Chapter 206 Flame Burst

Chapter 206 – Flame Burst

Flying throughout the sky was a talent. The Unicorn flew back and forth in the air, continuously shooting out white lights and killing one Ice Rose player after another. Ice Witch’s face turned pale white, but there was nothing she could do to it.

The Unicorn wasn’t too high above the ground, being only roughly twenty-meters above the ground. It was impossible for an ordinary player to cross the twenty-meter gap. They could only gawk as the creature haphazardly went on a killing spree.

“Say, Wheat, how do we get it down here?” Fatty tapped Wheat’s head and thought hard for a solution.

He had very few attacks that were effective against aerial foes. It was impossible for a close combat player to hit the Unicorn unless he could fly as well.

“Just make the Unicorn squander its aerial attacks! Wait until its mana is all gone, then we’ll see if it still won’t land!” Rosethorn said between gritted teeth. She clenched her jaws so hard that they practically emitted creaking noises.

Everyone grew embarrassed. If their guild really did that, all of the Ice Rose members would get a free round trip to Black Tortoise City before the Unicorn could run out of mana.

“Ice Dragon Break!” Ice Witch raised her arm. An ice dragon emerged and went to coil around the Unicorn, but it was abruptly dodged.

Boom! Another patch of the wall had crumbled, leaving more than half of the wall collapsed. While the remaining monsters weren’t many, their strength was amongst the best. Since the majority of Ice Rose Alliance members were still on the way here from the respawn point, the monsters’ advance gradually became unstoppable.

Zoom! Fatty fired a crossbow bolt at the Unicorn, and it struck the creature’s body with a clang but was deflected without even scraping it.

Swish! The response was a white light. However, Fatty had soon prepared for this and left the spot before the Unicorn’s attack landed.

Puff! The white light struck the ground, piercing out from a bottomless pit that was the diameter of a cup.

“Come’ ere,” Fatty crooked his finger at the Unicorn while repeatedly firing out arrows.

The flies don’t bite, but they can be annoyingly disgusting. Fatty right now was one of those irritating flies. Even if I can’t hurt you, I’ll still disgust the hell out of you.

Zoom, whoosh. Zoom, whoosh…

Each white light was returned for an arrow. The arrows couldn’t break through the defense, so the Unicorn ignored them, but Fatty couldn’t do the same for the terrifying glitter, so he had to leave the spot in advance.

“Wheat, oh Wheat. Why can’t you fly? If you could soar through the sky, Lord Fatty wouldn’t be bullied like this,” from time to time, Fatty would even complain to Wheat.

“Lord Wheat is a Diggy Rat, not a Flying Rat!” Wheat couldn’t bear it anymore and shrieked in rage. However, Fatty couldn’t understand, because all he heard was, “Squeak, squeak, squeak!”

After countless superficial attacks, the Unicorn had grown a bit impatient, and it simply abandoned Fatty and flew toward the base.

“Eyyyy, don’t go!” Fatty spurred Wheat to catch up and followed the creature to the base.

There were plenty of openings on the wall, so Fatty didn’t need to knock the door. He directly slid in through a crack. The Ice Rose players didn’t have time to focus on him either; they were all struggling to survive with the avian mobs.

Boom! A Fire Griffin was blown up in mid-air. Countless fiery feathers burst out in all directions. Those that landed on buildings instantly set them ablaze.

The Unicorn had stopped at the air above the base, all high and mighty as it peered down. Fatty loathed it so much that his teeth ached because this creature wouldn’t come down no matter how he provoked it.

“Fatty, come over here, I have something for you,” Liu Lan suddenly called him.

Fatty quickly came over to her side. Liu Lan took out a piece of equipment in the shape of two wings.

“What kind of benefits did she offer you that you decided to help her?” Just as she was about to hand Fatty the item, Liu Lan suddenly withdrew her hand.

“300,000 gold coins, that’s a lot of money,” Fatty looked innocently at Liu Lan. The latter revealed a gentle smile and stuffed the item in Fatty’s hand.

Zephyr Wings: Crafted from various materials. Temporarily grants the user the ability to fly at 50% the normal speed.

“This… It’s crafted from the Royal Winged Ant Wing?” Fatty looked at Liu Lan, recalling their adventure to the Thousand Cave Ridge where they fought the ants.

“300,000 gold coins, huh? Go get that money, responsible family man,” Liu Lan pushed Fatty.

Nodding his head without saying no more, Fatty equipped the Zephyr Wings and aimed straight for the Unicorn.

“Little shit, aren’t you arrogant? Come, come and fight with Lord Fatty,” before everyone’s eyes, Fatty operated the pair of yellow wings on his back and soared to the sky.

"Oh gosh, that is one fat bird!” TheFugitive had popped out from nowhere gawking, a stream of saliva glistened from the corner of his mouth.

The Unicorn cast a cold glance at Fatty who was flying toward it. With a bob of its head, a white light whooshed out, and Fatty was instantly flustered by the attack, falling from the sky.

“Pardon, pardon. My skill is still lacking.” Smashing two Ice Rose players to the ground, Fatty stood up and rubbed his unhurt butt with an embarrassed smile. Then, he once again flew up.

“Come over here.” Fatty flew up to a spot not far from the Unicorn and wiggled his finger at the creature, then continued to fly to the distance.

The Unicorn hesitated a little before it inclined its head to kill several more players before chasing after Fatty.

“Alright! The boss has left! Go, everyone! We will definitely succeed!” Rosethorn immediately called out.

Fatty finally stopped after dragging the boss to a place quite far from the base. During the process, the Unicorn had wanted to leave several times. Fatty had to provoke it with his meager attacks to keep its aggro.

Whoosh. A white light shot out. The creature obviously didn’t want to fool around with Fatty anymore. It wanted to finish him as soon as possible.

‘What else you got aside from this skill?” Fatty barely managed to dodge after getting a little used to flying. However, if he wanted to fight back, he still had to be back on the ground to do it.

Fatty intentionally lowered furtively. Correspondingly, the Unicorn slowly lowered as well. Eventually, they were less than ten meters above the ground.

“Wheat!” Fatty abruptly shouted. At the same time, he flapped the wings as hard as he could to race toward the Unicorn.

Zoom! Wheat, who had been lying in wait at a high point, instantly leaped up the sky and bit at the Unicorn’s leg.

Biting others’ legs was something Wheat was very proficient in, the success rate was virtually 100%.

In its original size, Wheat was at least 300 kilograms. With that weight hanging on one leg, even the Unicorn couldn’t fight the downward momentum no matter how hard it flapped its wings.

“Just come down.”

Fatty sneakily flew to the underbelly of the Unicorn. He opened his arms and hugged one of its legs.

Thud! Fatty couldn’t be any less heavy than Wheat. In an instant after the hug, the Unicorn could hold on no longer and fell to the ground.

“Hell yeah! Kill it!” Fatty regained his confidence when he was on the ground again. Before anything else, he aimed his sword at the boss’s wings.

Whoosh whoosh… A wing was instantly stabbed out several holes. At the other side, Wheat stretched its jaw wide and ferociously bit on the other one. In a matter of seconds, the master and pet had completely incapacitated the creature’s wings.

Whew! All of a sudden, a white halo appeared from nowhere and knocked Fatty and Wheat flying. The Unicorn got back on its legs and flapped its wings with all its might. Unfortunately, the wings were damaged beyond the capability of flying.

Whoosh. A white light shot out from the Unicorn’s horn, but this time, it wasn’t an attack. The light transformed into a rain of light and poured down on the boss, and its injured wings were healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. Moreover, the sliver of HP lost was fully replenished.

“Healing? So shameless!” Fatty blurted out, extremely indignant. Having such an overpowered skill in addition to such strong power, why don’t you just let it win from the start?!

Hoo… The Unicorn fluttered its wings, about to fly up.

“If we get the money, we’ll get the job done. The two of us can’t lose our face here,” Fatty finally felt a sense of urgency, and he took out two scrolls.

In the past, West the Flame Ruler had given Fatty only about twenty skill scrolls. He had used more than half. The remaining ones were all the most useful that Fatty was very reluctant to use.

Intermediate Fire Skill Scroll – Fire Bone Prison: Uses the force of fire to form a skeletal prison cell. Can tightly trap the opponent while dealing DoT to the victim. Will not hinder incoming attack.

Intermediate Fire Skill Scroll – Fire Combo: Single Target, Ignores Defense. Shoots out 20 bullets, with each shot dealing 200 damage for 10 seconds.

Whoosh. A hexagonal magic formation appeared above the Unicorn’s head. With the sound of the system notification, a blazing prison cell appeared and locked up the creature.

System Notification: You have used an Intermediate Fire Skill Scroll, Fire Bone Prison. Grants the skill Fire Bone Prison to lock up the opponent for 300 seconds, dealing 50 damage per second. The user and the target can still attack each other.
Maximum damage received: 5000.

Bam! The Unicorn shot out a white light that struck the prison. A –330 signifier rose up, and a red strip disappeared from the fire cell.

“Mmm, one attack can deal about 300 damage so that can break the prison with 15 attacks, at most.”

Fatty calculated, quickly tearing up the other scroll.

Alongside the system notification, a red light appeared from the scroll. From the light, finger-sized fire bullets ripped through the air toward the Unicorn. Bang, bang, bang! Like a machine gun, 20 bullets shot out within ten seconds. They all struck the boss’s body and wiped out 4,000 health, which was only a small chunk of its max HP. From the looks of it, this Unicorn’s health should be around 20,000 to 30,000.

Whoosh, whoosh. The pace of the Unicorn’s horn attack became slower, but the light being shot grew brighter and brighter, with each hit dealing 500 to 600 damage. After four more attacks, the fire bone cell began to emit creaking noises, and cracks appeared on it.

“Not enough,” Fatty’s hand trembled as he took out another scroll.

This scroll’s surface was deep red. Once it was out of the bag, a gust of heat burst out, and the air in the vicinity became distorted for a moment.

System Notification: You have used an Advanced Fire Skill Scroll, Flame Burst. Grants the skill Flame Burst, instantly dealing 10,000 damage.

BOOM! When the Unicorn finally broke the prison cell, a huge flame emerged and devoured it.

This was the only Advanced scroll that Fatty got. When he used it on the Unicorn today, he did it with his end-goal to completely deal with the creature.

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