Chapter 198 Village Monster Siege

Chapter 198 – Village Monster Siege

Earthwalking slowly on Wheat’s back with the map as their only navigator, it took Fatty a whole in-game day to arrive at the grave which once sealed Moretta away.

The grave had collapsed and formed a big crater. Due to this, a large area around the tomb had collapsed as well.

“Dang, now this is hard.” After confirming that Moretta wouldn’t pursue him here, Fatty squatted down and stared blankly at the crater. He took quite a while to get here. The hole was still there, so he hoped that the items underneath hadn’t been reset by the system.

“From the looks of it, it’s less than ten meters deep.” Fatty analyzed the pit and concluded that the distance from the surface of the crater to the grave floor was less than ten meters, just within the range of the X-Ray Eye.

“Forget it, I’m gonna log out and have a meal. Since it hasn’t been reset after such a long time, it might as well stay there for a bit longer.”

Logging off, Fatty treated himself to a nice meal and a short rest before he logged on again. First, Fatty checked the surroundings to make sure there was no sign of Moretta. Then, he went to a random grave and began digging to farm monsters while waiting for the X-Ray to cooldown.

Hoo, hoooo… During the nighttime in the Ancient Battlefield, chilling wind screamed, and ghosts wailed. The countless monsters that only appeared at night caused quite a lot of trouble for Fatty. Amongst them was a monster named Lost Soul whose feet didn’t touch the ground. It could move soundlessly and possessed a 50% physical damage reduction, bugging the hell out of Fatty. Fatty had to grind it to death using Wheat’s magic attack slowly.

Whoosh. When the first rays of sunlight pierced through the layers of fog and graced the ground, a golden light also radiated from Fatty’s body. He finally got to level 39 after spending over two days here.

Even after digging up several dozen graves for an entire night, he didn’t get a single Holy Spirit Stone. At this moment, one day had passed, and the X-Ray Eye was ready once more.

Fatty walked to the crater, and two faint lights shot out from his eyes into the crater’s bottom.

In his sight, over ten sparkling white stones quietly lay underground, buried by a thick layer of soil.

“Wheat, pounce.” Calculating the position of one of the stones, Fatty pointed his finger. Wheat earthwalked and started to transport the Holy Spirit Stones to his master.

One stone, two stones, three stones… The hardworking Wheat used its mouth to deliver all sixteen Holy Spirit Stone to the surface and deposited them onto the ground.

“Great job!” Fatty patted Wheat’s head approvingly. In addition to the previous four stones, he now had twenty in total, twice the amount that the mission required.

“Where has Moretta run off to, though?” Fatty muttered to himself. Oh, dear, that fellow is a Demon General. He must have had a high-status someone back in the Demon Realm. Since I let him out, I hope it won’t cause any trouble.

Now that he had all the necessary Holy Spirit Stones, the next that he should aim for would be Sunshine Grass. However, Fatty decided to leave it to tomorrow because today was the weekend, the date that the Ice Rose Alliance chose to establish a base for their guild.

While the Ice Rose Alliance wasn’t the first guild to be established, being the first one to construct a base did heighten their reputation by a great deal. As long as they successfully defended their base, they would definitely become the number one guild in Black Tortoise City, or even in the entire CN region.

“Wow, the first guild to have a base! I wonder what a Village Monster Siege is like. Also, Fierce Dragon TheTalent said that there was something off about this Ice Witch player. I wonder what he meant by that, since he hasn’t explained at all.” Fatty had used a Recall Scroll to teleport back to Black Tortoise City where he had begun to ride Wheat towards the Ice Rose Alliance’s base. When he got there, the players were chatting excitedly.

The base of the Ice Rose Alliance was to the West of Black Tortoise City. The base had the foot of the mountain at its western side with a river at its south, making it a stronghold with two natural defensive barriers. The monsters in the vicinity were around level 50, just right for the players to farm.

The base was currently in the form of a small, tattered village. The only building was a hall situated in the center of the town named the Village Head Office. Despite that, the Ice Rose members did a decent job in terms of defensive measures. They had built up a five-meter high, three-meter thick wall around the village. Numerous players stood on the wall with various weapons readied. In the vicinity of fifty meters outside the village, there was a dense distribution of traps had been constructed to sap away the monsters’ energy.

At the moment, the area outside of the base was filled with players coming to observe. After all, this was the first base defense battle. Aside from the slackers who came to watch the show, many guild members were here to gain experience.

Without the Skeletal Dragon as his mount, Fatty had blended in the crowd. No one paid attention to him riding Wheat and Fatty was genuinely indignant at this. He tried to thread his way left and right but was unable to get through at all. Others had taken all of the good spots.

“Fatty!” From afar, Liu Lan greeted Fatty, giving his wounded heart a little consolation.

“Still busy?” Fatty came over and asked.

“Not anymore.” Liu Lan gently ran her fingers through her long hair, “I have handed the company’s affairs over to someone else. From now on, I’ll be focusing on the game.”

“Hmm?” Fatty looked at Liu Lan quizzically, “No matter how fun the game is, it’s still just a game. Don’t let it affect your real life matter.”

“I know,” Liu Lan smiled faintly with a hint of bitterness that puzzled Fatty. “Let’s not talk about that. The Ice Rose Alliance is establishing its base today. I must pay close attention; it’ll give us some experience when we establish our base next time.”

“When does the siege start?” Fatty asked.

“10 AM. Ten minutes from now,” Liu Lan checked the time and replied.

At this moment, the previously hidden Rosethorn stood up on the front wall and announced in a loud voice, “We ask our friends who have come to observe to please stand a little further away to avoid unintended casualties. To those who have come to help us defend the base, our Ice Rose Alliance is very grateful. Please come to the western wall and follow our instructions.”

“For this defensive battle, in addition to ten thousand of their members, the Ice Rose Alliance has invited the Wind God Guild and the Sun Moon Cult to help. Those two guilds have sent a total of five thousand players, so there are fifteen thousand altogether. Their defense battle should be successful,” Xu Quan came over and reported after taking a glance at Fatty.

“Sun Moon Cult?” Liu Lan wrinkled her brow. She had never heard of this guild before.

“The Sun Moon Cult was established right after our guild. It’s in the top 10 amongst the Black Tortoise City night markets. The leader’s IGN is Invincible East who seemed to pop out from nowhere. As it turns out, when he was still a guildless player, he offended a small guild and was beaten by over a hundred people. He killed half of them all by himself before he was killed. After Invincible East established his guild, he took revenge by killing that small guild’s guild master until that person deleted their character,” Xu Quan explained.

“That's one fearsome man!” Fatty praised.

Rumble! A series of thunderous noise echoed from the distance and shook the earth. Many players were caught off guard and stumbled over their steps. Some couldn’t steady themselves and fell.

“It’s started!” The crowd burst into chatter and craned their necks to see, wondering what kind of monster was able to create such an outburst before even showing up.

“This spells trouble. It seems that the Ice Rose Alliance base won’t be that easy to defend,” Liu Lan commented.

“The system is no fool. If the defense force grows stronger, the overall power of the monster siege should increase accordingly as well. In short, it’ll make sure the players have a chance of victory while also making them pay a great price for it,” Fatty analyzed.

“Look! It’s the Horned Magic Rhino.”

“So many of them?! While they’re only level 20 monsters, the Horned Magic Rhino is tough and bulky with a certain immunity to magic damage. They aren’t easy to deal with.”

The members of the Ice Rose Alliance were ready to welcome their enemies. Ice Witch and Rosethorn had all come to the front wall. Ice Witch was dressed in an all-white outfit, her face as cold as ice as she was ready to attack at any time. As for Rosethorn, she was the commander of this battle.

For two girls to arrange such a grand battle, it was truly admirable.

“Everyone, do not panic. They are only level 20 monsters, they can’t get near the wall,” Rosethorn called out.

“That’s exactly what we’re afraid of! How will we be able to get a hit in if we can’t even get near the mobs?” The people on the wall instantly burst out into joyous laughter when the brave individual called out.

“Save your energy; you’ll have your hands full soon enough. If your waist snaps and you faint from exhaustion later, don’t come whining to me,” Rosethorn scolded with a smile.

“Rest assured, Guild Master, my waist is very sturdy because my kidneys are strong. I can stay erect for a very long time, trust me.”

“Hahaha,” the players burst into laughter again. Rosethorn chuckled while repeatedly chided them for the dirty jokes. The anxious air was a little relieved at this.

Thump thump! The Horned Magic Rhinos finally approached; this was the first time Fatty saw this monster. Its body was similar to a bull, however slightly bigger and their black skin was covered in strange patterns. On their forehead, a horn that was half a meter long protruded, flashing with a magical light.

An estimated several hundred Horned Magic Rhinos raced forth with earth-shaking momentum. The laughter on the wall gradually ceased. The onlookers also lapsed into silence, waiting for the show to begin.

Boom, bam. The first to welcome the rhinos was the 50-meter long area of traps. The various traps had different effects. Some had sharp spikes meant to injure the monsters’ limbs, some contained Ice attribute magic to slow them down, while others simply exploded for the sheer purpose of dealing damage.

The several dozen rhinos at the front all fell to the traps. Overall, the primary purpose of the traps was to delay the speed of the herd, with damage as the bonus. When the first monster fell into the trap, the second and the third mob would directly step over it or just walk around it. As a result, their formation grew chaotic and tangled. There was no longer the situation of “ten thousand steeds galloping altogether” like before, and the threat they posed had become much smaller.

While several hundred rhinos sounded like a large number, in reality, it was only akin to a small wave in the sea and was snuffed out by the many. However, the 50-meter long area was also ruined. If they weren’t reconstructed, they surely wouldn’t be able to stop the next wave of monsters.

“Rogues, quickly fix the traps. Return to the base as soon as you’re done,” Rosethorn ordered.

Under the wall, several hundred players who’d been staying outside got on their mounts and raced for the trap area. The destruction caused by several hundred rhinos was nothing to laugh at. Most of the traps were reported to be completely broken and had to be constructed once more.

“The first wave is already that strong; I wonder what kind of monsters will appear next,” Liu Lan whispered.

“How many waves are there?” Fatty asked.


“That many?” Fatty gasped in shock. Forgetting the fact that the monsters would get stronger with each wave, even if they were all Horned Magic Rhinos, the total number of several thousand of them could still easily trample this newly established base.

A ten-minute break was allowed after the first wave was over. Ten minutes later, the ground once again trembled. With a wolf howl echoing from afar as a signal, over a thousand Green Wolves entered everyone’s sight.

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