Chapter 211 Cloud Ocean

Chapter 211 – Cloud Ocean

According to legend, the Island of Light was the territory of the God of Light and possessed the capability to purify all evil forces. All dark creatures that entered the island’s boundary would have their power decreased by at least 50%.

The Island of Light was located at the very far West of the Imperial Capital, so far that Fatty had to spend nearly four days riding the Unicorn to arrive.

Actually, Fatty hadn’t quite “arrived” yet. This place was as far from the Island of Light’s center as it was from the Imperial Capital. However, it could still be considered to be within the scope of the island.

This map was called Cloud Ocean.

Seemingly endless, the Cloud Ocean was as big as a real ocean. However, it wasn’t water that it housed, but a seamless carpet of puffy white clouds.

The sea of white clouds drifted about the map; and small isles the size of a normal city hovered amidst the clouds. These small isles were called the Islands of Light. Indeed, the Island of Light wasn’t an island floating in the sea. It was an archipelago of sky-high isles.

On the isles, countless monsters with a coat of pure white feathers were soaring about freely. There were even more avian monsters diving up and down the Cloud Ocean. All of the monsters here had one unique feature in common: They were all pure white and radiated a holy white light.

“It’s truly curious how the design staff came up with this ” Even Fatty was fascinated by this beautiful scenery.

Flutter… The clouds suddenly quivered, and a huge white bird with a wingspan of roughly one meter suddenly shot out from the clouds toward Fatty like a lightning streak.

“But of course, no matter how beautiful it is, a wolf is still an omnivore.” Fatty shook his head and smacked the Unicorn. A white light shot out and struck the huge bird.

Pffff. Blood splattered. With a wail, the bird was directly pierced and knocked flying in an arc.

Taking this chance, Fatty habitually tossed out Appraisal—

Shining-Wing Bird
Level: 55
Attack: 115 – 125
Defense: 110
HP: 6000
Notes: A free creature of the Cloud Ocean. Since its wings seem to be made of light, it is named the Shining-Wing Bird. Possessing a very strong awareness of territory, the bird actively attacks any stranger that dares to invade its territory. Despite this, the creature has the guts of a chicken. Once sensing danger, it will immediately call for its friends to help deal with the enemy.

Fatty scanned the area again. Indeed, there were no other monsters around here except for a bunch of birds of the same kind.

"Kaaahhhh!" A shrill shriek rang out. Right after that, countless shrill shrieks echoed altogether. The injured Shining-Wing Bird glided around a little high up, before plunging down once more. Behind this bird was a dense patch of several dozen other Shining-Wing Birds, screaming as they aggressively dived at Fatty.

“Down,” Fatty instantly directed the Unicorn to land, because it would be seriously unwise to have an aerial battle with this many monsters at once.

Swiftly pocketing the Unicorn, Fatty felt much more confident when his feet touched the ground. He lifted the Elemental Sword, which instantly expanded, and violently swung it at a Shining-Wing Bird.

Pfff. The sword sliced through. With a wretched wail, the bird spun and dropped on the ground. Surprisingly, Fatty had cut off one of its wings with one single strike.

“Quack quack!” The bird flailed around like mad. It wanted to fly up with the remaining wing.

“Kill!” Fatty quickened his movement. He got to the bird’s side in two nimble steps, Coil.

Whoosh! A silver python appeared and entangled the bird. At the same time, a series of –30 damage indicators rose up from the bird’s head.

After getting the bird restrained, Fatty didn’t hesitate to use a bunch of skills in succession.

Puff, puff, puff! Each strike drew a great deal of blood, and the health bar above the Shining-Wing Bird sharply plummeted. In a short period, Fatty was able to wipe away a large chunk of the creature’s HP.

Whoosh! Fatty then leaped back instead of keep attacking. At this moment, the horde of Shining-Wing Bird had approached. From the sky, they spat out finger-sized light bullets at him.

Bam, bam, bam! The light bullets hurled down like they were shot from a machine gun. Upon hitting the ground, they blew up a cluster of small holes.

“So their attack isn’t very high,” Fatty ascertained and felt very reassured in his heart. He summoned Wheat and simultaneously vanished into Stealth.

Wheat sank underground the instant it was summoned. Then, a wide open jaw suddenly emerged under the injured Shining-Wing Bird earlier. With a snap, the jaw tore off half of the remaining wing.

Puff! A sword light flashed, and sliced off half of the pitiful bird’s head as well. Its health hit rock bottom in a blink. With a final cry, the bird thoroughly died and dropped several pieces of equipment.

Harvest. Fatty wasn’t in a hurry to pick up the drops. He made a clawing motion to use Harvest on the bird’s corpse.


A damaged, sparkling with spots of white light item appeared in his hand—

Damaged Shining Wings: The wings of a Shining-Wing Bird. One of the basic materials to craft flight gear.

It was another flight gear material. From the looks of it, a light wing refined from this would be much better quality than the Zephyr Wings that Liu Lan gave Fatty.

Fatty picked up the rest of the equipment and quickly Stealth’d. The horde of Shining-Wing Birds that were diving down from the sky suddenly lost their target. After circling around two times, they once again returned to the clouds with loud quacks.

Crushed Tip Sword
Silver Weapon
Level Requirement: 42
Attack: 60 – 75
STR +15

Earth Spirit Boots
Silver Equipment
Level Requirement: 40
Defense: 30
STR +12

Two Silver equipment for level 40s, trash amongst trash. Fatty only spared the loot a glance before tossing them in his inventory.

Pocketing Wheat, Fatty summoned the Unicorn and began to travel deeper in. Shadows of the gigantic isles above were cast on the ground on his way. They didn’t look gloomy at all, and instead, they gave the area a brighter, more “light” feel to it. When the gentle light graced Fatty, he felt a pleasant warmth running through his whole body.

Suddenly, a huge shadow reflected on Fatty and the area behind him. Looking up, Fatty saw a massive creature similar to a whale pop its head out from the Cloud Ocean above. The monster was directing its mouth at him, and then, its jaw opened.

Wheeewwww. A suction force appeared out of nowhere around Fatty. He could only feel his body tense up, before he was unwillingly sucked forth with the Unicorn included. The surrounding clouds also fell prey to the jaw, and even a bunch of nearby Shining-Wing Birds suffered the same fate. They were sucked into the massive creature’s mouth and swallowed whole.

“Haaaaah!” Fatty let out a loud scream and jumped down. Enlarging the Elemental Sword, he strongly stabbed it into the ground to resist the terrifying suction force.

Whoosh. The force still pulled on Fatty’s body. With his hands firmly grasping the sword’s handle, Fatty’s feet uncontrollably moved around the sword. Then, both he and the sword slid toward the creature, drawing a streak on the ground.

Hooo… Fatty waited in torment for it to pass. When the monster finally closed its huge mouth, he had slid for over twenty meters and was nearly sent flying.

“This place is indeed a high level area.” Fatty glanced up to see the whale creature retreat into the sea of clouds and completely disappear out of sight.

The Cloud Ocean blotted out virtually half of the sky in Fatty’s vision. The scenery within it was hazy and repeating, making it hard for travelers to judge the situation around them.

Along the way, Fatty encountered countless hostility. There were the Shining Flies that were as small as a housefly. There were the Lightwave Fierce Beasts, looking like a long python and were able to shoot out horrifying light columns that could blow out one-meter-diameter pits on the ground. There was an octopus-like monster called the Shining Void Beast that hooked other monsters with its tentacles and ate them as if eating fish and shrimp, etc.

On the Unicorn’s back, Fatty dodged and ducked and hid all the way to the area below the main Island of Light. Lifting his head to face the sky, Fatty saw that half of the island was covered in the clouds, but the other half that was revealed was as big as one-tenth the size of Black Tortoise City.

Since the Cloud Ocean shrouded the latter half of the Island of Light, Fatty must pierce through the layer of clouds if he wanted to reach it.

“Up,” Fatty directed the Unicorn, quietly floating up.

Quack, quack… Noisy wails abruptly echoed from all directions. One after another, the Shining-Wing Birds ferociously bolted at Fatty.

“Damn it!” Fatty hurriedly pulled the reins and urged the Unicorn to quickly fly away.

Whish, whish, whish! Finger-sized bullets hurled at him from all directions, not leaving a single gap as they did so. Gritting his teeth, Fatty smacked the Unicorn’s head and directly sprang up from the mount. In mid-air, he deployed the Zephyr Wings and flew to the distance before diving into the clouds.

Whoosh. The puff of cloud above him suddenly parted. Thirty to forty Shining-Wing Birds appeared and opened their beaks in unison, about to shoot attacks.

Clouds are composed of water droplets. The idea flashed through his mind. Fatty instantly acted without a second thought.


Whoosh. Fatty disappeared on the spot. At the same time, several dozen bullets came screaming at the Unicorn. The mount swayed when all the bullets struck it and started to fall. When it was far enough from Fatty, the Unicorn vanished, automatically returning to his pet/mount inventory.

Whoosh. Fatty appeared at the bottom of an isle. After taking a quick glance behind, he vanished in Stealth.

“F*ck, finally here.”

Fatty finally set his foot on the Island of Light. The scenery here was a complete change from the outside. It was filled with hazy fog, the aroma of flowers and trees, and small animals strolling around. This place was like wonderland.

Fatty seemed to be the first person to enter the Island of Light, because the small animals weren’t scared when they saw him. They even approached Fatty and stared at him curiously.

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