Chapter 214 PvP Tournament

Chapter 214 – PvP Tournament

Unexpectedly, it was the blueprint of a ballista.

It was only a Violet item, but look at that terrifying attack, 1300 – 1800! What monster would be able to defend against that? If Fatty had such a ballista in hand, the Plenilune Beast King would be finished in a matter of a few shots.

However, this ballista was obviously very difficult to make. The conditions said it all—

  • 1000 Mystical Gold Ores. (Can be replaced by mineral ores of higher ranks. The higher the quality of the ore used, the higher the attack. Max attack: 1800)

  • 10 Dragon Tendons. (At least 3 Dragon Tendons must be used. The more tendons used, the more powerful.)

Only two materials were needed to make this ballista. However, it was virtually impossible to fully acquire all of them. While a thousand Mystical Gold Ores could be bought with enough gold coins, ten Dragon Tendons was not something that any Tom, Dick, and Harry could get their hands on.

Dragons, whether in novels or movies, had always been the highest rank, the most mighty of creatures. Back then, inside the Door of Misfortune, a dead Earth Dragon that had turned into a Skeletal Dragon was enough to create trouble for them. Now that it came to a real one, it wasn’t something that Fatty could scheme against with his current strength. Not to mention, a whole set of crossbow and bolts were needed in addition to the ballista.

The materials needed for the crossbow and bolts set were 10 Cold Iron Ores, plus various other ordinary mineral ores.

To sum it up, one must be mentally prepared to burn money if they wanted to build this ballista.

Fatty stowed away the Plenilune Ballista Blueprint with a sigh. Looks like I have to spend money again.

Arriving at the area with the Sunshine Grass, Fatty didn’t spot any monsters. The sole existence was the Sunshine Grass gently swaying in the breeze. With practiced movement, he tossed out Harvest and instantly got five of them at once.

Fatty didn’t keep going after he acquired the Sunshine Grass. Instead, he took out the Recall Scroll and directly returned to the Imperial Capital. He wanted to get his 4th class enhancement and rank up to Killer.

From the third to the fourth enhancement of the Rogue class marked a threshold. From the 4th class enhancement on, Rogue players would gain more offensive skills. The 6th enhancement would be even more powerful, as the skill One Strike alone was able to make opponents pale in fright.

Fatty entered the Class Enhancement Hall and saw his old friend Sallip. Upon seeing Fatty approach, Sallip was forced to recall the map locating the Celestial item that he took from him. The old man instantly tensed his face, intending to ignore Fatty.

“Teacher, I would like to get a class enhancement,” Fatty spoke to Sallip humbly, acting as if he wasn’t familiar with the rogue mentor at all.

“Off the clock. Come back another day,” Sallip seemed to breathe out those words from his nostrils as his nose pointed to the sky.

“Then, may I ask, Teacher, where can I go to file a complaint about you?” Fatty continued to ask respectfully.

“That…?” Sallip’s expression stiffened for a moment there. He lowered his head and revealed a face full of smiles. “Little Fatty, we meet again. I was just joking a little just now. Don’t mind it, ahaha.”

“Of course.” Fatty didn’t clarify whether he minded it or not and only nodded his head with a smile. “Teacher, hurry and give me my class enhancement mission. Don’t delay your work.”

“Alright.” Sallip took out a leather scroll and read it, then pointed a finger. “Since we’re all acquaintances here, I’ll give you an easy one. There is a place called the Cloud Ocean to the west of the Imperial Capital. A bunch of Unicorns have appeared there. Go snatch one.”

Snatch a Unicorn? Fatty’s lips twitched, but he suppressed the abnormal reaction and asked, “Just any random one is fine?”

“Of course not. I want the king. Remember well, it’s their leader, a.k.a the Boss.” Sallip gave a warm smile. Little shit, who told you to blackmail me before? See how I toy with you now.

“What do you think about this one, sir?” Fatty waved his arm to summon the Unicorn.

“This…?!” Sallip’s eyes instantly bulged. He carefully inspected the mount for a while. This really is a boss!

“You’re sure you want to hand it in?” said Sallip, deflated as his scheme didn’t pan out.

“Of course.” This time, it was Fatty’s turn to smile warmly. “Are you prepared for it?”

“Prepare for wha…” Sallip hadn’t finished when Fatty suddenly took off the Brutal Saddle. The Unicorn immediately let out a long roar. Its horn radiated a bright white light, longing to beat up the fellow who had captured it.

“Monster! Monster! Where did this monster come from?!” Chaotic screams rang out through the hall. All the normal NPCs frantically scrambled to flee.

“Don’t fear, everyone!” Sallip quickly regained his wits. With a slight tremble of his hand, a black dagger lashed out and came back in an instant. From a bystander’s point of view, a black light struck at the Unicorn’s neck. The creature’s body went rigid, and then, its head fell off. It was dead and couldn’t be any deader.

“That OP?” Fatty only felt an icy chill run down his spine. To deal with this boss, he had resorted to every trick up his sleeve, wasting several scrolls to capture the creature. Yet, Sallip didn’t even move from his spot to accomplish a long-range insta-kill. Just what kind of power is this?!

“Since you have completed the mission, I’ll give you your class enhancement.” Sweeping a glance at the dumbstruck Fatty, Sallip suddenly had no desire to fool around with him anymore. The rogue mentor waved his hand, and a golden light descended upon Fatty’s head.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have completed your class enhancement mission. You have successfully ranked up to Killer.

“Here are the skills. Each costs 1,000 gold coins to learn.” Sallip displayed the skills of the 4th class enhancement for Fatty to choose from.

The Rogue branch’s 4th enhancement had five skills in total, four of which were offensive skills: Assassinate, Shadow Kill, Critical Strike, Paralyze. The last one was to rank up the mastery of Close Combat, the already available passive skill, to Intermediate.

Stealth to attack the opponent at 50% the normal attack. After attacking, the player will still remain in Stealth state.

Shadow Kill
Submerge in the opponent’s shadow to attack. Can move along with the opponent. Duration: 10 seconds.

Critical Strike
Instantly increases attack to 130%.

Paralyze the opponent for 3 seconds.

Each skill cost 1,000, which was a rip-off, but Fatty was too lazy to bother with Sallip about this. He immediately tossed out 5,000 gold coins and learned all five skills.

Perhaps if he had returned to Black Tortoise City to get this enhancement, the mission could have been much easier and the cost to learn skills much cheaper. However, this little benefit couldn’t outweigh the loss of one usage of the Teleportation Token.

Exiting the Class Enhancement Hall, Fatty went to the Alchemy Shop to replenish his supplies, which had become pure cost. Originally, he could sell the trashy equipment to the NPC store for some pocket change, but now they were all fed to the Elemental Skill Book. Fatty sighed, wondering when he could finally fill up this bottomless pit of a book.

“Let’s go.” After he was done restocking, Fatty summoned Wheat and put the Brutal Saddle on the extremely displeased rodent. And ta-da, he still got a great mount.

While a Unicorn was hard to get, Fatty would need the Brutal Saddle to make use of such a mount. This was akin to wasting a special tool to him. This time, Fatty had set his goal on the Unicorn pack. Aside from getting their horns for the mission, he also wanted to truly capture a Unicorn as his pet.

Scampering to the Cloud Ocean once again, Fatty had to spend even more time on the road than the last trip. Bored, Fatty opened the communicator to tittle-tattle with his friends. And so, he heard this news.

The first in-game competition – First Under Heaven Tournament – was about to begin.

Generally, this kind of competition was inevitable in every game. Not only would it hype the game up, but it also provided a platform where the players could interact more actively. Moreover, tournaments were considered a resounding and effective way to advertise the game.

When the players’ levels were low, a tournament like this wouldn’t be exciting enough to watch. However, now that the average level was 40 and the number of players had reached a certain amount, Star Fantasia finally decided to hold a tournament.

The First Under Heaven Tournament was divided into two categories: individual and guild. There was no requirement except for the level limitation being at least 40. If a player hadn’t reached level 40 by now, they’d be embarrassing themselves if they participated anyway.

At the moment, the developer had only leaked the news that the tournament was about to open. As for the details, only the registration time had been announced for now, which started at twelve noon, three days later. The enrollment period would last for three days.

“Everyone do your best. We can definitely achieve a good rank.” This was what Liu Lan told the members of Misty Waterfall.

“Everyone must grasp your time to farm. Avoid PK-ing as much as possible. Even if you do, you must be the one winning, not dying. Keep your level for the tournament!” These were Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord’s words.

“Competition? It’s but a type of open public PK. You guys only need to pay some attention. But if our guild can’t take a good rank, humph!” This was East Gate BlowingWind.

“We, guild category, first rank!” declared Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

Due to the approaching First Under Heaven Tournament, an upsurge in grinding for levels spread amongst the players. Even those with a love for PK couldn’t help but keep their desires in check and prepare themselves for the competition. As for the guilds, their higher-ups had begun a large-scale dispatch to recruit the top rank experts that were still guildless.

“Just you wait. You’re definitely going to be contacted by a bunch of people,” said Rosethorn with a charming smile. She was the first to reach out to Fatty. “To save you from unnecessary disturbance, I sincerely advise you to consider our alliance. As long as you join us, the treatment will certainly be to your satisfaction. I won’t stop you from leaving after the competition ends. That is, if you can still bear to part with us by then.”

“This… I’ll think about it.” Fatty hung up and kept running toward the Cloud Ocean.

Indeed, just after a few steps, Liu Lan and the others’ messages began to flood in, inviting Fatty to join their guilds. However, Fatty decided to hold from giving a definite answer. He only said that he would consider it.

“Fatty, if you have time for the competition, join us. We rogues can participate altogether.” Fatty found HeadofGod’s message very tempting. Regarding overall strength, the guilds were much more powerful than God Familia. But in small group duels where each team had the same amount of players, Fatty couldn’t think of any guild that could assemble a team to match God Familia.

Moreover, Fatty very much approved of God Familia’s conduct. Despite the limited times they had cooperated, he had continued to maintain a good relationship with them.

“Alright. If I ever partake in the tournament, I’ll definitely join God Familia,” replied Fatty.

“Hahaha, I knew you would choose us.” TheFugitive popped out. “You can just do your farming without worry. When we register for the tournament, we’ll include your name. And about that LittleLi’s FlyingDagger, he’s your disciple right? If he’s still guildless by then, we can pull him in. We rogues will sweep through all the guilds together.”

“Haha, alright!” Fatty laughed heartily.

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