Chapter 216 Enrollment

Chapter 216 – Enrollment

What if a cavalry with Holy Unicorns as their uniform mount could be developed? It goes without saying that idea would be a tremendous temptation to every guild. It was even more alluring to Fatty. But of course, what tempted him most was the profit that he could make from selling the eggs.

Regarding Laurent’s mission items, Fatty had gathered enough Holy Spirit Stones and Sunshine Grass. As for the other items, there was still time, so he wasn’t in a hurry. Fatty decided to remain here to farm unicorn eggs and conveniently level up while he was at it.

On his third day in this place, Fatty decided to return to the city, because enrollment for the first tournament ever in-game had officially begun.

In Black Tortoise City, Fatty united with HeadofGod’s group. After exchanging a few words, HeadofGod invited Fatty into their familia. At the moment, God Familia had officially been established as a guild with HeadofGod as its guild master.

TheFugitive had soon joined them. Plus Fatty, God Familia managed to reach thirteen members.

“Heheh, the Thirteen Delinquents1,” said LeftHandofGod with a laugh.

“Wrong, it’s the Thirteen Iron-blood Eagles2!” TheFugitive corrected.

“What a bummer, LittleLi’s FlyingDagger was roped away by someone else.” HeadofGod’s face was full of pity. If they had Han Shen, who was considered the top rogue in the game, they would be 80% sure to claim the 1st rank of the Guild’s Group category.

However, the one who stole Han Shen was Fatty’s little sister, Qian Xiaoqian. Even Fatty wouldn’t dare to say anything about this. Otherwise, they would have already persuaded Han Shen to leave that guild to join them.

Even Fatty, if Rainrevelers could see themselves winning against God Familia, they would have pulled Fatty into their guild to raise their chance at victory. But the odds were stacked against Rainrevelers doing this, so they didn’t insist on Fatty’s joining them.

“Go, let’s go register.”

A sea of players already gathered in front of the NPC in charge of the Guild category enrollment. Every big guild in Black Tortoise City was present. Aside from enrolling, they also wanted to check out their future opponents.

The moment God Familia arrived, the faces of all the guilds’ executives present abruptly changed. They immediately opened their communicators and reported to their respective guild masters. God Famila being called the top rogue group wasn’t self-proclamation; they earned it from completing mission after mission. If they had to confront God Familia, the guilds wouldn’t have much belief in their winning chances despite the opponent’s few numbers.

“The Guild’s Group competition is, in fact, a competition among the guilds. The reason it’s called ‘Guild’s Group’ and not ‘whole team competition’ is that each guild can only send out a group not exceeding one hundred guild members. A guild cannot have two groups enrolled at once. If a guild has too many members and wants to send out another group, that group must exit their guild and form a new guild to enroll.”

Ignoring the burning gaze of the surrounding players, HeadofGod explained to Fatty as they pushed their way in.

“Not exceeding one hundred people? You mean that when we go on stage, we thirteen have to fight against a hundred?” Fatty’s lips curved into a smile.

“Of course.” HeadofGod also smiled. Going against many with a few was something God Familia did all the time. That was why when he heard of the guild group category, HeadofGod instantly decided to go against the guilds with his meager number.

HeadofGod paid the registration fee and submitted the thirteen names. The process was completed just like that. Now, they only needed to wait for the tournament to officially begin.

“How many of us want to partake in the Individual category?” After squeezing themselves out from the sea of people, HeadofGod asked.

“We all want to join, of course.” TheFugitive caressed his dagger. “I’ve waited for this competition for a long time.”

“Alright then. Let’s all join. I’ll pay the registration fee.” HeadofGod smiled. The group once again threaded their way to the NPC in charge of the Individual category enrollment.

“No matter if it’s the Individual or Guild category, the competition will take place inside the four main cities. The top 25 will take part in the final of all four cities to decide the first one hundred rankings,” HeadofGod explained to Fatty who was completely oblivious of the rules.

“Rumor has it that the top 10 will all be rewarded with gold coins and Celestial items. Moreover, the top 3 will receive some special reward.”

Fatty’s mind had been traveling off somewhere far away as he pondered hard how to get close to a beauty nearby. Upon hearing these words from HeadofGod, however, he instantly woke from his trance.

“Special reward? What special reward?”

“No idea,” HeadofGod straight out replied. “Special rewards for top 3, Celestial items for top 10, all of which are still unknown. But their value definitely won’t below.”

These people always used gold coins to put a value on things, no wonder birds of a feather flock together.

“My requirement isn’t very high. I’m satisfied as long as I make it to the top 100 and get my gold coin reward,” remarked TheFugitive indifferently.

“From the 50th to 100th ranks only get 100,000 gold coins. Your goal is too unambitious, Fuge.” HeadofGod shook his head. The group finally arrived before the NPC and enrolled themselves.

The enrollment time was three days, and the competition officially began in seven. These seven days were going to be the period when the players madly put their efforts into grinding and killing.

“Big Bro, we’ve been hired to kill someone,” LeftHandofGod said via the party chat after he read a message.


“Golden Scale TheMighty.”

Golden Scale TheMighty, the person who had inherited the God of Misfortune’s legacy back in the Paradise of Misfortune. After they had left that place, Fatty hadn’t paid attention to the guy. He wondered how Golden Scale TheMighty was doing now.

“Golden Scale TheMighty!” HeadofGod sighed. “This fellow struck it big last time in the Paradise of Misfortune. He’s very arrogant now and just disregards even our familia. I heard that anyone who PK’d with him has been plagued by misfortune, so no one dares to fight him one on one now. He’s currently gathering materials to craft his Misfortune Equipment.”

“Misfortune…” Fatty’s heart jumped a little upon hearing the word. It seems I have to hasten my steps to gather the mission items and dispel the forces of misfortune and malediction in my body.

“Do we accept it?” asked LeftHandofGod.

“Forget it,” HeadofGod resolutely decided after some hesitation. “It’s an extraordinary time right now. We need to put forth our all to prepare for the tournament. After it’s over, we’ll take the order if the other end still wants to hire us.”

“Guys, I have some equipment stored. Come take a look!” Fatty’s brow lifted.

“Hahaha, Fatty’s gears are definitely gonna be good.” HeadofGod’s party followed Fatty into the bank. When they saw the equipment Fatty took out, the group were dumbstruck.

“The heck? What did you accumulate so many equipments for?”

Fatty waved his hand, and several great pieces of equipment were handed to the guys.

Gold boots adding DEX, leather armor specialized for Rogues with a unique additional skill, and several daggers with decent stats. However, the guys only checked them briefly before giving them back to Fatty. Things that Fatty disregarded, they also did the same.

“I’m telling you, don’t away hide the good equipment. If you don’t take them out now, their values will drop after the tournament,” TheFugitive remarked.

Fatty chuckled sleazily. He indeed had some good ones, but couldn’t be used by Rogues. However, there were two things that might just suit their fancy.

“Pet egg? Holy Unicorn? Damn! And mount eggs?!” LeftHandofGod’s eyes lit up at the sight of the eggs on Fatty’s palm. When the guy got to hold the eggs himself, he was totally appalled.

“Great stuff. We want.” HeadofGod instantly decided after a quick glance. “We’re all family here, no need to be shy. Take it, y’all. One pair for each brother. We can level them as we farm.”

“One pair for each? Where do I get that many?” Fatty said with a pained smile. He had farmed in the Cloud Ocean for over two days and only gained four eggs of both types in total.

“This is the one that the Fire Cloud King dropped right? We also want.” HeadofGod pointed at the Fire Cloud King Egg in Fatty’s hand.

And so, two Holy Unicorn pet eggs and two mount eggs plus the Fire Cloud King pet egg were sold to God Familia at a buddy-price of 300,000 gold coins.

As for Liu Lan, Fatty planned to get a Holy Unicorn Boss to sell to her.

“Damn it, our bros work our asses off just for some pocket change, and you can make 300,000 in a blink,” HeadofGod said with envy.

“Hey, it’s difficult for me too. I only got that many after farming for several days.”

“Tsk!” To Fatty’s whining, the rogues of God Familia all raised their middle fingers.

While God Familia farmed levels, Fatty didn’t sit idly either. He lifted his inventory pack and sucked all the equipment in the storage inside. Then, he went to the NPC in charge of Individual category enrollment and opened a stall next to them.

“Take a look, take a look! We have the sharpest weapons, mightiest tools, and most advanced gears. Buy one, and you’ll become the most powerful under heaven!”

This place was already crowded. Some players weren’t in a hurry to leave after registering themselves and instead lingered around to enjoy the bustle. Upon hearing Fatty shout, they instantly flooded over.

“This Heavenly Star Shield isn’t too shabby. It’s Silver but actually has higher defense than my Gold gear. 3,000 gold coins? Not bad, very fair. I’ll take it.”

“Crystal Armor? Gold-tier? Its stats are a bit better than my Gold gear. Ehh? 6,500 gold coins? Bro, this is too high. Can I have a discount?”

“Husband, look at this Clearwater Sword. It’s only Silver but the attack and additional stats are all better than my Gold weapon! There’s even a 10% addition to Dexterity, just right for a Dex warrior like me. And it’s only 5,000 gold coins. Husband, I want it!”

“Big Bro, quickly come to the enrollment area at the city’s South… Aiii, no I’m not telling you to register. A player has set up a stall selling equipment here… F*ck! Just let me finish okay? Those gears are all high-quality! If you don’t come, you can’t blame me later for not notifying you.”


The First Under Heaven Tournament was indeed stimulating the players’ spending on equipment. While Fatty’s goods were all decent, they wouldn’t have been able to sell at those prices were it not for the tournament.

Very soon, all the advanced equipment was sold out, while some low-rank gears with decent stats were also sold much more easily than they would normally be. Originally, Star Fantasia had set the level limit of the Individual category to 40. However, some players had instantly filed a group complaint and successfully lowered it to 35. Just like that, all the low-leveled gears accumulated in Fatty’s possession were able to sell for a good price as well.

“Ah, am I too late?” Some players raced over here after being notified by their friends. However, they saw that it was sold out and Fatty was preparing to pack up.

“Late? Not at all! All the good stuff are left for this moment,” said Fatty with a mysterious smile. “But these things are going to be auctioned. Are your wallets well-prepared?”

1. Movie reference. 十三太保: a martial art film.
2. Another movie reference. Thirteen Eagles -十三鹰

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