Chapter 212 Memory

Chapter 212 – Memory

The forces of misfortune and malediction were all dark-attribute. Therefore, it was best to employ their natural nemesis, the power of light, to dispel these. All of the materials that Laurent’s mission required were light-attribute, so they might just be available in the Island of Light.

The scattering isles hovered inside the Cloud Ocean, partly hidden and partly visible. On the isles, holy lights smoothly drifted about, and the feeble sounds of holy paean occasionally echoed. Once Fatty entered this territory, he felt both his body and soul being cleansed by the light, and an uncontrollable urge to kneel down and submit to the God of Light emerged.

“Who designed this? It feels so real!” Fatty was stunned. To be able to affect the players’ mentality, this game isn’t simple like a game should be. However, he didn’t delve into it. Instead, the Elementalist took out the X-Ray Mirror and lightly tapped it.

Whoosh. A ripple spread out from the mirror. With Fatty as the epicenter, every detail from big to tiny within his one-meter radius was displayed on the item’s surface.

Fatty scanned the mirror. The majority of the scenery displayed was covered under a white fog. However, at the region near the mirror’s edge, he spotted an herbal bush over thirty meters tall with white fur all over its body and emitting a gentle light rooting at the edge of a canyon. “This one. That’s exactly it.”

Sunshine Grass: Light-Attribute
Advance Medical Ingredient
Great material for refining red medicine.

“Go.” Fatty summoned the Unicorn and mounted it. At the same time, he had Wheat scout the road at the vanguard. The group speedily headed toward the location of the Sunshine Grass.

When they were several dozen meters away from the grass, Fatty abruptly halted. While he hadn’t seen any monster around the grass when he scanned the X-Ray Mirror earlier, he still didn’t let his guard down. Who knew if some powerful monster would hide at an area that the X-Ray Mirror couldn’t display?

“Wheat, go.” Holy light illuminated every part of the Island of Light. In addition, clouds would take over one’s line of sight once they entered the Cloud Ocean. Fatty couldn’t see very far away, so he had to have Wheat scout the path before he advanced.


Indeed, a furious roar sounded out not long after Wheat departed. The clouds in the vicinity trembled, and the body of some huge monster could be seen vaguely amongst the clouds.

“Squeak, squeak!” Wheat shrieked shrilly as it popped out from somewhere with a sliver of health left.

Rumble! A herd of monsters charged out from the sea of clouds. Only now was Fatty able to see them clearly. They looked similar to a bull but were three to four meters tall. Each had an over one-meter long, luscious looking jade horn protruding out on their head. The limbs of these creatures weren’t hooves, they were claws.


Tossing out the skill, Fatty quickly received the monster’s details—

Plenilune Beast
Level: 58
Attack: 130 – 155
Defense: 130
HP: 8000
Notes: An inhabitant of the Island of Light. Being nurtured by the power of light, they’re very powerful. A gregarious creature.

“Roaaaah!” The horde of monsters raced toward Fatty with a chorus of booming roars. In an instant, air ripples visible to the normal eye swept out and reached him in a blink.

Pop, pop, pop. With a series of noises akin to raindrops hitting on bananas, the ripples knocked Fatty in succession. His body shivered and the man was struck dizzy by this wave attack. With each ripple sweeping through him, Fatty’s body kept trembling, and his health smoothly plummeted.

Fatty frantically urged the Unicorn to retreat. When they finally escaped to a distance, Fatty instantly jumped off the mount. “Earthwalk!” Fatty vanished then appeared again in another area. At this moment, his health was less than a tenth of what it usually was.

“That was dangerous,” Fatty was a bit surprised by the strength of those monsters. They had nearly killed him with just one round of attacks.

He re-summoned the Unicorn and rode far away from the monsters as soon as possible. Seeing Fatty leave, the Plenilune Beasts didn’t give chase. Each exhaled a few snorts before turning around to go back where they came from.

“Wheat, pounce!” Waiting for Wheat’s HP to fully recover, Fatty commanded it to pull a Plenilune Beast.

Per order, Wheat’s drew the aggro of a Plenilune Beast and kited it away from the herd. When they were far enough, Fatty started attacking without care. Since the Unicorn was of similar volume as the monster, Fatty needn’t resort to any trick and simply rammed the Unicorn at it.

Bam! The Unicorn’s horn pierced out a bowl-sized bloody hole through the Plenilune Beast’s body, then keep ramming it to repeatedly retreat several dozen steps.

Thud! The Plenilune Beast violently crashed on the ground, stomping up a cloud of dust.

“Raaaawrr!” The monster wailed furiously and tried to stumble up on its feet. After being smashed to the ground, the creature hadn’t suffered serious damage; its health only dropped by a tiny chunk.

Upon hearing this Plenilune Beast’s wail, the herd of Plenilune Beasts that were leaving sounded out a series of roaring as well. Some of them even turned around and began to race over here.

Fatty leaped off the Unicorn with a whoosh and got to the Plenilune Beast’s side with a long step. Then, he pounced with Deadly Poison, followed by a Stealth-and-Ambush.


Deadly Poison’s poison didn’t proc, but Ambush successfully stunned the creature. The beast was frozen in its struggling and half-standing state on the ground.

Combo Attack + Coil + Reckless Blow. Fatty’s attacks fell like rain onto the monster’s body. Next to him, Wheat spatted out a bunch of Howling Bullets and simultaneously stomped its forepaws, casting a wave of stalagmites.

The Unicorn also raced over to join the fray. It continuously shot out white rays of light from its horn and directly pierced holes through the Plenilune Beast’s solid skin.

A master, one pet, and one mount came at the Plenilune Beast like a storm and didn’t leave the dumbstruck creature any chance to counter-attack. When the beast finally got back on its feet, it didn't have much health left.

Bam! Fatty quickly restored his health to full then cast Reckless Blow. With this, the Plenilune Beast finally died.

Thud! The beast’s body heavily fell to the ground and dropped a pile of items. Fatty looted them without checking their info. Then, he quickly pocketed Wheat and the Unicorn, before disappearing on the spot using Stealth.

Rumble… One Plenilune Beast after another charged over, but the place was already empty of everything else aside for the corpse of their kin.

Whoosh. A golden halo descended. Submerged in the golden light, Fatty felt the fatigue accumulated in the last few days ease up a little.

After rolling around the Island of Light for three or four days, he had nearly massacred all the Plenilune Beasts in this place and got to level 40. Finally, Fatty was qualified for the 4th class enhancement.

“Ahh, the gap…” Fatty opened up the rankings. While the system rankings didn’t reflect much on the real power of the players, it was useful enough to check for the falling and rising of levels. At the top, Fatty saw Purple Bell at level 41.

That’s a personal grinding realm for ya. Recalling the damaged Elemental Mystery Realm, then comparing it to the girl’s Yin Yang Phantasm Realm, Fatty couldn’t suppress the rage that seethed in his heart. Motherf*cker! The Demon Realm is a bully!

However, when he was reminded of the Elemental Mystery Realm, Fatty thought about something and took out the Elemental Skill Book. Also, he pulled out a piece of trashy equipment and placed it on top of the book.

A golden light shone, and the trashy equipment was dissolved in the blink of an eye, leaving a pile of dust in its original spot. With a light breeze, the dust drifted away.

“It works!” It suddenly dawned on Fatty that he had been following an error of judgment all this time. Fixing the Elemental Mystery Realm required every elemental material, not just the inner core.

As fast as possible, Fatty poured out all the trashy equipment from his inventory and fed them to the book. All kinds of colorful lights radiated. After less than ten minutes, all the equipment turned into dust that dispersed in the wind.

Whew… When the last equipment was dissolved, the Elemental Skill Book suddenly emitted a brilliant five-colored light and floated up in the air.

Flaf… The skill book that had been allowing Fatty to open the first page only, surprisingly, now fluttered open a second page. In this new page, there was only one skill recorded.

“Memory, novice mastery, can record low-rank elemental spells, success rate: 0.1%. Via this skill, the user can record in the Elemental Skill Book elemental spells that they have seen. When a spell is recorded, it can be used up to three times without charging any mana. After three times, the spell will disappear and have to be recorded once again if the user wants to use it. The more powerful a spell is the more mana required to record it. Cooldown: 300 seconds,” Fatty read out every word of this skill's description, then fell silent. After a while, his face revealed an expression of ecstasy. Wild with joy, he re-equipped the Elemental Book. “No wonder the Elementalist is considered one of the top experts of the Dynasty. With this skill book, it’s hard NOT to become an expert.”

Memory, it didn’t simply represent the ability to record magic. The crux was that it could record all the magic that Fatty saw. To put in another way, even if it was a spell cast by a Legendary-Tier Boss, Fatty would have a chance to use it if he got to see it being cast.

“Come, let’s give it a shot.”

Disregarding everything else, Fatty ordered Wheat to cast Howling Bullet.

Bam! A Howling Bullet zoomed out and struck a wild animal nearby. The animal was blown to crushed meat.

“Memory!” The instant Wheat cast the skill, Fatty pointed a finger at the Elemental Skill Book. A glassy water screen appeared above the book and vaguely displayed the image of the flying Howling Bullet.

Boom! The water screen suddenly burst into sparkling spots and faded away.

“Failed?” Fatty creased his brows, but he wasn’t discouraged. With the 0.1% success rate, it’d be surreal if he really succeeded at first try.

Fatty returned to fighting monsters and kept an eye on the skill bar while at it. Once the cooldown of Memory passed, he had Wheat cast Howling Bullet again.

Boom! The water screen burst. Another failure.

Five minutes later.


Boom! The water screen burst again.



The 0.1% rate was naturally extremely hard to activate. After wasting several hours and Wheat had spat out over a hundred Howling Bullets, the water screen speedily shrank and finally recorded the skill.

“Hahaha, finally!” Fatty laughed heartily as he cradled the Elemental Skill Book.

Quickly equipping the book, he located a Howling Bullet skill on his skill bar.

“Howling Bullet!” Fatty jabbed his finger, and a yellow bullet streaked out. The bullet hit a normal bunny and turned it into gore.

“Hahahaha, again!” Fatty pointed at another distance. Another bullet zoomed, screaming, into the layers of clouds.

“Where are ya running?” Fatty shouted at a deer, and a Howling Bullet was fired at the pitiful creature.

“Hahahahaha, fire… F*ck! It’s run out!”

That’s why a person should never be too arrogant, ahh. The skill that took hours to recorded was wasted by Fatty in a mere blink.

“Roaaaaaah!” All of a sudden, from the direction that the second bullet had disappeared to, a massive, hazy figure flashed amidst the clouds.

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