Chapter 222 Celestial-Tier Boss

Chapter 222 – Celestial-Tier Boss

The Chief of the Holy Unicorn clan had been on the verge of a breakthrough when the God of Light killed it and made it the guard dog of the sealed map, so it could be considered a Demigod like Undead Marshal Lei Ting. Having created an uncompleted nation, the Holy Unicorn Chief should be the strongest amongst the Celestial bosses. While its power had diminished a great deal due to post-mortal corruption, this boss was not something Fatty could handle right now.

Aside from the Chief, there were around ten Holy Unicorn Guards whose strength varied. However, the weakest of them was still a high-rank yao, while several had reached the Celestial tier. Despite them being the weakest of the Celestial bosses and unable to compare to Lei Ting, they were still Celestial-tier bosses. Being an entire realm above him, they could kill Fatty with a stomp of their feet.

A little lower down the pyramid were all kinds of small bosses: level 60 normal bosses or mid-rank yaos, level 70 high-rank yaos, etc. They numbered in the several dozens. Those alone were no easy task.

Time was pressing. To kill so many boss monsters within ten-odd days, even Fatty felt that his strength fell short of this task.

Taking a deep breath, Fatty started to quickly construct a group of traps that nearly filled up the area around the temple door. After it was done, he pointed.

“Wheat, pounce.”

Fatty chose the door area because no matter how they maintained aggro, the unicorns wouldn’t leave the entrance by one step. Once Fatty ran out this door, the monsters would immediately turn back, and their health would be fully restored in an instant.

With a battle cry, Wheat set off, then quickly pulled over a boss.

A level 60 low-rank Yao boss couldn’t pose too much difficulty to Fatty. With the tight cooperation of the trio, the boss was slain within an hour.

Ba-thud! The boss dropped a pile of items. Fatty gave it a quick scan. He then picked up a magic staff and put it in his inventory. The rest was nothing out of the ordinary so he fed them to the Elemental Skill Book.

In the past several days of fighting monsters, except for superb loot that could sell for a good price, Fatty tossed everything else to the book for restoration. Otherwise, his inventory wouldn’t be able to store that many items.

As for the Elemental Book, it finally changed once more after devouring such a large sum of equipment. Fatty could now open the Elemental Mystery Realm on his own with the book.

Even though the Elemental Mystery Realm was still a deserted zone, a far cry from Purple Bell’s Yin Yang Phantasm Realm, it still made a good place to flee to when in danger.

After over ten days of intensive monster-fighting, Fatty’s stock of medicine was nearly depleted. He was currently left with a few Advance medicines that could insta-fill HP. If it wasn’t for Inky’s being able to heal Wheat so that he could use the rat as a meat shield, plus the monster drops sustaining him, Fatty would have already been forced to return to the city to restock.

“Pounce!” Fatty ordered Wheat to pull another one. This time, it was a high-rank Yao boss, much more powerful than the previous one. Pouring in the strength of nine bulls and two tigers and the time of four hours, the trio was finally able to grind this boss to death.

Every ten levels was a threshold, and back during the time of the Ice Rose Alliance’s base siege, Fatty hadn’t got his 4th class enhancement yet. There was a huge gap in his attack, defense, and speed from then, and now. It took him nearly everything to handle a Holy Unicorn Boss back then; he even had to rely on a scroll to heavily injure it. And yet now Fatty could fight this weakened high-rank Yao boss by himself with only the aid of two pets. The difference was undeniable.

Spending five days, during which both Wheat and Inky had died several times, the trio finally handled the several dozen Yao bosses. In front of the statue of the God of Light, there were only the Celestial bosses with the Chief as their leader left.

“Celestial-tier boss.” Fatty could taste the bitterness in his mouth. Then again, the mission reward was too generous to simply be acquired by just spending some time and fighting some monsters.

Celestial-tier boss! Every night, the Dark Unicorns bosses came out to attack the statue. Now, looking at them just standing there, Fatty pondered hard for a countermeasure. After spending over ten days here, Fatty was very familiar with this place. He already realized that these bosses were the watchers of the temple, but when the moon was up in the sky, they’d come out to attack the statue, wanting to break away from the God of Light’s enslavement.

That period when they shortly regained the freedom to attack the statue could be exploited. However, that was too short a time. Killing several Celestial bosses in two hours was unrealistic. Fatty had to have some other measures.

Fatty checked his inventory and found that there weren’t many items he could use right now. Most were recent drops with level requirements too high for him.

While Celestial bosses were strong, they weren’t strong to the point that would scare Fatty away from a fight before it even started. Making sure he was ready, Fatty took a deep breath and waved his arm. Inky floated up, Wheat snuck underground, and Fatty personally went to pull a monster.

Shooting a bolt to pull a low-rank Celestial boss’s aggro, Fatty Earthwalked to the entrance.

Whoosh. The moment he re-appeared, a black ray of light also arrived. Fatty frantically turned his body to dodge. The black light grazed his armor and hurled straight down near the door.

Rumble! Where the black light struck, stone shards burst out in all directions, and a ten-meter-diameter hole appeared on the floor.

A casual attack was enough to cause such damage. The unicorn truly lived up to the reputation of a Celestial boss.

While it had depraved into a Dark Unicorn, the creature’s innate elegance was still there. The boss’s wings unfurled, it leisurely treaded in the air and arrived before Fatty. Ignoring the floating Inky at the side, the unicorn lowered his head to look down at him expressionlessly.

“F*ck this! A monster has the gall to look down on Lord Fatty now?!” Enraged, Fatty ordered Wheat and Inky to attack.

Bam! Inky sat down on the Dark Unicorn’s back and cast Mental Breakdown. To deal with this boss, they first needed to get it down on the ground. Otherwise, Fatty would be a sitting duck.

Mental Breakdown: Unique to the Dark Sacrificer class. Can slow down the opponent’s actions and knock them back several meters. Cooldown: 1.5 seconds.

The unicorn was dumbstruck. Its body was abruptly rammed down four meters from Mental Breakdown, falling right into Fatty’s attack range.

Boom! Wheat expanded to its normal size of an ox and leaped toward the boss. Being slowed by Mental Breakdown, the unicorn couldn’t dodge in time and was knocked flying, then heavily fell on the floor.

Whoosh! In the blink of an eye, over ten green tendrils of ivy grew and coiled around the Dark Unicorn, tightly pinning it to the ground. At the same time, a dozen of fangs pushed out and sunk into the creature’s body, sucking black blood into the tendrils.

This was a feature that appeared when Fatty’s Trap skill evolved to Advance. Not only could it trap the opponent, but it could also attack in the process.

Whew. A black halo spun out from the boss’s body and shattered all the tendrils as well as the traps in the vicinity.

Whoosh! The unicorn fluttered its wings, wanting to fly up. Right at this moment, Inky stumbled over with another Mental Breakdown.

Bang! The Dark Unicorn boss violently crashed on the ground.

Paralysis! Grasping the opportunity, Fatty smeared the Royal Winged Ant Poison on the Elemental Sword and stabbed the boss.

Fatty had only refined a dozen or so vials of Royal Winged Ant Poison. After all the squandering the last few days, plus the several vials placed at his auction house, he only had two vials left with him.

Clash! The unicorn trembled, then stopped moving, completely paralyzed.

“Attack! Attack!” shouted Fatty urgently. All sorts of skills were tossed at the dark creature like splashing water.

Fatty’s attacking speed was very fast; Wheat and Inky went all out as well. However, a Celestial boss, after all, was a Celestial boss. No matter how hard the trio attacked, its health refused to budge.

“Damn it! Why is it so stubborn?!” Fatty yelped when he saw the boss’s health not dropping a visible sliver, while the paralysis duration was about to expire.

Two seconds before the paralysis was supposed to wear off, the Dark Unicorn suddenly moved. The creature swung its head, and its horn pierced through Wheat’s stomach. The rodent couldn’t even utter a sound when the horn insta-killed it.

Whoosh. A ray of black light shot out right after. Inky’s Shield of Protection was directly shattered, and the pet was one-shot.

“That quick?” Fatty blurted, then it suddenly dawned on him. The Royal Winged Ant Poison description said 10 seconds, but that also depended on the opponent’s strength. With a ‘Celestial’ in their title, a Celestial boss naturally shouldn’t be treated like the ordinary monsters.

The two pets died and went back to the pet inventory. Alone, Fatty was no match for the Dark Unicorn boss. When he retreated at the fastest speed possible, the creature only exhaled gently, and two burning flames flared out from its nostrils. The flames swept Fatty up in the air, his life and death unknown.

Ba-thud. Fatty fell on the floor, insta-killed.

Sweeping Fatty’s corpse a scornful glance, the unicorn treaded back to its respective head under the statue with graceful steps.

Whoosh. A black fog rose up. Fatty once again utilized Death Transformation. His skeletal body crackled as he slowly got up on his feet.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold. Just you wait, Lord Fatty will destroy this lair of yours sooner or later!” Fatty let out cruel words as if it could save him some face doing so. Then, he dashed out the temple.

Until the Death Transformation status hadn’t ended, Fatty didn’t dare to return to the city. He’d die crying if the NPC army caught him in this monster form and killed him.

His entire body emitting creaking noises, Fatty strode back and forth in front of the temple entrance, thinking of a way to deal with all the powerful bosses inside.

He only had ten days left. The top 100 round wouldn’t end in these ten days or anytime soon, so relying on his friends’ aid was simply impossible. Even if they came to help, they wouldn’t be able to handle that Demigod-tier boss.

“Must I really waste a favor and ask Lin Xi to help?” Fatty hesitated.

Gaining a promise from a city lord was something that happened once in a blue moon. Fatty considered it his last resort, so he truly didn’t want to use it at all.

Lost in thought, Fatty subconsciously went through his inventory. When his eyes stopped at the corner of a blueprint, Fatty suddenly had an idea. If I succeed in building the Plenilune Ballista, will I be able to kill Celestial bosses with it?

With Dragon Tendons as a material, the ballista should be able to handle Celestial bosses, right?

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