Chapter 210 X-Ray Mirror

Chapter 210 – X-Ray Mirror

The massive hand appeared, squashing Moretta into meat paste, then retracted into the sky and vanished.

Boom! A thunderous sound echoed when the fight between the gold dragon and black dragon finally had a winner after Moretta’s death. The black dragon was struck into a billow of black miasma that quickly dispersed. The dark trident freely fell, deeply lodging itself in a boulder with a swift ‘pff’ sound.

Libya steered the pterosaur down to collect Moretta’s weapon before flying back to Black Tortoise City.

“Follow me to the City Lord’s manor, the City Lord wishes to see you.” Drucker brought Fatty to the City Lord Manor.

“We won! We won!” At this moment, jubilation reigned in the Ice Rose Alliance’s new base. When the system notification rang out by their ears, the girls of Ice Rose could feel all sorts of feelings welling up in their hearts; it was hard to describe.

“Fatty, I’ve transferred 1.2 million gold coins to you. Check and confirm it,” Rosethorn immediately contacted Fatty.

“Alright,” Fatty curtly replied.

“Little Fatty, what has happened today is all on you.” Inside the City Lord Manor, Lin Xi sat on the highest seat, fiddling with a round mirror in his hand.

“How can you blame it on me? If Laurent hadn’t been so brutal, I wouldn’t have had to dig Moretta’s grave. Digging graves is just as cruel as cutting off an entire family’s legacy, ahh!” Fatty protested pitifully.

“About that, Laurent indeed overdid it a little.” Lin Xi was also a bit displeased. Fatty was sent by him, yet Laurent showed no mercy at all.

“What’s that?” Very soon, Fatty noticed the mirror in Lin Xi’s hand. The City Lord let him see it.

Peepy Mirror: A remnant of a Celestial item. Can survey everything within a one-kilometer radius.

“That formidable?” Fatty was shocked. This is much more useful than the X-Ray Eye. No wonder Moretta dared to follow me here, he had this thing as a forewarner.

Fatty was suddenly reminded of the X-Ray Eye and casually mentioned it to Lin Xi.

“The X-Ray Eye is with you?” Lin Xi was stunned. He asked Fatty to give him the Eye and placed it on the center of the mirror. In an instant, a white light radiated from the mirror’s surface. The two objects then began to merge.

After the light faded away, the X-Ray Eye had vanished. Something like an eyeball appeared in the middle of the Peepy Mirror, still swirling around.

X-Ray Mirror: A remnant of a Celestial item. Functions:

- Spy: Displays everything within a one-kilometer radius on the mirror.

- X-Ray: Sees through everything within a one-kilometer radius and displays it on the mirror. Limit: Can be used ten times within 24 hours, 10 seconds each time.

“My Eye! My sweet Eye!” Fatty tragically wailed and looked at Lin Xi with extremely pitiful eyes.

“Want it?” Lin Xi waved the X-Ray Mirror. Fatty immediately nodded.

“That’s possible. I'm in need of some materials to refine the Heart of Malediction into equipment. Go get me those materials,” said Lin Xi indifferently as he tossed the mirror to Fatty.

Fatty quickly equipped the mirror once he caught it. Then, he patted his chest and promised Lin Xi, “Name it. This one can get you anything!”

“One hundred Meteor Iron Ores,” Lin Xi terrified Fatty as soon as his promise was out.

“One hundred Meteor Iron Ores? What are you refining? Even a complete Celestial item isn’t worth that much.” Fatty nearly jumped.

“After I successfully refine them, you can have one,” Lin Xi continued nonchalantly.

“So you want to refine at least two equipment? Is one hundred still enough though? Don’t worry about scaring me, just list everything you need.” Fatty’s attitude changed immediately.

“One hundred Meteor Iron Ores, ten logs of Fire Paulownia Wood, twenty Sky Crystal Stones, ten bottles of Black Cloud Liquid, and two Celestial equipment,” Lin Xi leisurely listed.

“Two Celestial equipment? Are you crafting Divine items or something?” Fatty’s eyes shone brightly.

“Have you seen anyone use Celestial items to refine Divine ones?” Lin Xi shot Fatty a glance. “As for Laurent’s mission, you can just give him half, no, a fifth of what he has requested. That old fogey is getting greedier by the day.”

“You’re the City Lord. Why do you still need me to gather stuff for you?” Fatty could only ask in the end.

“Aiii, even though I’m the City Lord, the storage belongs to the public. I can’t use anything in it for my own needs,” sighed Lin Xi dolefully.

When Fatty exited the City Lord’s Manor, he was still despising Lin Xi in his heart. What pretense! You just keep pretending! What public purse, you obviously want to use Lord Fatty as your errand boy.

Although he had accepted quite a difficult mission, Fatty still benefited as he got a useful item in advance. Fatty fiddled with the X-Ray Mirror and tried it. In a flashing light, the mirror instantly screened the one-kilometer-radius area with Fatty as the epicenter. People coming to and fro, opening stalls and making a fuss, all were displayed before his eyes except for the accompanying sound.

“This is indeed the most superb, most mighty tool for peeping!” Thinking of this, Fatty recalled the scenery that flashed by when Ice Witch flew past above him. He suddenly began to feel eager.

“I’ve sinned, I’ve sinned…” Putting his palms together before his chest, Fatty’s pupils quickly swirled around. He sneaked a quick peek at the nearby players, nearly thinking of trying his devious idea on someone.

Then, Fatty rode the Unicorn to the storage. Ever since the last time here, he had acquired many good items, so he decided to store them up before anything else.

At the Ancient Battlefield, Fatty had gained the Damaged Heavy Tower Shield, and the skill book Shadow Wheel Axe. At the monster siege, he looted several items that could be considered the best grade at this point of the game, like the Heart of the Bat King. However, he had no intention of selling them now. He was waiting for the best time to do it.

When Fatty exited the storage bank, he had received several messages from Rosethorn, all of which were inviting him to join their celebration party. Even though the ultimate boss, Moretta, was originally let out by Fatty, the elementalist’s contribution to help the Ice Rose Alliance barely manage to succeed couldn’t be disregarded.

“Welcome.” When Fatty arrived at the renowned Celestial Home Tavern, Rosethorn had come down to greet him with a charming smile. “Say, should I thank you, or should I blame you?”

“Thank me, of course. If not for Lord Fatty, how would Moretta miss out on you pretty ladies?” Fatty shamelessly boasted as they entered the building.

Inside the tavern, several dozen executives from various guilds were present as well. After all, establishing the first base in-game was as much of a significant event as establishing the first guild.

“This time, we have to thank Sis Rainbow for coming to our aid. Therefore, this lil sis hereby proposes a toast to you.” Rosethorn raised her cup.

“Guild Master Rose is too serious. It’s normal for us to help each other out.” RainbowWatcher hastily stood up and lifted her cup, then drained it in one gulp. Next to her, Ice Witch silently did the same.

“So what are your next plans for the alliance?” Wind God’s World asked after the three girls sat back down.

“Develop our base into a super city like Black Tortoise City, of course!” Rosethorn waved her arm and announced with a big smile.

 “Ahaha, our best wishes to your alliance, then.” The other guild masters had awkward looks on their faces. What Rosethorn just said was definitely a provocation to them.

After the wine drinking part was over, Fatty decided to leave the party early. It couldn’t be helped, because when a bunch of guild executives gathered together, all they talked about was development planning and guild related stuff. Even if Fatty joined their conversation, he wouldn’t be speaking the same language as the rest. Thus, he might as well go beat up some monsters and earn some pocket change.

“Fatty, make sure to keep in touch!” The sottish Rosethorn persistently pulled on his arm, totally unaware of Liu Lan’s glare at the side.

“Of course, definitely.” Going through pains to coax Rosethorn to let him off, Fatty wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

“Unicorn? I heard they reside in the Island of Light, but that place is too far away and the monsters are all high level. They aren’t easy to fight.” Knowing Fatty’s next plan, Liu Lan creased her brow.

“No matter how difficult, I’ll still have to go for it. The old fogey is too greedy, eyy,” Fatty lamented. Then, he took out the Zephyr Wings and returned it to Liu Lan.

“I have no use for it. You should keep it. It’ll make fighting the Unicorns easier,” Liu Lan declined.

“No need, I still have this.” Fatty summoned his Unicorn. “If it wasn’t that I still need the Brutal Saddle, I would have given this fellow to you, but rest assured, I’ll get you another one.”

“Alright, but I want at least five hundred. I want to organize a cavalry like the Ice Rose Alliance’s cavalry.” Liu Lan’s eyes instantly shone.

“Five hundred?!” Fatty rested his palm on his forehead, acting as if he wanted to faint.

“I’ll pay you for it. I can even give you a deposit.” Liu Lan laughed joyously.

“Five hundred? That’s nothing! Even if it’s five thousand, Lord Fatty can get ‘em for you.” Fatty gallantly flung his hand. “No need for a deposit. Go back to the party; I’m leaving.”

Getting on the Unicorn under the gazes of admiration from others, Fatty flew straight to the sky, heading toward the Teleportation Portal connected to the Imperial Capital.

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