Chapter 205 Unicorn

Chapter 205 – Unicorn

Such equipment wasn’t of much use to Fatty; but, to knights and warriors, it posed a rare treasure. The mask’s value definitely transcended that of a typical Violet item.

There were other items aside from the mask, but they were only mediocre and didn’t enter Fatty’s eyes at all.

The duo re-entered the battlefield. At the moment, the eighth wave was successfully being driven back. After losing their boss, the monsters only knew to use brute force and lacked their initial tight coordination.

Finishing off the last few scattered mobs, the members of the Ice Rose Alliance all wore exhausted expressions. The wave had been too strong an onslaught, and the pressure it put on them was greater than the previous seven combined.

“Don’t relax. The next wave will be here shortly. Only two more now! Pass through them, and we’ll be the first guild to establish a base!” Rosethorn encouraged her guild members.

“Guild Master Rose, do you need me and my brothers to help?” offered a vice guild master of the Wind God Guild. He was the one in charge of the Wind God Guild members on-site assisting with the siege defense. Since not too many monsters had attacked the other three sides of the base, the Wind God Guild and the Sun Moon Cult had fought with ease.

“Thank you, but we’re fine for now. As long as you guys continue to defend the other sides well, that's the best support we could ask for,” Rosethorn gently declined.

Ten minutes… twenty minutes… After half an hour, there were still no new monsters.

“What’s happened? Why haven’t they come?” Rosethorn was a bit anxious. Although the later the monsters arrive, the more time the members had to rest and get ready, she still felt greatly unsettled by the situation.

“Guild Master, watch out! They’re avian monsters! They fly!” a rogue scout’s fearful voice rang out from the communicator. Rosethorn looked up: On the horizon, a pitch black patch sped for the base like black clouds before a storm.

“Defenses up! Defenses up! All long-ranged players, aim for the skies!” Rosethorn frantically shouted.

“Avian monsters… They’re actually avian monsters. This spells trouble.” Fierce Dragon TheTalent abruptly stood up and stared fixedly at the incoming monsters.

“What’s wrong, big bro? OK, so they’re flying monsters; what’s there to be scared of? Our Fierce Dragon Gang can easily handle them all,” a player nonchalantly said from behind Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

“If the ninth wave is already avian monsters, then what kind of monster will come in the tenth?” Wind God’s World mumbled to himself. Next to him, Purple Bell stood, smiling ever so sweetly.

“Avian monsters aren’t like your ordinary beasts. Despite their low attack, their quantity easily makes up for it. Moreover, they’re in the sky, so at least half of the Ice Rose Alliance’s defense measures will be useless. They'll be sitting ducks,” reasoned the guild master of the Sun Moon Cult, Invincible East. He bore a grave expression, and his eyes flickered as he deliberated something.

BOOM! The monsters arrived like storm clouds and dove upon the land like rainfall, dropping countless attacks. Roughly a hundred Ice Rose members died. The white lights of the dying flared one after the other.

“Attack! Just attack! Don’t aim. You think you’ll still miss with so f*cking many of them?!” In such a state of emergency, Rosethorn couldn’t help interjecting a few curse words.

The wave’s vanguard was some kind of bird similar to a crow. Their feathers were as hard as steel and their claws as sharp as razor blades. The birds attacked by dive-bombing from high elevations.

But, this method of attack was good news since it was essentially close combat and something the warriors and knights could defend against. However, the next few flocks made the Ice Rose players utterly hateful.

A Fire Griffin is a monster with the body of a lion, the head of a vulture, a pair of wings, and a fiery red coat of feathers. These creatures only needed to hover in the air for a few seconds to generate a storm of thousands of fireballs. Fireballs of various sizes set almost every structure inside the base alight.

Air Shadow Spirits had the appearance of eagles, but were smaller in size and far faster in flying speed. Able to spit out wind blades, these guys could attack opponents on the ground from twenty meters up.

Rotten Skeletal Falcons emitted the disgusting stench of rotting flesh like the undead. They were capable of splashing opponents with a rotten, malodorous liquid.

Then, Dark Spirit Birds and so on.

A sea of over ten types of flying monsters blotted out the sky as they arrived, dragging beneath them a huge swath of shadow that covered the base.

The members of the Ice Rose Alliance screamed and roared. Archers and mages fired as if it was the end of the world, disregarding the risk of exhausting their energy. Close-combat players hacked and slashed at the monsters that fell while others put up their shields to block attacks for their comrades.

Whooosh! A vast aura shaped like a sword shot into the sky, insta-killing dozens of monsters at once. Ice Witch had returned from the Black Tortoise City respawn point. Upon seeing such a dire situation, she raised her sword and attacked without a second thought.

“Don’t be afraid, everyone! There are just a lot of these monsters; their defense and attack are very low!” Rosethorn shouted to boost morale.

“Sis, how’s the situation?” Ice Witch asked Rosethorn.

“Very dangerous,” whispered Rosethorn. “At least half of our sisters have lost a level; some have even lost two or three. Even if we survive this wave, everyone will have died at least once.”

“When the siege is over, whether we’re successful or not, we have to give them proper compensation,” stated Ice Witch after a brief silence.

Fatty’s eyes turned green with greed as he watched all the items flying back and forth through the sky. Smacking at Wheat, he couldn’t help complaining, “Wheat, why can’t you fly? Fly! Fly!”

Damn you! Wheat irritatedly dug its claws at the soil. As a mid-rank Yao, Lord Wheat is already great enough to be able to Earthwalk. Yet, you want me to fly? You think Lord Wheat is a Legendary monster or something?

After two hours of intense struggle, basically every member of the Ice Rose Alliance had died at least once. As for the monsters from above, two-thirds of them had been slain.

“Fight! Everyone, fight! We’re almost there!” Rosethorn chanted encouragingly. She, herself, had died once as well and had just returned from the respawn point.

“Roaaaarrr!” All of a sudden, a thunderous roar resounded. A big monster flew overhead, and the avian mobs instantly increased attack speed.

Boss! Everyone inwardly tensed as they watched the beast fly over.

The boss was pure white and the size of a horse. A pair of wings over a meter long fluttered from its back. A horn protruded from its forehead, flashing with a faint light and beautiful as if sculpted from the finest white jade. The creature’s four hooves trod upon a pure white puff of cloud, and its entire body radiated with a holy light. With the presence of a ruler gracing their country, the creature looked down at the miserably tattered base.

“Unicorn, level 60 Yao boss!” someone groaned and covered their eyes, as if they couldn’t bear to watch the base the Ice Rose Alliance had poured all their effort into establishing be destroyed just like that.

Level 60 Yao boss? Rosethorn felt her eyes twinge. She and Ice Witch exchanged dark glances. A Yao boss at the ninth wave already? Then, what about the tenth wave? What would come then?

Level 60 Yao boss?! Fatty was terrified. He remembered clearly that one of the materials Laurent needed was Unicorn Horn, ten of them to boot. Killing ten level 60 Yao bosses? Fatty violently shook his head to fling the unrealistic idea out of his brain. No shit! I can fight a level 50 Gold boss alone, but a level 60 Yao boss? I’d be lucky if I didn’t get one-hit KO’d.

“Laurent! Lord Fatty will never be done with you!!!!” Fatty suddenly let out a furious roar laced with a strange bitterness.

Swifty brandishing her sword, Ice Witch dashed forward with an expressionless face.

“Team Ice, gather up! The Guild Master is going to fight the boss!” the captain of Team Ice shouted.

“Team Rose, gather up!” the captain of Team Rose called out at the same time.

The two teams gathered together were less than three hundred people. The rest had died, respawned back in Black Tortoise City, and were still making their way back to the battle. The three hundred climbed on their mounts and lined up. Closely, they followed behind Ice Witch and bravely charged at the Unicorn.

“Fatty. Fatty!” Rosethorn opened her communicator.

“What?” Fatty lazily took the call.

“How about helping us kill this boss?” Rosethorn requested.

“Me? You kidding?” The elementalist nearly sprang up from Wheat’s back. “While I long to kill it, as you already know, this is a level 60 Yao boss! I'm not ready to die yet.”

“I’m sincerely asking you. If you die, I’ll give you 100,000 gold coins for each level lost. When the boss is dead, all its drops will go to you, and I’ll pay you another 300,000 gold coins.” Rosethorn clenched her teeth.

“You can hire God Familia with this price.” Fatty knew very clearly how strong God Familia was. If they came, they could definitely kill the Unicorn with the aid of Ice Witch and the Alliance’s two teams.

“I did; but, I’ve offended them in the past, so they turned me down,” Rosethorn said resentfully.

“Damn you, HeadofGod! Why don’t you have any professional ethics at all?” Fatty spoke up for justice. “Alright, putting our lives on the line for a beautiful friend is the responsibility of men. Erm… But, how about a deposit?”

Tap tap tap! The rapid sound of typing came from Rosethorn’s end. Soon, she replied, “I've just wired you 100,000 gold coins in advance. After the boss dies, you’ll get the other 200,000.”

“Alrighty! You can leave it to me, dear customer!” Fatty smacked Wheat. “Go!”

Damn you, you actually use Lord Wheat as a horse? I hope the Unicorn kills you. No, I hope it’ll trample you to death. The rodent inwardly cursed Fatty, but it didn’t dawdle and quickly popped out from the underground.

“What the heck? That damn fatty is out there again! The eighth-wave boss definitely died to him. I wonder what kind of good loot he got…”

“Aiii, what skill is he using?! How did he sink underground?”

“I heard that the Waterwalk and Metalwalk books all fell into his hands. Could it be he got Earthwalk as well?”


Seeing Fatty appear, a heated discussion arose among the spectators. They all admired his courage to dare exploit such a moment. This fellow really isn’t afraid of being trampled to death, is he?

Whoosh! As if sensing Ice Witch’s intentions, the Unicorn retracted its wings, yet remained hovering in the air. It looked down at her and the contingent of three hundred players.

Swish! In just seconds, a white light shot from the Unicorn’s horn and skewered two knights. Their shields were pierced like two sheets of paper, unable to hinder the beam at all. The two players were insta-killed.

“So strong!” Fatty could feel the veins on his forehead throbbing. Seeing two more lights form, he wondered if it would be better to return Rosethorn’s deposit.

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