Chapter 204 The Beastman Team

Chapter 204 – The Beastman Team

The Horse Specter had disregarded everything and carried the boss further and further away. Very soon, it disappeared from the players’ sight.

“Wheat, chase!” Fatty got on Wheat and quickly went towards the direction the boss ran to.

Without their boss’s lead, all of the monsters attacking the base hesitated for a moment. When they resumed their actions, it didn’t possess its original ferocity and intense momentum anymore. They were more akin to the everyday monsters that the players farmed.

“Alright. At least, we don’t have to worry about the boss for now.” Rosethorn felt the tension lifted off her heart. She then shouted, “Seize the chance to wipe out the monsters!”

Clip-clop… The Horse Specter didn’t have the word “specter” in its name for nothing. The creature galloped like the wind, cleaving a path through all kinds of obstacles in its way into the depths of the forest.

The area was soon bare of monsters because they had all been pulled into the Monster Siege army. The Horse Specter stopped here and whined nonstop. During this short period, the mount’s health had dropped to only a third left.

“Be a good boy, don’t run,” Fatty caught up with the Horse Specter and was face to face with the boss. Despite still slowly regening, the boss’s health hadn’t recovered much and was still a little above 10%.

It was unknown what kind of expression the boss was making under its helmet when facing Fatty; it only pointed its spear at Fatty.

“It’s a human-shaped boss, after all. I’d expect that it’s much more polite than your usual monsters,” Fatty muttered to himself before he vanished.

At the same time, Wheat also sank underground until it completely disappeared.

At Fatty’s sudden disappearance, the boss did not move. It only steadily held its spear and gazed forth.

Whoosh. Wheat attacked first, and a yellow light shot toward the Horse Specter.

When the light struck its target, creaking noises sounded and the victim quickly turned into a statue. Yet, the petrification was broken by the ongoing DoT injury from the lance still sticking out its butt. The horse promptly regained its freedom.

Fatty appeared right next to the Horse Specter and the Elemental Sword shrunk to the size of a dagger, stabbing at the boss’s body.

Clank. The boss easily parried the attack with a raise of its spear. At the same time, it pressed its two legs tightly against the horse’s belly, causing Horse Specter to gallop toward Fatty.

Fatty bent his leg and sprang to the side to dodge, landing on a boulder. In the instant that the horse passed by, Wheat abruptly popped out and bit at its hind leg.

Crack! This trick of Wheat’s never disappointed. The Horse Specter let out a tragic neigh as its body tilted, the hind leg was broken. Barely managing to steady itself, the horse kept whining in pain. Fatty wasn’t in a hurry to attack, though. Instead, he looked in a particular direction.

Whish. The bush parted, and a team of players appeared before his eyes.

“Friend, you’re not bad. You’ve actually led the boss all the way here.” The team leader was called TheBeastman’s GreatCommander. With two hands crossed behind his back, he arrogantly looked at Fatty, “This boss is ours; you can leave now.”

Fatty replied with a slight smile, “My old friends War Shield, War Axe, and War Lance of the Beastman Team, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

“It’s you, Money Grubber?” Three players walked out from behind TheBeastman’s GreatCommander. They shot Fatty a surprised look, before whispering something to their leader.

“Oh, so that’s him?” TheBeastman’s GreatCommander’s eyes lit up, and he turned to Fatty, “I heard that you PK’d LittleLi’s FlyingDagger in Azure Dragon City and is now the current first ranked rogue?

“It was just luck,” Fatty glossed over it and snuck a glance at the boss, whose health was still slowly regening.

“Brothers, pounce. Kill him along with the boss,” TheBeastman’s GreatCommander resolutely gave his order.

“Kill him, and no one will ever dare to mess with our Beastman Team again!” War Shield chimed in with a ferocious smile, “What top class rogue familia, we shall trample them under our feet!”

“Ignorance truly is bliss,” Fatty could only exclaim to those words from War Shield.

Whoosh. Fatty vanished on the spot along with Wheat.

“Wanna run?” A rogue of the Beastman Team coldly snorted. He tossed out a Detect, but there was still no sign of Fatty.

TheBeastman’s GreatCommander yawned, “Coward, if he doesn’t have the guts to show himself, just ignore him. Let’s kill the boss first.”

As per their leader’s command, the over twenty members of varied classes spread out and surrounded the boss.

Surprisingly, TheBeastman’s GreatCommander was the hidden class- Axe Warrior, signified by the huge axe dragging behind him. With a deafening cry, his body instantly grew three times bigger. The wheel-sized axe in hand, he dashed towards the boss.


When the spear and the axe clashed, despite its ridiculous strength, the boss actually had to urge its mount to retreat two steps. This clearly showed how powerful TheBeastman’s GreatCommander was. It was no wonder why his team members dared to declare that they would trample God Familiar under their feet, while he outrageously went straight for the boss despite the risk of Fatty still sneaking around there in Stealth.

Fwoosh. A black flame blazed alongside the boss’s spear, but obviously, since the Beastman Team had watched the fight between Ice Witch and the boss earlier. The instant the flame appeared, they all alerted each other to quickly retreat.

Boom! The flame covered a twenty-meter radius, killing two players that couldn’t retreat in time. The Beastman Team got away with little damage.

“Brothers, it doesn’t have much strength left. Kill it!” TheBeastman’s GreatCommander called out as he brandished his huge axe. Strikingly, he was able to match the boss’s strength for a moment.

Boom, boom, boom… Various attacks rained down on the boss, blowing up a string of red damage indicators. Last time, the boss and its herd had ganged up on the players of Ice Rose Alliance. Now, it was actually its turn to be gang beaten.

“Boss, why is that Money Grubber not coming out yet? Is he really gone? If he hasn’t left, we must keep watch for his sneak attack,” War Axe discreetly asked.

“Humph, who cares if he left or not? Sneak attack? Even if I just stand here and let him attack me, how much of my HP could he take?” TheBeastman’s GreatCommander said with contempt. Despite his formidable words, the guy inwardly put up his guard in the case Fatty would suddenly ambush them.

“That’s right! Our Big Bro has a hidden class; he has high defense and high health. It’s nothing that a little rogue’s sneak attack can match against. Viva la Big Bro!” War Shield bootlicked.

“Mhm, he isn’t too shabby.” Fatty was hiding underground while watching the Beastman Team, especially TheBeastman’s GreatCommander, attack the boss. This guy can actually match the boss in a free fight. Even if the priest was healing him nonstop, it still shows how powerful this fellow is. At least, his equipment should be the cream of the crop.

“Waiting for Lord Fatty to sneak attack? Pssst, Lord Fatty came here to make some quick bucks. When would I have the time to fool around with you clowns?” When he saw TheBeastman’s GreatCommander still reserving a portion of his strength while attacking, Fatty instantly knew the guy had put up a guard against him.

Pff, pff! The boss urged its mount onward and impaled two players at once. At the same moment, it also suffered a back strike from TheBeastman’s GreatCommander and nearly got knocked off its horse.

One of the hind legs of the Horse Specter was already snapped by Wheat, so it had been staggering while running. Now, being the victim of a gang-up fight, the horse had suffered a succession of damage and was forced to the verge of exhaustion.

“Rawwwwhh!” The ever silent boss suddenly let out a booming roar. The spear in its hand was like a nimble water dragon out in the sea. With several whooshes, it insta-killed several players in the vicinity.

“Push a bit more everyone! Don’t be afraid. It doesn’t have much health left!” TheBeastman’s GreatCommander encouraged and hacked his axe at the boss.

Clang! The spear thrust out and tapped the axe. The latter instantly flew off its owner’s hand. The boss retracted its spear, then jabbed out right at the axe warrior’s throat.

“Help me!” TheBeastman’s GreatCommander couldn’t dodge in time. His eyes were instantly filled with fear.

With a loud clang, a shield appeared in front of TheBeastman’s GreatCommander and took the attack for him.

“War Shield, thank…” TheBeastman’s GreatCommander hadn’t finished expressing his gratitude when all of a sudden, three clones of the boss appeared and attacked at once.

Puff! War Shield was pierced and insta-killed without any time to react. After taking his life, the spear kept stabbing at TheBeastman’s GreatCommander.

Ding ding ding! Amidst the crisis, TheBeastman’s GreatCommander put up the shield again. The spear repeatedly knocked against the shield, unable to hit the guy behind it.

“That’s was dangerous.” TheBeastman’s GreatCommander retreated several steps into the protection of his teammates. Catching his breath, he was confused at the boss’s sudden outburst.

Whoosh. After killing one last player who couldn’t retreat in time, the boss’s body swayed, nearly falling off the horse.

“No wonder it was suddenly so formidable. So it’s just the last burst before death. Kill it with long-ranged classes!” said TheBeastman’s GreatCommander, overjoyed.

After ten minutes of ceaseless long-ranged attacks, the boss couldn’t take it anymore and finally fell off its mount. A pile of item gushed out accordingly.

Whoosh. Near a mask that gleamed with a strange light, a hand suddenly appeared and swiftly snatched that mask.

“Money Grubber?” Previously, TheBeastman’s GreatCommander only saw Fatty sneak attack the boss and didn’t see him snatch the drops from the battlefield. Therefore, he was totally dumbstruck by Fatty’s action.

“Attack! Attack!” He quickly regained his wits and ordered his team members.

All kinds of skills poured down at the spot where Fatty’s hand had appeared. However, Fatty had long switched to another area and picked up a very solid-looking shield.

“Damn it! Pick up the drops!” It suddenly dawned on TheBeastman’s GreatCommander about what he should do right now, temporarily ignoring Fatty because getting the drops was the most important thing at the moment.

After all, the Beastman Team still outnumbered Fatty. The remaining ten-odd members flocked over and quickly cleaned the ground. Fatty had only picked up several items when they were done.

“Money Grubber, come out if you got the guts!” Finishing looting the drops, TheBeastman’s GreatCommander was much more at ease and turned to provoke Fatty. After waiting for a while without any reaction from the opponent, he had to keep going, “What? So the first ranked rogue Grubber is so scared that he was able to make the first rank in the coward rankings as well?”

“Huh? This mask… OMG, great stuff! It can actually suck blood!” At this moment, Fatty was already riding Wheat on his way back to the battlefield. After tossing several Appraisals on the mask, he finally received its info.

Heart of the Bat King
Violet Mask
Level Requirement: 40
Defense: 20
STR +18
Passive – Bloodsucker: When attacking the opponent, can absorb 30% of the damage dealt into the user’s health.

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