Chapter 213 Plenilune Beast King

Chapter 213 – Plenilune Beast King


Plenilune Beast King
Yao Boss
Level: ???
Notes: Originally an ordinary Gold Boss. After accidentally swallowing a high-rank herb, it evolved into a Yao Boss. Very powerful.


The instant the Plenilune Beast King emerged, it roared furiously at Fatty. A ripple visible to the naked eye swept out and raced toward Fatty in the blink of an eye.

Boom! Fatty felt like his chest had been smashed by a gigantic hammer, causing a feeling of indescribable nausea. The HP bar above his head dropped by a fifth.

“That powerful?” Fatty was a bit surprised. So, as it seems, the info from Appraisal didn’t exaggerate one bit. Its strength is actually a little higher than the Unicorn’s, who is also a Yao rank Boss.

Stuffing several red pills in his mouth, Fatty steered the Unicorn to retreat several steps as he pondered how to deal with this boss.

Boom, boom… The Plenilune Beast King took one step forward, and the land trembled. All of the clouds in the vicinity dispersed, revealing a huge footprint on the ground.

The boss possessed a similar appearance to a normal Plenilune Beast but was different in size. Its body was much bigger, around ten or so meters tall. Also, the horn on its head wasn’t a luscious white but flashed with a slight pink color.

Puff! The boss opened its mouth, spitting a red light at Fatty.

Steering the Unicorn to dodge, Fatty hastily pointed his finger and cast Memory.

System Notification: This skill is too high-ranking. Unable to memorize.

Heaving a sigh of pity, Fatty jumped off the Unicorn. He knew at first glance that the Plenilune Beast King was the type of mob with super high defense and attack and wouldn’t be killed easily.

Rumble… Stalagmites shrieked out in succession and struck the boss. The creature didn’t even blink at this. It only stomped its leg aggressively, and Wheat was forcefully knocked out from underground with a shriek, with more than half of its health gone.

Whoosh! The Unicorn bobbed its head and a ray of light zoomed out and hit the Plenilune Beast King’s body. Yet, such a sharp and powerful attack only left a faint mark on the beast’s pure white fur. The health bar above the creature’s head didn’t even drop by a sliver.

Fatty’s brows knitted at this. He quickly moved back and began to construct a bunch of traps. All Yao bosses possessed a certain intelligence, so he didn’t know if these traps would be able to restrain this one.

Wheat didn’t dare to hide underground and sneak attack again. It could only scurry around the boss from a far distance and occasionally cast out attacks. The Unicorn's damage was a bit better but still couldn't do much to the Plenilune Beast King except for loosening its defense a little.

Fatty quickly finished the trap construction and commanded Wheat to pull the Plenilune Beast King over. With thunderous steps, the boss strode closer and closer toward the traps.

Bam, thud! When the beast stepped into a trap, a vine of green instantly sprang out under its feet. Wrist-sized ivy tendrils grew at an incredible speed and tightly wrapped around the creature in the blink of an eye.

“Paralysis,” grasping this chance, Fatty took out a vial of Royal Winged Ant Poison and smeared the liquid on the Elemental Sword. Quickly, he approached the boss and stabbed it.

The Elemental Sword sunk deep into the Plenilune Beast King’s body. White blood started to streak alongside the sword. Without any surprise, the boss was paralyzed.

“Attack!” Fatty abruptly shouted. Seizing the short paralysis time, Wheat and the Unicorn charged forth in unison and disregarded everything to unleash their most powerful skill.

The effect of the Royal Winged Ant Poison was paralyzing the opponent for ten seconds, during which the paralysis couldn't be broken even when the opponent was attacked.

Boom, boom, boom! Dust billowed and rumbles shook the sky as the master, the pet, and the mount attacked altogether. In the short timespan of ten seconds, each deployed their most powerful skills at once, wiping out a tenth of the Plenilune Beast King’s health.

“Aowuuuuuuuu!” After ten seconds, Fatty lead his two assistants to withdraw. The Plenilune Beast King instantly wailed in extreme rage once the paralysis wore off. Its body violently shook, and the ivy tendrils entangling its body snapped one after another.

The boss stepped out from the trap. Its horn suddenly flashed, and a red ray of light rumbled toward the Unicorn. With a bang, the Unicorn was insta-killed without a single chance to resist. The mount wouldn’t be able to be summoned in a while.

“Hsss…” Fatty sucked his breath in shock. Seeing that the boss had turned its eyes to him, he hastily Steath’d.

Schzoom! Wheat was even quicker than Fatty to escape underground.

“Aowuuu!” The Plenilune Beast King let out another howl. Sonic waves billowed and the scenery in all directions started to shake violently. Amidst this chaos, Fatty was directly knocked out from his Stealth state.

Boom! The boss opened its mouth and spat out another red bullet. Fatty dodged with a shake of his body. The spot where he originally stood was blown into a huge crater of a several meters radius.

A Yao Boss was still a Yao Boss, after all. It was nothing that Fatty could mess with his current strength. Just its health regen speed alone rendered him helpless: the chunk of HP that he and the pets wiped out earlier had regened by a portion.

“I’ll risk my life!” Fatty stomped a foot. Dragging a safe distance between them, he used Stealth and vanished.

“Roaaaah!” Another sonic wave swept out, but there was no sign of Fatty this time as if he was no longer here.

The Plenilune Beast King looked around in confusion, then roared and roared again, but there was still no sign of Fatty. It then decided to go home.

Twang! A cold light gleamed. Fatty suddenly shot out from underground and stabbed his sword at the boss’s belly.

Deadly Poison!

The green light only flashed briefly above the boss’s head and then was no more, but Fatty wasn’t discouraged. Taking the time while the beast turned its body around, he vanished once again.

“Roaaaah!” When another sonic wave swept out, Fatty’s figure appeared at a distance. Not waiting for the Plenilune Beast King to cast another attack, he quickly sped up and kept dragging out the gap between them.

Boom, boom! The beast strode toward Fatty, firmly and steadily, not giving him an opening to take advantage of. Fatty helplessly roamed around and counter-attacked several times, but couldn’t deal much damage to the creature. He could only gawk as its health regened bit by bit.

Crack! Just right after the Plenilune Beast King finished casting another attack, Wheat suddenly emerged behind it and bit on its hindleg. With a whoosh, the rodent tore a large chunk of meat before quickly shrinking to a small size and fleeing to the underground.

“Raaaaarghh!” The Plenilune Beast King wailed furiously, a leg stomping violently where Wheat disappeared. A squeak could be heard as Wheat hurled out from underground in a miserable manner. The pet scurried with all its might on all fours into the horizon.

Kill! Grasping this opportunity, Fatty raced forth and once again used the Royal Winged Ant Poison.

Whoosh. The boss was paralyzed once more in its roaring and foot stomping posture.

Seeing that the paralysis had succeeded, Fatty tossed a red pill in his mouth and began to attack without care.

Reckless Blow!


The damage wasn’t small, but ignorable in the face of the boss’s several tens of thousands of HP.

Fatty’s face remained composed. Not thinking about how much damage he could deal, the Elementalist simply cast all the offensive skills in his possession upon the Plenilune Beast King’s body.

The time ticked away for the paralysis’ duration. At the second last second, Fatty quickly slashed his sword at the beast, Deadly Poison! Then, he nimbly fled far away.

With a whoosh, a green light flashed above the boss’s head, and its health started plummeting at a terrifying speed.

10% of its health down in 10 seconds. No one could deny how terrifying this was.

When the Plenilune Beast King regained the ability to move, it instantly opened its mouth, about to let out a howl, but at this moment, a yellow light flashed out from thin air. Wheat suddenly appeared behind the beast and petrified it.

“Well done!” Fatty came over and patted Wheat’s head. The latter bared its teeth and shrilly squeaked at the Plenilune Beast King.

Taking a glance at the boss’s health bar, Fatty furrowed his brow. From the start of the fight until now, he had wiped out a little over 10% of its health, but this damage was simply not worth mentioning in the face of the creature’s terrifying health regen speed.

The Plenilune Beast King’s power was at least one or two levels above the Unicorn. Before, when dealing with the Unicorn, Fatty had deployed every trick up his sleeves. He had tossed several scrolls, including the only Advanced Scroll he had. Yet, that only heavily injured the creature and was still unable to kill it. Now that he was dealing with the Plenilune Beast King, Fatty didn’t have that many scrolls left to waste. At the moment, there was nothing that he could do to the boss.

However, Fatty was truly unwilling to give up just like this. After all, a Yao Boss was a rare encounter.

“F*ck it! Whatever, I’ll just lose a level at worst.”

Fatty viciously glared at the Plenilune Beast King, then extended his arm and smacked the beast’s body.


System Notification: Steal has failed. Suffer rigidity for 5 seconds as punishment.

Boom! Fatty’s Steal had broken the Petrification. The Plenilune Beast King immediately turned its body. From high above, the beast’s huge eyes stared fixedly and tightly at Fatty. It was so close that the creature seemed to be in his face already, even the hot breath blowing out its nostrils was sweeping on his face.

Five, four, three, two, one, go! Fatty counted in his heart. The second the rigidity duration passed, he vanished with Earthwalk.

“Unwilling to let your child go, you won’t be able to bait the wolf. Unwilling to let your wife go, no hoodlum1.” Gritting his teeth, Fatty poured another vial of Royal Wing Ant Poison on his sword. Then, he went straight for the boss.

Paralysis, Steal!

Fatty quickly smacked the boss while it was paralyzed. The punishment of five-second rigidity made his heart burn with hatred because that meant 10 seconds of paralysis only allowed him to Steal twice. The third time meant he would have to risk his life to accomplish it.

Whoosh. After continuously using two vials of Royal Winged Ant Poison, Fatty had smacked the Plenilune Beast King five times in total and finally beat out something. It was a glossy black magic staff.

Looking at the glossy black color, this seemed like a piece of decent equipment. However, after tossing Appraisal on it, Fatty was dumbstruck. The staff turned out to be a Bronze item.

A Bronze Weapon, argh! A Yao Boss of at least level 60 actually carries a Bronze Weapon on it out the door?! Isn’t it afraid to be laughed at?

“Again!” Still drowning in grief and indignation, Fatty took out another Royal Winged Ant Poison vial and smeared its content on his sword. After the poison’s cooldown time passed, he rushed to the Plenilune Beast King and stabbed out, then hit it.

With a small ding, Fatty was notified that he’d stolen another item. He continued to smack the beast once more: Failure. After the rigidity wore off, he immediately fled.

Fatty originally intended to keep going like that. However, after checking the Elemental Movement Art to see that there were only two uses left, Fatty decided to not entangle with the Plenilune Beast King anymore. The Movement Art was the biggest life-saving measure in his possession. He had to reserve the last two uses.

Taking one last glance at the Plenilune Beast King, Fatty quickly left. Going on his way, he checked the last item that he had successfully stolen.

It was a blueprint with the picture of a wagon drawn on it, but on the wagon was a very long arrow—

Plenilune Ballista Blueprint: Can be used to build the Plenilune Ballista, Violet Item, attack 1,300 – 1,800, defense 1,500, attack range 1,000 meters. The power of this ballista is increased several times when used in a City Siege.

1. Meaning to gain something, one must pay an according price.

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