Chapter 20 Willowinthewinds

Chapter 20 – Willowinthewinds

Shrieeeek.The Skeletal Knight’s sinful life ended with a loud screech more experience points for Fatty.

He looked at his experience bar. 83%. I’m nearly Level 11 now, but I still didn’t get my class enhancement yet!

“Ahh, it isn’t easy to end up like this…” Fatty sighed. Then, he repeated his attack series of Poison Fang then Combo Attack into a few more auto attacks to send another Skeletal Knight into the happy after(un)life.

For Fatty’s current level, the Skeletal Knights with high attack and health was not a good choice of an enemy for him. However, he could only force himself to continue due to his mission requirements.

At the same time, although they were hard to kill, it didn’t put too much pressure on Fatty as long as he did it properly. As long as he hid underneath the horse, the Skeletal Knight wouldn’t be able to reach him. Then, he only needed to kill the skeletal horse. After all, could a knight without its mount even be called a knight?

What’s more, since the horse’s health bar was linked with the Skeletal Knight’s itself, killing the skeletal horse would naturally cause the knight to disperse as well. Furthermore, due to the monster levels being higher, their item drop rates also greatly increased. Thus, he managed to get a leg guard that he could sell for a high price after killing a dozen or so monsters.

Knight’s Guard


Leg Armor [Metal]

Level Requirement: 12

Defense: 15

STR: +3

Since everybody were rather low level right now, bronze items were still rather rare equipment, especially since not everyone was as lucky as Fatty.

“Snowy,” a voluptuous knight walked into the creepy underground of the second level of Mass Graves with a bright smile.

“Big Sis Lan!,” Darksnow was hiding in the crack Fatty used earlier, and was killing Skeleton Lancers with fireballs. When she saw the knight, she immediately called out to her.

“Haha, watch this! Charge!” the female knight was a player who had already gotten her class enhancement. Since she didn’t have a mount yet, she could only activate Charge with a lance in her hands.

Charge was a knight skill that could only be accessed after their first class enhancement. It instantly increases the user’s attack by 30% and granted a chance to stun its enemies with a 60 second cooldown.

Cling. A bunch of items fell onto the ground.

The female knight’s attack had killed two Skeletal Lancers instantly and put several others in a critical state.

“Wow, Big Sis Lan! This is a skill you learnt after your class enhancement?” Darksnow exclaimed in excitement.

“Yeah, I used up all my gold coins just to learn this skill,” the female knight looked at Darksnow. “Why are you so excited that I learned a skill?”

“Hmmph, you’re so strong now. We can go and teach that damn fatty a lesson!” Darksnow looked up with a face showing how much of a grudge she had against that fatty.

“Seriously, he only refused to farm with you. Is there any reason for you to hate him so much?” the female knight laughed.

“Hmph, he’s the first to reject this lady. I will make him understand the price he will have to pay!” Darksnow clenched her teeth and raised her common ranked staff. “C’mon, let’s go to the third floor as well.”

Meanwhile, on the third level of the Mass Grave, Fatty felt like he was in Shangri-La. Although drawing monster aggro, killing the monsters, harvesting and picking up equipment had used up a lot of energy, he felt like he still had an infinite amount of energy remaining.

He already cleared up a large area of the third floor and the boss had already appeared. It was a muscular humanoid with tough armor, a blood red cloak and a shimmering lance that rode on top of a skeletal horse that was essentially breathing out hot air. Everything seemed to indicate one thing – that boss was damn rich.

Tap. Tap. Fatty suddenly heard some footsteps. He looked towards the entrance as he finished off a monster.

Fatty wrinkled his eyebrows he noticed two figures appeared, one after another.

“What did that girl come here for? To feed the mobs? Does she really think that having a knight to tank stuff for her makes everything fine? So naïve.”

“Huh? Where did the damn Fatty go?” Fatty was hiding underneath a herd of skeletal horses with a few wandering skeletal knights around. Surprisingly, Darksnow couldn’t actually see him.

“Alright now, he might have already left,” the female knight stepped forward and flicked out her lance to block off an attack from a Skeletal Knight.

“Dammit, don’t let me ever see him. Otherwise, I’ll never be done with him!” Darksnow waved her fist in the air.

F*ck. Seriously? I just refused to farm with you. You actually called someone here to gang up me. This girl is too vicious!

Fatty silently used Appraisal and read the information in front of him.



Level 10

It’s Willowinthewinds! The ninth person on the leaderboard! Fatty clenched his teeth. Do we have such a huge grudge between us? You actually called such an expert over! Pfft, when Lord Fatty gets his class enhancement, I’ll definitely kill you guys until you can never level up again!

“Alright, Snowy, since he’s not here, let’s go back up. The monsters here are a bit too high level. We’ll come back here to farm once you get your class enhancement. Oh yeah, what is your mission? I’ll help you with it. Everything is much easier after getting your class enhancement,” Willowinthewinds comforted her.

“Heh, that damn fatty sure is lucky. My class enhancement mission as to kill the Skeletal Centurion on the second floor, but that damn fatty stole it!”

“Don’t worry about that. These mission monsters refresh rather quickly, it usually just takes two to three hours. Let’s wait patiently. C’mon, let’s go back up,” said Willowinthewinds.

“Ahh, alright,” Darksnow was just about to turn around, then her eyes lit up. “Ahh, a boss! Big Sis Lan! Look! It’s the boss! I’ve never fought one before. Hurry up! Let’s kill it!”

You two are going to try and kill a boss monster nearly twenty levels higher than you? Tsk. Fatty snickered, then continued to hide underneath the horse.

“Snowy, I don’t think just the two of us can do it,” Willowinthewinds wanted to try as well, but after a brief consideration, her rationality won her over.

“Why not? I saw that damn fatty have a super easy time killing the boss on the second level. Big Sis Lan, can you not even match that damn fatty now that you’ve gotten your class enhancement?” Darksnow asked.

Ugh. Can these two bosses even be compared?

“Then… Alright. We’ll give it a go,” Willowinthewinds didn’t want to give up on the boss either. So, she thought about it, then found a rather narrow spot.

“Lure the monster over. I’ll tank outside while you stay inside there and use fireballs to attack it. Remember, kill the smaller mobs first,” Willowinthewinds managed to decide upon a rather reasonable plan even in face of the boss.

“Oh, oh. I’m so nervous!” Darksnow shouted, then hid into the crack like Willowinthewinds ordered.

“Snowy, start attacking,” Willowinthewinds attracted the attention of a Skeletal Knight and lured it in front of Darksnow. Like she had planned, she stood in front to tank the monster, while Darksnow attacked from behind. It was definitely a good combination, -but it would be even more perfect with a priest to heal.

“Wow, so much experience!” Darksnow exclaimed as they fought.

Of course there’s a lot of experience. It’s a monster 6 levels higher than you. If you don’t get a lot of experience for that, do you think that I would have become the first player to reach level 10?

Hehe, you want to cause trouble for me right? I’ll create some trouble for you first. Fatty thought about it for a moment, then crawled out from underneath a Skeletal Knight.

“Who is it!?” Willowinthewinds immediately spotted Fatty as befitting of an expert.

“Ahh, damn fatty, it’s you! You’re still here!? I won’t let you off. Big Sis Lan, hurry up, teach him a lesson!” Darksnow immediately shouted out when she saw Fatty appear.

“Snowy!” Willowinthewinds smiled wryly.

Fatty ignored them, and instead used Appraisal on the Boss

Knight Commander

Bronze Boss

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???

The only thing Fatty could see was that it was a Bronze Boss. All of the stats shown were question marks. Form the looks of it, it was definitely over Level 20, but still a bit weaker than Diggy Rat. Fatty immediately judged that brute force wouldn’t do, but other methods would work. What’s more, he was actually able to use poison against the boss.

“You guys are doing pretty well. Do you want me to add in a bit of fun for you guys?” Fatty chuckled.

“What do you want?” Willowinthewinds looked at the Fatty vigilantly. Wait, this is strange. He looks familiar.

Fatty glanced at Willowinthewinds. Wait huh? I couldn’t see clearly just now, but now that I take a closer look… Isn’t this Liu Lan!?

Liu Lan is the general manager of the company Fatty used to work for as well as his direct manager. They were actually on pretty good terms, but from Fatty’s perspective, that was merely when it came being to the job.

Fatty instinctive wanted to coward down, but then suddenly regain his confidence. I shouldn’t be afraid, I’ve already been fired, why should I be afraid? Hmph, since she didn’t recognize me, then all is well.

“Oh, this beauty is a knight? What a pity.”

Fatty had gotten used to teasing Liu Lan, so he couldn’t help but habitually do the same once more.

“Why is it a pity?” Darksnow asked in confusion.

“Look, she is a hero with a pair so huge that it should hold enough milk for the entire world, surely that is more fitting for a priest. That’s why I said that it’s a pity this beauty’s a knight, she really should have picked priest as her class.”

“Do you want to die?” Liu Lan said coldly. Although she was rather proud of her own figure, she could not tolerate others teasing her like that.

“Zeze, don’t get angry. Anger will cause you to have wrinkles easier. Haha.”

Fatty was rather happy with himself. Liu Lan had often threatened him with his salary and bonus, and there was nothing he could do. Now that he’s not afraid of her, it was natural for him to take advantage of her, even if it was only verbally.

“Oh oh, the boss is coming!” Fatty chuckled. He casually picked up a broken lance a Skeletal Knight dropped, then used Throw to throw it at the Knight Commander.

The Knight Commander, who was originally staying calmly in the center of its guards was immediately lured over by Fatty’s attack.

Bang. Bang. The Knight Commander knocked two Skeletal Knights aside roughly, then its lance flared up with an azure light. That was the sign of one of a knight’s simplest ability – Charge.

Since Liu Lan did not have a mount, Charge was only able to increase her attack when she used it while running. On the other hand, the Knight Commander was riding a huge skeletal horse, and due to it, the Charge used by it allowed it to directly pierce through walls.

Fatty advanced instead of retreating. Due to his high dexterity, he was rather quick, so he was able to pass right by the boss dangerously and also use his dagger to activate Poison Fang.


A small number rose up on top of the Knight Commander’s head. Since Poison Fang dealt 0.1% of the target’s maximum HP as damage per second, it meant that the boss had a total of 15,000 HP. Seeing that, Fatty understood that as long as he doesn’t get one-shotted, he was completely capable of killing it with just poison.

“Damnit! He’s fighting the boss. Big Sis Lan, hurry up and steal it from him!” Darksnow immediately got anxious. She immediately ignored the other monsters and started to throw small fireballs at the Knight Commander.

Liu Lan smiled wryly. She was already very thankful that the fatty did not lure the boss over to kill the two of them. There was no way she was going over to steal the boss from him.

Fatty’s strategy was a slow grind. The moment Poison Fang went off cooldown, he would go over to poison the Knight Commander again before he runs off to ensure that the monster would not be able to find him. At the same time, he would gallantly pull more monsters over for Willowinthewinds and Darksnow so that they wouldn’t get too bored.

Liu Lan could only smile wryly, while Darksnow cursed Fatty for his shamefulness.

Fatty worked dangerous as a group of Skeletal Knights chased behind him. After more than half an hour of hard work, Fatty estimated the boss’s health to already be lower than 20% when taking its health regen into account.

“Big Sis Lan, hurry. The boss should be nearly dead!” Since Fatty was just pulling nearby monsters and Liu Lan was tanking the monsters, neither of them soaked up a lot of experience. That meant that Darksnow leveled up rather quickly, allowing her to have already regain more than half the experience needed for her to level up to Level 10.

However, it was clear that she was not content with just killing the mobs as she continuously urged Liu Lan to fight for the boss.

Liu Lan was clearly a bit interested, but she felt a bit hesitant when she saw the active fatty.

At that key moment… More people entered the third level. This time, there were plenty of them.

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