Chapter 192 Misfortune vs. Malediction

Chapter 192 – Misfortune vs. Malediction

“We didn’t get the Misfortune equipment, though,” Fatty said expressionlessly.

“That has nothing to do with me,” Sevik was full of smiles. “All I want in return for bringing you here is the Heart of Malediction. Hand it to me.”

“What if I don’t want to?” Fatty asked.

“Pitiful human,” Sevik sighed at Fatty’s “courage.” “You can choose not to give me the heart, but don’t ever think of leaving the Nation of Misfortune then.”

Roaaah! At this moment, a deafening cry shook heaven and earth. Countless strangely-shaped creatures crawled out from the abyss and pounced at the players.

“These are the Wraiths of Malediction,” Sevik introduced dully. “Years ago, the God of Malediction summoned them in the fight with the God of Misfortune, but now, they have been converted by the God of Misfortune and became his underlings. These things are much scarier than the Spirits of Misfortune. It’s to the point where even I would not easily let them touch me.”

“After all that talk, your end goal is still the Heart of Malediction. If you don’t give us any benefits, don’t even dream of getting the heart. If anything, we don’t mind dying and just respawning,” Fatty said with a cold smile.

“Respawn? That’s quite a nice dream,” Sevik snorted. “The power of a nation is far from what you lot can ever imagine. It has transcended the laws of your world. In this nation, the God of Misfortune’s very self is the law. If you die, you’ll respawn right back here for all eternity until either the God of Misfortune lets you off or your souls permanently vanish.”

Our souls can disappear forever? Everyone was terrified at this realization because, even if someone’s level were reset to zero, it wouldn’t be easy to get one’s soul destroyed.

“That’s right. Your thoughts are exactly correct. As long as you’re unable to leave, your souls will diffuse into this space. Your entire existence will be wiped out, forever,” Sevik stated nonchalantly.

“What the f*ck! Isn’t this just deleting the entire character? Too horrible! What kind of game is this?!” TheFugitive muttered.

“How do I know that you’ll truly allow us to leave after you get the heart?” As he saw the approaching wraiths, Fatty’s tone became a little compromising.

“You lot have no other choice but to take your chances,” Sevik smugly said.

“Roaaaah… I smell the breath of an acquaintance,” the Misfortune God’s voice transmitted from the distance, and Sevik’s face instantly changed.

“Mighty God of Misfortune, do you still remember your most loyal servant, Sevik?”

“Se…vik…? I remember you. Didn't the God of Malediction kill you?” After a long time, the voice rang out once more. The massive face in the air started to transform into the God of Misfortune’s illusion slowly.

“Thank you for your concern. This humble one is still alive and kicking,” Sevik slightly bowed toward the illusion.

“You, are you willing to return and once again serve under me?” The voice rumbled.

“Heh,” Sevik chuckled. “If you still possessed your prior prowess, then I would be willing. It’s too bad that you’ve been dead for years. All that’s left is only a clone’s illusion. What qualification do you have to make me serve you?”

“Outrageous!” The illusion exploded with fury and jabbed his finger at Sevik, “You’re a traitor of the Nation of Misfortune! I, in the name of the God of Misfortune, condemn you…”

“Oh please, O mighty ‘God,’” jeered Sevik. “A mere illusion has the guts to act in the name of God. What a joke.”

“Traitor! Traitor!” From the looks of it, the illusion’s vocabulary was so weak that he only repeated one word.

“You there, illusion, if you hand the Nation of Misfortune over to me, I might just let a sliver of your consciousness remain to serve me. Otherwise, I’ll make you disappear from the heavens and earth,” Sevik suddenly straightened his back and solemnly declared to the illusion.

“Ignorant servant, you dare set your eyes on the Nation of Misfortune!?” The illusion laughed from pure anger. “Today, I’ll let you witness the idea that’s called ‘the God’s dignity forbids all defiance!’”

Rumble! Boom! As the voice of the illusion fell, pitch black darkness descended upon the entire space, overtaking everyone’s eyesight. Countless wretched screams rang next to everyone’s ears along with the sound of footsteps echoing in the distance.

“Everyone, watch out. Gather around me,” Fatty called out.

“You think you can hurt me with just this amount of power? Let me tell you something, the reason that I didn’t die was that I acquired the legacy of the God of Malediction,” Sevik voiced boomed in the dark. “Before, when the Nations of Misfortune and Malediction collided and you two Gods dragged one another to your deaths, I took the chance and stole the God of Malediction’s divinity. Now, I only need the Heart of Malediction before I become a new Malediction God. Moreover, I shall take over the Nation of Misfortune and become the God of Misfortune as well!”

In a few sentences, Sevik revealed much information that Fatty’s group previously did not know.

“When I become the God of both Misfortune and Malediction, no one in the entire world will be my opponent! The throne of the Emperor’s Dynasty shall become my seat, hahaha!” Sevik’s smug and outrageous laughter boomed through the air.

“Fatty, you mustn’t ever give him the heart!” Several squad members shouted at Fatty via the party chat.

“Come, little fatty, hand me the Heart of Malediction, and I’ll get you all out of here,” cloaked in darkness, Sevik spoke to Fatty.

“You should defeat that thing first before we talk,” Fatty replied calmly.

“Very well, it seems you won’t feel willing until I finish him off. Then, I’ll show you my true power,” Sevik said and let out a loud battle cry. The players instantly felt a cold gust sweep by before a rumble resonated throughout the area. The illusion and Sevik had started a confrontation.

“Back then, when the God of Malediction died, the Nation of Malediction was left behind next to the Nation of Misfortune, and the two merged. Just like you, I can control the Nation of Misfortune, as well.”

The darkness gradually passed and light returned to everyone’s sight. As they saw the scene before them, the players were appalled. Sevik had transformed into a giant as huge as the illusion. The two towering figures stood face to face in the sky.

“Sevik, sinner, you shall be judged by the God,” the illusion declared coldly.

“Sinner? Haha, I am a God, so who am I to sin?” Sevik laughed madly, “When I acquire the Heart of Malediction and the Nation of Misfortune, I’ll be a unique God with two divinities. I shall be the ruler of Heaven and Earth!”

Boom! The grayish white smoke in the air suddenly changed. The gray part surged toward Sevik while the white one charged toward the illusion, drawing a clear boundary between them.

“I, Sevik, in the name of the future God of Malediction, condemn your life to doom. Your soul shall be fated to become nothing, dissipated,” Sevik raised his hand and pointed at the illusion.

The gray smoke billowed up high like a tidal wave and violently surged toward the illusion.

“Sevik, deep inside, you still fear me.” The illusion didn’t budge; he also pointed a finger. The white smoke put up a wall before him and tangled with the gray one.

“Humph! Me, fear you? Why would I fear you?!” Sevik’s face grew vicious. The gray smoke wave billowed at the illusion like there was no end.

“The power of the God has imprinted an eternal majesty in your heart. You fear me; you are afraid of me, so you let others get the Heart of Malediction in your stead. If I hadn’t deployed the power of the nation to block them from escaping, you wouldn’t have shown up. Am I right?” The illusion spoke, indifferent.

“What a joke! I, Sevik, am a future unique God. How can I be afraid of you?” Sevik tried to put up a strong front.

“The battle between the Gods of Misfortune and Malediction must have been grand,” Xiao Jian casually remarked as he watched the two non-humans get into a verbal fight.

“Sevik really planned a huge scheme. He actually set his eyes on the Nation of Misfortune when he already had the Divinity of Malediction. They are all Envoys of Misfortune, why are the other 17 so useless?” Han Shen commented.

“Guys, can you think of any way to leave?” Fatty asked the squad.

“Nope.” Everyone shook their heads.

“Let me try.” The Yin Yang Manual flew out before Purple Bell. She pointed her finger, but nothing happened. Shaking her head, Purple Bell said, “The Yin Yang Phantasm Realm can’t be opened.”

“Let’s wait for their fight to end then.” After thinking long and hard and still lacking a solution, Fatty could only give up and decided to wait for the fight’s end.

After trading more verbal insults, the two NPCs realized that there was no point in it. They stopped the useless talking and started to assault their opponent.

“I, Sevik, in the name of the future God of Malediction, condemn your soul to dissipation.”

“I, Stuland, in the name of the God of Misfortune, condemn you to eternal misfortune.”

The two made their respective moves. As Sevik’s finger pointed, a mass of gray smoke swept through the land. Within the smoke were many sad, wailing faces, forming a wave of faces surging toward the illusion.

As for the God of Misfortune’s illusion, he finally used his final trump card. The entire Nation of Misfortune quaked and rumbled, countless white billows of smoke streamed to the sky and enshrouded the illusion. Gradually, the illusion began to materialize, as if forming a real body.

“Humph, want to fortify yourself with the nation’s power? I’m afraid that frail soul of yours won’t be able to take it,” Sevik sneered coldly and spouted a bunch of curses at the illusion.

“The tangle of misfortune is a horror that an entity can never escape from. Being entangled by misfortune means your whole life shall be miserable. No one can stop the current of misfortune. The power of misfortune permeates every corner of the world; the Heart of Misfortune!”

Along with the string of chants from the illusion, a massive heart exuding boundless energy flew up from the land.

“Are you tired of living!?” Sevik shouted at the illusion, his face losing all color. He thrust out his massive hand and grabbed at Fatty, “Hurry, give me the Heart of Malediction, now!”

Secluded dimension. Seeing the colossal hand reaching for him, Fatty activated the Spatial Spoon with a thought.

“Damn it!” Seeing Fatty vanish right before his eyes, Sevik roared furiously. Having no time to bother looking for Fatty, Sevik clasped his hands, making the countless gray billows condense into a long spear.

“Spear of Malediction!” Sevik shouted and hurled the spear toward the Heart of Misfortune.

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