Chapter 220 Weeping Unicorns

Chapter 220 – Weeping Unicorns

Several thousand supposedly Holy Unicorn heads emitted an eerie wailing noise. At the same time, each shot out a ray of light from their horns and they all converged at the Light of God statue.

Whoosh! The statue suddenly burst into blinding lights as well. One after another, milky white halos spread out and illuminated every corner of the temple.

When the weeping ceased, the heads stopped shaking as well. The god statue also dimmed gradually until the temple was restored to its original state.

“What trick were they trying to play?” Fatty strode over to a head and reached out his hand, wanting to move it.

Bzzz! The huge head at the center suddenly opened its eyes and fixed its gaze at Fatty. Being stared at by a pair of eyes filled with such malice, hatred, resentment, curses… just psychotic eyes, Fatty’s entire body turned cold as ice. He subconsciously retreated several steps.

“Is this still a game?” Fatty felt all his hair stand on end. He walked around the heads and approached the statue.

The statue of the God of Light was tall and majestic. A faint milky white light flashed across the surface, making its air of endless dignity and benevolence stand out all the more.

Fatty meticulously scanned the statue. Aside from the occasion when the crying sound rang out and the heads shook, there was nothing strange about this place. It looked just like any other statue inside a temple.

“Could it be that something is sealed inside this statue as well?” Fatty suddenly recalled the God of Misfortune statue, the one that sealed away the Heart of Malediction for several thousand years.

Fatty pulled out the X-Ray Mirror. With a flash, the black and white eye in the mirror began to swirl. Then, a ray of intertwined black and white lights shot at the statue.

Brrrr! The statue trembled. The milky white light on its surface abruptly gushed forth and blocked the X-Ray light, not letting Fatty inspect whatever that was inside.

“The God’s dignity forbids usurpation!” Faintly and seemingly out of nowhere, a voice echoed by Fatty’s ears.

“Acting all mysterious to scare me?” Fatty was infuriated. Whatever this is, if it really has the power, it wouldn’t be acting in such a moronic manner.

Wuwuuu… All of a sudden, a storm picked up. The several thousand animal heads let out billows of black smoke that condensed in the air. Gradually, a dozen or so black Holy Unicorns were formed.

These Holy Unicorns, no, Dark Unicorns to be exact, stood still in mid-air, not sparing Fatty a glance as their dozen pairs of eyes were fixed onto the Light God statue. Then, one of them which had a white, jade-like horn, took the lead to gallop right at the statue.

Boom! Boom!… One after another, over ten Dark Unicorns rammed themselves at the statue. In response, the latter radiated a brilliant, milky white light that enveloped the statue tightly, blocking the Dark Unicorns’ attacks. The statue remained towering and unbudging.

However, under careful observation, Fatty discovered that the light had trembled imperceptibly when it resisted the unicorns. Even though slowly, the light was getting weaker, proof that its recovery speed was a bit slower than the speed of depletion. At this rate, it would be broken through at some point soon.

Whoosh! Suddenly, a white light shot out from the Light God statue and landed on Fatty’s head.

“By the decree of I, the God of Light, you are hereby granted the title of Holy Disciple of Light. Carry the glory of God with you and purify all evil forces.”

The white light gradually merged into Fatty’s body. Ash-white fog streamed out from his seven orifices and quickly melted into the white light. The four words ‘Holy Disciple of Light’ faintly flashed above Fatty’s head right next to his IGN ‘Money Grubber.’

Whoosh! In the middle of attacking the statue, the dozen Dark Unicorns suddenly halted and turned. Over ten pairs of eyes now stared dead at the now luminous Fatty.

“F*cking hell! What an arse! You’re actually trying to harm Lord Fatty like this!” Fatty was dumbstruck at first, then infuriated. You want to make Lord Fatty your slave? No way in hell!

Actually, that isn’t impossible, but you should give me some benefit first, no? Thinking to himself, Fatty slowly moved back. He had no intention to provoke these terrifyingly strong fellows at all.

Whoosh! The white-horned Dark Unicorn suddenly shot out a black ray at Fatty.

With a nimble sidestep, Fatty dodged it.

Escaping to the side, Fatty suddenly thought of something. He took out the silver-white stone that he got from the Holy Unicorn boss earlier.

Bzzz… The instant it was out the bag, the small stone vibrated and shone brightly. It buzzed listlessly in Fatty’s palm as if there was a force trying to pull it away.

At the sight of the small stone, the ten-odd Dark Unicorns abruptly stopped attacking.

“Wuuu…” Gazing at the stone for a long while, the Dark Unicorn pack chorused a long, wretched whiny, and tears of blood began trickling down from their eyes.

When the whiny stopped, the white-horned Dark Unicorn strode forth. Then, it opened its mouth and spat out a black light.

System Notification: Do you accept the mission “Weeping Unicorn”?

“A mission?” Curious, Fatty tapped “Yes.”

Bam! The black light whooshed into Fatty’s body and vanished.

System Notification: You have accepted the mission “Weeping Unicorn.”
Mission Requirement: Rescue the Holy Unicorn’s souls that have depraved due to the seal.
Time limit: 1 month
Reward: The residence of the Holy Unicorn – Holy Spirit Island.
Mission Details: Thousands of years ago, the Demon Army invaded and the flames of war took over the continent. The war lasted for three hundred years, with countless casualties from both sides until, at last, it forced the hands of Legendary-tier experts. During the fight, the God of Light was severely injured by the God of Darkness but managed to escape with difficulty to the Ocean of Light. Using the last of its power, the God of Light sealed the Ocean of Light and turned it into the Cloud Ocean, while it hid inside the Temple of Light to nurse its injuries. When the God of Light sealed up the Ocean of Light, it took away the home of the Holy Unicorn clan, the Holy Spirit Island, and made it the only entrance to the Cloud Ocean. In the process, the God of Light also massacred the Holy Unicorn clan, using their flesh and souls to imprison the soul of the Holy Unicorn Chief, who was about to breakthrough to the God realm, and made it the guard of this entrance.

“That’s so cruel!” Reading the details, Fatty gasped. Those that can become a God, none of them are simple characters!

But, if the Holy Unicorn clan was massacred by the Light God, then what about those Holy Unicorns I met out there?

Boom! When Fatty accepted the mission, the silver-white stone ruptured into pieces, revealing a small, white horn in his palm. The object looked like a whistle.

Holy Horn: The sacred treasure of the Holy Unicorn clan. When equipped, the wearer’s stats are increased, and the wearer can command Holy Unicorns.
Level Requirement: 40.
Cannot be used for now.

Boom! The God of Light statue suddenly rumbled. At the speed of lightning, a bundle of white light poured down and enshrouded Fatty, insta-killing him.

“Human with the intention to make a deal with depraved souls, the traitor of the World of Light. In the name of the God of Light, I hereby bestow death upon you.”

“F*cker!” Fatty was thoroughly enraged now. First, you wanted Lord Fatty to work for you without paying anything, and now, you killed Lord Fatty just because I want to make a transaction with someone else. Good, very good! Lord Fatty will f*cking go all out with you!

System Notification: The criteria for Death Transformation has been reached. Would you like to transform?

“Transform! I transform!” Fatty shouted.

A cloud of black smoke rose up. Fatty’s corpse, lying on the ground, squirmed in an eerie fashion. A while later, a huge skeletal monster stood up.

“Roah!” Fatty opened his mouth and roared. Flames flared from his nostrils. He had chosen to transform into a Skeletal Fiery Beast, the strongest monster outside Sevik that his squad had come across inside the Door of Misfortune.

Whew! A spit of fire landed on the Light God statue, but it was purified and quickly dispersed upon touching the white light protecting the statue.

Fatty continued to spit several more mouthfuls of fire at the statue to no avail. Running out of options, he simply pounced with his claws. However, the instant he made contact with the white light, his claws sizzled like cheese on a burning red iron and were melted away by more than half.

“ARGHH, IT HURTS!!” Shrieking in pain, Fatty hugged his skeletal claws and frantically retreated to the door. However, the white light still lingered around his claws and refused to let him off, wanting to purify his entire body.

Without a doubt, the power of the God of Light was immense. Despite its small size, the white light wasn’t something that Fatty could hold out against. Seeing his health slowly dropping, Fatty knew that he would truly lose a level if he died this time.

“Dark Sacrificer!” Coming up with an idea, Fatty summoned the Dark Sacrificer.

Whoosh. A black light landed on Fatty’s head. Immediately, his HP visibly restored a little.

“Okay!” Fatty snapped his fingers. It was just as he had deducted. He couldn’t be healed by Priests during the Death Transformation state because Priests’ healing was a kind of attack when used on undead creatures. However, this didn’t apply to Dark Sacrificers. Not only they could heal pets, but the Dark-attribute nature of the class also made it their main job to be the healers for undead creatures.

However, it was a pity that the Dark Sacrificer’s healing didn’t work on players, only its buffs could be applied.

Fatty’s Dark Sacrificer was currently level 40 and could heal up quite a good amount of health at once. Thanks to the pet, he barely managed to resist the white light’s ‘purification.’

Dropping his butt on the ground, Fatty ‘savored’ the pain of his health dropping and being replenished at the same time. Half an hour later, the white light finally dispersed from his half-melted claws, and his health was stable at half full.

“Lord Fatty swears I’ll never be done with you,” Fatty stood up and said between gritted teeth to the statue. Then, he suddenly realized that he could deal a great blow to the God of Light as long as he completed the mission.

It was actually very simple to rescue the Holy Unicorns’ sealed souls. Fatty only needed to kill the depraved unicorns so their souls could rest in peace.

But, the sheer quantity struck him dizzy. There are several thousand of them! When will I be able to put an end to this?!

“Lord Fatty was born to a bitter life, ahh.” Fatty sighed in resignation and summoned Wheat. “Go, go pull some monsters so Lord Fatty can vent my rage.”


Rolling around the Holy Spirit Island for several days, the harvest was able to please Fatty despite the boredom. Not only did he gain a level, but he also acquired a great deal of equipment.

Ever since it insta-killed Fatty once, the Light God statue never initiated an attack on him again, as if feeling that it had already completely purified him. Fatty didn’t provoke the statue either. He only wanted to complete the mission and gain ownership over the Holy Spirit Island. After that, whoever wanted to meet the God of Light would have to see if Fatty’s mood allowed it first.

“Quick, quicker.” Fatty leisurely leaned back to watch Wheat and the Dark Sacrificer fight a monster. One attacked, and the other buffed, they were much more powerful as a combination.

Beep. The communicator rang out. It was Liu Lan.

“Fatty, what’s happened? Why didn’t you come to the competition?”

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