Chapter 215 Unicorn Pack

Chapter 215 – Unicorn Pack

Truth be told, Fatty found HeadofGod’s invitation very intriguing. And while Fatty had agreed to it, he actually had no plans to enroll in the tournament, simply because he didn’t think his current strength was sufficient.

As rogues, Han Shen was an Underworld Assassin and HeadofGod was a Bloodshadow Assassin, both of which were hidden classes. Their reputation might fall short to that of Elementalist, but those two classes boasted a bunch of job-specific skills, unlike Fatty who only had a few Elemental Walks for fleeing. If he really wanted to participate in the competition, he at least needed to restore the Elemental Skill Book a bit more.

Upon reaching level 40, Fatty was notified that solely experience points wasn’t enough to rank up Elemental Equipment and Swords from Silver to Gold. They needed to be refined. The materials needed for refining weren’t many, only five inner cores for each piece of equipment. The requirement for Fatty wasn’t high either, he only needed to be an Intermediate Blacksmith.

Six pieces of equipment: helmet, breastplate, wristbands, cloak, greaves, and boots. Five inner cores each made it a total of thirty inner cores. Unless Fatty pressed his luck and went to farm them himself, the number of inner cores would bankrupt him if he wanted to buy them with gold coins.

Missions required materials, restoring the Elemental Skill Book required materials, and even refining gears required materials. The more he played, the more cost he seemed to incur. Fatty’s face crumpled into a deeply bitter expression.

“Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s get these damn misfortune and malediction curses dispelled first.” Fatty sighed after pondering for what seemed like half a day. Then, he set out for the Cloud Ocean.

Running on the ground surely couldn’t compare to flying. Moreover, Fatty had to walk a longer route to avoid the powerful monsters that he might come across. After spending thrice the time he used for the first trip, Fatty finally arrived at the Cloud Ocean once again. However, it had been much safer not traveling in the sky.

The Cloud Ocean was ever filled with hazy clouds and housed a dense distribution of monsters.

At present, there were very few people besides Fatty who could enter the Imperial Capital. It wasn’t that the players didn’t think of this, but rather that they were limited by the harsh requirements: ten thousand Reputation being the threshold and one thousand Reputation cost for each teleportation. Not just any player could have that much Reputation to spend. In case a person teleported over but couldn’t return due to Reputation shortage when something happened over at their home city, they’d die crying.

Therefore, those who had met the Reputation required still didn’t dare use it. After all, Reputation points in this game were too hard to get.

So until now, players were still in the dark about the area structure around the Imperial Capital. Even the All-Knowing Sect had only sent two rogues here to scout. At this stage of the game when the vicinity of the four main cities hadn’t been fully mapped yet, no one was in a hurry to explore the Imperial Capital.

However, Fatty carefully drew a map of all the areas he’d been to in this region. He could definitely sell it to the All-Knowing Sect for a good price later.

Fatty roamed around without a clear direction. Luckily for him, when Sallip announced the mission, the coordinates of the Unicorn pack’s location was displayed on the mission panel. Otherwise, Fatty would be unable to find them in this vast ocean of cloud.

What set a Holy Unicorn apart from a normal one was a pair of wings that allowed it to fly freely.

“Arrghh, why can’t I fly?!” lamented Fatty, upset as he looked at all the Holy Unicorns flying to and fro.

It was fortunate that Liu Lan told Fatty to keep the Zephyr Wings. Otherwise, he truly couldn’t think of any other way to pull the Holy Unicorns down to the ground.

Fatty equipped the Zephyr Wings and flew up. He shot an arrow at a Holy Unicorn to rouse its aggro, then slowly kited it down.

Holy Unicorn
Level: 55
Attack: 115 – 130
Defense: 120
HP: 6500
Notes: A Holy Messenger of Light who spreads the glory of the God of Light to the continent, bringing mankind peace and love.

“Peh! A Holy Messenger of Light? You? Why didn’t I see any peace and love when you attacked the players’ base as a boss?”

As Fatty landed, the Holy Unicorn also did so and retracted its wings. With a proudly raised head, it looked down at Fatty with contemptuous eyes.

“You despise me?” Fatty smirked humorously. You’d best not drop a mount egg, or Lord Fatty will ride you several dozen times a day as payback for looking down on me.

Whoosh! A white light shot out, the typical attack of a Holy Unicorn.

Bam! Before the attack reached Fatty, Wheat had already flipped the monster.

Wheat, who’d reached level 40 when Fatty did, had grown as big as a bull. As usual, the rodent bit on the Holy Unicorn’s hind leg, but it didn’t stop there. After gripping its jaw on the monster, Wheat flung its head with all its might, throwing the huge unicorn flying in a long arc.

While dodging the white light, Fatty got to witness the rat’s OP might and was instantly overjoyed. Casting Acceleration, he quickly approached the flailing unicorn and tried one of his new skills.

Critical Strike!

Critical Strike at the Novice rank could deal 130% damage. With one slash of Fatty’s sword, the Holy Unicorn’s health dropped by roughly a tenth.

Bzzz… A white halo swept out from the monster’s body and knocked Fatty back. Right after that, a white light whooshed up from its horn and transformed into a rain of light in mid-air. When the light sparkles poured down on the unicorn, the wound on its hindleg slowly mended.

These two skills were once used by the Holy Unicorn Boss back in the Ice Rose base siege. They were all very useful skills and Fatty didn’t expect for every Holy Unicorn to have both of those skills.

Virtually an instant after the rain of light fell, the Holy Unicorn’s health was fully restored. It got back on four hooves, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again. The creature directly ignored Fatty and headed straight for Wheat with an angry glare.

“Squeak squeak.” Wheat wasn’t intimidated at all. With its chin up, the rodent squeaked provocatively at the holy creature and simultaneously stomped its forepaws. Stalagmites instantly erupted out from the underground.

Whoosh. The unicorn nimbly leaped and dodged Wheat’s skill. At the same time, its horn flashed, and in a blink of an eye, a bloody hole appeared on Wheat’s body.

“Squeak! Squeak!” Wheat was enraged. Abruptly, the pet shrank to the size of a normal mouse and jumped haphazardly around the unicorn, bombarding the latter with sudden attacks.

As Wheat’s body sized down, the Holy Unicorn couldn’t easily hit such a small target anymore unless it kept using the light skill from its horn just now. That skill was practically instantaneous. Once the horn flashed, the attack had already approached its target, making it very difficult to defend against.

Since Fatty could have two pets upon reaching level 40, he pondered half a day before making up his mind. He chose to hatch the Dark Sacrificer Egg instead of the Fire Cloud King Egg.

Coming out of its shell, the newborn Dark Sacrificer was much cuter than the one in Mass Graves. Half the height of a person, it didn’t seem as gloomy and terrifying as the original version, and instead looked like a cute chibi from a manga. The pet wore a black cape, its hand holding a white skeletal staff. Once it was out, the Dark Sacrificer instantly used a skill to float up in the air, where it randomly waved its staff with effort to heal Wheat.

While it could only heal a little health each time, this skill was much more valuable than some powerful offensive skills, simply thanks to its ability to work on pets as well as players.

Yellow and white flashes of light flashed across the sky. A rat and a unicorn fought joyously like it was a party while the Dark Sacrificer poured effort to heal its ally. The three actually forgot about Fatty still standing at the side.

Stroking his chin, Fatty quietly smiled. Then, he vanished.

Bang! The Holy Unicorn suddenly went stiff in the middle of the exciting fight: a dizzy mark had suddenly appeared above its head. Fatty’s strike had successfully stunned its target.

“Squeak…” A good rat was one that knew how to grasp opportunities. Wheat instantly grew in size. Without having to use any skill, the pet pounced at the unicorn like a storm.

Ba-bang! The Holy Unicorn was directly pounced on and flattened to the ground, the mass of several hundred kilograms tightly pressed down on the monster. No matter how hard it struggled, the unicorn couldn’t escape from Wheat’s weight.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The unicorn’s horn repeatedly flashed, all kinds of skills shot out, desperate to knock Wheat off.

But Wheat was determined to bully the holy creature and refused to budge. Fatty also ran over to join the fray, throwing all sorts of attacks on the unicorn.



Unable to bear through Fatty’s and Wheat’s ferocious bombardment, the Holy Unicorn let out a whiny and finally stopped struggling. A pile of items gushed out from its body.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh… While the experience gained from the unicorn was split into three, the Dark Sacrificer still leveled up five times in a row to level 5.

“Good job!” Fatty patted Wheat on the head. For them to slay this Holy Unicorn so easily, Wheat’s sudden burst of might was indispensable.

“Squeak squeak!” Wheat triumphantly raised its head and scurried in a circle around the Holy Unicorn’s corpse, then went to Fatty’s side to let its health regen.


Fatty slightly clawed his fingers toward the unicorn’s corpse. With a whoosh, a white pelt appeared in his hand.

Holy Unicorn Pelt
Intermediate crafting material
Used in crafting Light-attribute equipment. Adds 10% to Dark Resistance and 10% to Light magic damage.

There weren’t many materials that could craft equipment with additional attribute stats. Tailor was currently the profession with the least practitioners. Until now, the majority of the equipment on the market came from monsters. There was superb gear crafted by players, but extremely few in quantity and were always sold privately.

Stowing the pelt, Fatty cast Harvest again. This time he gained a horn, which was also a material.

Holy Unicorn Horn
Intermediate crafting material
Contains the force of Light. Can be used to refine powerful Light-attribute weapons.

A crafting material and also one of the mission items. One move, two gains, very convenient.

After gaining two materials in a row, Fatty nodded with satisfaction. He didn’t gain anything on the third Harvest, but it was within expectations. Fatty then turned to pick up the loot.

A sword and a pair of shoes, all mediocre and couldn’t enter Fatty’s eyes. He directly tossed them to the Elemental Skill Book. After cleaning up the loot, Fatty ordered Wheat to get ready, then flew up to hook another Holy Unicorn.


Even though it was troublesome to fight Holy Unicorns, the monster’s entire body were treasures. Both its pelt and horn could be collected. In addition, Fatty could do his mission and farm levels at the same time, so he fought with pleasure. After rolling around for over a day in this area, Fatty acquired roughly a hundred Holy Unicorn Pelts and eighty-nine horns while also gaining over ten percent of experience. Most importantly, he obtained a pet egg and a mount egg.

A Holy Unicorn as a pet? No need for words. Not only was it useful, but it was also very stylish. Coupled with a mount of the same kind, chicks would absolutely dig this. Very few girls could be immune to such a beautiful creature.

However, the drop rate was low. After farming so many, only two eggs dropped. If Fatty wanted to make a business out of this, he probably needed at least half a month of patience.

“Humans, ahh, we should never be too greedy.” Putting the eggs in his inventory, Fatty cleaned the battlefield, then resumed farming Holy Unicorns. Since this is gonna bring a great profit, I might as well take the chance to get some more. It’ll be hard to farm these again when many people come here in the future.

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