Chapter 21 Meeting the Cloud Dragon Gang once again

Chapter 21 – Meeting the Cloud Dragon Gang once again

Damn, more people are here. Fatty had an internal struggle in his heart. Then, he made up his mind when he saw the low health bar of the boss.

“Add me to your party. We’ll kill the boss together. The drops goes to whoever gets them,” Fatty said to Liu Lan.

“Alright,” Liu Lan quickly added Fatty to their party.

Many Skeletal Knights had already respawned on the map during the previous half an hour. Since the boss was deep in the cavern and behind a stalagmite, it had yet to be spotted by the newcomers.

“I’ll pull the boss over here. You keep tanking. Girlie, you continue to cast your fireballs,” Fatty whispered. Although he didn’t hold much hope for Darksnow’s small fireballs, it was better than nothing. Every tiny bit mattered, and it may just be that tiny bit of damage that makes the difference.

Boom. Fatty lured the boss over very cleanly, then hid behind Liu Lan. Liu Lan stood in the front and met the boss’s Charge.


Just a single bow caused Liu Lan’s health to reach critical values. Due to the three seconds stun of the skill, she stood still without moving, causing her face to drop. Then, the moment the duration of the stun was over, she immediately took out a large red potion and chugged it down.

However, each large red potion was only able to heal the user by 100 HP per use. It was truly far too little, so when the boss auto-attacked her, her health bar had reached rock bottom.

“I’m done! I can’t tank it anymore,” it was very tough for Liu Lan to tank a boss 10 levels higher than her without any healers in the team.

“Bis Sis Lan, hold on just a bit longer. The boss is nearly dead!” Darksnow cheered her on heartlessly.


Fatty made use of the ten seconds bind to use Combo Attack on it, drawing the aggro of the boss, and began to run to a distance.

“Hurry and heal up!”

Liu Lan nodded, then began to chug down another large red potion, which she was normally reluctant to use.

“If I’d had a bit more gold coins to learn Guard, then I definitely wouldn’t have ended up in such a terrible state!” Liu Lan grit her teeth.

“F*ck, someone’s killing a mob here!” Due to Fatty’s actions being quite a bit louder, they were instantly noticed by the newcomers.

“Hurry up. Motherf*ckers, don’t let them take it, it’s a boss!” a familiar voice rang out in the area.

However, Fatty had no time to consider who it was, since the boss’s attack had reached him.

Zing. Fatty quickly lured the boss back over to the female knight.

Liu Lan gritted her teeth and tanked the heavy attack with one hand, while continuing to hold another potion to chug down. She was able to forcefully tank a few hits as long as the boss didn’t use any abilities, but she needed Fatty to draw the boss’s aggro every now and then.


Fatty immediately used the ability the moment it was off cooldown. A huge silver python appeared out of thin air and coiled itself around the boss.

“This really isn’t a battle humans can win,” Liu Lan smiled wryly.

“Hurry up, it has less than 10% HP remaining!” Darksnow exclaimed.

Since there were people rushing over, the three did not chitchat. Liu Lan immediately rushed back over to tank the boss, while Fatty sought out opportunities to attack.

Meanwhile, Darksnow also casted her small fireballs like a madwoman, most likely because it was the first time she had actually seen a boss monster.

The boss’s weapon glowed with an azure light, signaling that it was going to activate Charge once more. Fatty immediately cried out for his partners to dodge before leaping to the side himself.

Liu Lan also jumped to the side, leaving Darksnow standing idiotically in the path of the boss monster as she continued to attack it.

“Get away!” Fatty shouted urgently. Seeing that she wasn’t going to be able to do so in time, he quickly leaped backwards and pushed Darksnow underneath him.

Boom. The boss’s lance pierced an area above their heads. The entire room began to tremble as countless pieces of rocks fell down, causing Darksnow’s HP bar to drop drastically.

“Ahhhh…” Darksnow’s high-pitched shriek caused Fatty to feel like his eardrums were going to burst.

“That was way too exciting!”

Fatty was completely speechless when he saw Darksnow’s face flushing red in her excitement.

“Damn, it’s a boss. It’s the Knight Commander. Hurry up guys. The Cloud Dragon Gang’s taking over. Everyone else move, otherwise, die!”

Oh look, it’s my old friends. Fatty chuckled to himself when he heard the newcomers announce their arrival. Then he looked at the boss as if he was staring at a beauty.

Poison Fang.

Combo Attack.

Auto attack.

Fatty nearly used up all his strength to cause the boss monster’s health to drop down like a rock.

“Charge!” Liu Lan shouted and activated her skill.

Fortunately for them, the abysmal stun chance actually proc’d, causing the Knight Commander to stand still without moving.

“Fireball!” Darksnow launched another fireball with a clench of her teeth. However, just like before, it could only deal a pitiful ten-odd points of damage.

Less than 5% to go! Another Poison Fang and Combo Attack rotation should do the trick!

“F*ck you! Money Grubber, you bastard, it’s you again!” The Cloud Dragon Gang had gotten a lot closer. When Cloud Dragon Sailing saw the person who “stole” two other boss monsters from him, he instantly gritted his teeth and shouted angrily.

Wow, this prick leveled up quite quickly. I guess he came to do his class enhancement mission as well.

“Kill him!” Cloud Dragon Sailing pointed forward. A series of small fireballs soared through the air and landed on Fatty, causing his health to drop very low.

System Notification: You were attacked by Cloud Dragon Windwielder. -20 HP

System Notification: You were attacked by Cloud Dragon Rumblesea. -25 HP

F*ck, thank god the mages didn’t get their class enhancements yet! Fatty cursed silently. Then, he crouched down and crawled underneath he Knight Commander’s horse’s belly to get to the other side as he chugged down some potions to replenish his health.

Poison Fang!

The Knight Commander’s already horrifying face turned a hint of green once again. It howled loudly, then stabbed downwards with its lance, causing the ground to shatter. Every single player within a ten meter radius of it began to lose health.

It activated its ability Tremor, a knight-only area of effect skill with an attack radius of 10 that causes all attacked damages to instantly lose 200 HP.

“Hurry up, it doesn’t have much health left!” Fatty yelled urgently, then leaped over with his dagger.

“Charge!” Since the cooldown had ended, Liu Lan activated the ability once more.

“Small fireball!” Darksnow did not hold back either. After all, every single tiny bit of damage mattered.

“Guys, focus fire on the boss!” Cloud Dragon Sailing quickly commanded his guildmates.

A series of small fireballs flew over, and seemed to light up a few fireworks on the Knight Commander’s armor.

After the fierce round of attacks, the Knight Commander finally gave in and collapsed on the ground. The drops rained down in a ten meter radius around the monster.

“C’mon, let’s get to the fourth floor,” Fatty didn’t pay attention to the system notification. He quickly grabbed a few drops, then dashed into the newly opened entrance.

Liu Lan dragged Darksnow and grabbed a few items as well before following Fatty to the next level.

“Get them! Chase after them! I’m going to skin them alive!” Cloud Dragon Sailing was furious. The three people who ran away didn’t leave anything nice behind for him and his group.

Zoom. The moment Fatty entered the fourth floor, he saw a flash in front of his eyes before he could even take a proper look at his surroundings. Then, his health instantly reached rock bottom. He quickly rolled to the side in shock and used Appraisal.

Skeletal Archer

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???

Ugh, it’s a ranged monster.

With a flash, Liu Lan and Darksnow also ran over to where he was.

“Beware of the archers,” Fatty shouted out in the party chat.

Zoom. A few more arrows shot out. This time, they all landed on Liu Lan, causing Liu Lan’s health bar to drop.

“Crap, crap, crap. They’re all ranged! How are we supposed to fight them!?” Darksnow frowned and followed closely behind Liu Lan.

“Move close to the walls,” Fatty chugged down potions and tried his best to dodge the incoming arrows. Diagonally opposite him on the other side of the cavern was a patch of ground that was lower down, which would provide them some cover against the onslaught of attacks.

Seeing that, they slowly inched towards there with their backs to the walls.

Fortunately for them, there were not a lot of Skeletal Archers near the entrance. Otherwise, even a couple of monsters shooting together would cause the three of them to die.

“I’ll go and kill it,” Liu Lan frowned when she finally topped off her health, then wanted to rush over to kill the Skeletal Archer.

“Are you an idiot? You’ll only attract more monsters if you go over!” Fatty cursed. “Hide here like a good girl and don’t attract any monsters’ attentions. Make sure you drink some pots when you notice your HP getting low. We’ll wait here to watch the show when the Cloud Dragon Gang comes over.”

“Hmm, I didn’t notice it just now, but you are actually very similar to a friend of mine,” Liu Lan suddenly spoke up.

“How so? Am I as cool and handsome as him?” Fatty asked.

“No, but you’re just as shameless,” Liu Lan nodded.

Fatty was speechless. She’s definitely comparing Money Grubber to Fatty Qian.

“There’s definitely another boss here, shall we go and kill it?” Darksnow suggested.

“Little girl, it’s getting dark, go home and get some sleep,” Fatty rolled his eyes. Naïve little girl, she becomes completely mesmerized when she sees a boss monster.

Tap. Tap. Tap. At that moment, a few figures appeared at the entrance. So the Cloud Dragon Gang did chase us down here.

“Be careful, there are monsters here,” Compared to the trio of Fatty, Willowinthewinds and Darksnow, the Cloud Dragon Gang caused a much louder commotion. They all arrived in a ruckus, instantly attracting the attention of all of the Skeletal Archers.

Whoosh. Arrows rained down upon them. Some pitiful players were instantly killed before they could even catch a glimpse of the monsters on the fourth level.

“Retreat, retreat!” Cloud Dragon Sailing immediately ordered his gang to return to the third level. However, by the time he gave the order, he already lost a few more people.

“F*ck, Money Grubber. Keep hiding in there if you dare!” Cloud Dragon Sailing was outraged.

However, since Fatty was still on the fourth floor… He was unable to hear Cloud Dragon Sailing’s roar.

“Phew, they’re finally gone,” Darksnow jumped up in excitement.

“It’s not going to end that easily. I think they’re going to stay by the entrance to the fourth floor and wait to kill us,” Liu Lan said calmly.

“Oh, then let them,” Fatty glanced around and said indifferently.

“What should we do next?” Liu Lan asked. For some reason, she felt some sort of weird confidence in the despicable fat rogue in front of her.

“Let’s kill the boss on this floor as well,” Darksnow was still thinking of the boss monster...

Fatty rolled his eyes speechlessly, while Liu Lan smiled wryly.

“Grubby, what do you think?” Liu Lan nudged Fatty.

“Do we know each other? Don’t call me so intimately,” Fatty stepped away from Liu Lan.

“You…” Liu Lan’s face flushed red as if she was going to get angry.

“Did you guys think of a way to return yet?” Fatty quickly asked.

“No,” Liu Lan shook her head.

Fatty didn’t wait for Darksnow’s response. He clearly felt that her opinion could be disregarded.

“There’s no helping it, the Cloud Dragon Gang’s definitely waiting outside. I guess we’re going to have to die once,” Fatty muttered to himself.

“We have to die again? Big Sis Lan, if I die one more time, then I’m going to drop back to Level 8,” Darksnow grabbed Liu Lan’s arm with a troubled look.

“Snowy, don’t worry. The Cloud Dragon Gang is nothing to us. I’ll get Xu Quan to bring people to get us,” Liu Lan patted Darksnow’s hand.

“Tell that bastard to come over? Hmmph, I’d rather die and respawn,” it was clear that Darksnow had a poor opinion of Xu Quan.

Darksnow’s words clearly synchronized with what Fatty was thinking.

However, due to his joy of that, he was unable to control his own mouth, “Snowy, don’t worry. Your Big Brother Fatty will lure those bastards away.”

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