Chapter 219 The Little Black Isle

Chapter 219 – The Little Black Isle


At the Black Tortoise City respawn point, Invincible East’s aggrieved voice resounded. He, the imposing guild master of the Sun Moon Sect, was actually defeated just like that, stepped to death in front of so many people. How could he ever live it down?

“Men, come! Seal the Treasures Galore Auction House. Seal it up! Don’t let a single person in!”

Fatty had soon disappeared without a trace along with Wheat and Invincible East had no better way to deal with such an unrestrained player, so he could only send people to block the man’s store.

“Fatty’s done it now.” East Gate BlowingWind and the others exchanged glances with pained smiles. Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord was even between laughter and tears.

Roughly a hundred mounted players lining up in small teams tightly blocked up Treasures Galore Auction House, letting no one near it. Even those who needed to pass by the road had to take a detour.

“Money Grubber, keep hiding if you have the guts!” Invincible East furiously shouted.

“There’s no need for this, you know? Is it really worth the trouble?” Fatty sauntered out from a corner; the small-sized Wheat following his steps.

Rumble… Right after Fatty was a troop of patrol guards.

“In an era of peace and order, you lot actually dare to gather a crowd and create a disturbance! Have you no respect at all for the law? Men, seize them!” The patrol squad captain swung his arm and the guards instantly flocked forth to capture Invincible East and his people.

“You dare capture me?” Feeling extremely stifled, Invincible East lashed his whip. While the attack didn’t deal any damage, it left a mark on a guard’s face.

“Oh wow, oh wow! What have we here? Violently resisting an arrest? Men, men! Go and call for support from the south gate!” The patrol captain blew his whistle. A short while later, a cavalry approached with thunderous gallops.

“Seize them all. If anyone puts up resistance, kill them.” The cavalry captain ordered icily with a wave of his hand.

“F*ck!” Hearing this, Invincible East drew his longsword, fully intending to fight the NPCs.

“Guild master, guild master, you can’t!” Fortunately, two players sprang up and held him back, putting back some sense into him.

Now that he was a little clear-headed again, Invincible East finally felt terrified looking back at what he'd done. If he had truly started a fight with the NPCs, even if they gained the upper hand, their future game life would still be sentenced to doom. After all, everybody had seen how Black Tortoise City had only casually sent out some generals to put an end to the formidable, mighty Undead Marshal Lei Ting and his countless underlings.

Invincible East put away his weapon, shot Fatty a ferocious glare, then obediently got off his mount and let the guards arrest him. After cuffing over one hundred members of the Sun Moon Cult, the cavalry captain dispersed the onlookers and headed toward the city lord manor.

Not long after that, a system announcement flew above Black Tortoise City—

System Announcement: The guild master of the Sun Moon Cult, Invincible East, gathered up a crowd and created a disturbance to public security. Not only so, he violently resisted arrest. This is a serious violation of the Black Tortoise City laws. The violator should have received a severe punishment for his crimes; but due to good attitude when acknowledging his guilt, the violator only has to pay a discretionary fine of 1,000,000 gold coins. He and the other 117 accomplices are sentenced to three days in prison as a warning.

A clamor instantly broke out throughout Black Tortoise City. Those who didn’t know the cause of the matter quickly asked around. After knowing the details, they all clicked their tongues in surprise and wonderment. So that’s a way to trick your opponent too!

“You’ve tricked Invincible East quite miserably. He must be raging and cursing you in prison right now.” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord laughed joyously.

“Serves him right. He asked for it.” Rosethorn wrinkled her nose.

All the people here all had schadenfreude looks on their faces. None of them bore any goodwill for Invincible East.

“Wow, this skill book isn’t bad. The Stone Puppet King dropped it right?” As Rosethorn scanned through the auctioned items on the shelves, a skill book instantly caught her eyes.

“Fatty, I’ll take this mask for 50,000 gold coins.” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord instantly claimed the Heart of the Bat King mask for himself.

The mask didn’t only have good stats, but also a ferocious appearance, just suitable for a person with a fierce personality like Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord.

The friends didn’t act courteously with Fatty. Each swept through the shelves like a gale and bought the items that Fatty had put up with intentions to auction. They were all the best of quality, only that the level requirements were a bit high and couldn’t be used for the time being.

Looking at the few scattered items left on the shelf, Fatty shook his head with a smile. He gave the steward an order to mass acquire all trashy equipment at a very low price, then left the store with his friends.

After selling nearly everything he’d accumulated today, not counting in the 300,000 gold coins from God Familia, Fatty profited with 400,000 gold coins, which could be exchanged for eight million RMB.

“Is it really this easy to make money?” Fatty was actually doubting life. He planned to quickly exchange the gold coins to real money, just in case the system might find some way to take them away.

Fatty separated from the group and went to replenish his supplies, then teleported to the Imperial Capital. The Teleportation Token allowed ten uses, and this was already the ninth time Fatty was using it. This meant there was only one use left before Fatty could no longer teleport here as he liked.

“No big deal. I’ll just make some more gift-givings visit when it comes to it.” Fatty made a harsh decision.

Once again entering the Cloud Ocean, Fatty’s mind actually went into a trance as he looked at the Holy Unicorn pack. Ignoring the item reward, the 1st rank would get a million gold coins, which was actually nothing much to Fatty. If he spent the tournament duration farming eggs here instead, he wouldn’t earn any less than winning in the competition.

However, the thought crossed his mind very briefly. He participated in the tournament exactly because of those special rewards for the few top ranks.

Fatty started his pulling-and-attacking tactic again. With the aid of Wheat and the Dark Sacrificer, farming Holy Unicorns had never been so easy. If it wasn’t that these monsters could fly, Fatty would have killed all the way to their lair.



After farming monsters day and night and killing countless Holy Unicorns, Fatty felt numb. He kited and killed, skinned the pelts, cut the horns, and cleaned the loot like a robot until a small, special sound of something abruptly woke him.

It was a silver-white stone a little bigger than a fist. The stone was extremely warm, radiating a gentle light that chased away the darkness of the early night.

“What’s this thing?” Fatty scrutinized the stone and tapped it with his finger. A pleasant, crystal clear dinging sound rang out.

Turning his gaze to the corpse of the earlier unicorn that obviously looked different from the normal Holy Unicorn, Fatty suddenly realized that he had just slain the boss.

No wonder that fight had been much harder than the rest!

Fatty cast Harvest and acquired a pelt. However, as expected of a pelt from the boss, it had an unknown painting drawn on it.

“Could this be the map of this place?” Fatty carefully compared the area to the painting. Indeed, on the hazily cloudy map, there was an area that was exactly the one Fatty was standing on right now.

After hesitating a little about something, Fatty picked up all the loot and dug out the boss’s inner core. The Holy Unicorn’s inner core was Light-attribute, so the Elemental Skill Book was unable to devour it. Fatty stowed the core, saving it for refining equipment in the future.

Relying on the newly acquired map, Fatty traveled into the depths of the Cloud Ocean. He traveled for an entire night, the time when all sorts of monsters came out to play, making this trip much more dangerous than usual.

“Waaah…” The sound of crying echoed out of nowhere. A ghastly breath swept through Fatty in the blink of an eye and he couldn’t help but shiver as a chill ran through his entire body.

The Cloud Ocean is home to the Island of Light, the territory of the Light God that can purify all evil forces. How can such a gloomy breath exist here?

Something’s definitely off. Fatty silently put up his guard. Checking to make sure that he was well-prepared, he sent out the Dark Sacrificer to scout ahead.

The Dark Sacrificer could travel through the air, albeit a little slowly. However, that feature made it a much better scout than Wheat. Ever since the Dark Sacrificer joined the family, Wheat was able to escape its thrilling scouting fate and enjoy a relatively peaceful life.

The sound of crying was clear at times. Whenever it cried out, a respective gloomy breath would sweep by. Stealthing behind the slowly flying Dark Sacrificer, Fatty felt more anxious the further he went.

Up ahead was a small, floating isle, one-tenth the size of the other isles. However, the eerie thing about it was that this isle wasn’t white like the others and was instead black in color.

The crying had come out from exactly this isle. Every ten minutes or so, the cries could be heard. It was similar to a baby bawling and an owl screeching at the same time, extremely bizarre and scalp-tingling.

“Go, let’s go look.” Fatty placed the small-sized Wheat on his shoulder. The Dark Sacrificer still scouted at the very front.

The closer they got to the black isle, the more unsettled Fatty felt. During his stay in this region, the closer to a normal isle an area was, the more monsters it had. Yet at present, he had entered the hundred-meter vicinity of the black isle without having encountered a single monster.

A black halo hovered a hundred meters away around the little black isle. The instant he got in contact with this black halo, Fatty felt a chilling cold seeping in under his skin. His body suddenly trembled, and Fatty almost lost control of the Zephyr Wings and fell.

The chilling air had sunk in bone-deep and nearly froze him solid. When Fatty barely managed to fly to the black isle and landed on its surface, he was greeted by another ghastly breath that was transmitted up through his feet. At the same time, a blood stench overwhelmed his nostrils, choking him dizzy.

“This is…?” Fatty paled in fright as he looked at his surroundings. The surface isn’t a natural black, it’s a deep purple-black formed of condensed blood! Just how many lives were lost to be able to dye an isle to this state?!

The entire isle was covered in this purple-black colored blood, as well as a terrifyingly gloomy atmosphere. Step by step, Fatty firmly walked towards the highest place on the isle, not seeing a single living entity along the way. This place was like the land of death.

At the peak of the isle stood a towering, medium-sized temple. Before, Fatty had been farming monsters and didn’t explore the other isles of Light or their peaks, so he didn’t know if the other isles also housed a similar temple.

“This… This is a temple to worship the God of Light!” Immediately noticing the huge, towering and imposing statue that kept radiating holy light the moment he entered the temple, Fatty realized who it was at first glance.

Barring the crying sound that echoed intermittently, the whole isle was draped in silence. The lack of activity truly sent a chill down a person’s spine.

Surprisingly, the source of the crying was somewhere around the Light God statue. In front of this statue, several thousand heads that looked like those of Holy Unicorns were arranged. However, the horns of those heads were golden and not silver like the Holy Unicorn.

The several thousand heads were placed there as if an offering to the God of Light. At the very center was a huge head, two to three times bigger than those around it. The horn on this head looked like the best quality of jade, extremely clear and luscious. And only its tip was golden, unlike the others which were completely gold.

“Waaah…” The sound of wailing resounded. The several thousand heads violently shook, as if the sound really came from their mouths.

All at once, their horns lit up and burst with brilliant lights that converged into a black column behind the statue of the Light God.

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