guard’s health to be about 500,000, meaning at least 60 shots were needed to kill it.

Fatty only got eight bolts from the ores he could purchase. After shooting all eight, Fatty had to pluck them off from the monster’s body to keep using them again. As for the unicorn, surprisingly, it merely stayed put and let Fatty attack.

One minute per bolt. After shooting fifty times with several critical strikes in the process, the unicorn was on its last breath with a little bit of HP left.

“Roaah!” The creature suddenly shrieked. Its horn flashed, and a light swept out, sending the ballista flying.

“Damn it! The time’s come!”

Fatty lamented in his heart, but his face remained calm. Extending his hand to retrieve the ballista into his inventory, Fatty simultaneously slid backward and vanished.

Whoosh whoosh! The Dark Unicorn Guard pushed out the bolts on its body amidst a black blood splatter.

As described, the bolts were reusable, but also prone to wear and tear. After a dozen uses or so, their damage had decreased to around 8000, which was some serious corrosion.

During the fight, Fatty once had the idea to use Deadly Poison on this boss. However, the one time the skill was successful, the poison green light only flashed for less than a second above the monster’s head. Only then did Fatty finally remember that a unicorn could purify every poison, so these monsters were nothing that his meager poison could hope to kill.

Whoosh. A black light shot up from the Dark Unicorn Guard’s horn and transformed into black sparkles that rained down on the creature. Its health could be seen recovering at a visible rate.

After using healing on itself, the unicorn’s eyes turned. The gaze directly broke Fatty’s Stealth.

With graceful steps, the creature didn’t fly up, but trod the floor toward Fatty. Its health was slowly reaching back to 10%.


All of a sudden, Wheat’s image flashed. The Dark Unicorn Guard froze while its front hoof was raised.

Petrification! Amidst the grave crisis, Wheat actually exploded with might and petrified the boss!

“Alright!” Fatty shouted out loud. Taking out the Plenilune Ballista, he loaded a bolt, made some adjustments, and with the ballista right up in the unicorn’s face, he pressed the mechanism to fire.

BOOM! The bolt streaked into the creature’s mouth with a force that sent it flying over ten meters.

This attack to the weak point wiped out over ten thousand HP.

Kah… Kah… Fatty hurriedly adjusted the ballista. The Dark Unicorn Guard had gotten back up on its legs. The creature stomped its front hooves, and Wheat was insta-killed with a wretched shriek.

Clip clop… The unicorn then headed toward Fatty, but he still needed a half minute to get the ballista ready.

Retreat! Fatty quickly made up his mind. He abandoned the ballista and vanished in Stealth.

Woooh! A ripple spread out from the unicorn’s horn and knocked Fatty out of Stealth.

Mire Trap! Fatty swung his arm. A patch of marsh emerged in front of the monster. This skill of Wheat’s had been recorded via Memory to the Elemental Skill Book.

Mire Trap wasn’t the least bit useful. The unicorn simply spread its wings and flew over.

Illusion! Two ‘Fattys’ appeared and fled in opposite directions.

Bam! A black ray instantly killed an illusion, and the Dark Unicorn Guard looked toward the real Fatty.

“Damn it!!’ Fatty cursed in anger. Then, he Earthwalked.

Whoosh. He emerged at the door. Fatty didn’t dare to step out, or else the health that he had gone through sweat and tears to wipe out would be fully healed in an instant.

After the last attack to the weak point, the unicorn’s health had fallen below 10%. It now had about thirty thousand HP left. Fatty only needed to fire four or five more bolts with the ballista to kill it.

Clip clop… The dark creature kept treading with light steps around the place. From time to time, black rays of light whooshed out, forcing Fatty to dodge left and right in a sorry state.

“Motherf*cker! You think Lord Fatty is so easy to bully?” Dodging another attack, Fatty finally erupted. He Earthwalked to behind the creature, then vanished in an eerie manner.

Shadow Kill!

“Awuuu…!” A miserable scream resounded. A seven-meter-long bolt had suddenly pierced the Dark Unicorn Guard in the anus.

BOOM! THUD! The creature frantically turned its body and swung its horn. Fatty was flung up, his stomach ripped apart. When his body landed on the floor, he was dead.

System Notification: The criteria for Death Transformation has been reached. Would you like to transform?

When the two options “Yes” and “No” appeared before him, Fatty wasn’t in a hurry to choose. Instead, he stared fixedly at the Dark Unicorn Guard’s health bar.

Whoosh. A black flame flared from the monster’s body and set the bolt on fire. When the flame faded, what was left of the bolt was a bunch of ashes that fluttered down.

One of the eight bolts that Fatty had gone through great lengths to have created was gone, just like that.

However, he didn’t have time to indulge in the pain right now. His eyes kept closely following the unicorn’s health.

Despite the bolt in its anus being destroyed, the DoT still slowly sapped away its health until it stopped at 3%.

“It’s time.”

Fatty tapped “Yes.” A black fog rose up, and he transformed into a twenty-something meter long Skeletal Python.

Shattering a vial of liquid with his jaw, Fatty whizzed forth like an arrow at a speed seemingly impossible with his massive form. Then, his snake head rose up and bit the unicorn on the neck. At the same time, Fatty coiled up, tightly wrapping himself around the dark creature.

The last vial of Royal Winged Ant Poison took effect. During the ten seconds that the unicorn fell prey to paralysis, Fatty dealt his last blow.

Bloodsucker: An innate skill of Skeletal Pythons. Deals 200% damage, turning half the damage into the user’s health.

The Skeletal Python’s level was around 50 to 60. In Death Transformation of this monster, Fatty's level ended up around 50. The difficulty of killing a Celestial boss at level 50 was simply tremendous, and Fatty was putting all his hope into this Bloodsucker skill.

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